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~*~Blah blah~*~ flashback

The ceremony was perfect. The food was perfect. The presents were wonderful. Their friends were more than wonderful. And now, the moment that they have been waiting for has been nothing but perfect.

During the war, it was different between them. They discovered their love for one another, but they always had a job to do. And to get their job done, they had to concentrate solely on it. They didn't have time for a lot of dating or quiet time together to get to know each other better.

But tonight was different. There was peace, there was time, and it was just the two of them.

Carrying the longhaired boy easily in his arms, Heero kicked down the door to their hotel room that he had booked for a week. Duo had put his pride and his ego aside to wear the wedding dress, which was good in a way, because most of the people that attended the wedding were fans of the Perfect Solider, and those fans had children that have been saved by them during the war times.

With Duo's long hair and big round eyes, (and with the help of make-up) it was hard to tell that he was a man. At least to the kids it was. But to the adults, they knew. They recognized him as the pilot of the other Gundam that saved them all, and because of that, they dismissed it. It was because they were heroes, and during this day and age, it didn't matter who or what you were. All that mattered was what was in your heart.

Heero put Duo down on the bed, and then he wandered over to the vanity and began to undo his tie, then his cufflinks and set them on the dresser's counter. From the mirror, Heero could see Duo lift up his dress to slip off his ladies dress shoes, and then proceeded to unhook the bridal from his head. The sight caught Heero's breath as the long cascading hair was released from a clip, which kept it up in a flat ponytail.

"Hee-koi," Duo finally broke the sweet silence, "I cannot believe you actually kept your promise to me after all these years." He looked behind him at his hubby, one half of the pearl and gold gown slid off a bare shoulder.

Heero stared at him through the mirror, breath still caught in his throat from the vision before him. "Why wouldn't I keep my promise?" Heero finally answered.

"Well…" Duo smirked, "You are way too set in being manly. And just the fact that you're bi, and that you could have married Rele…"

"Duo!" Heero turned abruptly, "Please don't mention that close minded person again. Not on our honeymoon."

"I'm sorry." Duo looked away ashamed, "I guess she just made me envious how you always had to rescue her, and that she always followed you around…all that publicity and crap when I had to stay discrete about us. I'm sorry, I guess I was just overreacting." He wringed his gloved covered hands nervously, and then started to play with his newly placed diamond wedding band.

Heero had unbuttoned the top of his shirt and was suddenly in front of Duo. He crossed his arms, waiting for his Kanai to look up at him. Duo's head finally raised, his eyes looked full of sorrow, but the tears never came. That's what he had always expected from Duo. He was strong, like him. He's been through a lot of crap, like him.

"Duo, I told you this before when I made that promise and I'll say it again, in so many ways. Ai shiteru, I love you…very much, zutto, Duo Maxwell. And that is why I took your name. I know how much it means to you and I knew you'd like to keep it. But my name doesn't matter to me. It was just some dead heroes name. It was nothing really gratifying or too honorable to me. Please don't worry so much about me. I did what I said I would do."

"But, did the promise have to be so…oh, I don't know…ano…"

"Sudden?" Heero asked, wondering if that was the word.

"Actually, I was thinking…unromantic or something. The suddenness didn't bother me much, since it wasn't a for sure outcome for that mission we were doing."


The promise was something that Duo had kept in his heart years after the war, and even during the whole deal with Mariemaia and the Barton Foundation. They were in a battle together, Wing Zero and Deathscythe Hell, which was no surprise, only that it was more dangerous this time and the outcome of coming out alive was 3 to 1.

Before they broke away from one another to go and do their separate things, in order to make it out on time, Heero made Duo a promise.

"Remember when I rescued you from OZ?" Heero asked quickly over the intercom.

"Hai!" Duo responded just as fast.

"Well, I didn't kiss you for nothing, you crazy American." Heero said as he took more hits and then destroyed a few more dolls.

"I know that you love me, Heero. So what's that got to do with what's going on now??" Duo practically shouted. He thought that Heero had always kept his mind on the task at hand, but it seemed that since things were getting hairy, he must have something important to say otherwise he wouldn't have brought this all up.

"If we get out of this alive…Duo…I want to know if you'll marry me."

"Nani??" Duo shouted over the fuzzy intercom. He had to stop for a moment and slice away some mobile dolls before he could continue his sentence. "What are you babbling about Heero??"

"If we make it out alive, the both of us…then I promise I'll marry you. That is, if you'll accept my proposal." Heero blasted away about 8 mobile dolls in his wake.

Duo was utterly speechless, and the Wing pilot took it as a negative sign. Seeing that all was hopeless anyway, Heero dove into a nest of brand new MD's like he was going suicidal. Then suddenly, over the intercom, Heero heard a hysterical scream that had echoed through his mind ever since that day that they made it out alive.

"Yes, Heero!! Hai! Hai!! I'll marry you! Please, just don't die!!"

"So that wasn't romantic?" Heero asked.

Duo chuckled, "Well, for a Gundam pilot, I suppose it can be considered romantic in a way." he sighed, "In the middle of a battle field and outnumbered 50 to 1. Oh yeah, it was pretty romantic."

"You know," Heero sat down beside him, "You still haven't left your attitude behind with the war."

"OH?? And YOU have?" Duo snickered.

"Baka." Heero snorted, and then wrapped his arms tightly around Duo's waist. "It doesn't matter I guess." He kissed him on the nose, "I love you for who you are."

"Same here, Mr. Perfect Sweetheart." Duo grinned.

Perfect. That's the word that they considered the day was. It was sheer magic the way Duo felt; beneath Heero, moaning and panting, withering underneath him like he was dying from too much pleasure. Heero Odin Maxwell took him as his husband, or Kanai as Heero liked to call him, and now he gave him great satisfaction.

In return for it, Duo was giving him more than he thought he'd ever possess from the dark pilot. His cries and fingernails up and down the back was enough. This was something that he knew he could do besides protecting the Earth from more war threats.

He held onto his endearing Kanai; enjoying the warmth of the arms wrapped around his back, and his legs securely around his waist. His trails of kisses were hot as they made their way up and down Duo's neck and shoulder. And then, captured Duo's lips in a furious wrestling match for dominance. Duo let him win.

Just as magnificently as it started, it ended in the same manner, but with skin sheen with sweat and hips slightly sore. Heero planted one last kiss on his hubby before pulling himself out. He plopped down beside his koi, breathless and satisfied. Duo stayed on his back, legs shaking from the aftermath and chest rising and falling as fast as Heero's.

"You have made me…so happy, koi." Duo panted.

"Aa. You too, Du-chan." Heero gasped.

Duo rolled over on his side, facing his husband, and then curled up against him before sleep took over. But as the hours passed, Heero remained restless. His eyes did not yield to the darkness that was now covering his room.

Carefully, Heero pulled Duo away from his body and then sat up, knees to chest. He sat there for some time before dragging himself out of bed and made his way to the balcony, as he slipped on his boxers and his button up shirt.

The air was crisp and the stars were out, brighter than they have been in the longest time. It was either that or he just hasn't noticed them like this before. The wind felt so good on his heated skin that he decided not to button his shirt together. He leaned on the edge of the balcony, eyes focused at the night sky and crescent moon. The day was nothing but perfect, the night was very perfect, but something seemed to be bothering him. Yes, the Perfect Solider was bothered. And this time it wasn't because of the war, and it wasn't because of Relena, and it wasn't because of the other pilots; this was a matter of self-assurance. He has taken the one that he loved, the one he made a vow to all those years, and kept his word.

But what is love?

He's read it in many different dictionaries before. Love: woo, dote, desire, heart, enamor, liking, devotion, fondness, affection, sweetheart, intrigue, romance…

Romance. That was something that Duo had mentioned before about wanting his proposal to have been more romantic. The Perfect Solider…being romantic? What was he supposed to do? They were in the middle of a fight! Was he supposed to have Wing Zero go down on one knee, take a hold of Deathscythe's hand and then ask?

Of course, Duo would have probably gotten a kick out of it and said something like- "Oh yeah, and Deathscythe says yes to Wing too."

There really was nothing he could do at the time. But Heero was sure of it; Duo loves him for who he is. He should have known what he was getting himself into the moment he said yes. The moment that he shouted those words over the intercom to him before he smashed head-on with a horde of mobile dolls.

And what if Duo suddenly wants to adopt children? How'd that affect them? Maybe in the future he'd be willing to adopted one child. But right now? Who knows what will happen tomorrow. For all he knows, Duo could change his mind and file for divorce. Heero scowled at that thought. There's no way he would do that, would he? Duo's been waiting for this moment all of his life.

And so has he.

Heero was too deep in his own thoughts to have heard the balcony door behind him slide open. His eyes were closed in concentration; therefore, he didn't notice the shadow being casted over him. The balcony's glass door slid shut quietly; light patting of bare feet could be heard from behind.

"Hee-koi? Are you alright?" Duo joined him at the edge of the balcony, resting easily on one elbow, looking over at him questionably. Heero's eyes veered over at his Kanai meeting half asleep violet eyes.

"Hai. I'm fine."

"What are you doing out here in the cold when you could be snuggled in the warm bed by me?" Duo fluttered his lashes. He had a pair of baggy black sweats on and he also just threw on a button up shirt without buttoning it. His hair stayed down, a strand of it fell across one shoulder. Heero sighed at the mere sight.

"I couldn't sleep." He explained, and then looked back up at the starry sky.

Duo itched the side of his nose, "Yeah, sure…what else?"


"Don't play dumb with me, mister! I know that you could easily sleep anywhere, any time you wished! Remember when you fell asleep on the way to stopping Operation Meteor? And the many times that you slept in your Gundam? I know that there is something on your mind; otherwise, you wouldn't be out here right now thinking about it. You'd be all nice and warm, asleep, right next to me. Now wouldn't you?" Duo flashed him his usual grin.

Knowing that he's not gonna win the argument this time, Heero sighed in defeat, and then slowly began to tell him without any eye contact, "I've been thinking about…what you said before…about the whole proposal deal. I'm sorry that I asked at such an awkward time. I should have waited, but…I didn't think that we'd…"

"Heero, don't worry about it. I understand about the whole situation deal." Duo smiled, "Look, is that the only thing bothering you?"

"Well…I was also thinking…"

"Yeeeess?" Duo chirped.

"Well…I was thinking that…maybe in the future sometime we could adopt. But only if it was alright with you."

"Awww…Hee-chan!" Duo wrapped his arms around Heero, burying his face in his shoulder, "That is so sweet of you. And how appropriate since the both of us are orphans, why not adopt one, ne?"

"Hai," Heero's face turned crimson all of a sudden. Duo snuggled closer, and then ghosted his lips over his skin very carefully. Heero's ears turned bright red.

"What's the matter, Heero?" Duo cooed. "You're looking a bit… flushed."

"Hn." Heero tried to retain his composure, but the sweetness and gentle touch that Duo was inducing was making him even more crimson.

"I don't understand." Duo blinked a few times at his koi, "Why are you behaving like this? We just got done making love, but the second I get all sweet and mushy on you…" something hit Duo, and this time it wasn't a mobile doll shooting at him mercilessly. He derived a conclusion and that made him grin like a maniac. "Ne, Hee-koi? Don't you like all this sweet stuff?"

"Hnnn…" Heero shut his eyes tightly. Duo began to rub a hand softly across his back, and the result was an even redder Heero.

"Heero…" Duo bumped his shoulder on Heero's deliberately, "could you put your arm around me? I think I'm getting a tad cold."

Heero's eyes fluttered open, but he still stared out into space. He closed his eyes again, and then he moved his arm down at his side. It stayed there, and Duo watched it curiously.

Duo waited. And he waited. And he waited… Duo sighed.

Heero bowed his head "I'm sorry, Duo. I'm not very good at the romantic stuff. I don't understand why. I really do love holding you and being in your arms, it's just that…" he shut his eyes tighter.

"You're shy, aren't you? I mean, with the whole experience." Heero nodded. Duo smirked. "Well, blow me and call me the incredible inflated man! The Perfect Solider actually has a weakness!" Duo almost laughed. "I see now why you're so into the rougher sex! Sweetness makes you…as red as a tomato!"


"Awww…I'm sorry, Hee-koi. I'm not trying to make fun of you or anything. I think it's really cute." Duo grinned.

There was awkward silence for a while, but then Duo reached down and took Heero's hand in his and squeezed it firmly. Just as Heero's skin finally went back to normal, it began to burn again. Even when the light cool breeze picked up and blew past them, he was still warm to the touch. Duo shivered slightly, and Heero caught it out of the corner of his eye.

Finally, turning even redder, Heero took his hand out of Duo's and wrapped it around his waist. Duo returned the favor and they stood like that on the balcony, embraced, for what seemed like hours. But Duo broke the silence, as always.

"What did you wanna get if we do adopt?"

Heero looked over at his Kanai, forgetting about his embarrassment for a moment, "What do I want? Well, a child of course."

"I know, I know. I meant do you want a boy or a girl?"

"Makes no difference to me. Whoever we decide on that is at the orphanage. Why, did you want a specific gender?"

Duo waved a hand at him, "No, no…doesn't matter. I just thought that maybe you were thinking about getting a son or something. It's really up to you."

"Oh? It is, ne?" Heero raised an eyebrow. "Does that mean that you want a son?"

"It doesn't matter. Really." Duo reassured him, and then squeezed his waist tighter. Duo noted that Heero wasn't as red as last time. This is something Duo knew for sure that his hubby would get used to. He has always been a fast learner.

Heero smiled to himself. He can't believe how incredibly lucky he is to have such a wonderful Kanai. He decided on something, but it took a while for his feet to even move. Finally getting the feeling back from his knees down, he took a hold of Duo's hand and walked him back into the hotel room. With the biggest shocked statement he's even seen on his koi's face, he led him to their bed, and pulled the covers out of the way for him.

He took Duo's hands once more, and brought him down onto the bed with him. Duo's mouth was trembling; his eyes were wide, as Heero pulled him close. Heero slipped Duo's shirt off of him and threw it onto the floor. He slowly rubbed a hand up and down his well-muscled body, still slightly red in the face.

"Let me know if I'm too gentle." Heero whispered.

Duo snickered, "I'll do better than that, my husband. I'll let you know if I want you to get rougher."

Heero smiled.


~End~ ^___^ Neeee…how'd I do?