Jungle love part 26
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Warnings: bad grammar spoken, swearing, cross-dressing, sexual acts between two men, cousin adoration, and maybe slight Geographic error

Rated: NC-17

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(Deleted the word meanings cause… it's getting too long. But if I have a new word to decipher, then I'll put it up. Or whatever words are in the chapter will be put up here.)
Sop- means what?
Ninga- means idiot
Wowee- means baby girl, or little girl
Tiwina- concubine
Ponaas- is father
Dinaas- is mother
Wowee dai- my little girl
Sai na tiwi- I love you


Duo woke up the next day surprisingly warm. His burns weren't hurting as bad as yesterday and that was a plus since he had to dance tonight. This festival will be one to remember. His cousin was here with him, and he found himself a boyfriend, whom he whole-heartedly approved of, Heero's baby was safe, as was Anana, and the tribe had themselves a tiger mascot who was, so far, very tame.

He stretched, finally realizing why he was so warm. Heero was lying on one side of him, and Quatre was at the other. He was surrounded by warmth. He looked over and saw that Trowa was on the other side of Quatre. The tiger cub was lying by their feet. Soon the cub will be too small to fit on the bed.

Duo sighed and snuggled back between the two that he loved. Heero woke up slightly, bringing his arm up to wrap around his husband. Duo laid his head into the crook of Heero's neck and listened to the slow, steady beat of his heart under his dark brown skin. He bent his head down to that neck and touched his lips very tenderly there. Heero groaned softly, bringing a hand down to fondle at Duo's morning hardness. Duo shifted slightly so that his lover could get a better hold on him, and then he tried to hide a moan as Heero's hand worked his flesh softly.

Duo looked up and saw that his husband was very much awake and he had a small smile on his face. He reached up, not caring whether this whole act would stir anyone else awake, and took Heero's lips with his. They kissed lazily for a while as Duo reached down to start stroking Heero.

So they kissed, and stroked, and kissed, and fondled, until Duo felt something from behind… something hard and slightly damp. His eyes flew open.

"Trowa…" Quatre whispered softly, but it was in Duo's ear. Duo turned his head, and Heero's eyes followed. The little blond was still asleep, and Trowa still had his arm possessively wrapped around him from behind, but Quatre thought that the person in front of him was his boyfriend. Quatre began to move his hips against Duo's naked bottom.

Duo sighed, "Quatre, wake up." he bumped him with his body, but Quatre didn't stir. "Wake up, Quatre!"

This time his cousin did, and when he realized what he'd been doing, he turned bright red and scooted back away from Duo.

"Gods, I'm sorry…" Quatre muttered. Trowa was just starting to become aware.

"It's ok." Duo smirked. "Having a nice dream, were you?"

"Um… yeah." Quatre blushed. He looked behind him and saw a half lidded green eye gazing at him. "Morning Trowa."

"Good morning little love. I see that you're in such a horny state that you would hump anything. Even your own cousin." He kissed his temple.

"It's not as if we haven't thought about it." Duo grinned.

"Duo!" Quatre turned his eyes back to his love, "Don't worry, we haven't done anything bad. I'm still a virgin." He smiled shyly.

"Good. Otherwise I'd have to beat the living snot out of your cousin."

Heero heard and understood, and then gave his teacher a meaningful glare, "Trowa no hurt Duo. I protect with life." With that, he wrapped his arms tighter around his concubine and pulled him so close to his body that they looked like they were fused together. This brought a smug smile to Duo's face.

Trowa sighed, knowing that if he ever DID try to even hit Duo a little, Heero would hurt him twice as much. So, he decided to forget even thinking about harming the longhaired man. He didn't think he'd really hurt Duo. Duo was like a brother he'd never had.

Both Trowa and Quatre finally noticed that Heero and Duo's hands were elsewhere, and the look that Duo was giving Heero was one of pure passion. Trowa was about to suggest that they go and let them have their privacy when Quatre turned around to face him and their erections met. Trowa closed his eyes from the sudden sensation, and then tightened his embrace on his boyfriend.

"Guess what I want?" Quatre whispered in his man's ear.

"Now?" Trowa softly said back.

Quatre nodded right before he reached up and took Trowa's lips with his. Trowa let his hands roam all over his boyfriend's soft skin as he plundered the inside of Quatre's mouth.

"Are we gonna let them outdo us?" Duo said, kissing and nipping at Heero's collarbone.

"Outdo?" Heero asked, not sure what that word meant.

"Beat, exceed, top, outshine, outclass, outstrip, do better than…"

"No!" Heero growled, rolling them over so that he was now lying on top of his lover. "Sai na tiwi, Duo."

"Sai na tiwi." Duo smiled. Their lips met again in a bruising force. Heero settled in between his lover's legs, lining his body almost perfectly with Duo's. His concubine gave a stuttering gasp as their erections met. Heero moved slowly back and forth, rubbing the two wet heads together in an erotic state, causing them to both shiver.

Trowa seemed to not care about what was going on next to him as he continued to taste the insides of Quatre's mouth. He cracked his eyes open a tad and noticed that Quatre would look over once in a while to see the act that Heero and his cousin were doing, and his cheeks would turn crimson. Trowa moved them just like Heero did with Duo, and he ended up on top. Quatre was turning even pinker as he realized what was happening.

"Trowa, wait… we can't."

"Why not?" Trowa asked, daring him to say otherwise.

"Because… Heero and Duo are…" his sentence got interrupted when he heard Duo groan out loud.

"They aren't caring that we're here, so why should we?"

"But… But Trowa…"

Trowa shushed him with a light kiss, "It's ok, really. There's nothing to be ashamed of. Many in this tribe that have more than one lover always share a bed like this, and those that stick to a particular person do stuff on the same fur rug as other couples. This is a natural thing to Heero, and you know damn well that Duo's not shy. Not only that but he IS your cousin, and you two have done some things right? So, he's not afraid to do this in front of you, right? And Heero is showing just how much he trusts me by making love to Duo in front of me. And I want to do the same."

"Trowa…" Quatre sighed, deciding to give up.

"Besides that, you're the one that started it."

"On accident!"

"AND, it's kind of a turn on, don't you think?" Trowa looked over, watching the other two handsome men kissing and rubbing up against each other. Quatre found that he understood what his boyfriend meant.

Heero and Duo heard the whole conversation. It made Duo smile against his lover's lips and move more up on the bed, tilting his body so that the other couple can see just what was happening. Heero reached down and spread Duo's legs in a frog-like position. He brought a hand down farther and started to tease his love's puckered entrance. Duo moaned, arching his body up, fidgeting his legs in excitement.

"They're trying to outdo us." Trowa said, "Let's not let that happen."

"But we have never…" Trowa kissed him, "Done that yet…" he kissed him again.

"You don't mind that our first time is with Heero and Duo, do you?" Trowa gave him a hopeful look.

"Well, um… is it some kind of custom, or does it hold any special meaning for Heero?"

Trowa smiled, "Yes. You could say that."

Quatre wrapped his arms around Trowa's neck and said shyly, "Then let's not let them outshine us."

In mere minutes, both Duo and Quatre were panting with exertion, their lovers' rock hard arousals deep inside of them. Quatre had his eyes closed most of the time, but he couldn't get away from the loud sounds coming from Duo's open mouth. At first, Quatre was too embarrassed to let it all out, but the way Trowa touched him and kissed him made it hard for him to stay silent for very long. Now they were having screaming contests, in a way. There were times when the blond was just as loud as his cousin, but Duo always proved that he had the louder vocal cords.

Duo decided that he wanted his lover to finish him a different way, which was his favorite. He turned his body side ways to indicate to Heero what he wanted. Heero moved his body up a bit, letting Duo turn himself around. Duo shifted his upper body down into the bed more, and then lifted his ass up as high as he could against Heero's body. Duo gasped sharply as he felt Heero's cock dig deeper into him, scraping against his prostate. He buried his head into the fold of his arms while lifting his thighs up higher.

Quatre saw what his beloved cousin was doing, and he shook his head, tisking. He knew that Duo had a big libido and that he was showing off. He wasn't sure if his cousin was showing off to just him, or him and Trowa. Either way, Duo was being a ham. But he also noticed that the position that Duo put himself into had gotten Heero more excited, cause he was starting to pound into him even harder. Suddenly, Quatre gasped, feeling Trowa begin to thrust faster. They were doing their contest again. Lovely.

Because Heero and Trowa sped themselves up, it didn't take long for them all to find release. The one to lose it first was Duo. He came all over his chest and the bed sheet. Next, Quatre finally lost it, biting his lip as he tried to stay quiet about it. He sprayed all over his own stomach and Trowa's fist. Then, no one was quite sure who came first, Heero and Trowa both found their releases around the same time.

They lay there for a while, Heero holding onto Duo from behind as Duo had half his face buried in the feathery pillow, and Trowa held tightly to Quatre in a warm embrace. And then, Duo broke the sweet silence.

"I'm hungry."

The other three men laughed.


Evening came quicker than anyone expected, and Quatre was getting nervous. It was almost story time for him, and his cousin was there, bugging the hell out of him about what he was gonna say and what he shouldn't.

"Look, Duo, I know that you're just trying to protect Heero from getting hurt, but I'm telling the whole story. And that includes WHY you decided to go skydiving!"

"NO! N… freaking O! Which part don't you understand?"

Quatre put his hands on his hips, bottom lip protruding. Duo glared at it. Damn pouting lip!

"If I don't tell them about it, then they'll be lost!"

"Just tell them that I decided to do it for the thrill, ok? I already told Heero that I'm a daredevil and adventurer."

"Well, that's true. But even YOU had limits! Rock climbing, yes. Motorcycle jumping, yes. Falling out of 90 story buildings, hell yes. Jumping out of an airplane with NO parachute?? They will NOT buy it!"

"And I'm telling you that they would! They're not like us, Quatre. They would think that that is what a daredevil did! I mean, I survived that fall for crying in a bucket!"

"I don't like lying, Duo, and you know that!"

"Either do I!" Duo glared, "Look, don't start with me, Cuz! I SHIT bigger than you!"

"Oh? Is THAT what I stepped in on my way over??" Quatre grinned.

"I do NOT shit where people walk! I have more courtesy than that!"

"Let me guess, you take a dump in the river?"

"EWW, no! That was probably Tora's crap that you stepped in! You should train him better."

"He's just a kitten. Er, cub, whatever!"

"Better start training him now before I decide to make Heero a new tiger skin rug."


Trowa walked in.

"What's with all the shouting?"

Quatre turned away from Duo, folding his arms, "Duo's being a dick."

Duo's jaw dropped, "I AM not!"

"You are too!"

"AUGH! Whatever!" he stormed out.

Quatre turned his head to look at his boyfriend with tears in his eyes, "Trowa…"

"Yes, sweetheart?"

Quatre ran into Trowa's arms and started to cry on his chest. Trowa held him tightly.

"I'm sorry, Trowa."

"It's ok. Everything will be ok. Do you want to talk about it?"

Quatre shook his head, "Not now."



Duo was so mad that he almost walked past Heero.


The longhaired man stopped and then slowly turned toward his lover.

"Duo ok? Y'look upset."

Duo swallowed hard, and then crossed the distance between them to wrap his arms around Heero's neck. Heero realized that his little love had small tears in his eyes. He rubbed his hand up and down Duo's back.

"Duo be ok? Something wrong?"

"Can we cancel the story telling this time?"


"Not have it. I don't want Quatre telling his story." Duo sniffled.


"Because. I don't want him to. He might tell something… private."

Heero didn't know what to say, so he held onto his concubine tighter.

"Please," Duo said, breaking the small silence, "Cancel the story telling."

"Duo…" Heero kissed his neck, "I cannot do that. Story time is something that the children look forward to."


"Will Duo still dance?"

"Y-Yeah. I'll dance."

"Anana dance too. I will be luckiest man here, and have the beautifulest ones in tribe."

Duo wiped away a tear, "Heero… you're such an old romantic."

"I am trying to woo my Duo and make happy again. I hate seeing you cry."

Duo chuckled lightly, "I must seem weak for crying… in front of you."

Heero shook his head, "No. Duo not weak. Crying is better than being angry and going `round and killing. Crying is better than keeping it all in, cause it'll make ya sick. You are doing right thing."

Duo moved back so that he could look into his husband's eyes. He smiled, wiping at his eyes as best he could. Heero couldn't help but stare at the way Duo's tears would make his lashes stick together, and the redness of his nose. Duo was incredibly cute.

"Thanks, Heero. I love you."

Heero beeped his nose with a finger, "I love you too."