Jungle love part three
Contents: shonen ai, het hints, angst, AU, OC
Pairings: 2+1/1+2, 1xOC
Disclaimer: I do not own GW or its characters
Notes- don't let the het scare you away! It's very minor!

Native language deciphered: Ninga means Idiot (basically, it's baka.
Learn this one well. It's spoken many times. ^_^)
Sluck nu! Means shut up!
Tiwi means love,
Sai na tiwi means I love you
Nita means mine,
Pooky means slave,
Yomen na havot means Captain of the guards,
Op means off,
Sop means what (Like Nani),
Toki means now,
Untihi means stop it (just think of Jawas from Star Wars)
Unti means Stop!
Unot means Stay! Or Stay put!
Tiwina means concubine
Suckani means/or is the name of the volcano

Duo stood at the entrance of the Chief's hut with Heero and Trowa standing next to him. The two main guards of the Chief's stopped them, and Trowa quickly told them that they were expected. The two saw Heero, who nodded his head to confirm what he said was true, and let them pass.

The first thing Duo felt when he entered was soft fur beneath his feet, and the first thing he saw was the chief sitting on a giant chair that was covered in leopard skin. The whole place looked very comfortable. It was like you could sit or lay anywhere and fall fast asleep. Duo also took note of the different kinds of furs. Spotted, striped, white, black, plain, and a few looked like they were dyed.

The chief eyed Duo coolly as the foreigner smiled at him. This gesture was not common to give the chief, but the leader tried to remember that he was an outsider and did not know about their customs. He saw that Trowa was here as well, and nodded his appreciation for being here. It would be a good thing to have a translator at this time; the chief had much to say to this pale one.

Duo watched with some fascination and wonder as Heero got down on one knee in front of his chief. He bowed his head and lowered his eyes in respect, and Trowa softly whispered to Duo that he was showing his deep respect and honor to his leader before he could ask for his blessing. Duo blinked, trying his best not to keep staring at Heero's still, knelt form. He found he couldn't help himself.

"Ie-Pooky." The chief said, shaking Duo out of his trance, "Notu da na to pooni."

"He's asking you to kneel before him," Trowa said, kneeling down himself without being told.

"Oh! Right!" Duo quickly went down on one knee. Trowa made a noise like he was clearing his throat. Duo looked down, "Huh?"

"All the way, like me."

"All the way? But…" Trowa yanked him down onto his other knee.

"Only Heero has the privilege to bow on one knee. He's the captain of the guards."

"Oh. Sorry." Duo blushed slightly from embarrassment. The chief's voice broke through their conversation. He was looking straight at Duo when he spoke.

"Duo. Kooten da toki nu, sa pu tint da ie-pooky."

"He basically said that he had been recently told that you are no longer a slave." Trowa immediately translated.

"Sop nu tiki wa sa dani boo tuma. Heero wa nu sai tiwi da no hun."

"What you two have done can be overlooked. Heero must now prove his love for you."

"Huh?" Duo blinked, looking over at the still unmoving Captain of the guards.

"Heero da nu ti soo puni, on yo tiwina."

"He's telling Heero that there's a task he must perform in order to `keep' you as a concubine and receive blessing."

Duo fixed his eyes over to the handsome brown skin and watched as his eyes sort of lit up. That must mean that Heero is pleased with what his chief had said. Heero slowly nodded his head, agreeing that he will do what he is asked to do.

"Heero, Yomen na havot, unti."

"He asked Heero, captain of the guards, to rise." Duo gave him a look that said `duh!' as Heero rose from the fur-covered floor.

The chief spoke to Heero, and Trowa was quickly translating everything to Duo. Trowa told Duo that the chief's name is Alem, and that he told Heero that he must walk the bridge fate to prove his love for him. Duo smiled at that, but then frowned once he learned that the `Bridge of Fate' went across the opening of Suckani.

"They aren't serious!" Duo whispered harshly. Trowa nodded his head, and then made a gesture that he mustn't do anything to upset their chief. "Is he really gonna do it?" Duo had to ask.

"Well, see for yourself." Trowa said, pointing over at Heero, who was bowing his head in respect and accepted the staff of rituals that was offered to him. No more was said between the captain and the chief, and Heero turned and walked out without even a glance at Duo.

Duo let out a breath, and looked over at Trowa, "So then, can we go watch?"

Trowa stood up and nodded, helping Duo up from the ground, "Yes. You must be a part of this."

Duo sighed, "I can't believe he's going through with this."

"If he didn't, then it would mean that he didn't care about you."

Duo felt his heart skip a beat, both in anxiety and love.


At the clearing, there was a path, which lead to the volcano. Two warriors that were named the `Markers' were with as helpers through the jungle and as witnesses to the trial. Trowa had to be with as the translator, and Duo was to be a part of it because he was the `prize' so to speak.

As Heero, Trowa, Duo, and the two `Markers' arrived at the clearing, a high-pitched voice halted them. Heero turned around and saw that his child-bearer was running toward them.

"Heero!" the brown skinned woman cried, running toward him with arms wide open.

"Anana…" Heero whispered as he caught her.

"Anana?" Duo mumbled.

"Her name." Trowa replied. "It means Soft, Gentle."

"It's pretty." Duo said in awe.

"Heero…" Anana was in tears, "Una da wa ti na tiwi shoopi."

Heero gave her a big hug, "Wa neeshi, Anana." (Be brave, Anana)

"Sai na tiwi, Heero! Sai na tiwi… niti…" (I love you, Heero! I love you… don't…)

"Untihi toki, wa neeshi, da wa umpi, Anana."

Reluctantly, Anana released Heero and watched them go into the damp jungle. Duo locked gazes with her for a moment before turning back to follow Heero and the others.


Heero didn't even look at Duo during the whole trip and it made Duo worried. He filed back to walk next to Trowa so he could talk to someone who understood him. The silence was killing him, and so were the mosquitoes.

"Trowa, what exactly does Heero have to do?"

"He must cross the bridge which spans across the volcano's opening to the other side, which is where you'll be standing."

"Excuse me??" Duo gasped.

"Me and you will be at the other side of the bridge, while the Markers and Heero will be at the starting point. We will walk around to the other side, so don't worry about having to cross the bridge."

"Huh. Heero should just go around in the first place." Duo folded his arms.

"That's why the `Markers' are with us. They're to make sure that Heero doesn't cheat."

"Well, I hope that those guys will know how to fight, cause if anything happens to Heero, I'm pounding them into next week!"

"It won't be necessary, Duo. If Heero happens to fall into the volcano, they're throwing you in."

"What???" Duo stopped. Trowa grabbed onto his elbow and forced him to keep walking.

"Everything will be fine, trust me. Heero is the best hunter and fighter; he's also the strongest one here. I'm sure he'll win."

"I'm glad one of us is so confident in Heero." Duo sighed. He swat a mosquito that landed on his forehead, "Don't these guys have some kind of bug spray?"

Trowa sighed, keeping a grasp on the longhaired man. He had to make sure that he didn't try to bolt for it. Because if he did, there was no telling what Heero would do to him.


A couple hours later, they arrived at the base of the volcano. Duo watched as Heero and the two Markers started to climb. Trowa placed a hand on his shoulder, and startled him.

"I'm sure that since you're an adventurer and dare devil you've climbed mountains before. Am I right?"

Duo smiled, "Oh, absolutely! I've even climbed the tallest mountain in the world! You're looking at the ace of climbers here!"

"Good," Trowa grabbed onto a rock on the side of the volcano, "Start climbing."

Duo's eyes widened a tad, but then he put on a smug look as he gazed upward, "Ah, no problem!" he followed Trowa up, "Although I usually use rope and gear when I climb."

"Think of it as the ultimate challenge then." Trowa said, looking down at the longhaired man. "Just don't fall, I won't be able to catch you if you did."

"Don't worry, I won't."

"I've never seen a long haired explorer and daredevil before."

"Why do you think I keep it in a braid?" Duo smirked.

Trowa shrugged, "fetish?"

"You're partially right." Duo smiled.

It didn't take them as long as Duo thought, and they were at the top. Heero was in awe as he witnessed his lover, soon to be concubine, ascending the rocks and stand up without too much sweat. He was panting, but he also had a smile on his face. Heero could clearly tell that he enjoyed the climb, and that made the dark-skinned native fall even harder for the pale one.

Trowa was receiving instructions from the Markers on what to do, and then he grabbed Duo's elbow and lead him to the other side of the volcano. It will only take them about a half hour to reach the other side if they walk at a fast pace. They could run, but they were still a bit winded from the climb.

"So then," Duo cleared his throat; "You've known Heero since he was ten."

"Yes. He was just starting to show his incredible strength."

"What age did you save his life?"

Trowa was quiet for a while, as if he was thinking back to that day, and then he finally replied, "He was going on 12."

"You were shunned by all these people for two years?"

"They didn't know that I wasn't the first born until Heero turned 11. So, for about a year they shunned me. I won't say anymore, cause I'm leaving that for the story telling day."

"Hopefully if I live that long." Duo sighed. Trowa placed a hand on Duo's shoulder, noticing that he was shivering. Must be from the cold, Trowa thought.

"You'll live," Trowa smiled slightly, "I'm sure of it. Heero is the best there is."

Duo nodded, trying to feel the same faith for Heero that Trowa had for him.

Finally reaching the other side of the volcano, they looked down a narrow and swaying bridge. From afar, Duo could just barely make out Heero's form. The two Markers were about a head taller than Heero, but he bet that he could take them both on. He hadn't seen how strong Heero is yet, but he knew that Trowa spoke the truth when he told him that he was incredibly strong. He waited patiently for the gorgeous native to start crossing the Bridge of Fate.

Once the two Markers finished explaining to Heero what he had to do, the native hunter turned and looked down the long span of the bridge and saw that Duo and Trowa were finally at the other side. Even from that distance, Heero could see those huge violet eyes shimmering. He could just barely notice the slight fidgeting that the longhaired foreigner was doing, and for some reason it brought a slight smile to his face. `The beautiful pale one is nervous for me,' Heero thought in his own language, `He really does care for me.'

As he slowly placed one foot gingerly on the swaying bridge, his mind began to wander. He understood that in about nine moons or so he was gonna be a father, but for some reason, it didn't excite him as much as becoming the beautiful longhaired man's husband, so to speak. He really was captivating to him.

Heero took another small step, grasping onto the ropes as he felt the century old bridge rock slightly in the wind. This bridge seemed fairly sturdy under his footsteps, but Heero knew that the heat rising up from inside of the semi-active volcano had possibly warped the wood in the middle of the span.

Duo held a collective breath as he watched Heero take one slow step after another. The further he got on the swinging extension, the more the palms of his hands sweat and the faster his heart would beat. He walked over gingerly to the end of the bridge, put his hands on the two wooden stakes that the ropes were tied to, and stared down the long path at Heero. He watched like a hawk, trying to keep an eye on his feet as he prayed like he had never done before.

Then suddenly, it happened so fast; as Heero neared the middle of the bridge, his foot found a ruined board and it broke. Heero's leg fell through; sending him down on one knee, but his hands grasped the ropes so tight that it left a burn mark. From behind, Heero could hear the Markers gasp at the horror, and way up front, he could see Duo panicking. Heero shook his head, not believing what he was seeing.

Duo started to take baby steps onto the bridge.




Duo: the hell?? Where'd that come from??

Luna: where'd what come from?

Duo: I'm going to cross the bridge!! The hell??? O_O

Luna: Sorry, I had no idea I was going to do it. It just sort of slipped.

Duo: Slipped she says!

Luna: well, you ARE a daredevil!

Duo: That's beside the point, woman! I could get killed!

Luna: Well, if Heero falls they will be throwing you in anyways, so what's the difference?

Duo: You've got a point there, I guess. But still!

Luna: Quit complaining. You'll see what I have in mind.

Duo: You mean you do know what you're going to type next? O_o

Luna: shut up. -_-