Jungle love part nine
Contents: yaoi, sap, lemon, a little cross-dressing, het hints, AU, OC
Pairings: 1xOC, 1x2 overall
Disclaimer: I do not own GW or its characters
Warnings: Bad words, a man in woman's clothing, and two men having sex ^_^
Rated: NC-17
Notes- don't let the het scare you away! It's very minor!

Native language deciphered: Ninga means Idiot (basically, it's baka. Learn this one well. It's spoken many times. ^_^)
Sluck nu! Means shut up!
Tiwi means love,
Sai na tiwi means I love you
Sai tiwi otin means love you lots
Tiwi dai is- love me?
Mi sai tiwi dai?- Do you love me?
Tiwi ra means lover
Nita means mine,
Pooky means slave,
Yomen na havot means Captain of the guards,
Op means off,
Sop means what (Like Nani),
Toki means now,
Untihi means stop it (just think of Jawas from Star Wars)
Unti means Stop!
Unot means Stay! Or Stay put!
Tiwina means concubine
Suckani means/or is the name of the volcano
Fooba is Hello or a type of greeting
Wannay-pet (Wan Nay Pet) means beautiful (nothing to do with petting)
Tiwani- friend(s)
Tooni- Yes, affirmative, sure thing
(Hehe, I made up my own language! ^_^)

After Trowa finished his tale, and Duo gave him thumbs up and a crooked smile, they all dispersed. Duo walked up to Heero, feeling as if he had known him when he was ten, and placed a warm hand on his cheek. Heero smiled at his concubine, and put his hand over the one Duo had on his cheek.

Those big violet-blue eyes were so enchanting to Heero, so rare. Duo's long, chestnut hair was just as exquisite and unusual. He moved his hand from Duo's and ran his fingers through those long locks. Duo seemed to purr, enjoying the touches.

"Mi sai tiwi dai?" Heero breathed.

"Hmm?" Duo murmured, still enthralled by Heero.

Heero leaned forward and captured Duo's lips in his. They stood there for a while, tasting one another, before Heero asked again, "Mi sai tiwi dai?"

"Tiwi is love, right?" He asked, then looked over at Trowa, "Is that right?"


"Tiwi is love."


"Then what's he asking?" Duo had to know.

"He asked if you love him." Trowa sighed, getting sick of translating their lovey-dovey talk.

Duo looked back at Heero, and then nodded his head, "Very much so!"

Trowa only translated to Heero with a nod of his head.

Heero smiled, "Good."

"He's a fast learner." Duo noted, then he was suddenly swept up into Heero's arms and carried off into their shared hut.

"Have fun guys." Trowa waved. Duo stuck his tongue out at him.


Heero laid his lover onto the tiger skin, and then wandered over to a corner of the hut. Duo watched him silently; curious to what he was up to. Heero took out a wooden box, unlatched it, and drew out something on a long fiber string. He brought it over to where Duo was still sitting and knelt before him. He lifted the object up to show Duo, proclaiming, "Juju… tiwina da juju."

Duo recognized it from the story, "But… Heero… this is the necklace you got from…" Duo halted himself, "Wait, Trowa never gave you this. You took it for yourself. You gave HIM a friendship necklace."

Not understanding, but recognizing the concluding look in Duo's eyes, he untied the necklace and wrapped it around Duo's neck. He was only a few inches away from Duo's mouth as he tied the trinket tightly. Duo was drowning in those blue eyes, which were smoldering with a familiar emotion.

"Duo… dain juju da mai sa." Heero smiled. He touched the crystal with a finger, and then moved that finger over and pointed at Duo's heart. Then he brought his finger back to himself, touching the spot on his chest, over his heart. "Sai na tiwi. Dain da."

"Let me guess…" Duo smiled, eyes filling with tears, "This is a gift of love, right? You're giving this to me because you love me." he shook his head clear, trying to figure out just what he should do now. The only thing he knew that would make Heero understand how he felt about this was to show him.

"Thank you!" Duo sniffed, throwing himself at Heero and wrapping his arms tightly around the native's neck. Heero happily hugged him back. He brought his head down to Duo's neck, kissing any part he can. Duo groaned; loving the way Heero was touching him, like he was branding him.

Heero started to whisper in his lover's ear, in his language, telling him how beautiful he was and how admirable and brave he was. Duo groaned. Even though he didn't understand what Heero was saying, his voice was so erotic and deep. Heero moved his hands down Duo's back, rubbing in slow circles as he did.

Heero laid himself down onto the white skin, inviting Duo to follow with his arms wide open. Duo took the invitation, and laid himself down next to his love. Their arms entangle as Duo settled himself into Heero's body, enjoying the feel of his bare chest against Heero's darker one. Heero lowered his face to Duo's, taking his lips again. He sucked on his tongue for a while, and then he ran it up on the roof of Duo's mouth, tasting as much as he could.

Duo moaned in Heero's mouth, take pleasure in the way he was kissing him so savagely. Heero was his savage, his beautiful brown skinned savage, and he wouldn't have it any other way.

Still lying side by side, Heero moved his hand down the side of Duo's body, loving the little gasps and shivers he was making. He lowered his hand still, finding Duo's thigh. He massaged that one spot for a while, getting Duo to close his eyes in appreciation, and then he descended more to the opposite side of his body. He cupped his hand over one buttock, kneading it gently before scooping him up to lie on top of him.

Duo squirmed a bit as he was moved onto Heero's body. He rubbed his hands over that bronzed skin, reveling in the smoothness he felt, and then he brought his mouth down to taste the sun-baked skin. Heero arced his body, grunting when Duo found a pouting nipple. Duo worried in between his teeth gently, then licked around it teasingly. Heero gasped at the sensation, losing himself at the same time. Duo moved a hand down, finding the edge of Heero's loincloth, and proceeded to rid him of it.

Heero happily helped his lover to take his cloth off. Duo tossed the beige garment aside, not knowing where they landed, and wrapped his hand over the native's arousal. Heero screwed his eyes shut, his mouth hung open in a silent cry. Duo quickly shimmied out of his own shorts.

He squeezed and fondled Heero's engorged member, making sure to tease the head once in a while. As Duo continued to stroke his hardness, Heero brought a hand around behind him and started to play around with the hidden entrance that was located between two firm globes. They were like peaches, soft and hard at the same time. The opening was like the carved out pit… rough but supple, and warm. He moved two fingers inside gently, and then he moved them around in a circle, finding the pleasure spot.

The longhaired man drew in a breath. With a wicked smile, he spread his legs wider, allowing Heero better access. Heero moved his digits in and out easily, making his lover groan every time he found that one special area. Duo moved his hand quicker on Heero's shaft, watching as a bead of essence gathered at the tip. He put his thumb onto the dewy bead to rub it around the sensitive head. Heero's hips began to move involuntarily, trying to get him to understand what he wanted.

The pale man did understand, and he wanted it just as bad. He positioned himself over Heero and then lowered his body down onto the warm tanned one. Heero embraced Duo possessively, rubbing his hands up and down Duo's muscular back. Duo thrilled in the feel of Heero's hands all over him, and then squeaked when those hands found his rear once more. Heero stuck in two fingers again, making Duo squirm and gasp with delight.

Heero positioned himself up. His erection was pressed up against Duo's entrance, between his cheeks. Duo felt it, and the warmth emitting from it, close to his waiting opening, and he moved himself teasingly against it. Heero groaned, and then glared at his longhaired concubine, not too pleased with him teasing. Duo wiggled his ass back and forth more, smiling sultry at him.

"I want you, Heero… inside me… so badly…"

"Tiwi…" Heero gasped. "Dain nita…"

Duo didn't wait for Heero to continue his sentence, and he impaled himself onto his throbbing arousal. It was throbbing all right… Duo could feel his heart beat inside of him. That big vein in Heero's cock was pulsing hard, almost vibrating. Duo's mouth hung open and he let out a ragged cry. No matter how many times they seem to do it, Heero still felt huge. But it didn't hurt as much as it did the first time they fucked. The pain ceased almost immediately, and he could feel nothing but pure bliss as it stroked over his prostate.

"Gods, Heero… fuckin' A…"

"Duo…" Heero grounded his teeth.

Duo arched his body back; the crystal lying on his chest glimmered from some unknown source of light in the hut. He brought a hand back behind him and took his hair tie off of the end of his braid. His hair slowly unraveled and was soon loose and covering most of Duo's body. He tossed his head like a wild stallion as he began to raise himself up. Heero grit his teeth as he felt the velvet insides of Duo squeeze him, and then Duo slowly dropped back down onto it, groaning loudly.

He was enjoying this quite fondly, loving the feel of Heero's cock deep in him. It was like nothing he had ever felt before; like a rush that he had yet to experience. Each time Heero fucked him, it was like a new adventure. It wasn't always the same thing with him. Maybe, Duo thought to himself, maybe it was because of how much he loved him. Love can be so unpredictable at times. Love and lust were beginning to rule his world, and it was a fun ride.

Duo was now bouncing frantically on Heero's cock. Those dark hands were firmly gripping his hips, or thighs, helping him move. Heero thrust upward as hard as he could, pounding in and out repeatedly. Duo had his hands on Heero's chest, trying to stay steady, but he was having a hard time doing so.

He couldn't stay upright for long, and he slid his upper body down so that they were chest to chest. Their lips met, or more like crashed together, as they spiraled higher in their bliss. Duo's erection was angry, and it hurt, as it bobbed up and down between their bodies. It slapped onto Heero's stomach a few times, getting Heero's attention. He moved a hand from Duo's thigh down to squeeze around the head of Duo's cock.

Duo sped up the instant that Heero touched his sore member. He didn't want this feeling to end, but he couldn't hold out for very long. He tossed his head back, letting out a long and low moan as he spilled himself all over Heero's abdomen. It pulsed so hard in Heero's hand that he thought it was going to burst wide open.

Heero felt his lover come; felt the pulse, and saw the erotic look on his face. He felt Duo clamp around him then, that velvet was incredibly tight, and he couldn't hold back for long. Heero grunted and poured his sticky seed deep inside of Duo's lustrous body.

Duo fell limply onto Heero, panting and gasping hard. He suddenly felt Heero place a soft kiss onto his forehead. Duo smiled, afraid to say anything. He just wanted to lay there in Heero's arms, with Heero's slowly wilting member still in him.


"Anana?" Trowa called out in the woman's hut. There were only three other girls in the hut. Two were there because it was their time of the month, and the one was a mother to one of them, helping feed her. Anana sauntered up to the tall English man once she recognized him.

"Tooni?" she blinked.

"Heero's kind of busy right now," Trowa said in the native's language, "So he asked me to ask you to teach Duo how to belly dance. Heero wants him to learn."

"Tito?" Anana cocked her head to one side. "Duo da si tito?"

"Yeah, he does want to learn. And Heero wants him to wear… a woman's outfit."

Anana chuckled, "Si da tydina! Tooni! Duo da tito sa mi."

"Thank you, Anana." Trowa smiled.

She nodded, "Tooni, ni da."


The following day, Anana had begun to slowly instruct Duo. The longhaired man was rather stunning in the old dress of Anana's. because Duo's hips were slimmer than hers, he had to attach a string from his short cut off top to the edge of the small skirt. They had bells on the edges as well, and the sleeves were slightly long, going up to the middle of his arms.

Duo watched Anana vividly as she began to dance slowly. Her hips swayed back and forth, and then she started to make her belly move. Duo tried his hardest to mimic her moves. It was harder than it looked. He sighed in frustration, shaking his head.

Anana giggled, understanding his aggravation. She knew that he'd eventually get it. If she ever got too pregnant to teach him, she was sure that her friend Adila would teach him. She had never had to teach a man to do this before, so she wasn't sure what the result would be.

"I'll get it." Duo tried to reassure him and her both, "I'm just out of practice. I haven't done any kind of dancing in a while." He tried again, slowly getting it at first, but then screwed up again. Anana laughed. "I can do it! Just watch me! I'll be so good that I'll have everyone in this village drooling!"

He was so determined to get it right, that he failed to notice Heero watching him from the doorway.