Jungle love part ten
Contents: yaoi, sap, cross-dressing, het hints, AU, OC
Pairings: 1xOC, 1x2 overall
Disclaimer: I do not own GW or its characters
Warnings: bad words, slight time warp
Rated: NC-17
Notes- don't let the het scare you away! It's very minor!

Native language deciphered: Ninga means Idiot (basically, it's baka. Learn this one well. It's spoken many times. ^_^)
Sluck nu! Means shut up!
Tiwi means love,
Sai na tiwi means I love you
Sai tiwi otin means love you lots
Tiwi dai is- love me?
Mi sai tiwi dai?- Do you love me?
Tiwi ra means lover
Nita means mine,
Pooky means slave,
Yomen na havot means Captain of the guards,
Op means off,
Sop means what (Like Nani),
Toki means now,
Untihi means stop it (just think of Jawas from Star Wars)
Unti means Stop!
Unot means Stay! Or Stay put!
Tiwina means concubine
Suckani means/or is the name of the volcano
Fooba is Hello or a type of greeting
Wannay-pet (Wan Nay Pet) means beautiful (nothing to do with petting)
Tiwani- friend(s)
(Hehe, I made up my own language! ^_^)

Three days have passed, and Duo was getting better at belly dancing, learning how to do the dance all the way through without messing up.

"Tonu, wa pi na… Duo." Anana said, walking toward the hut that him and Heero shared. Duo guessed that their practice will continue there, and that Trowa will help with translation.

What almost gave Duo a heart attack was when he stepped into the hut, and Heero greeted him with a soft, half embarrassed, "Hello, Duo."

Duo stopped in his tracks to eye the brown skinned man. He blinked rapidly for a while before he said, "Um… Hello, Heero." He looked over at Trowa for an explanation. Trowa shrugged,

"I told him the English greeting because you learned his greeting."

Duo leapt over to Heero and gave him a squeeze, "Fooba, Heero!" he smiled.

Heero hugged him back, mirroring the Ninga's smile because it was contagious, "Fooba, yung ti, Duo."

Duo beamed, taking a wild guess at what he said in his head.

Duo finally pulled away, and then slowly began to show Heero what he learned so far. Heero had this predatory gleam in his eyes as he watched his beloved concubine sway his hips and move his arms. When he started to screw up, he stopped, flushing slightly.

Anana walked over to the braided man and handed him some silky clothes. Duo took it from her with a perplexed look on his face. Trowa was trying his hardest not to laugh, holding a fist up to his mouth. Duo heard the snickering, however, and turned to glare at him.

"She made you a dress." Trowa explained as best he could between chuckles.

"Oh great." Duo sighed. He turned the clothes over in his arms, looking for the way to put them on. It was remarkably beautiful; the colors matched his eyes and the reddish brown tints in his hair. The rest of the outfit was open to bare skin, mostly around his stomach. It also had jingle bells around the hems of the top and around the sleeves.

Not one to being shy, he moved over to stand on the tiger skin and began to change into the gift that Anana made. He thought of it as a way to show that Anana had no hard feelings about him being with Heero more than she was. Maybe some day, they could both share Heero's hut, along with the newborn child.

Once he finished figuring out how it went, he turned back around to face Heero and Trowa so they could see.

"Well?" he demanded, seeing nothing but shocked looks on their faces, "How do I look?"

Trowa leaned over to Heero's ear, whispering what Duo asked. Heero smiled slightly and then said to Trowa that…

"He wants to see you dance now." Trowa smirked.


"Wattek mollya."

"Belly dance." Trowa deciphered.

"N-now?" Duo gasped.

"Libi?" Trowa asked Heero.

Heero nodded.

Duo blushed slightly, but then slowly began to move. This time he wanted to do it leisurely, taking his time, so he didn't screw up. He inched closer to Heero, swaying his hips, doing his best to move his stomach in time, with arms up in the air. Each sway of his body got him closer to the handsome native.

Heero's eyes shone as they tracked every movement, every step, that Duo was dancing. The dark purple garment clung to Duo's chest and upper arms, showing most of his torso down to the very edge of his hipbones. Although his thighs weren't as curved as a woman's, they were clearly muscular and incredibly sexy, he slid across the floor.

Duo grinned as he saw the primitive look on his husband's face. He gingerly placed one foot after another in front of him, balancing slightly on his toes, and then spun a bit for effect, making the bells on his outfit jingle.

The flowing dress around Duo's legs fluttered easily, also catching Heero's eye. Yes, Duo was obviously male, but he was such an amazingly sleek and sexy one. Heero felt so honored to have this man his.

But his damn teasing was aggravating!

Duo smiled, knowing what he was doing to Heero and his libido. He got so close to Heero now that he could feel the vibes emanating from him. He got even closer, daring Heero to break his stiff guard posture and touch him. Duo started to give Heero a lap dance as he turned around so that his backside was facing him. He continued to move like Anana taught him, but he was improvising, adding a bit of teasing to spice it up.

Heero could just barely contain himself. The longhaired man was so close to him now that he could smell him, he could smell him and his sex. It was so intoxicating and alluring, but the look in the pale man's eyes told him that he was trying to see how much control he actually had. Heero accepted the challenge and stayed still, letting Duo dance next to him to his heart's content.

But then Duo did something that made Heero lose his cool. Duo moved his hand down, sliding it down his long plait, and stopped at the end where the hair tie was. He slipped the holder off, letting his hair unravel all around him, flowing down his long body. Duo swayed his hips again, lifting his hands up into the air, and moved his stomach the way he was shown. The shining, light brown hair brushed up against Heero. The native finally lost it.

Duo gasped loudly as Heero grabbed onto his bare waist and twirled him around. Then he pulled Duo into his lap, crushing his body up against his. Duo grinned teasingly at his love that had lost all restraint. He could just barely hear a stifled giggle from Anana.

"You touched the merchandise, love. Naughty, naughty…" Duo pretended to scold. Heero looked over at Trowa, asking without words to translate. With an irritated sigh, Trowa did. Heero looked at his lover then, and he tried to give him a scowl. Duo was so close to his face now that it was hard to concentrate.

Duo pecked Heero on the nose and grinned, "Can I continue with my dance, or are you gonna keep me on your lap all night?"

Reluctantly Trowa translated, and then he wished to leave so they could have privacy. Heero reassured the English translator that they weren't going to do anything of that nature just yet. Heero ran his hands up and down the sides of his concubine's body, enjoying the feel of the soft skin and hard muscles underneath. He brought a hand up to the ends of Duo's long hair, toying with the strands around his fingers.

Slowly Duo began to pull away, letting Heero's hands slide across his bare hips in the process. Without another word, Duo started to dance again. He was beginning to get used to it.

Heero could hardly believe that he let him slip through his fingers like that, but he got his control again and just sat back to watch. His concubine was dancing more elegantly now, so it was even harder to maintain his control. As Duo got closer, Heero reached out to snatch the longhaired beauty onto his lap again, and this time, he crushed his lips on his. Duo gasped, but soon melted into the kiss, resting his hands gently onto Heero's shoulders.

Their lips parted softly, and then Duo stared into Heero's eyes to watch for his next move. Heero rubbed his hand up and down Duo's back delicately; a slight smile crossed his face.

"Hello… Duo. Kiss good."

Duo laughed, "You kiss good too. I love your arms tightly around me, and your possessive manner…" he looked over at Trowa.

"Oh, no! I'm drawing the line now. I will NOT translate any more sweet talk! Think of something else to say to him."

Duo glared slightly at Trowa, daring him to resist translating for him again. He said, without taking his eyes off of the green-eyed man, "Heero… you kiss good too… I want you to ravish me until the end of time!"

Trowa groaned, "Duo, what did I just say…"

Anana walked over to Trowa and got in his face. She shook a finger at the shorthaired man and babbled a whole bunch of things to Trowa that made both him and Heero gasp. Duo was at a lost, but he had an idea that whatever she said must not have been very nice.

"Anana…" Heero murmured in shock.

Trowa caved in and told Heero everything that Duo said. Both sentences. Heero smiled his thanks to Trowa for actually translating and then looked back to Duo, who was smiling triumphantly.

"Sai tiwi." Heero whispered, placing another gentle kiss on his husband. Duo kissed back enthusiastically.

Trowa then decided to leave, not wanting to be a part of the mushy stuff anymore. He silently vowed that he would get Heero to learn English if it was the last thing he did.




Sorry it's short, but I am almost done with the next part! :)