Jungle love part five
Contents: yaoi, sap, citrus, voyeurism, het hints, AU, OC
Pairings: 1xOC, 1x2 overall
Disclaimer: I do not own GW or its characters
Warnings: hentai, nudity, bad words
Rated: NC-17
Notes- don't let the het scare you away! It's very minor!

Native language deciphered: Ninga means Idiot (basically, it's baka.
Learn this one well. It's spoken many times. ^_^)
Sluck nu! Means shut up!
Tiwi means love,
Sai na tiwi means I love you
Sai tiwi otin means love you lots
Tiwi dai is love me?
Mi sai tiwi dai?- Do you love me?
Tiwi ra means lover
Nita means mine,
Pooky means slave,
Yomen na havot means Captain of the guards,
Op means off,
Sop means what (Like Nani),
Toki means now,
Untihi means stop it (just think of Jawas from Star Wars)
Unti means Stop!
Unot means Stay! Or Stay put!
Tiwina means concubine
Suckani means/or is the name of the volcano
Fooba is Hello or a type of greeting
(Hehe, I made up my own language! ^_^)

The moment Heero and Duo returned from the volcano, they were the talk of the village. The natives had no idea that their captain of the guards would choose another boy for a concubine. And many men in the small village only had one to three wives, or one first wife and two concubines. Two males together in that way was rare, but they all respect Heero so much that it didn't really bother them. If he had feelings for this outsider, then they're happy for him.

After Heero had finished doing his English lessons with Trowa, he told the green-eyed translator that he was going down to the river to bath. He asked Trowa to go ask his concubine if he wished to come with. His teacher nodded his head and then walked over to where Duo was slipping on his old pair of pants. He really didn't think that he needed to wear those skimpy little shorts anymore now that he was a concubine and not a slave.


The longhaired man zipped himself up and turned around, "Yeah?"

"Heero is going down to the river to wash up and he was wondering if you'd like to come with."

Duo's eyes flew open, "Yeah! That sounds great! I need to get all this grim and ash out of my hair."

"Ok, I'll go tell him that you agreed." Trowa walked back over to Heero to relate the message.

"Wow… a bath with my new husband," Duo murmured to himself, "Sweet!"


Heero led Duo to the river hand in hand. They had many people ogling them as they walked by. They had also walked by a hut that had this one pretty woman kneeling in the front of a bush that bore yellowish orange flowers. She looked up, saw them, and waved.

"Fooba, Heero!"

Heero waved back politely, "Fooba, Adila."

Wanting to learn at least some of his new husband's language, Duo waved as well, repeating what he said.

"Fooba, Adila!!" Duo smiled. The girl giggled and blushed, waving back.

"Fooba, Heero na Tiwina!"

"Tiwina must be concubine or something." Duo muttered.

The finally made it to the riverside. Duo smiled as he saw who was already in the water, washing up. It was Heero's first wife, Anana. This was going to be interesting, Duo thought, both of us bathing with Heero. The pale man swept his eyes over Anana and realized that she was actually very pretty. He may be gay, but he can appreciate things that look good. And right now, Anana was looking very good.

Heero, however, was surprised to see his first wife at the river already. And then, when he turned around to get Duo's attention, he saw the immense ogling that his concubine was doing at Anana. Heero growled under his breath, being utterly jealous!

"Duo!" Heero yanked him, hands still connected. "Untihi na yuti tiwina!"

Duo startled and locked eyes with Heero; he looked kind of pissed. Duo gulped; what was his problem? "Heero? What's Anana doing here?" he pointed over at the light brown woman who was waist deep in water. He didn't mean to change the subject on him so suddenly; it just came out.

Although Heero only understood his name and his wife's, he had a good idea what Duo was asking. Also, Duo looked confused, and reading body language was one of Heero's specialties. He blinked back, showing that he was also confused, and shrugged his shoulders. Duo smiled, wondering if he actually understood the words fully. They stood there for a while, looking at each other and then over at Anana. She seemed unaware of the two men staring at her.

They began to hear some humming coming from Anana. Duo sighed and then smiled, admiring the soft sounds that the first wife was making. It sounded beautiful, whatever it was that she was humming. Duo took Heero's hand and got him to move forward with him. He wasn't sure if what he saw in the handsome native's eyes were jealousy or what. Heero's body language wasn't easy to read at the moment. Duo smiled, "Ready to get wet, Heero?" he cooed.

Heero let his happy concubine lead him by the hand toward the water. He wasn't sure if bathing with his first wife watching was really a good idea, but he could say anything to make Duo understand. He sort of wished that Trowa came along to help translate, but he didn't want him with for other reasons. This longhaired foreigner was just too beautiful not to touch.

Finally, at the edge of the river, Duo waved frenetically at Anana, and wearing a big grin on his face.

"Fooba, Anana!" Duo called out.

Anana turned her head and her eyes locked with English speaking man. For a moment, she was enticed by those big violet-blue eyes and bright cheery smile, but then she remembered that she was naked and that her husband's concubine was another male. She turned abruptly, shielding her top half with her arms, and blushing very crimson.

"Hi soonti!!" she cried.

Taking off his tan shorts, Heero growled something to Anana. She looked at Heero with some pity, complete with pouty lip and fluttering lashes. Heero turned away as he slowly descended into the river. Duo was in a daze, and was having difficulties concentrating on what was going on as he gazed at Heero's nudity. Once the brown- skinned man was waist deep in the water, he turned around to notice that Duo was ogling him. The water wasn't that clear, and Duo could no longer see anything, which made him sigh longingly. But then when his eyes rose and met Heero's, he gave him a cheeky grin before stripping himself of his own pants.

Duo Maxwell was not one to be shy, about anything at all. He was very secure in baring his all; he wasn't embarrassed one bit. He knew he was sexy and an eyeful, and he didn't mind flaunting what he had.

Once he finished stripping, he looked over, saw that Anana had gone red again, and turned away. Duo smiled to himself, feeling his ego boosting a mile high. He stepped down into the water gradually, feeling the coolness against his warm skin. He was afraid to stay in for a long time. The sun was high in the air and the water reflected the heat perfectly. His skin might burn if he wasn't careful.

Duo waded out to where Heero was and stopped. He watched quietly as the handsome native began washing himself with something that looked sort of like a sponge, but the material was different. A thought crossed through his mind, and with a wicked grin, he moved behind Heero to follow through with it. He halted Heero from using the washing sponge any longer. Heero looked back at him with confused eyes. Duo smiled back, taking the sponge-like thing from him, and proceeded to wash his back for him.

Without words, Duo showed his husband what he wanted to do. Heero leaned back into the ministrations and relaxed. Duo felt him Heero's muscles loosen up at his touch. The dark skin glistened from every drop of water, and Duo found himself staring as those drops ran down Heero's bare body. Duo moved his free hand down and lightly caressed his fingertips across the bronze skin. Heero gasped at the slight touch and looked back at his concubine. Their eyes met, two different hues of blue, but one held impishness and the other held something similar to desire.

Heero turned around to face his second spouse, a small smile displayed on him. Duo smiled back, widely.

"Duo…" Heero brought a hand up to rest on the radiant chest, right above his heart. Duo gasped from the touch, still locking eyes with Heero. "Sai da ti yomi English."

Duo cocked his head, "Huh?"

Heero motioned with his hand, flicking it from his mouth outward and said, "English."

"Oh!" Duo smiled, finally understanding, "You wish to speak English!" then his face fell, "You want to be able to understand me, don't you? I really want to help you learn, and I know that Trowa is doing his best to teach you."

"Trowa." Heero nodded and smiled.

Duo beamed, "Yeah, Trowa is something else, isn't he? I know that we can't understand each other, but it sure is nice listening to your voice. You like my voice at all? Well, I could have Trowa ask you that but…" he moved closer, and they both gasped. Their private areas bump against one another's. There was a slight swelling effect. Duo leaned in to Heero's face, eyes closing half way, "Heero…"

Heero move forward, meeting his concubine half way, and their lips touched. The kiss started out slow and measured, taking on meanings that would make no sense if spoken. An indigo flare lit up from a narrow opening under thick lashes as the kiss gently broke off. Heero reluctantly backed away and watched as his lover lowered those pink lips down his chin, to his neck, and then down lower still to the middle of his chest. Those wonderful lips continued to work their way farther still, a nimble hand and its fingers brushing against a perk nipple in the process. The warm mouth moved across the taut stomach, and finally made its way to black curls.

Duo was now kneeling in the river, feeling the mud between his clenching toes and under his knees. Heero brought his hands down to run his fingers through that loose light brown hair. They both knew what was to come next, and neither wanted anything to stop, the moment nor feeling.

Heero's longhaired husband leisurely brought a hand under the water. The first thing that the palm of his hand felt was something soft and it jerked back from his hand. He moved his questing fingers up higher to find the thing that he's been searching for. Not wanting to wait any longer, he grasped it firmly and brought it up and out of the water. He looked up, checking to see if Heero was watching, and then he lowered his mouth tentatively.

The handsome native held a collective breath as he watched Duo slowly inch down to the head of his arousal. A pink tongue darted out to lap at the tip; it danced around, swirling and gathering milky strands before it slid back into that sensual mouth. Duo looked up and grinned inanely before dipping his head and plunging Heero's erection into his mouth. The shorthaired native gasped as he felt the warmth enveloping around him; he watched as his concubine swallowed his aching cock, disappearing slowly into his hungry mouth.

Secretly, about twelve feet away from the two, Anana stood there in bewildered fascination as she watched the one that her husband loved go down on him. She was never one to be a voyeur, but this couldn't be helped. She wondered if Heero would ever let her do that to him. But she knew that he loved the beautiful foreigner, and she didn't blame him. So, she just settled for watching them, and she discovered that she actually liked to watch. They were so cute together.

Duo couldn't get enough of the heady taste. He bobbed his head as best he could, swirling his tongue around the tip when his mouth was just covering the head, and then he tried his best to swallow him when he took him all the way in. He could feel Heero shaking slightly as his hands roamed all over his shoulders and through his long hair.

Heero still couldn't compare the feeling that Duo was giving him. Again, he found himself so hard that it hurt, but Duo was doing so well that he couldn't find release. Duo seemed to know just when to slow down, taking only the head into his mouth, moving it gingerly across the flat part of his tongue. Duo would love to have Heero take him right then and there, but he knew that it wasn't the place to do it. Not only that but he was enjoying what he was doing to Heero right now, and he yearned to drink his seed.

"Duo… pounal! Toki! Pounal!"

Duo gave Heero a sly smile, "What's wrong, Heero sweety? Don't you like being teased?" he lapped at the tip of Heero's erection again, savoring what he found there.

Heero grunted and then tightened his grip in Duo's hair. He pulled his head back with some force and gazed down into those mischievous violet eyes. Then he tried to tell Duo, without words, what he was about to do. He thrust his hips rapidly in the empty air in front of his concubine, seeing if he got the hint.

Duo swallowed hard; oh, he got the hint all right. He understood that Heero didn't like being tortured slowly, and he was planning on fucking his mouth. He gazed up at his native husband and gave him a doleful look. Heero huffed, and then pulled Duo's face back to his throbbing erection. He nudged the tip of it against Duo's lips, giving him the cue to open his mouth. In some strange passionate opposition, he finally obeyed, opening his mouth wide and preparing for the fierce thrusting.

He didn't want to hurt his new husband, and he didn't want to come off as a jerk, but Heero was getting so impatient that he had to take desperate action somehow. He saw something in those indigo peepers that looked closely like increasing lust, but he wasn't sure. Did this daring and beautiful man like having bouts of passion roughly? He was curious and needed to find out. But in the meantime, he wanted to find release. His sex was growing more and more sore from being teased!

Duo had some time before Heero pushed his arousal into his mouth and down his throat. He knew what was to come, so he relaxed all of his muscles along his jaw and in his throat. With Heero's grip still tight on the back of his head, Duo surrendered to the harsh in and out thrusting in his mouth. Heero did as he promised, and he fucked Duo's mouth, hard.

Duo tried to compromise, moving his head as well to help speed up. Just as Duo was getting used to swallowing Heero's cock like this, he felt the handsome native groan aloud and shudder. Before he knew it, warm, sticky cum was shooting out and into his mouth. Just at the last few seconds, Heero pulled it out to spray some all over Duo's face.

Heero grabbed onto Duo's shoulders to lift him up from the water and into his arms. He held him steady and close, feeling that his beautiful husband was shaking slightly.

"Na sai tiwi otin." Heero sighed.

Duo recognized the word `tiwi' before, and wondered what it meant. He should go ask Trowa about it.

Unknown to the both of them, Anana found her own sexual release a few moments after Heero just had. She was flushed and couldn't believe what she did, but she felt better afterwards. With a heavy sigh, she crawled out of the river to dry herself off. Maybe she'll have a restful sleep this time tonight.