Jungle love part eleven
Contents: yaoi, sap, slight angst, het hints, AU, OC
Pairings: 1xOC, 1x2 overall
Disclaimer: I do not own GW or its characters
Warnings: Time warp, bad grammar spoken, few curse words
Rated: PG-13 for this part
Notes- don't let the het scare you away! It's very minor!

Native language deciphered: Ninga means Idiot (basically, it's baka. Learn this one well. It's spoken many times. ^_^)
Sluck nu! Means shut up!
Tiwi means love,
Sai na tiwi means I love you
Sai tiwi otin means love you lots
Tiwi dai is- love me?
Mi sai tiwi dai?- Do you love me?
Tiwi ra means lover
Nita means mine,
Pooky means slave,
Yomen na havot means Captain of the guards,
Op means off,
Sop means what (Like Nani),
Toki means now,
Untihi means stop it (just think of Jawas from Star Wars)
Unti means Stop!
Unot means Stay! Or Stay put!
Tiwina means concubine
Suckani means/or is the name of the volcano
Fooba is Hello or a type of greeting
Wannay-pet (Wan Nay Pet) means beautiful (nothing to do with petting)
Tiwani- friend(s)
(Hehe, I made up my own language! ^_^)

It was a good morning to get out and take a walk, Duo mused.

Five months have passed, and Duo had begun to adapt to the environment pretty well. Trowa was still with them, teaching Heero English, and he was starting to teach Duo some of Heero's language. Tit for tat, he told him. Duo agreed, not wanting Heero to be the only one having to learn a new language. From what he had heard, marriages were supposed to be equal in everything. Well, not really `everything' just most things.

Duo stopped to look up a nicely shaped tree; the top was leaning one way, making like an eave or an umbrella. The branches looked sturdy enough for him, so he started to climb. The morning was still slightly wet from last nights rain. Duo loved the smell of rain when it first poured down, and he loved the lingering smell afterwards.

Once he reached a reasonable enough height, he sat down and leaned back against the tree, one leg dangling off the side of the branch. He watched the sun rise, admiring all the spectacular colors along with it. He was truly at peace.

Not far from where Duo was, Heero was searching for his lost concubine. When he woke up and Duo wasn't next to him, he began to worry. He didn't want anything to happen to his beautiful pale skinned husband, whose skin is beginning to slightly tan from days in the sun. Heero sighed, wishing that Duo didn't spend so much time outside anymore. He wanted his adoring concubine to stay fair colored. He loved looking at his glowing body, especially when the moonlight hit him.

Heero was starting to panic a bit. He stopped at the base of a tree, looking around, debating on whether or not he should call for him. He didn't want to wake any sleeping animals nearby. His distress won out. He took a deep breath and…

"Duo! Where you, Duo??"

"Up here!" Duo called down from the tree. They were both surprised that they were so close to one another and didn't realize it. Heero made a mental note to work on his stealth training more.

Heero looked up and saw those wide, indigo eyes, "Duo?"

"Just enjoying the view, Heero! It's pretty!"

Heero understood the last sentence. He sighed, looking over at what his concubine was staring at and understood. He pointed at the ground, "Come!"

Duo blinked, trying to decide on if he should make a dirty comment about that or not. Deciding not to, because he knew that Heero wouldn't get it anyways, he jumped down. Heero saw the contortion in Duo's face when he landed, and hoped he didn't break anything.

"Duo ok?" Heero asked walking up to him.

"I'm fine." Duo smiled, knowing that Heero knew those words. He looked down, "But my feet hurt."

Heero didn't understand but he was happy that he was ok.

Duo smiled, "So, how are you, Heero?"

"I… good." Heero paused for a minute, trying to recall a word. The corner of his lip curled slightly, "Miss you."

"Miss me?" Duo smiled, widely. Heero nodded. "What did you throw at me?"

Heero was confused. He only understood half of the sentence. Opting not to question, he grabbed onto his love and pushed him against his own body, "Kiss?"

"With pleasure." Duo leaned forward meeting Heero's lips half way. They stood there, under the tree, lip locked and tongue tied for quite a while. When Duo finally got his lips and breath back, he panted, "Love you, Heero."

Heero brought a finger up to trace around Duo's face and mouth, "Love you…Duo. Lots." He moved his hand down Duo's neck, lightly caressing his collarbone, then down to his bare chest, "Duo hungry?"

The longhaired man nodded, "Very!"

"I feed Duo. Come! Have food, ok?"

Chuckling at Heero's attempt at English, Duo followed his husband back to the village where he knew breakfast was almost done. Heero grabbed onto Duo's hand, not wanting Duo to run off again, and lead him to the middle of the village. There, on the spit, was a giant buck that Heero killed last night. He knew that Duo liked venison, so he made sure that he got a nice sized deer.

Duo felt his mouth water at the sight and smell of the meat cooking. It was a good thing that he wasn't a vegetarian, or else he'd starve.

"For me?" Duo pretended to sniffle, feeling loved. Heero wandered over to test the deer to see if it was done. He looked over at his concubine and held up three fingers, indicating that it would take about three more minutes. Duo sat down onto a nearby rock to watch the flames leaping around the meat. Heero sat down beside Duo, resisting the urge to put an arm around him, and he started to think about what he could say that Duo would understand. He was still learning the pale ones' language, and he knew it would take some time to really know it, but he enjoyed the challenge.

"Duo happy?" Heero had to ask. Duo looked over and smiled, wondering why he hadn't caught on to saying `You' or `I' yet. Must be easier for Heero just to say the person's name instead. This, to him, was understandable. He'd probably sound like an idiot too when he started to learn Heero's language.

"I'm fine." Duo reassured the handsome native.

"Good." Heero was struggling with words, but he knew that Duo would help him if he got stuck, and he knew that Duo wouldn't tease him too much, "Late-r, hope, me `nd D-you, uh… kiss, hug… do love…" Heero blushed.

Duo couldn't stop the smile that crept on his face. "Sounds good to me. Will Anana be here?"

"Hm?" Heero didn't quite understand. Something about the first wife.

"Anana… um… be here… to eat? Have food?"

Heero nodded, finally catching on. "Anana have food. Baby need food. Good for baby."

Duo smiled, "That's good. I hope the baby will turn out healthy."

Although Heero didn't quite understand, he smiled. He knew the words `hope', `baby', and `turn out'.

"Hope baby is boy… no worry then." Heero told his concubine.

The smile fell off of Duo's face, "Yeah… I hope so too. But if it's a girl, I will help you fight to the bitter end for her! No one is gonna kill MY daughter!"

"Sop?" Heero blinked.

Duo looked around frantically for Trowa. Just then, the man in question was coming out of the hut that was built just for him as a token of their gratitude for teaching Heero English, and whoever else wanted to learn. Duo waved his arms back and forth, trying to flag him down. Trowa saw the flailing pale arms and heaved a sigh. He had a good idea what Duo wanted.

"Yes?" Trowa grounded out as he stepped up to the longhaired man.

"I need you to translate something for me, cause they're words he doesn't understand yet. Please?" Duo pouted.

Trowa sighed, "Is it lovey-dovey talk?"

"Not really. It's about his baby."

"Ok then, what did you say?"

Duo had a serious look on his face, "Tell Heero that if he has a girl I will fight to the bitter end to protect her. No one is gonna kill MY daughter while I'm still alive!" Duo had to add that last part, hoping that it wasn't too morbid or something.

Surprisingly Trowa smiled and nodded, happy to translate it for him. Heero sat there, listening intensely, and then gazed at Duo with a look of appreciation. He placed a hand onto Duo's shoulder and squeezed it.

"No worry, Duo. No fight… c-cannot…" Heero was searching for the right word, "…anger… chief. It girl, it girl… cannot help…"

"No!" Duo stood up, anger filling him, "It shouldn't matter if you have a girl first! They shouldn't kill it! I will make sure of it!" Duo ran off toward chief Alem's hut.

Trowa sighed, translating to the stunned Heero what he said and then apologized to Heero for his behavior. Heero told him, in his native tongue, not to apologize and that he would take care of it. Trowa nodded, sitting down where Duo once occupied. Heero stood, finally taking note to where Duo was headed, and then excused himself from Trowa to go after the longhaired man. Heero had a bad feeling that something might happen.

Trowa was about to stay there, but then figured that they would need a translator, so he decided to follow.


Duo barged into the chief's hut… not a good idea, and found him sitting on his throne-type chair covered in fur. The chief was startled to say the least to see Duo there. He wasn't sure why, since the man can't speak very much of his own language, and he wasn't sure why Trowa wasn't with him.

"You have A LOT of explaining to do!" Duo yelled, pointing a finger at the chief, "You even think about harming Heero's child, you will have to answer to ME! And you do NOT want to piss me off!"

The guards around the chief were about to seize the lunatic man when Heero finally arrived. He took note of the way Duo looked - ragged, and very upset, with strands of hair falling out of his braid; he was almost in the chief's face! And then he saw how the chief looked… appalled! Heero grabbed onto Duo's braid and yanked him back to force him on his knees.

"Wha… Heero?" Duo was surprised to go down on his knees, and even more shocked that Heero was so rough with him! He practically threw him down onto the ground! "Heero! Why are you…"

"Duo! Bani mi sai naule sai osa minal?? Duo O ninga! Sai osa olqasul na Yamup??"

Heero was seething. Duo, his concubine, wasn't supposed to be acting this way to the chief. He could get him into some serious trouble. Duo laid there, stunned, and feeling quiet stupid that Heero did that to him in front of the chief and all of the guards. Trowa finally arrived, taking in the scene. He knelt down where Duo was face down in the dirt.

"What," he hissed out, "Is wrong with YOU? The chief doesn't know what you're saying! And you have NO right coming in here in the first place to tell him what he should and shouldn't do!" Trowa was only guessing what Duo had said to the chief, but he had a fairly good idea.

"It's just not fair, Tro!" Duo half growled and half sobbed, "Just because it's a girl doesn't mean they should kill it! If they even think about harming Heero's baby because it's a girl and not a boy… I will kill…!"

The chief's voice silenced them all. Very calmly, Chief Alem told Heero that although he didn't understand what Duo was saying, he wanted the concubine to be punished for his behavior. And then he told Heero that if he valued his life, and his concubine's, that he'd make sure that this sort of thing never happened again.

Heero, with eyes of guilt and anger, took a hold of Duo's hair and made him stand. He asked Trowa if he heard what the chief said, and Trowa nodded. He asked Trowa to translate it all to Duo. With a heavy sigh, Trowa did just that, watching Duo's eyes widen when he mentioned punishment.

"But… what about Heero's baby? Is there a way that it can be saved if it's a girl? I don't want it to die!"

"We will worry about that when the time comes." Trowa said.

Heero saw the look in his concubine's eyes and slowly understood. He knew what he was talking about… when he heard the word `baby', and he turned to face the chief. In his own language, he practically begged Chief Alem to reconsider giving him punishment, and let him deal with Duo. Heero wanted to punish his concubine his own way. He knew what kinds of punishment there was for angering a chief, and he didn't want to put Duo in any type of torture.

Alem sighed, shaking his head, "I want him to pay for what he did, Heero…" the head honcho said, in their native tongue, "and you should have had him under control… be thankful that I'm not punishing you as well." But Heero continued to ask for Duo's forgiveness, reminding the chief that Duo was not from around here and that he needed to learn.

Finally, after much squabbling, the chief agreed to let Heero take care of Duo himself, and then told Heero that he should double his efforts in learning the pale ones language so that he will be able to handle him more properly. Heero bowed, vowing to understand the English man's language for all of their sakes, and then turned, grabbing Duo by the arm and hauled him out.

Trowa looked over at the chief, bowed, apologized, and then followed the other two men outside.

Alem sighed, "I am getting too old for this sort of thing." He grumbled in his tongue, then said, "Heero better pray hard for a son… real hard."


Heero practically flung Duo into their hut, and then stormed over to a corner. Duo lay on the tiger skin rug; waiting for what Heero was about to do. Yeah, he was petrified, and he felt stupid for doing what he did. But something inside of him snapped, and he couldn't stand the thought of Heero's child dying because it was a girl. There just had to be a way to keep the babe safe.

"Duo! You… is… bad!" Heero stumbled over the English words in anger. He pointed at himself, "Duo's love… going be… hurt if Duo be bad! Duo be good… now… ok? I… in big troub-le."

Duo hung his head, showing as much shame as he could, "I'm sorry, Heero. I didn't mean to!"

"Duo love Heero, captain of da graurds?" Heero mispronounced.

Duo tried his hardest to hide a smirk with a frown, "Yes. I love you a lot, Heero."

"Den… den Duo be good… for… for-ever! No bad anymore!" Heero took a breath to calm himself, trying his hardest to think of what words to use. Right then, Trowa walked in, and noticed the struggle that Heero was doing to express himself.

"Need help, Heero?" Trowa asked. Heero nodded, asking about a word in English. Trowa told him.


Duo's eyes widen, "excuse me??"

Heero nodded, "Yeah," he looked back at Duo, "I… ha…"

"Have?" Trowa helped.

Heero nodded his thanks, "Have to… pun-ish… y-you, Duo. I sorry."

Duo sighed, trying his hardest to give Heero the most pitiful look he could muster, "Heero… please…"

"He has to, Duo." Trowa said, taking a seat next to Heero.

"But… I was only defending him and his baby…"

Trowa told Heero what Duo said. Heero smiled slightly, "I know… Duo, love… b-but…" he looked at Trowa, making sure that was the right word to use. Trowa nodded and urged him to continue, "But… I very sorry, I got to do… wha chief s-said do… gotta punish."

"Heero…" Duo wrung his hands nervously. He wasn't sure if he will like whatever punishment he was supposed to be given. "I promise I won't do it anymore! I promise to be good! Please…"

"Duo…" Heero cut him off mid sentence.

"Yes, Heero?" Duo looked up, hopeful.

"Love you… Duo. Duo love me?"

Duo nodded, "Yes! Very!"

"Den Duo know why I do… punish you… not h-ate you… but punish."

"What Heero is trying to say…" Trowa said, "is that he must give you the proper punishment for misbehaving. He begged the chief to have HIM do the punishment so it is not very… harsh. The chief would probably leave you bruised or something similar to a pain kind of torture, because you were really rude to him. He would have done it to Heero too since you are his responsibility."

"So then… what's my punishment gonna be?"

"Well, Heero didn't want to see you get hurt so… his punishment is more um… psychological, than physical."

Duo blinked, "Such as?"

Trowa sighed, looking away, "No sexual contact… for a month."

"WHAT??" Duo stood up, enraged.

"Settle down, Duo." Trowa said, holding his hands up, "At least your not getting flogged."

"No… no sex?? NO SEX?? That's not fair! Me and Heero were just making plans to having fun tonight!" Duo was shaking, he was so upset.

Heero walked up to his concubine and put his hands on the sides of Duo's face, holding him gently, "Duo… no be sad," he wiped an unshed tear away from the corner of his eyes with his thumb. Duo was shocked that he was so mad that he was on the verge of tears, "I do love Duo a lot… no hurt Duo… can kiss an' hug, but no doing It, ok?" he kissed Duo's lips gently, "Duo come… be wit me, ta-night? Go see sun… um… go down?"

Duo blushed slightly, sighing, "Heero… you're a romantic, grammarly challenged lunatic!"

Shyly, Duo placed his hand in Heero's, letting him lead him out of their hut. The deer should be done by now.