Jungle love part 1
Pairings: 1x2 overall, 2+1, 1x?
Contents: Slight Angst, sap, AU, Shonen ai, slightly fluffy,
cartoonish? (at first)
Status: 1/?
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Notes: Native language deciphered:
Ninga means Idiot (basically it's baka)
Sluck nu! Means shut up!
Tiwi means love
Sai na tiwi means I love you
Nita means mine
Pooky means slave
Yomen na havot means Captain of the guards basically
Op means off
Sop means what
Toki means now
Untihi means stop it

Sky. As far as the longhaired man could see, there was sky. It was a beautiful blue, and the clouds rolled on the horizon behind the mountains. The air felt good against his face, crisp and clean to breathe.

And then there was the ground. Hello ground.

"Ah, crap!"


When our daring young hero came to, many faces surrounded him. Many dark colored faces with confusion in them. Great adventurer, explorer, skydiver, daredevil extraordinaire, Duo Maxwell, became scared for the first time.

This was not like moments ago, when he had butterflies in his belly before he leapt out of the airplane, or the feeling he got every time his oldest aunt came over to visit. No, this was an actual terror he felt.

And these dark skinned people had very little on, and paint on their faces. One had some kind of feathered crown on his head, and some carried spears. Sharp, pointy, hurting spears that looked ready to gore the young lad.

Duo stayed on his knees in the sand. It felt nice there, and he didn't feel as threatened either. He tried to make nice talk with the natives, but they couldn't understand a word he was saying. This was not at all good.

"Excuse me, but I seem to have landed in the wrong place." He gave them all a nervous grin.

"Nitti, goosh a wa ni." Said the main guy with the feather crown.

"Pardon?" Duo blinked.

"Ninga tu nit su na… hahahahahhaaa…"

What the hell was he laughing at? Whatever it was, it sounded rude on his person! "Say that again, dung ball, and you've got yourself a fight!" Duo was ready to stand up to the big man when something, actually someone, caught his eye. It was no wonder that he didn't see him right away; he was rather short.

His clear blue eyes seem to pierce right through him as he stared back. His dark brown hair was all over the place and almost covering one eye. He was slim, and his frame was covered with muscles. Duo gasped at the sight of this untamed look and then a smile grew on his face. He was instantly up on his feet before he knew it, and completely ignoring the other two standing by him, he almost pushed them out of the way to stand before this alluring native.

The other man didn't flinch. He stood there, staring back into this other being's violet blue eyes, thinking that he was being challenged in a stare down. The dark skinned man never moved. Duo walked closer to him, and held out his hand. The native had no clue to what he was doing. He looked down at the hand, and then back up to the stranger's face.

"I'm saying `hi' basically." Duo smiled. He knew the native didn't understand so he pointed to the other man's hand and then to his. For a second the guy thought he meant that he wanted his spear, so he clutched onto it possessively. Duo shook his head and tried to make him understand again. He pointed at him, and then his hand, and then his own hand.

The man finally understood and showed him his hand, palm side up. Duo took his hand in his and shook it nicely. "Hello! I'm Duo Maxwell. As in the `Daring Duo.' Duo…" he pointed to himself. "I'm DU-O."

"Duo." The man repeated and pointed at him. Duo nodded his head.

"Right! Now we're getting somewhere!"

The chief, or whom Duo figured was the headman, turned to them, "Nowa, sintina nana du fa. Itchi na pu nu pooky." He pointed at Duo.

"Huh?" Duo tilted his head.


Soon, Duo found himself standing on top of a wooden platform. Kind of like a stage, and there were people surrounding it. The handsome native was standing next to the big chief who gave him some kind of long piece of rope. The fiber was none that Duo had ever seen before.

The dark haired man bowed his appreciation to the chief and then approached Duo with the small bracelet like thing.

"Tu dee, inti ni ni." He announced to his native people, "Seeni, toki!" he yelled at Duo.

"Huh?" the braided man blinked.

"Toki!" he motioned him to come closer.

Duo obeyed, though he wasn't sure why. The native grabbed Duo's right arm and made him hold it out. Duo decided to humor the cute dark skin and held his arm still. He wrapped the piece of rope around Duo's wrist and tied it tightly. After it was securely in place, he held up Duo's arm triumphantly.

"Pooky!" he announced. Everyone cheered for him.

"Pooky?" Duo blinked. He had no idea what that word meant, but it didn't sound good.

"Nita," the man was gesturing with his hands, pointing at him and then Duo. Duo stood there, hands on hips, trying to figure out what he meant. "Nita, shaw wa nu ta!"

"Look, I have no idea what `pooky' means, but I'm not sure I'll like the idea very much, so I'll be seeing you later, ok?" He was about to leave when the man grabbed his wrist and started to gesture his hand movements faster with more anger. "No compendia, mon cher!" Duo tried.

"Nita!" he growled.

"What's your name?" Duo asked suddenly. They can't understand you, idiot, Duo mused. He pointed to himself. "Duo." Then he pointed to him, "You?"

The man caught on instantly. He proudly puffed out his chest, "Heero!" he announced, "Yomen na havot!"

All cheered.

"Ah! I see. Nice to meet you, Heero." He accented the native's name heavily. The native, called Heero, eyed Duo coolly, and then looked at his clothing. He started to fiddle with the collar of his shirt.

"Op!" he pulled. Duo flailed a hand at Heero's tugging one.

"Now, now! What do you think you're doing?"

"OP!!" he almost tore at the button.

"Ok, ok! I get the picture already!" Duo sighed. Well, he wasn't expecting an audience, but he stripped anyway. He undid his shirt and slipped it off of his shoulders.

Heero's eyes looked as if they were glittering at the sight of Duo's chiseled form. Heero seemed to be ogling the stranger as he discovered this other man's paleness almost glowed. The chief said something to Heero in a low tone, and Heero nodded.

The handsome native pointed a spear at Duo's pants. "Op!"

"Excuse me??"

"Op! Toki!" he poked at Duo's thigh.

"Ok, ok. It is rather hot here in the jungle anyways." He stripped himself of his pants.

"Uno ga." Heero pointed at his boxers.

"Alright! What is the meaning of this whole strip show?"

Heero poked at his boxers again, "Op!!"

"No!" Duo protested, slapping the spear away, "Not without privacy!"

Heero handed him what looked to be like a pair of tan shorts. They were a tad ripped and looked small. Duo gave the native an offended glare. Heero threw his arms up in the air in disgust and walked up to the longhaired man. He grabbed the wrist that bore the rope bracelet and brought it up to Duo's face.

"Pooky nita! Toki!" he shoved the tan underwear into his chest and then proceeded to threaten him with the spear again. "Op! Toki! Toki!"

"Fine, fine. But you all have to cover your eyes!" They all stared at him blankly. Duo sighed, and then proceeded to show them what he meant by putting his hands over his eyes.

They all shook their heads.


"Dadoo sunda, toki." Heero glared.

Duo hung his head in defeat. Oh well, it wasn't like he had something to hide anyways. He wondered if he should have a bath first. But the pointy end of Heero's spear said otherwise, so he changed his boxer shorts into those tan things that he was given as quickly as possible.

Duo had no clue that the bracelet on his wrist meant that Heero now owned him. From the moment their eyes locked and he accepted Heero to place the thing around his wrist, was the moment he became Heero's slave.

Heero urged the man called Duo into his hut by use of his spear.

"You have a license for that thing?" Duo asked, sarcastically.

Once Duo was inside the hut, Heero started in on his language and tried to show Duo what he wanted him to do. But Duo was too enchanted by Heero's looks to even try paying attention to what he was showing him.

"Look, Heero," his name got the native's attention, basically because that was the only thing he understood. "I have no idea who you think I am to you now, but we aren't gonna get anywhere with you talking in your own language. Is there anyone in your tribe that can speak English?"

"Sop?" Heero asked.

"No, I did not ask you for some `soap', I asked you if anyone can speak English."


"En-gl-ish. You know, my native tongue? MY," he pointed at himself, "Language! What it is I am speaking." He made a gesture with his hand to show when he meant.

Heero shook his head, "Ninti ca nu dana. Duo O ninga."

"What? What did you just call me?" He got up in Heero's face. "Look, handsome, this isn't getting us anywhere!" he walked over and sat down on what looked like a bear skin rug. "I'll just wait until someone comes to find me, ok?"

Heero lifted an eyebrow. "Ninga." He shook his head.


Time pasted slower than Duo liked, and still no one showed up to look for him. Perhaps they think that he was dead. Well, he DID jump out of an airplane. He had no idea why he was still alive, but here he was- in a strange tribe- in Heero's hut.

Well, It wasn't so bad. He got to stare at the good-looking native. Which lead him up to thinking if he already had someone, or if he was even into guys in the first place. The way he acted made Duo think otherwise. He must be straight, but it didn't look as if he had anyone.

Maybe HE, himself, was that person. Maybe HE was his fiance and that was why he put on that weird bracelet. That thought made Duo happy. It wasn't every day that he got to fall from the sky, find himself his dream man, and get married to him right away.

He should show him how he felt, thought Duo. Yes, when he came back from where ever he went off to, he'll show him without words just how much he liked him.


When Heero did show up, he got the surprise of his life. Duo walked straight up to him, grabbed him by the side of his face, and kissed him as nicely as possible. The native didn't taste too bad, even though toothpaste was scarce there, but Heero backed away with eyes widened with… horror, maybe? Maybe it was shock. Whatever it was, Duo felt guilty about even thinking it.

"Ninga!! Su ni tini nu sa yoden! Badaroll!!" Heero pushed him down, and he fell onto the soft tiger skinned rug.

"Ah, shit." Duo pounded his fist onto the rug. "That was stupid of me."

Heero leaned over him, but he didn't look upset. He was speaking to him in his own tongue, although he should know by now that he couldn't understand him. He must have been trying to explain why he did that. At that point, Duo really wished that he could speak this man's language.

He gestured, or pointed, whichever, at the entrance of his hut. There, standing in the doorway, was a very beautiful brown skinned woman.

For the first time since he got there, Duo felt queasy.

~End part one