Jungle love part two
Contents: shonen ai, slight Het (Very slight! Blink and you miss it!), angst, lime/lemon, AU, OC (with no name, yet)
Pairings: 2+1/1+2, 1xOC, 1x2 overall
Disclaimer: I do not own GW or its characters
Notes- Don't let the het scare you away! There's a very nice Yaoi lemon here!
Hey, you know me- Luna, the 1x2/2x1 lover?

Native language deciphered: Ninga means Idiot (basically it's baka.
Learn this one well. It's spoken many times. ^_^)
Sluck nu! Means shut up!
Tiwi means love,
Sai na tiwi means I love you (not spoken yet),
Nita means mine,
Pooky means slave,
Yomen na havot means Captain of the guards,
Op means off,
Sop means what (Like Nani),
Toki means now,
Untihi means stop it (just think of Jawas from Star Wars)

The dark skinned woman was very beautiful. She had chocolate brown eyes and raven black hair. The woman was very short and slender, and she moved like a graceful cat over to the albino tiger skinned rug.

Heero took Duo by the wrist and pulled him up off of the rug. He was gesturing to Duo and then pointed at the woman like he was trying to explain something. Duo didn't want to know what he was saying. As far as he knew, Heero was telling him that she was his girlfriend or something.

The brown-skinned woman lay down onto the white rug and proceeded to take her clothes off.

"This isn't happening…" Duo gulped, "I refuse to believe that my dream man has her…I refuse!" Duo tried to look as pitiful as he could to the handsome native, showing him how sad he felt. Heero seemed to know and he rubbed his back in comfort. He wanted to hold him so badly, but Duo kept himself in check. There just had to be a reason to all of this.

Heero moved away from the pale one to lie down on top of the woman. He instantly began to touch her, making Duo put his hands over his eyes. "Not in front of me! God!" he shouted. But when he took his hands away from his face, the two were still doing it. He shut his eyes tightly and then tried to cover his ears to block out the sounds that the woman was making. It was just all too much for him.

"This is nothing but a nightmare…I will wake up…I will wake up…" he kept chanting so he could drown out the sounds. It wasn't working very well.

Minutes later, Duo finally looked over to see if they were done. Bad decision, because he looked over just as Heero began to mate with her. Duo's eyes flew open and he screamed, "Noooooooooo!!"

He tore over to them quicker than he had ever done before, not realizing exactly what he was doing, and tried to pry Heero off of the woman. Heero looked over in confusion, not understanding why anyone would interrupt a breeding copulation. Did this stranger not know that it was his turn to reproduce? He must have a son to please his father. His departed mother would be very proud of him. But this longhaired stranger, whom is quite beautiful for a man, didn't seem to like him mating. Why was that?

"Untihi!" Heero glared. But his glare stopped as soon as he saw water coming out of Duo's eyes.

"Please…take me instead!" Duo begged. He had never done this before, but then again, he'd never fallen in love so heavily and so soon like this before. He figured that it must be some kind of love, cause he was so incredibly jealous!

"Duo, ninga wa no ni." (Don't be an idiot) Heero said softly. He was still imbedded inside of the woman.

Duo pointed down at what they were doing and then pointed to himself, "Please! Take me first! Please!!" Duo was pouting now. The native must have understood him.

Heero sighed, clearly understanding what was going on now. The poor pooky was jealous and he wanted to be the one, even though he should know that two males couldn't reproduce. Heero shook his head, very disappointed in the turn of events, and then slid himself out of the woman.

Duo saw this as a sign and clamped himself onto Heero in a fierce hug. Heero wasn't sure if pookies were supposed to be this way to their masters, but he did know that a concubine was that way. This made Heero smile. He saw Duo move over and lay himself onto the rug as well, hoping that the native would take the invitation.

"Wa nu ni. Suka…. Uh… Maani…toki…uh…" Heero pointed down at the woman again, "Six minnie." He told Duo.

Duo was shocked. Did he just hear him say `six'?? And was `minnie' supposed to be `minutes'?

"Six?" Duo asked, wondering if he really meant six as the number, or if it was their word for sex. Heero held up six fingers, which confirmed his speculation.

"Six." Heero said, sounding like he was promising it. Then he went back to his work on the woman. Duo shut his eyes, groaning as if he were being tortured.

Once Heero was finished, he grudgingly crawled over to Duo. He looked down and saw that he still had his eyes screwed shut. He placed a hand on him and shook him. It didn't take much and Duo stood up with a start, and then blinked rapidly at the handsome native.

"Heero?" he gulped. He couldn't understand why he was acting like such a possessive brat. He didn't want anyone touching his adorable brown skinned man!

Duo flung his arms around Heero, almost crushing him in his massive embrace. Heero grunted, feeling the wind get knocked out of him. Then, without much declining, he felt the pale one pulling him down toward the tiger skin. He toppled on top of the boy, who gasped at the feel of his weight on him. Heero had never been with another male before, even though he knew that it had been done before in his tribe, it was something that he was never taught.

Duo almost latched his lips onto the native's, but then stopped himself midway. He asked with his eyes for Heero's ok, since they couldn't clearly understand one another verbally. Heero figured that it wouldn't hurt anything, since they've already kissed, and the kiss that Duo gave him was nice, he just didn't want him doing that to him when his mate entered the hut.

Heero looked over next to them, and when he confirmed that his mate was asleep, he proceeded to lower himself onto Duo. Their lips met and it was an instant volcanic reaction. Duo took advantage of this and began to touch this gorgeous native wherever he could reach. Heero was so incredibly responsive, not like the way he was with the pretty woman. With her, it was almost as if he was doing a job more than enjoying himself. Maybe that was all it was to him, Duo thought. His thoughts slowly began to fade into a blur as Heero's hand found the proof of his love.

Heero was fascinated and enticed all at the same time toward this beautiful boy. He made up his mind right there that he was not to stay his slave. This boy was more than that, and he deserved more. He knew within time that they'd learn to understand one another.

"Duo," Heero whispered in his ear, "Sup wa ni tiwi? Oini sa matti du na. Tiwi na du ni."

"I only understood my name, but you sound so sexy…"

"Yomin da boo. Toki oini du wa nita…uhhh…" Heero grit his teeth as Duo found a nipple.

"Like that?" Duo purred, sucking and fondling those brown sugar treats.

"Lowa…Duo!" Heero gasped.

"It gets better sweet stuff." Duo wiggled his eyebrows. He ducked under, coming eye to eye with the native's enormous flesh. Duo licked his lips, "Don't believe in circumcision, huh?" He peeled the protecting skin away from the head. Duo then realized that Heero was incredibly hard and he pulsed in the palm of his hand. "Looks like you enjoy being with another man." Duo grinned.

On his knees, Heero looked down at this longhaired foreigner, not completely understanding why the boy made him so hard and sensitive to the touch. Duo gingerly began to move his hand up and down the engorged member, producing low tones from the native's throat and his hips started to move.

Duo couldn't stay back any longer and he engulfed it. Heero's head flew back, gasping. He brought his hands down and ran his fingers through that incredible hair. This was something that nobody, not even the usual English visitor that came around occasionally, had taught him.

After a few agonizing minutes of torture from the boy, Heero grew impatient and threw Duo down onto his back. He forced his knees apart and settled himself down in between them. Duo had to show him the preparation or else he'd be way too sore to enjoy what they were about to do. Heero did what he was shown, coating his fingers with his saliva to stretch him, and then after that, he did so to his penis.

Sliding his bronzed arousal inside Duo's tight, pink entrance, the first thing that popped into Heero's mind were the words tight, hot, velvety, incredible, and a load of other words that weren't translated into English. He started out slow, letting the friction between them become looser with each thrust.

Duo was in complete heaven, and his head thrashed about from side to side. The faster the native went, the higher and higher Duo felt himself go until he could no longer sustain it. Heero's rough and long fingers found their way to his cherry erection, and soon Duo found himself crying out the brown skinned man's name, coating them both with his sticky seed. Heero soon followed a few seconds later, flooding the foreigner with his essence.

Incredible was right! Heero was spent and exhausted. Not like when he was with the woman. He was so wonderful, and it felt so good to be in his arms. Heero brought the boy closer and Duo snuggled into him, laying his head onto his chest. Heero smiled, loving the way this was feeling. This boy might be more than he thought. He moved a hand down and untied the binding twine that was around his wrist. Duo was no longer a slave. He was back to being a free man, and hopefully he will freely stay by his side.

An awing noise interrupted them both. Together they shift their eyes over to their right.

The woman had her head propped up onto her hands, she laid prone, her feet were lazily moving back and forth in the air, and she wore a big smile on her face. Heero then realized that the mother of his child had watched, and it seemed like she enjoyed the show too.


Morning came. Something outside the hut made Duo crack an eye open. He stretched, and as he did, he noticed that he was alone on the skin. This made him frown; wondering if what they did was just a fluke. As he woke up more he could finally tell that one of the voices outside sounded like Heero. He sat there, trying to wake himself up more, and then the flap to the hut opened.

The first person to walk in wasn't whom he was expecting. The guy had brown hair, but it was lighter and shorter than his, and he had green eyes. What surprised Duo the most was that he was wearing normal street clothes. All Duo could do is blink, trying to figure out if he was drunk for the past couple days and was now finally sobering up to the real world. He looked around, realizing that he was still in Heero's hut. Duo was about to ask the guy what the hell was going on when he spoke.

"Good morning. I've been looking all over for you."

"Uh…er…wha?" Duo shook his head, "What's going on?"

"I'm sorry, I don't mean to walk in on you without knocking, but it is kinda hard to do that on a flap made out of leopard skin. My name's Trowa Barton and I've been sent here in search of an English man that had accidentally jumped out of a plane in the wrong location. I visit this village often, so they know me. I was hoping that they didn't do anything rash to you, since you were a stranger and you were intruding on their property."

"Well as you can see, I'm just fine." Duo crossed his arms.

"And naked too I see." Trowa pointed out.

Duo `meeped' and quickly grabbed the little tan shorts that Heero had given him. As he pulled them on, he noticed that the string around his wrist was gone. He looked at his wrist as if he had just lost his watch.

"What's wrong?" Trowa asked, moving closer now that it was safer to do so.

"I had a piece of string on my wrist and now it's gone. I'm just wondering what happened to it."

"Ah… the slave band."

"The what?" Duo gasped. He finally stood up to face this other man.

"It's what they do to strangers that pop up unexpectingly. It was either that or kill them. You must have done something that pleased them to make them want to keep you."

"Heero…" Duo nodded.

"Oh, yes, I know him. I've known him ever since he turned ten. He's quite the hunter and gatherer. I take it he liked you enough to make you a free man again. What did you do to make him respect you?"

Duo bit his lip, "Well…we sort of…its kind of private."

"I need to know, Mr. Maxwell. I study their habitat."

"How did you know my name?"

"I just told you that I was looking for you. You were pronounced MIA to the pilot of the plane that you jumped out of."

"Oh." Duo felt stupid, forgetting his friend pilot Quatre. What a sweet guy. "So then, you know how to speak their language?"

"Yes, but I'm still learning."

Just then, Heero walked in, passing Trowa like he was a normal, everyday thing, and stood next to Duo. The longhaired boy turned to face the native and he smiled.

"Duo, you're ignoring my question." Trowa sighed.

"Huh? Oh," he forced himself to pry his eyes away from Heero's. "Well you see…we…had sex." Duo blushed.

"Uh…huh," Trowa crossed his arms and furrowed his brows.

"Is that bad?" Duo had to ask.

"It depends on how you look at it." He looked over at Heero and started to ask him what he thought of Duo. Heero replied easily to the question, and Duo stood there, stunned.

"What did you ask him? What did he say?"

"I asked him about you, and he said that he liked you. You gave him feelings that he's never felt before. I'm guessing that you like Heero."

"Well, yeah!" Duo said, and punctuated that with putting an arm around Heero's waist. Heero looked a bit stunned.

"Just to inform you Duo, these people mate for life which is, of course, to reproduce. I think what you did was bind yourself to him. You are his now."

"His? As in…married?"

"I think the more appropriate word is `concubine'." Trowa pointed out.

"Con-concubine?" Duo was having a very hard time believing what was happening to him. "Wh-what about the woman that Heero had sex with?"

"Oh, you mean his mate?" Duo stomped down a seed of jealousy at the word, "She's his life-bearer and first wife, so to say. His father arranged the whole thing for him so that he could have his first son."

"But…" Duo stammered, "What if they have a girl?"

Trowa sighed and shook his head, "Then he must…well, it's a very big disappointment. If he has a son, then the gods have smiled upon him, so to speak. If he has a daughter…it depends on the rest of the tribe if they decide to keep her, or if they…you know."

Duo got the hint right away, "That's cruel!"

"First born sons are a very big deal here. When they found out that I wasn't a first born son, and that I had an older sister who was first born, they acted differently toward me."

"They respect you now though, right?" Duo had to ask. He still had his arm around Heero's waist. The brown skinned native just stood there, watching the pale ones talking in a language that he isn't too familiar with yet.

"Yes, ever since I saved Heero's life."

"Cool! How'd you do it?"

"It's quite a story. I've only told it once, and that was during their story telling time."

"When is that?"

"During a full moon. Which is in two days, actually. If you like, you could wait until then to hear it."

"Sure, but will it be in their language or ours?"

"Oh, I forgot about that." Trowa frowned. "I guess I could try translating it as I go. I've never had to do that before. It will be quite a challenge." Trowa paused as he noticed that Heero had been staring quite strenuously at Duo during the whole conversation as if he was studying him, and then he slowly started to lay the side of his face against Duo's temple. Duo seemed to not notice as he asked,

"What do we get to do till then?"

"Well, first," Trowa said, looking from one to the other, "We need to go talk to the Chief and let him know about you two, if Heero hadn't already told him. Plus, we need to ask his permission to stay. I'll let him know that I will be telling a story during the `Full moon celebration'; I'm sure that will convince him otherwise."

"Sweet! I hope that he doesn't mind that I'm with Heero as his concubine. Heero is the one that decided on it anyways."

Trowa nodded, "Yeah, but that doesn't mean that he'll have the chief's blessing for it."

Duo sighed, "Rules, rules, rules…they suck!"

Heero started, looking back and forth at them as if he was coming back from some kind of daze. Duo's sudden yell must have startled him and he caught the last word of Duo's sentence and deciphered it wrong.

"Suckani?" he blinked.

Duo looked up at him and laughed, "What?"

Trowa snickered, "I think he thought you said `Suckani' which in their language means `Volcano', or it's the name of the volcano that is here. Whenever someone shouts it, they begin to run for the nearest high ground."

"Oh." He looked up at Heero, "Sorry about scaring you like that, Heero. Explain it to him." He told Trowa. Trowa nodded and happily related the message to his native friend, also letting him know that Duo was sorry.

Heero responded to this by relaxing more, and then wrapping his arms tighter around Duo.

"Yup," Trowa chuckled, "He definitely likes you. And if you're lucky, I think he'll fight for you too."

A giant grin spread across the longhaired man's face.




So how was it? Did the slight het suck at all? I hope not. I still need to get my muse into gear about names for some natives in here. ^_^