Jungle love part seven
Contents: yaoi, sap, het hints, AU, OC
Pairings: 1xOC, 1x2 overall
Disclaimer: I do not own GW or its characters
Warnings: none really
Rated: This part is PG
Notes- don't let the het scare you away! It's very minor!

Native language deciphered: Ninga means Idiot (basically, it's baka. Learn this one well. It's spoken many times. ^_^)
Sluck nu! Means shut up!
Tiwi means love,
Sai na tiwi means I love you
Sai tiwi otin means love you lots
Tiwi dai is- love me?
Mi sai tiwi dai?- Do you love me?
Tiwi ra means lover
Nita means mine,
Pooky means slave,
Yomen na havot means Captain of the guards,
Op means off,
Sop means what (Like Nani),
Toki means now,
Untihi means stop it (just think of Jawas from Star Wars)
Unti means Stop!
Unot means Stay! Or Stay put!
Tiwina means concubine
Suckani means/or is the name of the volcano
Fooba is Hello or a type of greeting
Wannay-pet (Wan Nay Pet) means beautiful (nothing to do with petting)
(Hehe, I made up my own language! ^_^)


It was the day of the full moon, the day of the festival to the moon goddess Luna, and it was story time for the young ones. There was a big feast, which all the hunters pitched in for. Duo smiled, eying all the delicious looking Indian-type food. He was about to reach for a meaty leg on some upside down cooked animal when someone smacked his hand away. He pouted, looking over to see who did that.

"Morte na tipi da." Heero glared.

"Heero! I'm so hungry!"

"You're always hungry, Duo." Trowa sighed, "We have to wait for Chief Alem to make his speech."

Duo groaned, "What's the difference? I can't understand him anyways!"

"Why do you think I'm here?" Trowa proposed.

"Missed your flight?" Duo teased.

"I'm staying as long as it takes to get Heero to learn enough English so that you two can understand each other, and you know it! Not only that but they need a translator so you would understand what the chief is saying."

Duo sat back down onto his rock, "This is SO boring!" Heero tugged his braid, warning him. Trowa told him that what the word `boring' was, because Duo kept saying it every five minutes.

Duo pouted, knowing that Heero knew what he said. "I'm beginning to regret you teaching Heero English." He told Trowa.

Trowa smirked, "I will NOT be with you two every second, and I will NOT translate all the mushy stuff you two say to each other, anymore."

Duo grinned, "Trowa, could you tell Heero how stunning he looks?"

Trowa glared, "No."


Chief Alem finally arrived, decked out in feathers and face paint. All the guards and soldiers that he passed bowed deeply, and Duo saw that they were mumbling something to the chief as he walked by.

As Chief Alem took his place in front of his throne, he held his arms out, getting everyone's attention. He began to speak once he saw that Trowa gave him a nod, noting that he was ready to translate. It was odd to Trowa to be translating for only one person. But it was his job, and he enjoyed being wanted.

Trowa quickly started to translate every sentence the chief said. It was mainly about what the tribe had been through, kind of like politics. Duo thought he could get away from that stuff here, but he guessed he was wrong. When Trowa started to translate the next part, however, it made Duo stand. The chief was explaining to them all how Heero had surprisingly fell in love with a man, and a pale skinned, English man at that. He was saying how he never thought that his best hunter and gatherer would like men in that fashion, and that he hoped that the `pale one named Duo' won't give Heero any grief or…

"…He'll cut off your balls, boil them in oil, and make you eat them."

Duo cringed, "That's rather… harsh, isn't it?"

"They're very serious when it comes to marriages. There are NO divorces here. These natives honor marriage and life because it doesn't happen often."

Duo gasped, but recalled when Trowa told him that they usually kill the first-borns if they're girls. Then he gnashed his teeth together. "Well, if they don't KILL every female they have in the first place, they wouldn't HAVE that problem!"

"Hush now," Trowa said, then continued with what the chief was saying.


Once the chief was finally finished with his speech, in which Trowa had to wake Duo up twice during it, they all started to eat.

Duo had never tasted such a succulent pig; neither had he tasted such sweet and delicious berries before. Some of the fruit there he knew, but never had.

"Jujube." Heero said, handing some to Duo. The longhaired man smiled, gratefully accepting the date-like fruit from his husband.

"Thanks." He smiled. Still staring into Heero's eyes, he took a slow bite and then licked his lips, "Mmm…" Heero's eyes twinkled. "Jujube good."

"G-good?" Heero blinked.

Duo nodded his head, "Good. Delicious. Juicy." He leaned over and touched his lips softly to Heero's, "Like you, babe."

Heero was still confused, but he kissed Duo back, "Good." He smiled again, wondering what the word meant. Duo pointed to their locked lips, letting go, he explained, "Kiss."

Heero raised an eyebrow.

Duo tried again, "Kiss." He said, placing his lips onto Heero's again. Heero caught on.

"Kiss." Heero smiled, and did just that. Heero could taste the sweet nectar of the Jujube on his tongue, "Mmm."

Duo smiled around Heero's lips and muffled, "Good."

"Good…" Heero smirked, pulling back, "Kiss."

Duo nodded, "I agree!" he chuckled, "Good kiss."


Toward the end of the meal, five dancing girls emerged from a hut. They were very beautiful and elegant with their colorful outfits. They were as graceful as elks, prancing around, and twirling. One specific one caught Duo's eye. He recognized her almost right away. She noticed Duo looking at her and she smiled. She swayed her hips over toward him, belly dancing.

When she began to belly dance, Duo finally noticed that she had something similar to bells around her waist, making her jingle. He smiled, "Fooba, Anana."

Anana smiled brightly, and then produced two very bright colored veils from behind her. She made them dance and swirl around her head as she moved even closer to her husband's concubine. Duo smiled, envious of the first wife's grace and dancing abilities. He slowly began to wonder if she could teach him how to do that, so he could give Heero a private dance.

"Fooba… Duo." She whispered back. She got even closer to him, making the veils flutter around his head. Duo chuckled under his breath, he knew flirting when he saw it, no matter what country the person was from. This led him to wonder what she thought of him, really. Did she have a crush on him? Or did she just think he was cute? He guessed it shouldn't matter, since they both belonged to Heero. But Duo was a curious one. That was one of the main reasons he became a daredevil and explorer in the first place.

Heero had been talking with Trowa at the time, learning a few more words, which he asked about. He finally saw out of the corner of his eye what Anana and Duo were doing. At first, he was going to shout something at his wife, but then he suddenly became mesmerized. Both of his mates looked to be flirting with one another, but they were doing so carefully. Heero smiled, watching his concubine's body shift a bit on the rock, wanting to get up and join Anana in the dance. He could tell that the agile movements enchanted Duo.

Was he jealous? No, of course not. Those two both belonged to him. They knew their place; at least Heero hoped that Duo did. If not, he would correct that immediately. He was startled as he saw Anana get even closer to Duo, belly dancing almost in his face. Duo reached out tentatively to touch one of the jingling bells that lay across her bronze skin. Then suddenly, Duo was standing next to Anana, continuing to watch her moves.

Heero stepped closer to them, but stopped about six feet away. He wasn't sure if he should stop Duo from acting this way or not. That thought was suddenly crushed as he witnessed his concubine slowly begin to mimic his wife's swaying hips. Then he finally understood… Duo wanted to dance like that too.

This brought a smile to his face. He imagined what Duo would look like in the same clothing as Anana. But then he suddenly remembered that Duo was a boy, and that it might not work. He wondered if maybe because Duo was his concubine that it still could. He had to go ask Trowa what he thought, and ask him if any pale skinned men from his land dressed in woman's outfits.


Trowa laughed, "You want Duo to be a dancer? A belly dancer at that?" He said this in Heero's language. Heero was glaring daggers. "Ok, ok." He sighed, "I guess I can understand. Duo does have a slender enough build for it, but... a woman's dress? Why don't you have your Tailor make an outfit suitable for a man?"

Heero shrugged, and then explained that he was curious to what Duo would look like. Trowa chuckled, wondering if it was because of all that hair Duo had.

"Ok," Trowa said, in Heero's native tongue, "I'll talk to him." Heero thanked him.


Trowa found the braided man over at the food again, sampling some of the berries and nuts he found there.

"Duo? We need to talk."

"Yeah? What's up, Tro?" Duo asked. He popped a piece of gourd into his mouth.

"Well… Heero watched you trying to dance with Anana."

Duo started to panic, "Oh my god, I'm dead! Tell him I'm sorry! I didn't cheat on him, honest! I don't want to know what my balls taste like poached!"

"Calm down, Duo. He didn't mind. He actually wanted to know if you want to learn how to dance like that."

Duo gasped, "Really?? Oh yeah, I would but…I just…"

"He said that he would like to see you wearing what Anana had on and… belly dance for him."

"You're shitting me!"

"With your hair down."

Duo was flabbergasted, "My god! I was just wondering that… um… if he would ever want me to do a private kind of dance for him but… that dance takes a while to learn, doesn't it?"

"Depends. Do you have any dancing experience?"

"A little. I used to dance way back in high school. I haven't really done any kind of dancing since then. I've been too busy with my job and all."

Trowa snickered, "Mountain climbing, jumping motorcycles, and other dangerous tasks?"

Duo nodded his head rapidly, "The only way to live!"

"Looks like you'll be living a different life from now on. And you're ok with this?"

Duo smiled, "Cupid has struck me good, pal. Besides, I'm sure there are many dangerous things around here to help me not miss my old job."

Trowa nodded, "Definitely. So, you're up to learning how to belly dance? He wants to see what you look like in that type of dress."

"Sure. As long as I'm not too laughed at."

"Don't worry, I don't think you will be. You're going to have to learn how to dance from Anana soon, though. In about another month or so she won't be able to dance."

"Hey, I'm a fast learner. So then, when are you gonna start telling your story?"

"Soon." Trowa said, walking away. Duo looked down at the food he was nibbling on, scooped some up into his arms, and then made his way to his and Heero's hut.


Heero was in the hut when Duo got there, and he was surprised to see that his native husband was sitting down on his tiger skin. Duo placed the food that was in his arms down onto the nearest table-looking thing. It looked like it was carved out of a tree stump, and it had some unreadable symbols on it.

Heero beckoned Duo to him with a finger, and Duo complied. He knelt down on the soft skin in front of Heero, waiting to see what his lover wanted. Heero smiled, "Kiss."

Duo grinned, moving forward to press his lips onto Heero's, "Kisses!"

"Kiss-es?" Heero said, kissing Duo back.

"Yeah. Lots of kissing." Duo knew he didn't understand, so he did his best to explain. "One kiss," he gave Heero another, "two kiss," and another, "three kiss," and another, "Four kiss… kisses!"

Heero finally understood. It was plural for kiss. He smiled; loving the way Duo said that word, "Kisses." Heero complied.

"Kisses!" he brought his arms around Heero's shoulders, pulling him closer, deepening the kiss. "Smooch." Duo explained.

"Smooch," Heero repeated, "Kiss smooch."

Duo chuckled, "Cutie."


It was finally time for Trowa to start his story telling. There were mostly children there, some have heard the tale before and loved to hear it again, and some were a bit new to it because they were too young last time to understand. Trowa recognized some of the kids that huddled around in a circle and they waved calling out, "Twowa!"

Trowa smiled and waved back. He waited for anyone else who wanted to listen to the story before he began. That was when Duo appeared, with Heero in tow. Duo looked around, wondering where Anana was. He asked Trowa, and the tall man explained that she was resting. She had a big day. Duo took his seat up front, and a few of the children around him huddled closer, curious and enticed at the same time for this new English man. Heero stayed standing, folding his arms, waiting patiently. He had lived the story that Trowa was about to tell, but the way Trowa told it was good, and he envied the green-eyed man for his narrating skills.

"Everyone here?" Trowa asked in their native tongue. "Tupini da supi?"

Everyone nodded. Trowa looked down from his rock to the front row, seeing the kids bringing themselves closer to Duo. He gave Duo a mocking smile, "You ready, Duo?"

"I've been ready! Story-tell away!" he propped his chin on his hands, resting his elbows on his knees. He felt small hands and heads on his shoulders and a few hands on his back; some were playing around with his braid. He found that he didn't mind.

"Good. Get comfortable, Mr. Maxwell. It's quite a tale."