Jungle love part 27
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Warnings: bad grammar spoken, swearing, cross-dressing, cousin adoration, and maybe slight Geographic error (Tigers don't belong in Africa?)

Rated: NC-17

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(Deleted the word meanings cause… it's getting too long. But if I have a new word to decipher, then I'll put it up. Or whatever words are in the chapter will be put up here.)
Sop- means what?
Ninga- means idiot
Wowee- means baby girl, or little girl
Tiwina- concubine
Ponaas- is father
Dinaas- is mother
Wowee dai- my little girl
Sai na tiwi- I love you


Been awhile, ne? sorry that it's kind of short.


It was getting very close to twilight, so he had to do this quick. His tracking skills were peeked, and the invader wasn't trying to stay hidden. For some reason, the big man was acting as if there were no life (sacred) here in the jungle. He seemed to dismiss the beauty in all the living creatures around him. Well, mosquitoes were an exception, but taking down a squirrel or any other small animal was unforgivable!

Heero sat in a huge Olive tree, about 50 to 70 feet away from the ignorant poacher, watching his every move. The man was puffing away on a cigar, looking at something that he made out of sticks and other materials. It looked like some kind of contraption, but Heero wasn't sure. Somehow, he had to get this man out of his land. He didn't want to show himself just yet, and he didn't want the man to find the village either. Who knew what that man was up to, but whatever it was, it looked like trouble.

He continued to sit in the tree, watching the other man down below. He knew that he had to go back to the village before the festival started, and he told his concubine and lover that he wouldn't be gone too long. When he left Duo, he was getting his dancing clothes on. He still wore a dress for him. That made Heero sigh softly with satisfaction. Duo meant so much to him, and he'd do anything to protect him. He would do the same for Anana and his daughter, Hasana.

Heero was just about to get down from the tree when he spotted a leopard about a few feet away from the poacher. Surely the man was doomed. Heero had the humane instinct to tell the man to watch out, but he couldn't give himself away, plus he felt that the man deserved everything he got! Heero watched in slight fascination as the man continued to not notice the giant cat get closer and closer to him. Heero was about to take out his dart gun anyways, because his heart just wouldn't allow him to witness a man get mutilated, when the man himself suddenly took out some kind of big weapon. Heero could tell it was made out of some kind of hard material and wood, and the man positioned it at the leopard. It was fast, and before Heero knew it, the man pulled on the trigger and the spotted feline was down.

Heero gnashed his teeth together. The man had killed a rare animal! No, Heero wasn't going to kill it with what weapon he had. What he had would only stun the creature. The man had killed it out of defense, but to Heero, he didn't have to actually kill it… he could have just wounded the thing. This man was more evil than Heero had first thought.

The poacher inhaled on his cigar again. The bright red tip drew Heero's eyes to it. Smoke, heat, and fire… the fire! When Heero first found the man, he was heading away from where the village was located. That only meant one thing…

Heero snarled, wishing to jump down from the tree and attack the other man. He had almost killed his wife, lover, and baby! His only family! He wanted to kill the man… so bad… he wanted to make him pay with his life's blood! He wanted to hear him scream and beg him for mercy… he wanted…

Heero stopped his thoughts short, suddenly hearing the tall man speak… the accent was a bit off, but Heero could just barely understand…

"If there are any more rare creatures or things in the jungle, then I'll find them!"

Rare creatures… rare `things'. So many definitions for the word "things" in English. He could mean plants, like bamboo thickets; or he could mean gems like diamonds and gold… that might be what the man was after, but Heero wasn't sure if he was `that' smart. For starters, the man had no idea where to look. If he walked only a few more miles toward the village, he might have found their sacred cave filled with the sparkling beauties… and other oddities, like coal.

Another thing Heero was worried about was the man taking Duo. He was a rare one indeed! At least in Heero's eyes he was. He scowled at that. There was no way he was going to let the man get his hands on his lover! Duo was his! He found the longhaired, elfish faced man first! He was his, and that was the way it was going to stay!

Heero continued to watch the man with a nasty glare. If only there was a way to get him out of his land… far away from here… to the more populated cities… he wasn't sure just how he'd do it, but he had to think of something. Perhaps his little concubine knew a way? Then he thought about the festival… he had to go back. But, what if the noise of the festival got the man's attention? That wasn't good. Maybe he should keep following the man and make sure that he got as far from the village site as possible. They wouldn't start the celebration without him, and even if he were a little late, at least the village would be more safe.

`Safe, for now.' Heero sighed.


"Where is he? He should be here by now!"

"Please try and calm down, Duo." Quatre said, helping his cousin put on his silky skirt. "I'm sure there's a reason why he's late."

"I hope that whoever's in the jungle didn't hurt him. Cause if he did…" Duo sneered.

"Heero can take care of himself." Came the sudden reply. It was Trowa.

"Hey!" Duo huffed, "I'm getting dressed here!"

"I've seen you in the buff before, Duo. It's nothing new." Trowa waved a hand absently.

Duo scowled, "Funny, Tro, very funny! And what's wrong with worrying about my husband? It's very natural, isn't it?"

"It IS natural to worry," Quatre said, "But with `him' I'm sure that there is very little you should be doing. Heero's a very strong person."

"Yeah, but he's not bullet proof." Duo frowned.

"You just miss him." Trowa smirked.

Duo huffed, folding his arms, "And there's nothing wrong with that!"

Quatre giggled.


Heero had finally given up and decided to head back. The man wasn't getting any closer or further away from his village, so he decided that it should be safe for now. And just as silent as he arrived at the man's campsite, he left, dashing through the thickets and large trees. He almost wished he could fly like a bird, or leap powerfully from tree to tree like a monkey, but he wasn't that nimble just yet. He was working on it though.

When he finally arrived at the village, the whole place was lit up by the large fire in the middle, flower and plant decorations were everywhere, and there was many good things to eat laid out on a large skin rug. Everyone looked so happy and full of joy that Heero decided not to spoil the mood and to tell the chief about his findings later.

"Heero! You're back!" Quatre ran at him, smiling all the while.

"I would not miss this." Heero said, trying to return the smile.

"Duo has made himself sick worrying about you. But he's all dressed up for the dance so I don't think you should spoil things by looking at him early." Quatre snickered.

"No. I want to be surprised. Tell him I made it back… safe."

"I will. I'm glad that you're ok." Quatre smiled, and then took off for the changing hovel.

"I cannot wait." Heero smiled, images of his loved one in drag popping into his head.


When Quatre returned to the changing hut, he found Duo trying to look at himself with his little handheld mirror. His longhaired cousin didn't look too pleased for some reason, and he prepared himself for any criticism he knew was coming.

"My scars are showing."

"So? Duo, Heero has seen you naked a hundred times!"

"It's not just Heero you know… everyone will be seeing me in this dress. They'll see these ugly scars…"

Quatre sighed in annoyance, "They're scars of a hero, and they know it."

Duo frowned, "Yeah, but still… they look… they look…"

"Loverly…" Heero wandered into the hut.

Quatre's eyes widened, "Heero! I thought you said…"

"I couldn't wait… and I had to see my… sweet… heart."

Duo blushed a bit, nervously straightening out his skirt, "Heero… you aren't supposed to see me until it's time… I mean… I'm not ready to be seen yet."

Heero walked over to the one he loved and brought him into his arms, "Duo, you are not ugly."

"I didn't say that. I said my scars…"

"They not ugly either." Heero glared into Duo's wide, amethysts.

"Fine. They're not ugly. They're unsightly!"

"No…" Heero growled, "That's not true. My Duo is never ugly! Nothing on you is ugly!" he leaned forward and gently pressed his lips against Duo's, "You are very beautiful… and no one will notice the scars. They will only see a beautiful dancer."

Duo sighed, his heart was fluttering like mad at every word Heero said. He placed his ear against Heero's heaving chest, listening to the increasing thumps of his heart; "You're too sweet for your own good, Heero."

"I tell truth." Heero had to point out.

"And you're too literal."

Heero placed his hands on both sides of Duo's face and lifted his head up from his chest. Both of their hearts were beating hard, both were panting slightly from the contact, their love was swelling more and more with each breath. Heero moved forward and gently met Duo's lips with his again, and as they shared a sweet and desire filled kiss, they shared the warm air that surrounded them.

When they finally parted, Heero exhaled against Duo's still open lips, and Duo inhaled, taking in that warm breath.

"You're beautiful." Heero panted.

"Oh Heero…" Duo felt his legs turning into mush. He couldn't let it happen though. He had a dance to do. Regretfully he straightened himself up and then walked over to where Quatre had seated himself, so he could give the two lovers some time to themselves. "Quatre?"

The blond man looked up, "Yes, Duo?"

"Could you help me with the rest of my outfit?"

Quatre gave his cousin a warm, endearing smile, thankful that Duo hadn't backed down.

"Sure thing."

Heero smiled as he left the hut.