Title: I don't bite (hard)
Pairings: 1+2
Contents: Shonenai, sap, TWT, Heero POV, and a little something else (don't wanna spoil it. Don't worry, there's NO death.)
Notes: just some cute little fic that struck me. Yikes, I haven't done a POV in a long time. I'm slipping. ^_^
Date: January 13, 2002
Archived: too many places! ^_^ Ask and I'll give ya the addresses
Disclaimer: don't own any of the boys, tis sad

In the near dark, I watched as his hand moved up and down in even stokes. The whole thing glistened more; the more he continued the slow, lengthy stroking. I wanted to help him so badly, but I could only moan as I kept ogling his ministrations.

Once he finished, I sighed forlornly, wishing that he kept going. But he was finished for the night, and he leaned over and…

Put his brush back on his dresser.

I've always found myself watching him as he brushed his hair every night. It was so sporadic for him to take his hair down around anyone. This rare sight was like watching an exotic animal doing its daily rituals, to me anyway.

He quickly and easily braided his hair, and then with a groan he leaned back onto his bed with his arms above his head. He had a rough mission, and the first thing he wanted when he walked in the door was a hot shower and meal. When he was in the shower, I made us both something to fill our stomachs. He came out, licked his lips in that way that made me wish I could taste them, and instantly devoured my food.

Once we finished eating I took my shower, and this was where you first came in. I walked out of our shared bathroom and found Duo on his bed brushing his hair. I just couldn't help staring.

He turned over onto his stomach, sighing, and moved his head around like he had a kink in it. I don't understand why, but I felt bad for him. He doesn't have the physical stamina like me, and the tougher missions really take a toll on him. I suddenly found myself at the edge of his bed staring down. I don't remember my feet moving.

I finally realize that he's topless. Great, just what I need to help my nervousness. Did I say `nervousness'? I meant… situation.

Oh yeah, he's definitely a beautiful person. Course every time I try and tell him that, I get butterflies in my stomach. The words just wouldn't come out; I'm afraid that if I say something to him he'd take it the wrong way. So, I settle for admiring him from afar, and proudly state the fact that he's my best friend.

He turned his head and finally noticed that I was standing there. He looked up with the one visible eye (the other was buried in the pillow) and gave me a sluggish smile. I gave him a half smile back, the best I can do. For now.

"Hey Heero, buddy. Thanks for making supper. It was great!"

I nod, not really trusting my voice right now.

"You look kind of tired. You can sit down next to me you know. I don't bite… hard." He smirked.

"Huh?" I didn't quite understand what he meant by that. Did he really think that I was afraid that he would jump up and bite me?

"It was a joke, Heero. Geez…" he moved over, "Go ahead and sit, take a load off. I'll probably just fall asleep anyways."

"Um…" I want to make an excuse, but I couldn't think of one.

"Ah, whatever man, it's your body. You can abuse it if you wanna, ne?"

He shut his eye. Why was I refusing to sit next to the one who had captured my heart in a way that I don't really grasp? I decided to go for it before I lost my nerve. So I sit, ever so carefully, next to Duo on his bed. My weight made the bed dip down slightly, but it didn't seem to disturb Duo. His breathing, I realized, was getting more noticeable. Maybe it was because I was at a closer range that I could actually tell.

And then I did something that I regretted doing afterwards. I said something.

"What did you mean when you said that you wouldn't bite hard? I don't understand."

I think he was as surprised as I was. His eye snapped open, and then he shifted onto his side, propping his head on one hand, to look up at me.

"It's just an old innuendo. I'm only teasing ya."

"Innuendo?" now I'm really confused, "What does biting have to do with…" I think I blushed a little, as I thought of how I should word it. Should I say `sex' or `innuendos'?

Duo gave me this shocked look and then he went into giggling fits with his face in the pillow. I hate it when he laughs at me when I don't understand things. It makes me feel so foreign.

"Sorry about that, Heero. I didn't mean to laugh. I just keep forgetting that you're not very knowledgeable about that kind of stuff."

I waited for him to explain. He saw that `well?' look on my face, so he continued.

"Ya see, some people find it arousing when their partners bite them. Sometimes they just nip, barely scrapping their teeth across the neck or wherever. But when you're in such an erotic state, sometimes bites can feel good. And with some people, the harder you bite, the more sexually aroused you are." He blushed a bit, out of embarrassment… I think.

"So then…" I think I might be a bit flushed. Lovely. "If somebody… bit you on the neck… what would you interpret it as? An act of violence or intense flirting?"

Duo grinned sheepishly, propping his chin on his folded hands on the pillow, "I think that it depends on the `way' they bite. If they look all pissed off and they're trying to beat my head into the wall or headboard, or whatever, then I'm pretty sure they mean to do me harm. But," Duo sighed, "If they touched me in a certain way, and carefully placed their lips down onto my neck or whatever part of my body and started to gnaw, then I would understand that this person is trying to tell me that they're horny for my love."

I think I snickered, "Your love?"

"Well, how else am I supposed to say it? Horny for my sexy, gorgeous hunk of a masculine body?" he chuckled.

"So when you were teasing me about you biting, you were actually flirting with me."

Duo gasped. Hmm… I got something correct for once, ne, Duo? Then I remember all those other things he said to me. It made perfect sense now… he's been flirting with me for over a year now and I never caught on. I decided to test my theory.

"And that one time you said my body gives you wood… you meant wood as in an erection, didn't you?"

Wow. I've never seen Duo Maxwell turn that red before. Don't ask how I figured out that the statement `wood' was `erection', I half guessed. Looked like I was right.

"Ne… Heero… I was just… well, I just…"

"You were flirting." I said, stating the already obvious.

He only nodded. Well, well… Duo can be shy after all. I wanted to say more to him, but he was looking rather nervous about it, so I decided not to press any further. He also looked extremely stiff. His body was stiff I mean. Great, now I've got MY mind in the gutter! Should I get up and leave him alone, or should I make a fool out of myself and do something that would be completely NOT me?

He liked me. At least, that was what I was reading from him. Flirting meant you liked someone, and if he liked me and I like him, then why don't I press things further? His back had been bothering him during most of the day, and it looked like it wasn't getting better.

Stop blushing… stop shaking… work on his taut muscles… yeah, that's what I'll do. Duties number one and two were harder to do than I thought, but duty number three was happening before I could think twice. I moved my hands as skilled as I could, feeling him tense under my touch. I felt his sore and knotted muscles and kneaded them, making him moan into the pillow. There was a very tight knot in the middle of his shoulder blades, so I just stayed there and worked on that one spot. Duo gasped and groaned. I think I found the jackpot.

"Is this ok, Duo? Does it feel better?"

"Mmm…" Duo sighed in the pillow, "More… yeah…"

"Right here?" I put more pressure onto the knot.

"Oh yeah… ohhh… yes… that feels so good… oh god…"

I smiled. Yes, I actually smiled. Giving Duo this feeling, and making him moan, was making me feel good. But I needed more leverage. I needed to be able to reach all over his back, so I straddled him. He didn't seem to care, so I carefully lowered myself down to sit on his thighs. I would have sat on his butt, as much as I wanted to, but I wasn't sure if Duo would like that sudden contact.

"Oh Heero!"

This contact wasn't any better. My groin was digging into the crevice between his ass and his inside leg. He shifted slightly underneath me as if he was…

I blushed.

"Are you ok, Duo?" I asked, trying not to sound like I knew what I was doing to him. I knew damn well what I was doing, because I was doing it to myself.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Very, very fine." He groaned. I continued to massage his back, kneading the top part of his back now. He was tilting his head back and forth, as I kneaded higher. I suddenly found another knot on his neck, and I began to work on that as well.

"Holy shit, Heero! You're too good at this." He purred. At least, it sounded like a purr. Maybe I'm losing my mind.

"You're ok with this then? This contact?" I had to make sure.

"Oh, very much so! I've been waiting for you to touch me."

I swallowed a lump in my throat, how long the lump had been there is a good question.

Duo turned his head slightly, allowing me to massage a certain part of his neck. I looked down and watched him screw his eyes shut in pleasure. He was smiling from ear to ear, and for him it seemed possible to do that. That neck was tempting me; it had been tempting me for quite a while now. I wanted to lower myself down to that neck and taste it. I had no clue why; it was like some weird animal instinct. But if it was a type of instinct, why am I craving love for another male?

My eyesight lowered from his face to his neck. I was still slowly massaging it, but I was getting more and more enticed by that bare skin. Biting was a kind of affection, hmm? Maybe I should test his reaction. If he backhanded me, then I knew it wasn't a good idea. If I guessed correctly, then I will have myself a boyfriend. If Duo wanted to be my boyfriend, that is.

Ever so gently, I brought my mouth down to that neck, and I sunk my teeth in. Duo gasped.

"Heero! The hell??"

"Mmm…" I couldn't help reply, biting down a bit harder and sucking. I raised my lower half up more, rubbing it up against his backside. My increasing bulge went straight up his butt's cleft. He arched his body up off of the bed and groaned; I bite harder.

"Damn, Heero! Don't be drawing blood now!"

I let go of his neck to check on the mark I left on his neck. It was purple with red dots. I bent down again to lick behind his ear, and then at the shell. He shivered.

"So…" I breathed.

"So…" he mimicked.

"Was that what you meant by biting?"

He turned his body so that he was lying on his side. He propped his head up with one hand, leaning on his elbow, and looked up at me with the most adorable grin I've ever seen on him before.

"Something like that, yeah. You catch on quick."

I was about to tell him that I had been programmed to adapt to situations at a fast pace, but I figured that it wasn't really considered romantic by his standards, so I just went with a small smile and a nod.

I lowered a hand to brush across his stomach muscles lightly. I felt his skin jump underneath my touch, and then slowly relax. He was looking at me with wonder and confusion in his eyes. Those eyes were so hauntingly beautiful that I couldn't resist anymore and I brought my face back down to him. I closed my eyelids halfway as I softly touched my lips to his. His eyebrows shot up, but then he got over the shock quickly and shut his eyes. I followed suit and closed my eyes the rest of the way. I kissed him chastely, sweeping my lips on his lazily. He tasted just as good as he looked, and he smelt even better than before.

They say that sexual desire has a scent, and that when one got stimulated the smells get trapped within the pubic curls. They waft up and reach your nostrils, and once the scent got registered into the brain, it had a mirror effect, thus making the other person aroused beyond all belief. I think that was what was happening to me. Duo was so heady.

I dimly recall Duo opening his mouth when I felt his tongue sliding coyly between my lips. Without question, I opened my mouth to let him in. He was even sweeter than I anticipated.

When the kiss finally ended, he was turned all the way over on his back and looking up at me with lustful or loving eyes. I couldn't tell which it was yet. I looked down at him with what I was hoping looked like I care. That Duo is such a sweet man, you know that? He was trying his hardest to be modest and it made him even cuter. He put his hands behind his head and smiled at me. It looked like his eyes were twinkling.

"What?" I asked, curious to what he was grinning about.

He chuckled. It was very cute.

"You are the nicest best friend I've ever had."

"Oh?" I smirk, trying so very hard not to smile widely, "why is that?"

"Because you kissed me even though you have no real feelings for me."

"What??" I blinked, "NO feelings for… Duo, I have always had feelings for you, and I had been hoping beyond hope that you returned those feelings."

He looked like I just told him something completely off the wall because of how surprised his statement was. I took advantage of his flabbergasted state and lowered myself onto his body so that we were pressed tightly together. I felt both of our erections meet in our confines. I lifted my chin up and exclaimed happily,

"Bite me."



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