Jungle love part 21
Contents: YAOI, sap, lime, HET hints, AU, OC

Pairings: 1xOC, 1x2 overall, 3+4+3 (mainly)

Disclaimer: I do not own GW or its characters

Warnings: bad grammar spoken, swearing, nudity, lots of loving going on, maybe slight Geographic error

Rated: NC-17

Notes- Do NOT let the HET scare you away! It's very minor!

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(Deleted the word meanings cause… it's getting too long. But if I have a new word to decipher, then I'll put it up. Or whatever words are in the chapter will be put up here.)
Sop- means what?
Ninga- means idiot
Toki- means now
Wowee- means baby girl, or little girl
Tiwina- concubine
Ponaas- is father
Dinaas- is mother


On the way out of the jungle, Quatre had found something that he thought suited for a nice enough gift, and then he made his way toward Anana's hut. Halfway there, he saw Trowa walking toward him. `Huh, figures.' He sighed.

"Quatre! Are you ok? What happened? Did you get hurt?"

Quatre wasn't too thrilled with the bombardment of questions, however. He jerked his eyes away and stormed past the auburn haired man. Trowa was about to say something, when a gentle nudge at his leg took his attention. He looked down, stared into bright blue eyes, and then face-vaulted.


The blond turned, about to shout something back, when he noticed that Trowa was looking blue in the face and was pointing down at a white tiger cub. Quatre's eyes widened, finally figuring out that the cub had followed him from the jungle. He ran back to try to explain things to Trowa.

"Umm… I'm sorry, Trowa, I…" he gulped.

"Does this cub have a mother?" Trowa asked suddenly.

"I don't know. It followed me. I thought that it would stay in the jungle when I left."

"He can't stay here. I should bring him back."

"But will he stay in the jungle? I have a feeling that it won't be so easy."

Trowa sighed in defeat, "You're right. But he's not MY responsibility! If the mother comes for him…"

"Don't worry, Trowa. I'm sure that if he had a mother, he would be with her and not following me." Quatre knelt down to eye level with the cub and started to pet him. The baby tiger purred loudly, and then licked his hand. "Isn't he cute, Trowa? Maybe I should name him."

Trowa sighed, "So did you get a gift for Hasana?"

"Yup!" Quatre held up a small brown pouch, "It's in here."

"Good, let's go." He yanked Quatre up from the ground and pulled him toward the baby's hut, the tiger cub following at their heels.

"Trowa!" Quatre protested, blushing.


Inside the hut, Duo was playing peek-a-boo with the baby that was still snuggled safely in her father's arms.

"Where's Duo?" The longhaired man had his hands over his eyes. He moved them out of the way, smiling widely at the babe, "Here's Duo!" The baby kicked and giggled. Some of the natives, including Anana, were surprised by the baby's reaction toward the pale one.

Duo covered his eyes again, "Where's Duo?"

Quatre and Trowa chose that time to walk in. Quatre was giggling at the sight before him.

"I don't see Duo around, do you?" Quatre snickered.

"Nope." Trowa said, playing along, "But I do see a long beautiful rope that would go perfect with the décor in my hut."

Duo turned, not sure if he should be flattered by the compliment of his hair, or insulted by the thought of his braid being used to decorate someone's hovel. He decided the latter deserved a glare, so he aimed his deadly look at the green-eyed man.

"Traitor. Both of you!"

Quatre giggled. So did Hasana. And then there was a small roar. They all blinked, looking at each other.

"Funny," Duo said, looking at his husband, "Usually you only growl while we're going at it."

"Was not me." Heero said. And then a rawr brought their eyes down to the floor. There, lying on its back, paws up in the air, was a rather nice sized albino tiger cub. The purring that it did almost shook the whole ground around them like a small earthquake.

"Serval?" Heero gasped.

"Serval yewi!" Anana screamed.

"It's ok!" Quatre put his hands up, "He won't hurt you. He's been very friendly to me. Oh!" Quatre took out the pouch from his pocket and then untied the string that was around it. "I found this in the jungle. It's for the baby." He set it down in the pile of stuff that lay in front of Anana's feet. The mother of the child blinked, not believing what the light haired man had given her.

It was a piece of ivory.

"It was lying on the ground. It looked like it was once part of a necklace or something, so I thought that maybe if you had some string you could make it into one."

Anana's stunned statement didn't change.

Quatre turned to Trowa and whispered, "Did I do something wrong?"

Trowa shook his head, "I don't know. I've never seen her like this before."

Heero picked up the piece of ivory and examined it. He nodded once and then set it back down into the pile. Duo was very confused, looking back and forth at everyone. Heero noticed the confusion in their eyes and decided to try explaining as best he could.

"This once belong to Anana's… fa-father. He was sent into the jungle cause… he want his daughter to live. He did test, but never came back. Anana was still allowed to live. His necklace is same as her mother's, den before Anana's mother die, she tell her about her father."

All three of the English men looked down at the ivory bit and then up at Anana, who was trying her hardest not to shed any tears.

"Dai ti sa mi tina hinton sai… dain ponaas…"

"Anana say," Heero translated, "that her father had ivory from first hunt."

Quatre frowned, "So is this a good thing or a bad thing?"

"Is good." Heero said, "Cause now Anana have something of her father's. Something to treasure."

"So what about that?" Duo pointed down at the tiger. The cub was sniffing at the dried meat that was in the pile of offerings. Heero took his spear that was leaning against the wall and tried to scare the baby tiger.

"Ryoni! Ryoni!" Heero nudged it gently. He didn't want to kill it. He didn't like killing young animals. He would only hunt those that were fully-grown. "Go! Go!" Heero tried again, this time in English. "Go away, baby tig!"

Instead of being scared, the cub was batting at the tip of Heero's spear playfully. Hasana was in her mother's arms, seeming like she was laughing at what her father was doing.

Quatre noticed this first and then decided to point it out to Trowa. The tall man looked over and saw that the baby looked happier than he had ever seen it. Trowa walked over to Heero's side and laid a hand on his shoulder, stopping him from trying to shoo the cub away.

"Heero… Hasana seems to like the tiger."

Heero raised an eyebrow, "Sop?" he looked over at his daughter, and sure enough, she had a very big smile on her face, and she was laughing.

"Umm… are you allowed to have a tiger as a pet?" Quatre asked.

"They've never had such a thing. Maybe we should ask the chief about it." Trowa stated.

Duo was on his knees, surprising everyone, and started to scratch the tiger cub behind the ears. It purred loudly, and then tried to wrestle with his hand. Duo understood that it was trying to show off its strength, so Duo started to pretend to struggle back, wrestling it down to the ground.

"Be careful, Duo. Tiger's are very powerful."

"I know, Trowa!" Duo said, lying on his back. The tiger cub had him pinned.

"You mean you know now." Trowa laughed.

"I'm just having fun! I've never wrestled with a real tiger before."

Heero smirked, "I did."

Duo looked up at his lover, "You just be quiet!"

"But it was adult."

"I said hush!" Duo glared mockingly. The tiger put his paw over Duo's face.

"Smart tiger." Quatre laughed.

"Not funny!" Duo huffed, muffled by the cub's paw. Then they all laughed.


The tiger cub was a great second gift, Anana had told Quatre, and she decided to keep it, mainly for Hasana. No one knew if it was unfortunate or not that the tiger cub thought of Quatre as its mother, but it was funny to watch. Anana had a feeling that the tiger was more the blond man's pet than her daughter's, but she didn't mind. As long as the tiger grew up to like humans and not hurt them, that was all that mattered.

Many of the villagers were skeptical about having a tiger around, but the chief said that since he was once named The Great Powerful Tiger, he thought it was fitting that the tribe had one for a pet. Duo thought of it more like a mascot for them and decided to name the cub Tora, which meant `Tiger' in one of his favorite languages- Japanese.

Tora was a very friendly and curious thing, and he enjoyed snuggling next to Quatre whenever the blond human would sit down to relax. But for some reason, whenever Trowa came around, the tiger would growl at him and then run off. Trowa was so confused by this behavior. No other animal acted this way toward him before, and in a way, it was hurting his feelings.

"Don't take it too hard." Quatre said. He scooted over to let Trowa sit down next to him. They were slowly making progress in becoming friends, but something about the taller man put Quatre on guard. Also, whenever the emerald-eyed man would get closer than usual, he felt his chest tighten up and his palms sweat. He felt incredibly nervous and it really bothered him.

"I have never, in all of my life, had a creature react like that."

"Some animals have this knack of sensing something wrong. Maybe there's some kind of conflict or something inside of you that it feels and it doesn't respond to it well."

"I used to have a dog that was like that." Trowa said, "He could tell when I was depressed, or if I had a rotten day, and he'd try his best to cheer me up. We often ended up in the park and I'd play fetch with him. He cheered me right up, making me forget about my bad day entirely. But I'm not feeling depressed or anything like it, so why is Tora acting this way to me?"

"Something conflicting in you?"

"No… I don't think there's a conflict."

"No?" Quatre smirked. "Then why does Tora sense it? It's gotta be something, Trowa, otherwise why would he be like that?"

"Something I have to figure out, I guess. So where are you sleeping tonight?"

"Not sure. I was thinking about sharing Duo's hut, but I don't think Heero would allow it. He's so possessive of him, and he keeps looking at me like he thinks I did something wrong."

"Did you?"

"Not that I know of. Unless Duo told him… no, he wouldn't."

"Wouldn't what?"

"Never mind!" Quatre scoffed. There was a slight uneasy silence between them, and then Trowa stood up.

"You can share my hut." He said quickly, and then ran off. Quatre watched the other man, eyes wide with disbelief.


"Duo?" Heero entered the hut, looking around. He spotted his mate lying on the old tiger skin rug, playing with Tora. "Duo… time to eat."

"Ok." Duo laughed, continuing to play with the cub.

"Why Tora here?" Heero asked.

"I don't know. Usually he's with Quatre. Maybe Trowa frightened it away again." He snickered.

"Tora not like Trowa? That weird?"

"Yeah. It is. Trowa told me that he's really good with animals. Maybe this particular tiger doesn't care of him for some reason."

"Maybe tiger smarter than thought." Heero sat down next to his love.

"Possibly." Duo sighed. The tiger cub plopped down onto his side and lie there, tail twitching almost every second. Tora looked like he was exhausted from play, and he shut his eyes. "I hope that this tiger doesn't present a problem when it gets older. I hope that it stays this friendly."

"Some animals are hard to figure." Heero said, putting his hand on Duo's arm. "And so are some people."

"What do you mean by that, Mr. Native person?" Duo squinted.

"You hard to figure. I see you kiss Cat, but he your cousin. You tell me that he taught you stuff and both of you did stuff, and you say you love me… but something not right. Duo not telling me everything?"

Duo was shocked, at both Heero's long-winded sentences, and at his speculations. "Heero… I really do love you. I am close to Quatre because we taught each other stuff, but it's not the same thing. Besides that, he's my cousin- he's blood. Me and him would never have sex or anything really hot and steamy. Of course we kiss sometimes, but old habits are hard to break."

"You kiss when here? Besides the one you gave by river?"

"You're better than I thought, lover boy. Yes, I will admit it… I did give him a smooch, but that was a `Hello there, cuz! I'm happy to see you again!' type of smooch. Nothing really sexual. Do you understand now, Heero?"

Heero smiled a bit, "I think I do. You no kiss Quatre anymore?"

Duo could see the hope in his husband's eyes and it made him smile, "I promise I won't kiss Quatre like that ever again. On the cheek, yes. Open mouth with tongue? No more. I have you to do that." And then Duo leaned forward and gave Heero a demonstration.

Duo leaned back, letting Heero topple over him, and they kissed slowly. Heero's lips moved gently across Duo's, tasting him and renewing the knowledge of what Duo felt like, tasted like. Duo returned the kiss, hinting at him that he wanted more passion in the touch, and then brought his hands up to play in Heero's messy hair. He brought a hand down to play with the little short ends of hair in the middle of Heero's neck. He lowered his questing hand further, gliding it along Heero's shoulder muscles and then his back. Heero pressed himself into Duo's body harder, relishing the feel of both of their chests coming into contact, nipples brushing up against each other's, as well as swelling groins.

Letting go of his mouth, Duo gasped. Heero trailed his mouth down; after he softly kissed Duo lower lip, then he moved to kiss his chin, very lightly, kissing his jaw, gently, and then lower still to savor the juncture under his chin to the middle of his neck. Duo arched into his native lover's assaulting mouth, quietly gasping as Heero found the sensitive spot that connected to his collarbone. Heero ran a hand down Duo's muscular chest, grazing the other pouting nipple.


Heero growled, nipping lightly.

"Oh god, Heero!"

Another growl.

Heero's hand feathered over his stomach. Heero groaned as one of Duo's hands groped a butt cheek.


A louder growl this time.


A slurp in Duo's ear.

"Yuk! What the…" Duo looked over and saw that the tiger cub was trying to lick his face. Heero was still down on his nipple. Duo brought a hand up to nudge the tiger's face away, "Tora! Bad kitty! Stop it! We're trying to have some fun here!"

Heero looked up from Duo's chest, and then started to laugh. Duo looked down with accusing eyes, "Heero! This isn't funny! He just ruined everything!"

Heero shook his head, "No ruin anything. It cute to watch."

"For a second I thought that was you." Duo glared at the tiger. The cub just purred louder.

"He is jealous, maybe?" Heero wondered.

"Maybe. Let's go take him back to Quatre so we can have some private time!"

"Good idea. Then we continue. I make love to you somewhere else, maybe?"

Duo smiled. "Yeah! Let's go!"