Jungle love part 22
Category: AU, lemon, some sap

Pairings: 1xOC, 1x2 overall, 3+4+3 (mainly)

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Warnings: bad grammar spoken, swearing, nudity, lots of loving going on, maybe slight Geographic error

Rated: NC-17

Notes- Do NOT let the HET scare you away! It's very minor!

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(Deleted the word meanings cause… it's getting too long. But if I have a new word to decipher, then I'll put it up. Or whatever words are in the chapter will be put up here.)
Sop- means what?
Ninga- means idiot
Toki- means now
Wowee- means baby girl, or little girl
Tiwina- concubine
Ponaas- is father
Dinaas- is mother


The sun was getting closer to the horizon, changing it to a pink and lavender before their eyes. There was hardly any wind, but the smell of the air was sweeter than it had been in a while. Duo had the urge to take his hair out of his braid.

"Isn't it beautiful, Heero?" He played around the tasseled end of his hair. Heero got as close to him as he could and put an arm around his waist. The longhaired man was beginning to get used to not wearing a shirt.

"Very beauti-ful. Like you, Duo." He turned his head to watch his concubine's reaction. He saw a hint of red spread across those pale cheeks.

"Heero…" he pushed a wisp of hair to the back of his ear. The dark-skinned native watched, enticed, and leaned over to get a better whiff of him. Smell alone was driving him wild and he longed to lay him down onto the grass and cover his body with light, soft kisses.

Duo turned his head when his husband didn't say anything, and he smiled when he noticed how close Heero was becoming.

Before they made their way there, they had given Tora back to Quatre. The blond man was just on his way to see Trowa, and he was happy to see that the little tiger was safe. Quatre thanked his cousin for playing with the baby tiger and keeping him company, and then they jogged off to Trowa's hut.

Duo reached behind him and brought his braid to the front. He fiddled with the end and slowly started to remove the hair tie.

"My sweet native… I can't believe that you've put up with me for so long. I thought that you would have decided one day that you didn't like me anymore and would tell me to get out and go back to wherever I came from." Duo hoped that Heero understood most of that. Heero understood enough, and he smiled.

"I want you to stay, as long as you want. You cannot leave now. You are stuck with me. If you go now, you will be hunted down. I do not know if that rule is true, but I wouldn't risk it."

"You are getting better and better at my language, did you know that?" Duo smiled.

"How you doing with mine?"

Duo shrugged his shoulders and turned back around to face the sunset, "I figure that maybe since you know enough English and we can understand each other, that it shouldn't matter if I learn or not."

"Duo should learn. May need it to talk to someone else in my village. May need it for emergency."

"You're right. I guess I should get my butt going and learn then. I never really got used to learning the other languages in school. I was doing rather well with French and Spanish, but if you ask me to speak it now…" he shook his head, "there's no way I'd remember."

"You live here now, so you won't forget."

"That's one way to put it." Duo moved so he faced Heero, locking gazes. Heero moved a hand up and gently brushed the back of it against a flushing cheek. The air was starting to get cooler, reddening Duo's nose, ears, and cheeks. He lifted a hand to meet Heero's and squeezed it as it closed over his. He shut his eyes; trying to memorize everything, implant the sight before him. When he opened them again, he saw that Heero had closed his eyes, and he watched him inhale deeply.

Duo moved forward to lightly touch his lips to the corner of Heero's mouth, getting the other man to jump slightly. Their eyes locked again, this time they were only an inch away from each other's faces. Heero moved this time, and their lips met in a careful caress, and then just as careful, they lazily slid back and forth, and then opened. Duo took the invitation and slipped his tongue inside, savoring the unique flavor that was Heero. Their arms slip around each other's waists, and they pulled toward one another so they were bare chest to bare chest.

Their touches were light, but their mouths were almost crushing as the kiss began to heat up. Duo moved his head to one side, and then the other, sighing in his lover's mouth. Their kiss went on for a while before they brought each other down into the weeds. In a submissive manner, Duo put his arms up above his head and spread his knees apart. Heero slid between those legs and up Duo's long body to take his mouth in another slow kiss.

Duo kept his hands up over his head and let his lover touch him everywhere and do whatever he desired. Heero moved his hands over sharp, flat plains, and then up to hard chest muscles. He briefly toyed with hard nubs before he moved his hands again across Duo's sides. The longhaired man groaned in pleasure, but squirmed when Heero found a ticklish spot. The native descended his lips to kiss a chin, a jaw, and then down to the dipping part of that creamy neck. The make out session became spicier than when they first started, and the sensations flood harder.

Heero roamed his hands all over that very responsive body, listening to his concubine's gasps and groans. He placed his hands on Duo's legs, feeling them quiver, and then brought them down to the one spot that he knew was the center of paradise. The loincloth was removed quickly, not wishing to waste too much time, and then the hands were caressing once more. Between his lover's legs was warmest, and it was most definitely the sweetest scented.

He ran an open palmed hand down the soft sac, feeling it move slightly back into the other man's body. He cupped them gently, keeping an eye on both the warm pouch in his hand and the stiffening cock. He watched it twitch a bit and then relax. He brought his mouth down, poking his tongue out, and gingerly lapping at the head to gather up the seeping fluid.

That one touch heated Duo up even more and he arched his body to let Heero know that he needed and craved more contact. He observed the way his concubine looked for a while, in his eyes, so needy and wanton. His legs spread further, telling him without words what he wanted. Heero knew this too well, cause he wanted it and yearned for it as well.

Those beautiful blue-indigo eyes were washed and heavy lidded, his mouth was parted slightly, ruby red lips too moist, bridge of nose becoming more flush. Heero could tell just by looking into those incredible eyes that the sunset was starting to fade into the horizon now, and very soon, it would be night. He craved to see the bright stars in Duo's irises.

Going back to the matter at hand, no pun intended, Heero moved his hand from the warmth of the hanging sac and slowly enclosed it around Duo's very erect sex. The slow wrist movement made Duo brought his head back into the soft dirt below. His lower muscles were spasming, the tip of his arousal was becoming wetter, and the throbbing of his heartbeat pulsed through his entire shaft. Heero poised the proud flesh upward to taste more. He took the head into his mouth and enjoyed the flavor of his pale skinned lover. He heard Duo gasp, saw his body jerk in the dirt and weeds, his fingers flexing uncontrollably.

Duo twisted more, trying to urge his blue-eyed native to go faster, to swallow harder. He gurgled a moan as Heero eased a finger into his body. He wanted more of the feeling; he wanted to feel completely filled. It was something that he couldn't get enough of, and he hadn't had it in so long that he thought he might implode. He squirmed more, wiggling his hips around in circles, savoring the feel of Heero probing him with his digits. Heero worked two fingers in and out of his body, keeping a steady rhythm so that he wouldn't bring Duo to the brink right away.

Heero must be some kind of sadist, Duo thought, whimpering like a whiny puppy. He was toying with him and Duo couldn't stand the teasing anymore. He grabbed onto Heero's wrists to make him stop, and then tried to move him up his body. Heero snickered, knowing what his lover wanted. He was teasing himself as well, and he stripped himself of his loincloth. When the ties on both sides of the cloth were undone, it fell to the ground between their legs, and his manhood bobbed free, underside of it lightly touching Duo's erection.

Duo gasped from the slight contact, feeling Heero's cock teasing his. He moved his hands to rest on Heero's thighs, squeezing them lightly to indicate that he was more than ready to do what they were about to.

Heero leaned down, taking a few more swipes over Duo's engorged flesh before he moved his mouth down to do a little more tasting of other places. It was soft, and red, and gaping widely. He dipped his tongue in for a while, producing a few `ooo' and `ahhs' from the longhaired siren, and then, like a charging rhino, he thrust his hard cock into that shaking body. Duo gasped loudly then, gritting his teeth slightly, but his muscles were contracting and relaxing repeatedly. He felt whole now, satisfyingly filled to the max.

Remembering to exhale, Heero started to move in small, shallow strokes- in and out, in and out, little by little. The movements became longer, the pauses became shorter, and the hips started to flex faster. Duo kept his legs spread as far as he could, his ass raised up off of the ground, his knees shaking, and his elbows and fingers were digging themselves deeper into the dirt. Wrapping his arms around Duo's still trembling legs, Heero brought them up higher, planting his hands into the ground, gripping the weeds. He used those weeds for leverage, thrusting harder and faster than before.

The friction was loosening up, and soon, Heero was pulling himself out and thrusting back in easily. Each time he pushed back in, Duo let out a groan or a gasp, and every once in a while, he would tighten his muscles around Heero's arousal, making HIM grunt and groan louder. He pushed his body up to meet Heero's down thrusts harder. His pounding impact was making his cock ache so bad that he had to wrap his fingers around it and start pumping. Heero looked down, watching his love pleasure himself. That was the last straw for the native, and he did a few more in and out strokes before he buried himself into Duo's body to erupt. He came with a loud grunt, murmuring his lover's name, and filled Duo.

Duo felt his husband's release, heard his cry, and saw the look on his face. That did it for him, and he tilted his head back and let out a hoarse cry, spilling all over his own hand and stomach.

They lay there, exceedingly spent, holding each other tight. Heero was finally able to move his head, and he looked into his concubine's eyes. He saw the bright stars dancing in them before Duo closed his eyes all the way, sighing. Love was such a grand thing.


"Trowa! Are you in here?" Quatre peeked his head into the hut that was marked as the tall, green-eyed man's. The tiger cub was sniffing around the small opening underneath the hut's cloth entrance.

"Yes and no."

Quatre blinked at the still covered door, "What do you mean by that?"

"Yes if you're alone," came the reply from within the hut, "and NO if you have the tiger with you."

"Oh, Trowa… he won't hurt you! Besides that, I have no choice. Tora follows me around, and I'm tired and I want to go to sleep. You just told me that I could sleep in your hut. So ready or not, I'm coming in!"

The moment Quatre walked into the hut, Tora charged in past him under his feet, almost knocking him over, and barreled toward Trowa. The tall man's eyes widened in disbelief, and then suddenly he found himself lying on his back and staring up at the ceiling in a daze. A big lick from Tora brought him back to the present and he gasped when he saw that the tiger was above him, purring.

"Aww… that's so cute!" Quatre smiled, "He likes you, Trowa! What did you do to make him like you?"

Trowa rubbed the back of his head, feeling a small lump there, "I have no clue. I was thinking about you and…"

Quatre blinked, "And?"

"Never mind. Let's just go to sleep. I'm tired too." He rolled over onto his side and closed his eyes.

Quatre felt himself begin to pout and then stopped, "Ok, fine. As long as you don't mind Tora sleeping in here with us." He walked over to the spare hammock and tried to make himself comfortable. Trowa stood up, slightly pushing the tiger off of him, and began to debate with himself.

"Quatre… you can… you can share, uh, TAKE my bed… I'll sleep on the hammock. Ok?"

The blond pilot looked over, unsure of what the right thing to say was. Just the look in the other man's eyes told him that if he even tried to argue with him, he wouldn't win. Quatre sighed, stood up, and then made his way over to Trowa's man-made bed.

"Ok, as long as you don't care."

"I know that you haven't been having as much sleep as you outta, and my bed is the most comfortable, so go ahead. I've slept on the hammock before I had my bed built anyways, so I'm used to it."

Quatre laid down, surprised on how soft and snug Trowa's bed felt. He smiled, "Thank you, Trowa."

Shocking them both, Tora jumped up onto the bed and lay down at Quatre's feet. Trowa stood there for a while, deciding if he was mad or not about Tora being on his bed, but found that he was too tired to care, and then wandered over to the hammock.

"No problem, Quatre. Sleep well." He laid as best as he could in the swinging cot and shut his eyes, trying his hardest not to think of the handsome blond man laying in his bed.