Jungle love part 20
Contents: YAOI, sap, HET hints, AU, OC

Pairings: 1xOC, 1x2 overall, 3+4+3, 2+4+2, 3+2? (So, would that be 2+4+3?)

Disclaimer: I do not own GW or its characters

Warnings: bad grammar spoken, swearing, lots of loving going on, maybe slight Geographic error

Rated: PG (I think)

Notes- Do NOT let the HET scare you away! It's very minor!

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(Deleted the word meanings cause… it's getting too long. But if I have a new word to decipher, then I'll put it up. Or whatever words are in the chapter will be put up here.)
Sop- means what?
Ninga- means idiot
Toki- means now
Wowee- means baby girl, or little girl
Tiwina- concubine
Mi sai tiwi dai- do you love me?
Ponaas- daddy/father
Dinaas- mother


Quatre reached the hut that Anana and her baby were staying at. The guard at the entrance peeked his head in to ask Heero if he would allow the blond haired man to come in. Heero nodded, telling the guard that he was Duo's cousin and that he was shall always be allowed in.

When he got in, he saw Heero standing over Anana and watching the baby nurse. Heero looked up when he heard the sounds of footsteps and saw Quatre coming toward them. He smiled back at the smiling pilot.

"Fooba, Cat." Heero said.

"Fooba." Quatre smiled. Trowa had taught him the greeting. He told him a few other words too. "How is the baby?"

"Hasana is good." Heero said. "Hasana is healthy."

Quatre leaned over and peeked at their daughter. "She's beautiful."


"Um… Wannay-pet." Quatre hoped that was the right word.

Heero smiled, "Y-yes, she is."

Quatre watched the baby nurse for a while before he noticed a pile of things at Anana's feet. They ranged from really nice flowers to rocks. Quatre blinked, eyeballing the stuff. `Why are there plain old rocks in there?' He pointed to the pile of stuff and asked, "These were given to you?"

"Yes." Heero nodded.

"Why rocks?"

Heero cocked his head, "Sop?"

"Umm, you don't know the word rock? Uh… stones?"

"Oh! Stones are from ones who…" Heero was searching for the word, but he couldn't think of it. He tried to explain in words he knew, "Ones that do not… are not happy with baby not dead."

"How sad… so you're saying they're disowning your baby?"

"Disown… yes. That's word."

"That's not right!" Quatre frowned.

"I know." Heero sighed, "But is our way. Way we are all raised."

"I'm sorry, Heero. How can I help?"

"Cat want to help? Cat can give baby nice gift. Show others that you respect Hasana. Then maybe others follow?"

"Good idea! I can go find a gift in the jungle, right?"

"Yes. Many good gifts in jungle. Lots of nice stones and plants and other good-looking things. I will be very happy if you do."

"Then I'll do it. See you two in a bit." Quatre waved and left the hut.


Quatre ran to Trowa's hut to gather up his stuff to venture into the jungle. He had remembered to bring a lot of supplies when he set off to look for his cousin. He didn't know that he would be continuing to use the stuff once he found Duo. He was glad that Duo was ok, but something was telling him that he should stick around and be with him; he may need his help. Quatre would help his longhaired cousin any day, no matter what. But he had to admit, he did miss holding him during those loud thunderstorms, and he even missed those nights that they heated themselves up under the covers.

He shook his head to clear it, trying to get the dangerous images out of his head. He knew that Duo was in love with Heero, and that Heero can be a very possessive native (which Trowa told him). He didn't want to come between Duo and his cousin's life-mate. When Duo talked about the handsome native, Quatre could clearly see just how much he loved him. Quatre was happy for him, but he was sad that he could no longer do the things that they used to do. Of course, if Heero didn't mind him snuggling up to his cousin one of these nights instead of having to share a hut with Trowa and get himself embarrassed, maybe he didn't have to kiss those memories goodbye just yet.

He entered the hut, hoping that nothing would slow him down much, but Trowa was there with his bright green eyes and solemn look.

"And just where do you think you're going?" Trowa inquired.

"Into the jungle." Quatre said, trying not to pause in his packing.


"Because I'm going to go get a gift for Anana and the baby."


Quatre snorted, "Because I want to show everyone that she deserves to be honored just like everyone else, that's why! Quit bothering me already!"

"Do you want a guide?"

"No thanks. I'll be fine. I've wandered around a jungle before."

"Have you wandered around THIS jungle before?"

"No," Quatre sighed, putting in the last of his stuff into his backpack, "I shouldn't have any problems finding my way around. I did grow up with Duo you know. One does pick up a few tricks while being around him." He slung his pack over his shoulder.

"I should warn you about some of the things…" Quatre got into his face and he narrowed his eyes.

"I said I don't need your help! Now leave me alone!" he twirled around and stormed out of the hut.

Trowa sighed heavily, "Quatre…"


As Quatre passed Heero and Duo's hut, Duo was just wandering out.

"There you are, Cuz. Where were you? And what in the world are you doing?"

"I'm going to go get a present for Anana's baby. I won't be long."

"You, um, need any help?"

"No!" Quatre said too harshly, but then quickly changed his tone of voice, "I mean, I'll be fine. Trowa already asked if I wanted his help and I told him that I don't need it."

"Oh. All right. Well, I know first hand that it's not as fun as it looks. If you need me, just scream as loud as you can. That is, if you are able to." Duo roughed up Quatre's bangs.

"I'll be fine, really!" Quatre giggled, "Don't worry about me. I'll see you in a bit."

"Be careful!" Duo waved, watching his closest cousin venture into the jungle. "Don't get any skunks mad!" He chuckled at his own joke, which probably didn't reach the blonde's ears. He watched as Quatre slipped into the jungle and then he turned and made his way toward Anana's hut.


Quatre made it farther into the jungle then he originally planned, but that didn't bother him. He made sure that he stayed in a straight line so that he wouldn't get too lost. Normally, it's hard for him to get lost. He recalled the first time he did, and it scared him half to death. But somehow, he slowly back tracked his footsteps and found his cousin Duo and the campfire he set up.

It had been a while since he ventured somewhere without Duo. He could hardly believe that he was doing this alone. But he knew that it wouldn't take him too long to locate something beautiful to give to Anana and Heero's healthy little girl.

He wondered how Duo felt about Heero having a first wife and a baby with her. He seemed to be taking it rather well, but he knew that his cousin had always had a streak of jealousy in him. He remembered a time when Duo got jealous of their other cousin, Richard, for spending a whole week with him. Duo wanted to pound Richard into the ground, but Quatre reminded Duo that if he did that then his mother might not let him come over any more. Duo then agreed that he wouldn't beat the crap out of Richie as long as he got to spend two weeks with Quatre. Duo got his way.

`And that was the first night that we tried a little touching…' Quatre sighed.

In his musings, Quatre had lost track of where he was. He looked around and then behind him, trying to find where his trail was. "Crap… I think I'm lost."


"What a beautiful baby girl!" Duo smiled, peeking at the little bundle in Anana's arms. He brought a finger over to caress her soft cheek, "Hasana… you look like your daddy."

Hasana grabbed onto Duo's finger as hard as she could.

"So what does Hasana mean?" Duo asked.

"It means `she who arrives first'." Trowa said. "They also picked that name because it was like a merge of both parents' names."

"Aww… sweet!" he gave Anana a hopeful look, "Can I hold her?"

"Not allowed, Duo." Heero said, "Not yet." He moved to his wife and picked up his daughter, "but I can." He smirked.

Duo glared mockingly, "you're mean!"

"What? I not mean. Duo just jealous."

"Damn right!" he put his arms around Heero in a careful hug, "but if I can't hold the baby, then I'll hold you holding the baby. Take that."

Heero chuckled, "Duo… you spoiled."

"I try my best." He kissed Heero's nose, and then looked down at the baby, "I would kiss her too if I'm allowed."

Heero nodded, giving him the ok, and then Duo lowered himself down and lightly pressed his lips onto Hasana's forehead.

"Welcome to this world, little princess." Duo smiled.


"No! I'm going in circles!" Quatre huffed. He looked around the foliage for some kind of hint to where he was supposed to go, but he couldn't figure out which way he had gone before or the way he hadn't searched yet. "Damn it, maybe I should have had Trowa come with. But I had to prove to him that I was capable of doing this on my own. Why is it every time I'm around him we end up arguing or disagreeing on things?" Quatre sighed; deciding that just standing around wasn't going to help matters. So he turned back around and went the way he just came.

After what he thought may have been a half hour or so, he plopped himself down next to a mossy tree covered with camouflaging moths to rest. He eyed the moths with some interest, but then turned and buried his face into his lap. Minutes later, he might have dozed off, he wasn't sure, but he suddenly felt something soft and warm nudge him. With heavy lidded eyes, he lifted his head up to see what had touched him and was surprised to see a pair of baby blue eyes staring into his.

"YAAHHH!" the blond jumped back, and his vision became wider… those blue eyes belonged to a fury face with black stripes, a pink nose, and long white whiskers. "Oh my god…" he breathed, "A… tiger cub!"

It mewed a small growl and it sounded like it was… rumbling. It was startled by Quatre's reaction at first, but then it moved back to nuzzle at the blond's knees. He could feel it purring now.

"Oh… you're so cute! But, where's your mother? Um… I would hate to meet her face to face!" Quatre chuckled nervously. "Well, I suppose I better get out of here. It's best if I do." He stood back up, making sure he didn't lean against the tree behind him, else he'd get moth guts all over his still neat shirt, and slowly made his way toward what looked like a moutain.

`Wait a minute… a mountain? That's that volcano that Duo was telling me about… so that means…' he looked back and finally noticed the exit out of the undergrowth. "I feel dumb." He sighed. The tiger cub mewled something and then started to follow the nice human.