Title: In the attic
Author: Lunadeath Lunadeath02@aol.com
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Category: Shonen ai, sap
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: 1+2
Date: June 2, 2002
Warnings: I think this is a PWP, but I'm not sure.
Spoilers: none
Setting: In an old shack
Disclaimers: I do NOT own GW or any characters that I borrow. All in good fun, ne? ^_^ I also do not own Harry Potter, Dragonlance, Monopoly, or "insert favorite transforming anime here".
Notes: Damn plot bunnies! They're everywhere! *Takes out a sterilizing syringe*
This took me all day Sunday to finish! X_x


It was something that Duo hadn't counted on hearing while he was eating his breakfast. The confession was spoken so softly that he just barely caught the words. In his entire lifetime, he had yet to say those words to anyone, or hear them from anyone. But now, sitting across the table from him, the one that he had confusing feelings for, had just blurted them out. It was slightly muffled around the mug that he held, and so quiet, that Duo could have sworn that he had imagined it.

"I think… I'm in love with you."

Duo nearly choked on his egg.

Quatre, sitting on the couch in the living room, had heard the coughing spell and ran up to Duo. He pounded his back a few times, helping Duo clear out his windpipe.

"Are you ok, Duo?"

Duo nodded, forcing a smile, "I'll be fine. Thanks, Quatre." Quatre left, glad that his friend was ok, and resumed sitting on the sofa. Duo looked across the table at Heero, whom had gone back to reading his newspaper and sipping his coffee. "You know, you could have waited until I was done chewing before you said that."

Heero looked up in surprise, as if he weren't expecting Duo to be talking to him, and mumbled, "Sorry."

Duo beamed, placing his fork back down onto the table, "S'ok. At least if I was choking to death, you would be giving me mouth to mouth."

"Don't you mean, the Heimlich Maneuver?"

Duo chuckled, "Oh yeah! That's what I meant to say. I got them mixed up for some reason. Thanks."

Heero nodded, sipping his black coffee. Duo always wondered what people saw in drinking the stuff straight. He loved to put sugar and flavored cream in his whenever he could.

"So what're you gonna do today, Heero?" Duo asked, wanting to stay on a safe topic right now.

The look Heero was giving him could be a cross between morose and disappointment. "I'll be cracking that code that we stole from that Oz base."

"Oh yeah. I almost forgot about that."

"What about you?"

"Huh? Oh, uh, well I think I'll go exploring."

Heero shook his head, "You shouldn't. It's gonna rain." [1]

"No, not outside. Here, in this rickety old house. I'm sure there's a lot of neat old stuff to salvage!"

Heero snorted, "Don't get your hopes up. The Alliance picked most of these places clean."

Duo shrugged, taking a bite of his hash browns. "I'm sure that they missed a few places. It's happened."

Thunder could be heard from afar. Duo's ears perked up as he turned his head toward the dusty looking window. He could just barely see the small droplets forming on the glass. He stood up and walked over to the window, looking up as best he could to get a glance at the dark clouds. The rain started to pour harder. Duo smiled, unlatched the lock on the top of the pane, and then pushed it up as far as it would go. He stuck his face out just enough so that his nose was getting wet, and inhaled the rich, damp air. He smiled.

"I love the smell of rain, don't you Heero?"

Heero shrugged.

Duo sighed, "Figures." He opened his mouth and started to catch some drops on his tongue.

"You really shouldn't be by the window. You'll get electrocuted."

Duo popped his head back in and shut the window pane, "Bitch, bitch, bitch…" Heero raised his eyebrow at that. "Fine. Ruin my fun like you always do." Duo drank the rest of his orange juice, and then brought his plate and glass into the kitchen. He put them in the sink, and then proceeded to go upstairs. "I'll start my exploring."

Heero sighed, wishing that Duo said something about the confession he made to him. He really wanted to know if the feeling was mutual.


It didn't take Duo long to find the metal ladder that led up to the ceiling. It looked as if someone had chopped it off half way so that no one would be able to get up there. Even though he was short, Duo knew that he could get up there if he jumped high enough. With as much willed strength as he could muster, Duo bent himself at the knees and then pushed his body up to catch the last rung of the ladder.

He just barely caught it with both hands, and then he proceeded to pull himself up a little at a time. He kicked his legs furiously as he forced his muscles to lift his body weight. Finally up high enough, Duo placed a foot on the last rung, allowing him to bring himself up even better. He climbed to the top and pounded the ceiling above him to see which way the little door opened. It swung to his right as he peered over to his left.

With his arms, he pushed himself up the rest of the way. He stumbled a bit when he jumped up, determined not to fall backwards. He landed on his knees and took in the dim surroundings. There was a small oval window above the slanted ceiling that let in enough light for him to see where he was going, but not what was all in there. He stood up and proceeded to look around the dusty and covered things.


Heero sighed again for the tenth time and then closed down his laptop. He just couldn't concentrate right now, and he knew exactly why.

"Damn him! Why does he have to make things so difficult!" Heero cursed, swinging his body to the side of his chair and getting up. He wasn't quite sure where Duo was right now, but he was sure that he could find a clue to his whereabouts. After figuring that he was nowhere on the bottom floor, he proceeded to check the upstairs, since that was where he seen him go last. The room that his laptop was in wasn't in his bedroom, because the one downstairs had the Internet outlet.

He took the stairs two at a time as he jogged up, not entirely sure where he'll be looking first. He stopped short when he heard a noise above him. Quickly he looked around and saw the square opening at the far end of the hall. He walked casually over to it and looked up.

"Duo? Are you up there?"

Soon, Duo popped his head into view, with a smile on his face. "Hey, Heero! Done so soon?" Heero smirked and gave a shrug. "Why don'tcha' come up? There's lots of neat stuff up here! I found a whole box full of old sci-fi books!" with that, Duo's face disappeared from sight.

Heero sighed softly, thinking if it was really a good idea. Before he could do or say anything, Duo's head popped back into view. "Hey, Heero? Are you coming up? We'd be aaaaaall alone…" he winked.

Heero turned his head, blushing a bit. Without looking, he jumped up and caught the last rung of the ladder. He easily pulled himself up and hiked up quickly. Duo smiled, truly impressed by how effortlessly his friend had climbed the ladder. He chuckled, "My friend the super human." Heero watched as he walked over to a box and slid it over to the sunbeam that shone from the round window. Duo picked up a book and dusted it off with his hand. "Dragonlance! Cool!" He picked up another and proceeded to do the same, "Hmm. Harry Potter. Looks like a children's book. Hey, Heero… is it alright if I keep these?"

"Why should I care? Go ahead."

"Awesome! Oi, if there's any books you want, go ahead and take them."

"I'm not much into sci-fi."

"Why not? Some of these are real interesting. See? This one is about giant robots… they look like Gundams!"

Heero couldn't resist and snatched the book out of Duo's hand. Duo smiled as he watched Heero look the front and back cover over. "I knew you couldn't resist!" Duo laughed. He continued to look through the books like a little kid at a garage sale and it was the free box.

"Hn. They transform."

"So did Wing, remember?" Heero was about to comment, but Duo went bounding over to the other side of the attic. Secretly, Heero stuck the book into his jean jacket. "Look at this, Heero! A hope chest!! I haven't seen one of these since my days at the Maxwell Church!" he opened it with the same amount of glee and began to rummage through it. Heero wandered over to where Duo was kneeling. "Hey! Old CDs! A video game cartridge! Monopoly! A…" Duo paused.

Heero knelt beside his comrade, "What? What did you find?"

Duo held it up, "A bible. It's an old testament though." He looked at it as if it was one he had lost, or forgotten.

"Are you gonna keep it?"

Duo shrugged, "Maybe." He set it beside him. "Let's see what else there is."


It was a while before Duo had finally gone through the whole hope chest. He was grinning from ear to ear as he surveyed his pile of junk. He didn't like it being referred to as that though, and had gave Heero a warning glare and said, "It's not junk! It's priceless antiques!"

Now Duo was sitting in the sunbeam of the little attic, looking through the window in a trance. Heero crept over to him and sat down next to him. He was silent for a while, thinking about what he should say. Duo finally noticed that he was sitting by him and he smiled. Their faces were only a foot away from each other.

"Hey Heero. Are you bored yet?"

"No. Not really. What were you thinking about?"

Duo smiled, "Nothing important."

Heero's brow shot up, "Oh? Are you sure?"

"Well, nothing really important to be concern about."

"Were you…" Heero gulped, taking a risk. "Were you thinking about what I said?"

Duo was shocked for only a second, but then he smiled sweetly and gave Heero a wink. "On and off. But like I said, nothing to be real concern about."

Heero gave his friend a grim look, "Why?" he grounded out.

Duo sighed, positioning his legs differently, and then folding his hands over them. "Because I'm trying to decide just how much I return that feeling." He looked over at Heero and smiled. "Ya know what I mean?"

Heero sat there in shock, trying to figure out just what happened. He let it sink in for a bit, and then decided to go with his gut feeling. He got on his knees and leaned around to Duo's front. They locked eyes for a moment before Heero moved forward and gently placed his lips onto his. After stiffening up, Duo began to slowly relax. He parted his lips a little, feeling Heero do the same as they molded their mouths together.

The kiss was close to perfect. It was gentle, sweet, and slow. Heero moved his hand to the back of Duo's neck and ran it up to the back of his head. He pushed Duo's head harder against his, roughing the kiss even more before quickly sticking his tongue into Duo's moist cavern.

Duo let Heero taste the inside of his mouth, shyly touching his tongue to Heero's. The kiss became more heated as time passed, as did the urgent touches. Heero ended up straddling Duo's lap, letting Duo fondle his backside and thighs. When the kiss finally ended, softly, Heero had his arms wrapped around Duo's neck; his face was still an inch away from Duo's. He took that opportunity and lightly placed another small kiss on the top of Duo's lips. Duo ran his hands up and down Heero's muscular back.

"So," Duo cleared his throat, "Shall we get down before the others come looking for us?"

Heero nodded, but leaned in to take Duo's lips again. "What about the stuff?"

"I'll just throw it down."

"Won't that make too big of a noise?"

"What's your point?" Duo smirked.

Heero sighed, "Never mind." He got up off of the one he loved, and then held a hand out to help him up.

"Quite the gentleman, are we?" Duo smiled. He took the offered hand and let Heero help him to his feet. Heero didn't say anything to the comment, but he brought Duo's hand up to his face and kissed a knuckle. Duo rolled his eyes, "I was being sarcastic, baka."

Heero narrowed his eyes, "I know."

Duo moved forward to plant a light kiss on Heero's nose and then darted away to grab his box of stuff. Not only were the books in it, but so was the junk that he found in the hope chest. Duo lifted it with little effort, and then dropped it through the attic's opening. It landed with a loud thunk when it hit the carpeted hallway.

"Oops." Duo grinned.

"Knock off that noise, Maxwell!" he heard WuFei shout.

"How the hell does he know that it's me?" Duo asked when he turned back around to Heero, placing a hand over his chest in a wounded manner.

Heero snickered, walking over toward the opening where Duo stood. "Because you're the only one that doesn't mind making noise?"

"Good point." Duo looked down and realized something. "Shit. The box is in the way! Um, ok, maybe you should go first since you're so adept in ladder climbing and descending. And then you could catch me!"

Heero ran a hand from the front of his hair to the back and shook his head, "You're impossible."

"But not impossible to love!" Duo blurted, surprising the hell out of Heero. He moved out of Heero's way and offered for him to go first.

Slowly Heero backed up to the short ladder and started to climb down. Duo watched him descend and then twist his body so that he landed next to the box. He kicked the box of junk out of the way and then stood there with his hands on his hips, waiting for Duo to start his way down.

Shaking slightly, Duo slowly began to climb down, using all his muscles to hang on. He made it to the last rung of the metal ladder and looked down to judge just how far down the floor was. He didn't feel like getting the bottom of his feet hurt, so he glanced over to Heero, who was looking rather smug about something.

"Um, a little help?" Duo asked nicely.

"You're not that far from the floor. Just drop."

"I'm not in the mood to feel any kind of shock on the bottoms of my feet. Could you grab me?" Duo smiled. He was having fun teasing the hell out of Heero. The poor boy was blushing rather hard now. "Please, Heero? You're strong enough to hold me, aren't you?"

Heero moved underneath the longhaired pilot and maneuvered so that Duo could sit on one of his shoulders. He grabbed onto Duo's waist as Duo slowly pushed off from the ladder. Instantly Duo's hands went to grip his shoulders, and Heero walked over to the box that he had kicked away. He lifted Duo off of his shoulder, and Duo used his body like a ladder as he climbed down it.

When Duo landed on his feet, he still had his arms around Heero's shoulders and his body was taut against Heero's.

"When will you stop teasing me?"

"Who me?" Duo smiled innocently.

Heero kissed the end of his nose, "Yes, you. I have been waiting and waiting for a straight answer from you, but all I get is mixed signals."

"What was the question?"

Heero closed his eyes and forced himself to be calm, "I told you how I felt. Now I wanna know what your answer is."

"That was a question? I thought it was a statement."

Heero shook his head, trying his best NOT to call Duo a baka. "I have been waiting for some kind of reaction from you…"

"A reaction? You mean like… I ask you out?"

"Something like that."

"Ok. Heero? Will you be my boyfriend?"

Heero's eyes light up, "Yes, I will."

"Ok then." Duo stepped out of Heero's embrace and bent over to pick up the box full of books and stuff. "Your first mission from your loving boyfriend is to help me put my stuff in OUR room. Sound good?"

Heero watched the man he loved walk off with his arms full, and sighed.

"Hai. It sounds real good." He stuck his hands in his pockets, following his koibito into their bedroom.




[1] It was starting to rain when I was writing this. I love the sound and smell of rain! ^_^