Jungle love part eight
Contents: yaoi, sap, het hints, AU, OC
Pairings: 1xOC, 1x2 overall
Disclaimer: I do not own GW or its characters
Warnings: slight blood
Rated: PG-13
Notes- don't let the het scare you away! It's very minor!

Native language deciphered: Ninga means Idiot (basically, it's baka. Learn this one well. It's spoken many times. ^_^)
Sluck nu! Means shut up!
Tiwi means love,
Sai na tiwi means I love you
Sai tiwi otin means love you lots
Tiwi dai is- love me?
Mi sai tiwi dai?- Do you love me?
Tiwi ra means lover
Nita means mine,
Pooky means slave,
Yomen na havot means Captain of the guards,
Op means off,
Sop means what (Like Nani),
Toki means now,
Untihi means stop it (just think of Jawas from Star Wars)
Unti means Stop!
Unot means Stay! Or Stay put!
Tiwina means concubine
Suckani means/or is the name of the volcano
Fooba is Hello or a type of greeting
Wannay-pet (Wan Nay Pet) means beautiful (nothing to do with petting)
Tiwani- friend(s)
(Hehe, I made up my own language! ^_^)

Trowa instantly went into the story, beginning from when he was instructed by Chief Alem that if he were to be respected there, he had to prove himself. The chief knew that Trowa wasn't a first-born son, and that he had an older sister, who was first born. There, second born sons weren't shined upon and had to prove themselves worthy of respect.

"Sai hur ti nat din yepi sa," he explained to the white man as best he could. He knew that Trowa was still learning their language. "You must go," Alem said in his native tongue, "to the very far end of the jungle and retrieve the rare and luminous gem stone that sparkle in the caves. If you come back with some, alive, then you are to be pronounced worthy."

Trowa bowed his head lower, "Thank you, Majesty."

"Now go. I must tell young Heero what he must do to become a man."

Trowa bowed again, turned around, and left the chief's hut. Heero was still there in the chief's presence, awaiting his orders.


Trowa began his journey into the jungle, alone. He had packed plenty of water and rations to last him a month. The weapons he carried were a machete, a small handgun, and a crossbow. There were no restrictions, as far as Trowa knew, so he brought everything he had with him that could help him on the trip.

He had already walked about two miles before he decided to stop and set up camp. He had the traditional forest green tent with him, and he went around gathering up rocks to make a fire pit. It was sundown when he finally finished set up and got a fire going. He boiled some water in a small pan he had to make himself something to eat, and then he went directly to bed.

The next morning, Trowa was up as early as his body would let him. He gathered his things together and set out again. The bugs weren't as bad as he feared this time of year, and so far, he hadn't run into anything deadly or poisonous. He saw a few snakes and spiders, but the handbook he had told him that they weren't the kind to be cautious of. He had even stopped once to study a beautiful spider web that had morning dewdrops on it. The black spider was off to the side, hiding in a curled up leaf. Trowa was amazed at how beautiful everything around him was, so much in fact, he was startled to hear some rustling a few feet away from him. He approached cautiously.

Meanwhile, ten-year-old Heero had been roaming the jungle non-stop, in search of something to hunt and bring back to the village. If he were successful in his catch, we would be pronounced a man, and would have more privileges. Not only that, but he would be highly respected, and he'd have the chance to be the leader of the hunters. That was his dream- to become the captain of the guards, and best hunter around.

Finally, he spotted it. The biggest wild boar he'd ever seen. The tusks on the animal were huge! He'd hate to get gored by those things. So, very carefully, he bent down to pick up a sharp stone and placed it into his sling. If his aim was right, he could blind the pig in one eye, rendering it handicapped. Then, if all went well, he could blind the other eye.

Heero twirled his sling, aiming, getting ready to let the stone go, when something big, even bigger than the boar, jumped out of the bushes. Heero couldn't believe his eyes. It was an albino tiger! Long ago, his people believed that the albino animals were ghosts or spirits, but when a famous hunter proved them all wrong, and that they were just rare, they stopped believing such things. But Heero always had respect for the rare and unusual things. Anything that looked different and acted different than the norm were astounding to him.

His head was yelling at him to run, but his feet weren't moving. This beautiful beast was too dazzling not to look at. He thought maybe if he stood real still, the giant cat wouldn't notice him.

The tiger's head turned toward him. Too late.


Trowa approached the noise cautiously, and as he came nearer, he could hear roaring sounds, almost like a lion. It wasn't really a lion, it was different. But then, he suddenly heard a shout, a very familiar shout. It sounded like a boy's cry…

"Heero!" Trowa gasped, pulling out the nearest weapon on his body. What he saw, when he reached the clearing, almost made him drop his weapon.

The young man was on his back, holding a big stick in his hands, and there was a huge albino tiger above him, its jaws were clamped onto the thick wood. Heero was trying his hardest to slide out from underneath the tiger, but the thing had fast paws, and it was jerking Heero's small body back and forth like a rag doll.

Trowa finally got out of shock and used his weapon, aiming for the things body, which was the easiest thing to aim at. He fired, and the large cat shrieked, and landed directly on top of Heero.

"Oh shit!" Trowa raced over to push the dead tiger off of Heero. He felt bad for having to kill a rare and wonderful creature, but it was either IT or Heero. He didn't wish to see the young native get eaten.

He wasn't too badly hurt, a few slashes across his stomach and legs, and some bruises, but he was fine. He helped Heero up by placing one arm over his shoulder. Trowa then slowly began to remember how to ask Heero if he was ok in the native's language. Heero nodded slowly, indicating that he was going to be fine. Trowa sighed with relief, and then helped the lad over to his camping area.

"Well, I may not be very good at your language yet, but at least I know enough to communicate with you." Trowa threw on another piece of firewood. He looked over at Heero, watching the young man bandage up his own wounds. Trowa smiled, saying in the native's words, "I'm glad you're not dead."

Heero looked up and smiled at the pale one. Tending the fire, Trowa slowly told Heero about what he was supposed to do to make himself respected by his village. The boy nodded, understanding clearly shone in his eyes.

"Tikina ti suki na jupi." Heero said, pointing west.

"Oh?" Trowa's eyes followed were Heero was pointing, "Well, that makes it easier than." Heero had just told him that the rare crystals that he was after were that way, meaning westward.

Heero smiled at what Trowa was saying to him in his language, "Jupi."

"Crystal." Trowa repeated in English. "Hmm."

"Ti da si op jupi yem."

"So how do you know about the crystals whereabouts?"

"Yung pi." Heero smiled.

"Hm. I see."

"Suni ti sai weeni dee."

"You're gonna help me? Why?"

Heero stared into the English man's eyes for a moment before saying, "Wayoe."

Trowa blinked, "Because?"

"Wayoe sai uuzam da."

Trowa chuckled, "I saved you because I didn't want to see you end up as kitty chow. But, I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth."

Heero continued to nurse his own injuries in silence as Trowa watched him. The tall foreigner could hardly believe that this young boy was so adept at this age. He didn't seem to like talking a lot either, but when he did get Heero to speak to him, he was nice all way around.

And the boy was relatively handsome too. He knew that one day he'd have all those brown-skinned beauties knocking at his hut's door.


It wasn't long and they were packed and ready. Trowa had his stuff; Heero had his sling in one hand and a few rocks. And in his other hand, he was dragging the big tiger from behind him, by its tail.

"Gonna skin it?" Trowa had to ask. Then Heero looked at him with a smirk.

"Laam ga nahar ni friza dai atip."

"What? Can't skin it beforehand? Oh well… it's your test. I'm glad you're helping me with mine." Heero gave him a glare, "Oh… yeah, that's right… I helped you with yours; you're helping me with mine. I understand already."

Then, on the way to the crystal caves, something ran across swiftly in front of them from out of the bushes. In surprise, Trowa dropped his backpack. But Heero already had his weapon out and was aiming it toward the bushes where it disappeared. When there was no more movement, Heero crept in closer. There, next to a medium sized tree, was a huge 18-point buck. Heero's mouth was watering. This creature was too big to take down with a stone. Heero had to think fast.

Trowa was about to say something, but then clamped his mouth shut. He almost forgot that if he made a noise, Heero might lose whatever it was he was trying to catch. He couldn't see what it was from his standing point of view, so he just stood completely still.

Suddenly, Heero moved his hand around behind him and grabbed the crossbow that Trowa had hanging on his belt. Trowa was about to shout in protest but forced himself to be quiet. Heero aimed the crossbow a bit clumsily and fired it directly at the deer's heart. It fell to the ground with a thump.

"AAIIIEEE Yaaaaa!!" Heero cried in triumph, and sprinted over to the fallen buck. Trowa couldn't believe what just happened. He smiled.

"Heero has proven his worth. He's a man now."


They stopped at the edge of the cave's entrance. Heero set his two catches down, and then moved forward, beckoning Trowa to follow. The cave was dark so Trowa had to grab hold of Heero's hand so they wouldn't get lost.

Luckily, Trowa didn't hit his head on any stalactites. Heero had his hand on the side of the cave, once in a while, stepping around, avoiding any stalagmites along the way. There was a sudden dot of light ahead of them, and without a word spoken to each other; they headed for that bright spot.

They suddenly came across a long span going across a sinkhole. There must have been repeated collapses, from what Trowa recalled from his days in college, which made the natural bridge. He squinted in the dimly lit cave, noticing something sparkling ahead of them. He tugged at Heero and then pointed forward. Heero saw the twinkling too and nodded saying, "Juju." If Trowa remembered right, in the English language, Juju was a type of charm.

Slowly they made it across the bridge, making sure not to look down. Heero was in the lead cause the native boy wouldn't let Trowa endanger himself. From the short time being together, they have developed some kind of understanding and trust. Heero wasn't your average ten-year-old boy; he had hunters' blood in him.

They finally reached the source of the sparkles. Trowa gasped, never had seen so many crystals in all of his life. Heero stepped up and laid a hand over one of the crystals. Surprisingly it was loose enough for Heero to jar it out of the side of the cave. He brought it up close to his face to look at it, and then took Trowa's hand to put it in. Trowa closed his fingers lightly around the shining gem and looked at it carefully. When he looked back up at the native boy, he had already taken one of the gems for himself.

"Won't the chief be upset if you helped me?" Trowa asked. Heero shook his head, pocketing the stone. "He might see your crystal and ask questions." Heero just shrugged his shoulders. This boy was braver then he thought. "Ok, let's get out of here."

Heero lead the way again out of the cave. Thankfully, Heero's catches were still there. Almost easily, Heero hoisted the buck's head onto his shoulders, and drug the tiger behind him by its tail. It was a funny sight to Trowa, watching the small and lanky body towing the two large animals. As Heero pulled, Trowa could clearly see the ripples in Heero's arms and the promise of even more in his stomach and thighs. This boy was going to be strong when he got older, maybe even the strongest one in the village.

Well, Heero's incredible strength couldn't hold out forever, and eventually he had to stop to catch his breath. Trowa was still surprised at how long Heero went with his burden. He caught Heero moving his head and neck back and forth, trying to get the kinks out. Then the boy stretched his arms up above his head and sighed in relief when he heard a slight pop.

"Feeling better?" Trowa asked, in Heero's language of course. Heero nodded, giving the English man a smug smile. "Yeah, yeah… show off, we'll get going."

They didn't last as long as they thought, and had to stop to set up camp. Trowa got the dinky dark green tent up while Heero started the fire. He got it going faster than Trowa ever could, and started to put some sticks in.

"Want to go to sleep yet?" Trowa asked the boy. Heero shook his head, indicating that he wasn't tired, "Don't give me that bull. You need your rest. You looked as if you haven't slept for the past two days." Heero just shrugged, getting Trowa even more upset and in awe at the same time. "I know you're strong, but your body needs the rest. You can have the tent all by yourself if you like."

Heero looked at him with as much respect as he could show and just sighed, "Well," Trowa chuckled, "If you're gonna be stubborn about it, then I won't go to sleep until you do. And don't you even think about refusing my hospitality either. Take good care of your body, and it will return the favor." He wasn't sure if he worded that right for Heero to understand, but when he saw the boy sigh and walk over to him in defeat, he knew he must have said the right thing.

"Good." Trowa smiled, "You'll like it in here, it's very comfortable. I hope you don't mind sleeping next to another man."

Heero blew upward at his bangs, making them slowly float back down to its regular position. He groaned inwardly, knowing he had lost, and crawled into the small tent. Trowa soon followed in after him, zipping the flap of the tent up. It was a bit of a tight squeeze, but they managed fine.

Trowa was being cautious, wishing not to make the boy uncomfortable, and he turned on his side so that he was facing the back of Heero's head. If Trowa were to scoot over closer to Heero, they'd be spooning. He knew that Heero could take care of himself, but he suddenly had this overwhelming urge to protect him. Trowa made sure that his kerosene lamp was all the way out and he closed his eyes, trying to go to sleep. He had his crystal that Heero gave him still in his closed fist.


Trowa awoke the next morning feeling a bit chilled. The cold forced him to wake up more. That was when he realized that Heero was no longer sleeping next to him.

He sat up and wiped the gunk from his eyes. Very faintly, he would hear some scraping outside of his tent. That was when he finally noticed that the flap of his tent was unzipped. He peeked his head through the tent's opening and saw the back of Heero, sitting at a newly made fire. At the bottom of the boy's feet were a couple large birds, and a lot of blood. Then he noticed that Heero had a large knife in his hand, and he was ripping one of the birds open.

Trowa would have felt sick, but some of the birds' meat was already in the pan of his, which he guessed Heero found, and cooking on the campfire. It smelt rather good. And that's when he felt his stomach rumble.

The tall English man made his way out of the small tent, and sat down groggily next to the native boy. Heero heard his approach and he smiled. He had some blood smeared around his mouth and all over his hands. He pointed at what was cooking in the pan and said, "Sain."

"That's mine?" Trowa was a tad shocked. No one had ever hunted and cooked for him before. He always had to do it himself. "Why thanks, Heero." He took one of his small pokers that he used last night for his supper and turned some of the meat over. He realized that Heero had been eating some of the meat raw and hoped that he didn't make himself sick.

"Do you want some cooked meat?" Trowa asked, in Heero's language. Heero shrugged, not sure if he should accept any more generosity from this pale one. But Heero found himself enjoying his company with the English man, and he may even like him as a friend. He did have the most unusual eyes he'd ever seen, and he liked unusual.

Heero finally nodded, deciding to sample some of the cooked pieces. He would normally just eat things raw when in the jungle, but he knew that the last time he had a lot of uncooked meat he got sick.

Most of the day they sat, talked, and nibbled on food. Heero had then finally told Trowa that he found his eyes interesting, making the tall man laugh and say, "You have pretty interesting eyes yourself, boy."

When they got the camp packed and ready, Trowa almost forgot about his crystal that Heero had gave him. He found it in the bedding that they used last night and tucked it away into his pants pocket. When they were about to set off back to the village, Trowa spotted the crystal that Heero had picked out for himself around his neck. It was on some kind of string of fiber. He doesn't recall seeing Heero make his necklace. Curiously, he asked Heero about it, and Heero smiled at him. Then he asked Trowa if he'd like him to make him one too. Trowa thought that was one of the nicest things that Heero offered him. So, he told him yes.

The necklace didn't take Heero long to make. He had some clay like stuff to make the loop on one end and to stick the crystal on the other. The stuff hardened soon enough, and then Heero threaded the fiber through the hole at the top. He brought it around Trowa's neck, standing on tiptoe, and then tied it in a knot.

"Tiwani." Heero smiled.

"Friends." Trowa repeated.

They were at the village all too soon, and were greeted warmly. Trowa was surprised to see that the chief wasn't mad about them coming back together. He wondered if he knew that they helped each other. Well, either way, they were both proclaimed victorious, and Heero was announced to have reached manhood.

Heero was so proud, and he placed his little hands on his hips and crowed in victory. Trowa couldn't help chuckling quietly at Heero's boasting. Just a few minutes ago, he was acting modest and shy. No one seemed to have noticed the crystal necklace around his neck.


After the big feast, Trowa said his good-byes to everyone and the chief. He promised them all that he would return and help whoever wanted to learn English. At the same time, he had to gain more knowledge about them and their language. The last person that he said good-bye to was Heero. The boy looked sad that his English friend was leaving. But Trowa promised him, that when he came back, it would be for a lot longer time. Heero smiled, wrapping his arms around the pale one's neck and gave him a big hug.

Trowa left them, a bit more understanding of himself, as well as the people of that village.