Jungle love part 25
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Warnings: bad grammar spoken, swearing, nudity, and maybe slight Geographic error

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(Deleted the word meanings cause… it's getting too long. But if I have a new word to decipher, then I'll put it up. Or whatever words are in the chapter will be put up here.)
Sop- means what?
Ninga- means idiot
Wowee- means baby girl, or little girl
Tiwina- concubine
Ponaas- is father
Dinaas- is mother
Wowee dai- my little girl


// Come on baby, Where's your guts?
You wanna make love or what?
(Oh we oh we oh)

I…Wanna take you to my cage
Lock you up and hide the key
(Oh we oh we oh)
You…Are only getting part of pig
Cause if you're hungry
Take a bite of me
(Oh we oh we oh)

My jungle love (oh we oh we oh)
I think I wanna know ya (Know ya)
Jungle love (oh we oh we oh)//
~Jungle Love by The Time


Trowa entered Heero's hut dragging a large cushion behind him. On the other side, holding the other end up, was the blond pilot.

"I saved my bed and a few of my possessions."

Heero nodded. He was on the tiger skin rug with his two life-mates, tending their wounds. He dotted a wet cloth on the concubine's forehead with one hand, and in his other he held his baby. Hasana had just fallen asleep.

"His bed should be big enough for all of us, don't you think?"

"It'll be a tight fit, but yeah." Trowa smiled. "I hope that it's ok with you, Heero."

"Is ok. But baby might get crushed."

"Oh, you're right." Trowa looked over at the awake but still shaken form of Anana, "Do you think she would sleep on your fur while we all sleep on my bed?"

"Anana sleep on tiger skin?" Heero asked, making sure that's what he said.

"Yes. And us guys use my bed."

Heero shrugged, "Ok. Then you two help take care of Duo. Duo still need help."

"I know." Quatre knelt down with a roll of gauze in hand, "I got some supplies from my first aid kit. I'll see what I can do. There are some spots here that are worse than others." The blond carefully began to wrap one of the burn wounds. He put one on his arm, one on his right hand, one on his left knee, and the last one went around his back and torso. That one took the most time to do.

Quatre did everything that he was supposed to do for a fire victim, and then he gasped when he noticed that Duo's braid was a few pounds lighter. He gently picked up the now shoulder length hair and looked at the singed ends. "Duo's gonna be furious when he wakes up and notices his hair."

Heero stroked his love's bangs, "Is only hair. It will grow again. I glad he still alive."

Quatre smiled, "Me too." He looked over at the tiger cub that was curled up by Duo's head. He was purring loudly as if he was trying to lull the injured man. In Heero's arms, the baby yawned.


It was still raining when Trowa and Quatre stepped out of the hut. Hand in hand, they silently walked toward the river; Quatre was blushing a bit, but he was also smiling. When they passed by Trowa's half burned hut, Trowa stopped short, making Quatre almost bump into him.


"They worked so hard to make it comfortable for me," the taller man sighed. His eyes shone with inward sorrow, "They treat me so well."

"They respect you." Quatre pointed out, "Do you think they respect me at all?"

"As far as I know." Trowa turned to face his new boyfriend. He reminded himself to thank Duo some day. "I don't see why not. You ARE Duo's cousin. Speaking of which, are you two first cousins or second cousins?"

"Second, I think… or third. I don't remember what my father told me. Either way, we call each other cousin. But back then he called me Shrimp or Blondie. He used to tease me a lot. And I used to call him Judas or Hippie Longstocking. Sometimes Druggie."


"He got accused of being a drug addict a few years back, but he never really did any. I just called him that to get his dander up."

"I bet it worked too." Trowa walked again, tugging Quatre with him. His hand was still securely in Quatre's.

"Hey Quatre?"


"You don't call him those names anymore, do you?"

"No. Not unless he starts calling ME the names that he used to call me. Why?"

Trowa shrugged, "I don't want to have to beat Heero's one true love up."

Quatre snickered. He was beginning to like his boyfriend already.


Not too long afterwards, they made it to the riverbank. The moon was so close to being full that it looked as if it was. The water looked almost black and still as death in the near darkness. The moon shone on the surface, showing where the ripples were. A few feet from the two men was a large group of fireflies. Quatre's eyes widened at the beautiful scene, watching the little bugs light up and then disappear.

"Festival time tomorrow night."

Quatre nodded. "Yeah. My first one too."

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you… it's your turn for story telling."


"You have been chosen to tell the story this time. I told mine so many times that I think that I'm losing my audience. It's really not that big of a deal… just tell them about yourself and what went on after Duo jumped from the plane."

"But… will they understand?"

"I will be there to translate. And I'm sure that Duo will be there as well, with kids huddled around him."

"Aww… well, I suppose. But doesn't Duo have to dance this time? That's what I heard from Heero."

"Yes, Duo is dancing." Trowa looked away shyly, "I wouldn't mind if… you learned how…"

Quatre gasped, "Trowa!" he looked down into the water, blushing, "I… can't dance. I don't know the first thing about dancing. Just ask Duo." He chuckled behind a hand. He looked over and saw that Trowa's cheeks were tinting. "Hey, what are you thinking about? It better not be…"

Trowa coughed, "Um… just thinking about what you'd look like in a dancing skirt."

"Hey!" Quatre folded his arms, "I am NOT wearing a dress! I don't care how feminine I may look to you! I will NOT wear one! Are you listening to me?"

"Duo said that same thing." Trowa pointed out, "But… he did it anyways. He did it for Heero." He reached over and caressed the side of Quatre's face, "Wouldn't you like to do that for me?"

Quatre closed his eyes, "Trowa… I don't know. I'll think about it."

"Make up your mind quick. The festival is tomorrow. And if I remember right, they'll be honoring their first animal mascot, or lucky animal… whatever it means by the word `Shoopi.' That's what they called Tora."

"Shoopi? Like a lucky rabbits foot or something?"

"I guess so. So far Tora has been behaving around the kids. He doesn't seem to be a threat. I think the chief and all the elders took that as a sign."

Quatre smiled, "I'm glad." He looked over at the seemingly calm river. The slight flow of water that glittered from the moonlight was almost hypnotizing. Some fireflies danced around as if to frame the whole scene.

Suddenly Quatre grinned. He stripped himself of his khakis and then ran toward the water.


The blond jumped into the river, cannon-balling. He surfaced later, shaking his bangs out of his eyes. The moon made Quatre's hair shine even brighter than before. Trowa stood there, stunned by the sight, scrutinizing the way the beads of water slide down his face.

"Come in, the water's fine! It's only a little cold."

Trowa sighed, closing his eyes, "Quatre…"

Moments later he was just as naked, standing at the edge of the riverbank, and looking down at the wet blond. Quatre's eyes widened and then he quickly looked away, blushing.

"You don't have to stand there like that do you?"

"Like what?"

"Will you just get in the water already!"

Trowa laughed, "What's wrong, Quatre? Why are you being so shy? Your genitalia are underwater. Unless of course, you're jealous…"

"Jealous? Of what?"

Trowa put his hands on his hips, "I have been told before… a long time ago… that I have quite the long one."

"Trowa!" Quatre huffed. Trowa was snickering at the way Quatre seemed to turn red from the head down. And the water only went up to the middle of his torso. "Just get in here already!"

"Ok, ok…" he waded carefully into the river. "You ARE my boyfriend now, aren't you?"

"Well… yeah…"

Trowa placed his hands onto Quatre's shoulders, pulling him as close as he could to his body. "You don't have to be so embarrassed around me. Quatre?"

"Huh?" he looked up, blush still in place. Trowa leaned down in the manner of preparing to lock lips with him. Quatre gulped, closed his eyes, and then prepared to be kissed. But then, he couldn't feel Trowa's hands on him anymore. He opened his eyes just as he saw a spray of water coming toward his face. As quickly as he could, he moved his arms up to shield his eyes. "TROWA!"

Laughing, Trowa swam away, heading for the weeds where most of the fireflies were. Quatre wiped some of the water away from his face, scowl firmly in place. "That wasn't very nice!"

"Come on, I thought that you'd be used to teasing by now because of your cousin."

"My cousin is a brat who deserves to be spanked… often! I thought you were gonna make sure I don't get picked on anymore."

"I didn't say that I wouldn't pick on you." Trowa grinned.

"You…" Quatre quickly swam to his tall boyfriend, trying to splash as much as he could in the process. "Just for that I'm giving you the Duo special!"

"Ah!" Trowa brought his arms up as Quatre started to bombard him with spray after spray. Though most of the time they played in the water, they were giggling and laughing.


Groaning, Duo woke up. He slowly started to feel how much in pain he was in, and the pain unwillingly jogged his memory of what happened. He forced his eyes open so he could see where his husband was. He didn't have to look too hard, cause Heero was leaning over him. That was when Duo finally realized that he was in Trowa's bed. But he was still in Heero and his hut.


"Duo feel ok? I worry `bout you."

"I hurt, but it's not as bad as when I had to cut myself. I'm in our hut aren't I?"

"You in Aw- our hut."

"And this is Trowa's bed?"

"Trowa saved bed. He saved some other things too."

"Hasana?" Duo suddenly remembered.

"She fine. Thank you Duo." Heero leaned down and placed a soft kiss on Duo's forehead.

"You're welcome. She IS your daughter, after all." They stayed in silence for a while, but when Duo went to reach for his hair, so he could see what kind of mess his braid was in… "AHHHHH!!"

Heero covered his ears, "Duo?"

"MY HAIR!! What happened to it??"

"You be fine, love. It will grow again."

Duo's lower lip quivered, "My hair… it took me a LONG time to grow it out!"

"It not too short." Heero ran his fingers through the shoulder length hair, "I still like it. It will grow back."

Duo sank back into the soft mattress, "How frustrating…"

"Duo… I still love you much. You will be ok tomorrow cause witch doctor gave us… um… something to… help with the burns…"


"So Duo can dance during the festival!"

Duo blinked. "Damn… I almost forgot about that."

"And you be best looking one there! Trowa said he had something… that capture moments? He called them pic-pictures?"

Duo gasped, `shit! A camera! No…'

"Trowa said that he will take picture for me, so I can remember always. Is that ok, Duo?"

Duo frowned; he hoped that Quatre didn't have a camera as well. Then he wondered what kind of camera Trowa had. It must be a Polaroid, cause there was no way a normal camera's film could be developed out in the jungle.

"Yeah, I guess it's ok. I suppose I should try and look my best for you then."

"Duo look good no matter what."

Duo smiled nervously, "Heero…"

Just then, one of the lower order guards popped his head in and told Heero that they found something in the ashes of Anana's hut. Heero got up and walked over to see what it was. The guard held out his hand and presented it to him. Heero picked it up with his thumb and forefinger. He looked at it carefully, and then he turned toward his concubine.

"Duo? You know what this is?"

Duo sat up, but winced at the pain. Heero moved the object between his fingers closer so that he didn't have to get up. Duo's eyes flashed,

"It's a cigarette butt!"

"A what?" Heero blinked.

"Cigarette… it's a smoke. Don't you guys have something like a peace pipe? Smoke you inhale?"

"Smoke? Um…" Heero looked at the cigarette butt again, "I think the chief has something… but it's not small like this. You have smoke?" Heero glared.

Duo held his hands up, "Not me! I don't do that stuff! I was a great adventurer and daredevil. I had to keep myself healthy."

"Then… someone else is in jungle?"

Heero and Duo stared at one another, almost as if they were reading each other's minds.

A threat was in the jungle.