Jungle love part 13
Contents: YAOI, sap, citrus of some kind (lemon?), HET hints, AU, OC, possible humor?

Pairings: 1xOC, 1x2 overall

Disclaimer: I do not own GW or its characters

Warnings: bad grammar spoken, swearing, nudity, some graphical bloodshed, masturbation, exhibitionism

Rated: NC-17

Notes- Do NOT let the HET scare you away! It's very minor!

(Deleted the word meanings cause… it's getting too long. But if I have a new word to decipher, then I'll put it up. Or whatever words are in the chapter will be put up here.)
Sop- means what?
Ninga- means idiot

#Dream sequence#

No matter how hard Duo tried, he couldn't sleep. He had the worse major case of blue balls he'd ever had! Somehow, he figured that teasing Heero wasn't such a good idea. Now he had a hard on that wouldn't go away.

He looked over at Heero's sleeping form. He had his back to him. His body was so warm next to his… Duo let his thoughts stray, bringing his hand down to wrap around his aching erection. Even though he couldn't have sex with Heero, he knew he could still pleasure himself. If he didn't do this, there was no way he could sleep!

Duo felt his own body heat up from this one handed exercise. He didn't want to concern Heero, and he didn't want to wake him, so he tried his hardest not to be too disturbing. What he failed to realize was that Heero was very sensitive when it came to the unusual. And it was very `unusual' that that somebody next to him wasn't laying still, sawing logs, but panting slightly and jouncing the fur blanket.

Heero turned around onto his side to see what his love was doing. It wasn't too hard to figure out. Duo looked to be too involved in his activities to notice him watching. What Heero failed to realize was that watching was having a very `hard' effect on him. Duo's punishment was beginning to be his own.

Duo was imagining his brown skinned husband hovering above him, lifting his legs up over his strong shoulders, and positioning himself over his heat slicked ring of muscle. He spread his legs, pretending that they were spreading for Heero, and brought a hand down to play with his opening. He gasped and sped his hand up as he imagined Heero impaling his cock inside his body.

Heero was getting even more harder as he watched Duo act out being made love to. He had a feeling that Duo was thinking of him... of them having sex. Heero brought his own hand down between his legs and started to touch himself. Duo looked so beautiful in his erotic state. "Duo…" he moaned. That, unfortunately, got the longhaired man's attention.

Duo's eyes snapped open, "Heero?"

Heero didn't know what words to say so he just stared back into Duo's eyes. Duo looked down and finally noticed that Heero was being affected by watching him stroke himself. He smiled, loving the fact that Heero was just as in need as he was.

"You want some of this, Heero?" Duo cooed, hoping that the native had some idea of what he was saying.


"Want me?" he tried again.

"Yes." Heero panted. He kept watching his love, even more so when Duo moved the fur blanket off of him. He was now buck-naked.

"Please, Heero… touch me? Feel me?" Duo groaned, pleading with his eyes. Heero leaned down to press his lips to his lover's, savoring them as long as he dared. Heero let go of Duo's lips softly, occasionally placing small ones on the corner of them. Duo moaned on the side of Heero's face, loving the heat that emitted from him.

"Need you, Heero… touch me? I will touch you…" Duo demonstrated by putting his hand onto Heero's erection. It twitched as he slowly started to rub the end of it.

"Uhh… D-Duo, love…" Heero grunted. "Can… we?"

"Yes." Duo said quickly, "This is NOT sex… just touch…"

"Den… do it… touch me, Duo. Paleeze?"

Duo didn't need to be told twice. He moved faster than Heero had ever seen him move before, turning around so that his feet and legs were up above Heero's head and he was staring straight at Heero's tan arousal. Duo licked his lips as he inhaled Heero's masculine scent between his legs. He scooted his body closer; his eyes were trained on that hand of Heero's stroking that thick dark cock in front of him. He felt his own hardness throb in excitement.

Heero was watching Duo and waited to see what the pale one was going to do. He had a feeling what it was, because they've done this before, in the river. But this position was new to him. Both on their sides, but they were both facing each other's erections. Rather convenient, Heero thought. His eyes moved over to the fair and reddish flesh of Duo's cock. He moved in closer to smell him, and then he darted his tongue out to taste the gathered moisture at the end of the swollen member.

Duo gasped. He was just about to bring his mouth over to take the tip of Heero's erection into it when he felt something wet touch the tip of his own cock. He looked back and saw what he expected to see. Heero was inches away from his rock hard arousal and was debating on moving any farther. Duo decided, with a smile on his face, that he was going to have to take the lead. He moved his head the rest of the way and took that incredible length into his mouth.

Heero groaned at the feeling of Duo's lips wrapped around the head of his arousal. He took his hand from around his dick and brought it over to the back of Duo's head, running his fingers into those chestnut locks. He decided that Duo needed pleasure as well, and then opened his mouth to taste Duo. He swallowed him as best he could. This was the first time he had ever done this kind of thing, and it was unbelievably arousing!

Duo swirled his tongue around the head of the other man's cock, enjoying the heady taste and lapping up all the pre-ejaculated come for a while before taking him down his throat as far as he could. He could feel Heero's tongue sliding underneath his erection as he sucked lightly. He didn't want to start fucking his mouth, in fear that he would make him choke, so he began to bob his head up and down Heero's shaft. He got rewarded with throaty moans that vibrated through his cock. Duo rubbed his hands on Heero's thighs, kneading his darker skin like a kitten at feeding time. He suckled that erection in his mouth as best he could, and was suddenly gifted with Heero's warm, sticky semen. Duo swallowed it all.

Even though Heero was satisfied, he continued to suck Duo off, making the younger man groan out loud. Duo moved his hands up and down Heero's washboard stomach, and then up farther to his muscular chest. Heero brought his hands up to Duo's chest as well, mimicking as best he could. He accidentally brushed over a nipple; sending erotic shivers through his spine and more sensitive areas. A minute later, Duo had no idea what Heero did, but whatever it was, it sent sparks flying, and suddenly he was shuddering and he erupted hard into Heero's mouth. Heero didn't falter one bit as he gulped it all down.

Happily spent, Duo moved back up to face Heero and planted a light kiss on his lips. "Thank you, Heero. Love you."

Heero smiled, returning the kiss, "Love you Duo… forever." They curled up into each other's arms and fell asleep.


# "No! Leave me alone!"

"Don't you say no to me, young man! You are gonna march your little hinder in that teacher's hut and get an education before I take a paddle to your butt!"

"No! And you can't make me! You don't understand! They all hate me! And just because I'm not first born!"

"They don't hate you! Be good, ok? Do NOT make me spank you, please? You don't want your father in trouble do you? Come on! Don't do this to me! The chief will have my head! Now you go to school or…"

"I wish I was never born!"


Duo sat up abruptly, gasping for breath. `Where the hell did THAT come from?' he almost thought out loud. Once he finally regained some of his focus, he looked down at the still sleeping form of Heero. He was glad that he didn't wake him. That had to have been the most odd dream ever. His nightmares were getting more and more complex. He wondered if there was some kind of witch doctor, or any kind of doctor for that matter, that would help him with these bad and weird dreams.

As he laid his head back down, the image of a little dark skinned, longhaired boy was imbedded in his mind.


Duo awoke to find his brown skinned husband gone. He didn't go far, because the bed was still warm. Duo sat up and surveyed the area. He found Heero at his favorite corner, sitting, sharpening some kind of weapon.


"Duo get black an' wite cat?"

"Um, a skunk? Yeah, why?"

Heero wandered up to Duo, with the weapon still in his hand, and knelt down to see his concubine eye to eye. "Duo take scythe. Is good staff…" Heero wasn't sure what word to use. Duo took a hold of the scythe's handle, using it to stand, and then looked up at the sharp, curvy blade coming out of the pole. Duo smiled, almost wickedly.

"This will do." He told Heero with a smile.

"Good. Skunk us-ully back… sout' or sout'-east."

Duo snickered, showing Heero that he needed to put his tongue underneath his two front teeth, "Southhh…"

Heero glared at him for teasing, "Ninga."

The longhaired man got himself prepared to go hunt skunk. He wasn't sure if he'd be successful today. But, Duo mused, there was always tomorrow.

He stopped by the chief's hut so he could get permission to hunt his favorite animal skin. Trowa was there; looking like he was talking to one of the guards that were standing by the front door, er… flap. He turned when he caught Duo from the corner of his eye. He quietly took in what Duo had on… which was only that small tan loincloth that he was in when he became a slave. And that was ALL he was wearing.

"You're gonna get permission, right?" Trowa had to make sure.

Duo nodded, "Of course. Do you have to be with me to translate?"

Trowa sighed, which sounded sort of like an inward groan, "I suppose I should." He walked into the hut and introduced the longhaired man to chief Alem. He started to speak in the chief's native language about him wanting to make things up to him by hunting for skunk fur. The chief, surprisingly, smiled and said that he would be grateful. Duo smiled and bowed, still holding tightly to the scythe.

"Interesting choice of weapon," the chief said to Trowa to translate. Trowa raised an eyebrow and told Duo want he said.

"Why should it be such a surprise? I like scythes. They're cool looking."

"They're harder to use to hunt. Mainly they're for cutting wheat in the fields."

"They have wheat?" Duo's eyes widened.

"Yes. And they make bread, but it's not really the same as a store bought kind. Why?"

Duo licked his lips, "I love home made bread! Do you think Anana could make some for me?"

Trowa smiled, "Probably. I could go ask her while you're off hunting skunk."

Duo beamed, almost hugging the scythe, "That would be so nice of her! Ok then," he turned around, "I'm off! See you guys later!"

Trowa watched Duo's retreating form until it disappeared behind the flap, and then turned back around to the chief. "Duo wa pula?" (Duo'll be fine?)

The chief nodded.


Duo went out to where Heero had told him where the skunks usually were. Of course, he hunted before, but never skunk. He wasn't sure how one went about that, and how he was supposed to find a skunk in the first place.

At first, he was going to set a trap, but he wasn't sure what skunks ate. At first, he thought maybe fruit or nuts, but that sounded silly. So, he decided that maybe bugs would work. From what he learned, almost everything ate bugs. So now, instead of skunk hunting, he was looking for bugs. Remembering something he learned in science class, he walked over to the first fallen and rotten out tree he found and, using his scythe, he sliced off a part of the softer stuff.

Underneath the ancient wood, there were tons of little crawling bugs. The only ones he could identify by looks were ants, pill beetles, worms, and grubs. Maybe he didn't need to set a trap, Duo mused. Perhaps he should just hide out somewhere and wait for a skunk to come along. He liked his idea and looked for a good spot to hide and that would give him a good view.

And so, he stayed there and waited. And he waited… and waited some more. He was getting so aggravated and cranky, and he was getting a Charlie horse. He was about to straighten out his cramped leg when he heard something. He wasn't sure what direction the sound was coming from. He wasn't an expert hunter, after all. Not like Heero was. So he stayed crouched, slightly petrified at what the sound might be. It could be a bear, or a tiger, or maybe even a wolverine. The more he thought about it, the more he made himself scared.

Then his legs decided that they didn't want to be bent anymore, and he fell over onto his butt. He expected to feel the hard, cold ground, but he actually felt something warm and soft… and it squeaked out in pain.

The first instinct kicked in, and he stood up quickly. As he twirled around, he wished that he stayed sitting on the thing. It hissed at him, obviously more irritated by being sat on then really hurt, and then it turned around… and lifted its tail.

Before Duo could get away, the skunk had sprayed him. He was coated.