Hot cocoa and a fireplace
Contents: shonen ai, sap, Heero POV
Pairings: 2+1/1+2
Note: second story to my series "Solstice Nights". sequel to "Two fires equal one heart".
Date: December 14, 2000

My ears finally pick up a small noise coming from the baka who is now nestled on my lap. Duo Maxwell had fallen asleep.

I shift my weight just a little and he snuggled up closer. He must be afraid that I'll move him out of my lap or something. But I am almost done with my work and soon I will have to stir him awake.

As I finally finish with my work and turn the computer off. I look down in my lap and stare at his sleeping, grinning face. A couple strands of hair have fallen down around one eye. I suddenly find myself sweeping that strand away and tucked it back around his ear. Why can't I move him? I AM a lot warmer with him nuzzled up to me, though. But my body can take this cold. So why don't I want to?

That's simple. Because HE will get cold. "Kuso!" I whisper. But I should get that fireplace fixed. Could it be possible to fix the fireplace with him still in my arms? I accept that mission and stood up with my arms securely around him to make sure he didn't move around too much. I don't wish to disturb him. He must be dreaming something nice cause he's smiling and he whispered something under his breath.

I reach the fireplace and kneel down. One knee is holding him up but it's not enough. I must get him to wrap his arms up around my neck so he'll stay put. I grabbed one of his arms and swung it up to my shoulder. He suddenly clamped down around my neck with both arms. Well that was easy enough to do.

I began working on the fireplace. He's starting to squirm which is making it a tad difficult to work. "Hold still, baka." I tell him. He shook his head in his sleep and curled up closer. I snort at him. I slowly continue with my work.


It seemed like forever, but I have finally got the damn thing going. Now came the hard part. I have to wake him up. But I wish I didn't. "Duo." I shook him. "Duo, wake up."

"Hnnn…I don't want to." He mumbled.

"I fixed the fireplace and I need you to help bring in wood."

"Really??" When he got startled, I almost lost my grip. He noticed that he's still in my arms and we're by the fireplace. He looked around like he's been sent to another world or something. "The hell? I didn't even feel you move or anything!"

"I know."

"You kept me warm even while you worked on the fireplace? Why?"

"Waking you at the time didn't seem necessary. Besides that, it was a good challenge."

"You were keeping yourself warm too, weren't you?" he smirked.

"Never mind. Are you gonna help me or not?"

"Hai!" he smiled. He slowly got out of my arms and I feel cold again. I feel as if I've just lost half of my own skin. He stood up looking a bit refreshed from that nap. He lowered his hand down to me and then I finally realize that I'm still down on the floor with one knee. I take his hand as he helped me up. I can almost sense something here, like he actually did share my feelings. I'm probably imagining things. It must be the cold.

"Ready to trek out side? The wood's already cut, we just have to bring it in."

"Ok." He sighed. "Let's get this over with so we can get warmed up again!"

I smile to myself. Yes, get the work done and get warm again. With the fireplace or him I'm not sure. We reluctantly open the front door and start to wander out into the snowy land. I can actually feel the cold now. And it's not entirely from the weather. I'm missing something.

About a half hour later, we're finally done stacking the wood. I start to get the fire going. I can see Duo sitting down on the rug all huddled up in a ball and shivering. He's being so patient with me right now. I know he wished to get warm next to me again, but I have to get this thing going first. I find myself trying to get it working faster just so he won't be suffering anymore.

I get the fire roaring and I can see a giant grin planted on his face. He watched me with some amusement as I carry over a giant black kettle. I hang it over the fireplace.

"Oi, Heero…what are you doing?"

"I'm gonna boil some water. We need some to wash up with, don't we?"

"Hot water, huh?" he's got this mischievous look on his face. I wonder what he's thinking. He quickly got up and bounded for our small kitchen. I know for a fact he's up to something. I wonder if I'll like it.

He finally emerged with one arm holding some bottles of water, two mugs, a spoon, and a box that said "Swiss miss". It looked familiar. I've seen Duo have some before, but I don't remember what it was.

He sat down with a plop right next to me and handed me the bottled water. I open them all and pour them into the black kettle. I only hope that the fireplace will also unfreeze the water pipes and we don't have to keep using our bottled water. I watch him fiddle around with that box and open it up. He tossed me a package.

"Here ya go!" he smiled. "Something to warm us up!" I look at the package in my hands.

"Hot chocolate?"

"One of the best things to drink on a cold December day! And It's my favorite kind too! Milk chocolate! But we got to wait for the water to heat up." He pouted a little. I know I will probably get some kind of weird reaction from him, but I don't care, so I'm asking anyway.

"Are you cold?" I bit my lower lip. Will I regret this? He looked at me with wide eyes.

"Yeah, I'm freezing. Why?"

"Well," I look away and start to stare at the black kettle, which is starting to steam. "I saw you shivering and…well I figured maybe you wanted to get yourself warmed up again…" suddenly, out of nowhere, I get glomped by the braided baka.

"Thank you, Heero!" he smiled. He nuzzled right up to me. I pull a blanket over us both and we sit there in front of the fireplace. We stay like that for only a few minutes and then we each dip our mugs into the hot water. I put the cocoa mix in my mug. Duo is stirring his with the spoon.

"Only one spoon?" I ask.

"Don't worry. I'll stir yours next."

"I can handle stirring my own." I tell him. He nudged me gently with his shoulder.

"I'm gonna do it for you." Before I can protest, he's got the spoon in my mug and was stirring it up. I'd swear he's trying to be romantic or something. Of course, that's only my imagination.

I start to nurse my mug, with both hands wrapped tightly around it, keeping them warm. I can feel Duo shiver once in a while. Only our shoulder and hip are touching. It's no wonder that he's not completely warmed up yet. I decided that now was the perfect opportunity.

I slid an arm around his waist and pull him in closer. He sat there looking up at me with his mouth gapped open. I give him a small smile and cling my arm tightly around him. He's only a few inches away from my face now.

"Heero…I-I-I don't understand. Why are you doing this?" Just as he said this, I place my forehead against his. I can clearly see now that his intentions were true and that it wasn't my imagination. I can feel the warmth from his flushing and saw his cheeks turn crimson. I turn my face slightly to the left and my eyes drift shut. "Oh…Heero…"