Heero and Duo's second day

Warnings: Shonen ai, angst, silliness, Alcohol, OOC?
Pairings: 2+1, 3+4


Quatre's birthday party was going better than planned. Quatre wished for them all not to make such a big fuss over it, but they all insisted that they celebrated. After all, he is one of the main reasons they're still together. Of course, Duo wanted the finest foods and wines ever. He had about 6 shots of Quatre's finest white wine and was beginning to stumble around a little. Heero had to practically force him to eat something first before he began to indulge the alcohol. He didn't like the idea of the longhaired pilot getting himself wasted. He protested him and bugged him, but it was like telling Relena to leave him alone. It didn't work.

Duo stumbled into the room they shared that Heero has conveniently hid himself in to type on his laptop. With a glass still in hand and a crooked smile, Duo wanders over behind the busy typist.

"Oi!" he giggles at the Japanese word. "Oi, oi, oi!!"

"What is it, Duo?" Heero says not taking his eyes off the screen.

"Whatcha' doin' in here away fom da pardy?" he leans in close to his ear. "You're mishin' all da fun!"

"I'm fine, Duo. I had enough party time."

"Nah! There'sh alwaysh room fer pardy time!" Duo chugs the last gulp in his glass. Heero turns around just as he does this and makes a face at him.

"Duo, go easy on that stuff. You're gonna get yourself real sick."

"Iie, Hee…Heero-chan!" he giggles. "I con handle me liquor!" he hiccups.

"Don't give me that crap, Duo. You're wasted. And don't call me Heero-chan."

"Awwww! You're no fun!" Duo hiccups again. He steadies himself on the back of Heero's chair. "You…you don't even remember dat day we had when he were drest up az girls, do ya? Nah, you don't give a ripper, does ya?"

"I think you better go lay down, Duo. You're about to fall flat on your face."

"Nonshhenshhh…" he fumbles over the back of his chair a little more and his braid plops down on Heero's chest. He looks down at it as if it was alive and laughs. "Naught…naughty braid! You- you're dish-turbing H-Hee-chan! He'sh typin'!" Heero grabs the braid and throws it back into his face. "Oi! Hee-chan! Don't be so harsh on me braid! He learned hish lesshhon!"

"Duo, I'm not going to tell you again. Go lay down. Now!"

"No!" Duo giggles at his own disobedience to him. "And you can't make me!"

Heero turns around and gives him a steady glare.

"Oh? Is that so?" he gets up from the chair and grabs his shoulders.

"Eep!" Duo yipes as the perfect solider grips him harder than he anticipated and he forced him to lie down on the bed.

"Now stay there." He walks back to his computer.

"Oi! You're no fun!" Duo was about to protest more but then he suddenly realized that he was plopped down on "Heero's" bed, and not his own. He grins wickedly. "Aw, I suppose I'm a bit sleepy." He gets more comfortable and almost instantly falls asleep.

"Finally! Some peace." Heero sighs.


The party has finally broken down and there was a major mess for Quatre's servants to clean up. They were still getting paid for what they did, plus some overtime. Trowa ends up carrying Quatre to his bedroom. He has rubbed elbows and yapped to everyone at the party. Plus he's had a few drinks himself which really surprised Trowa, especially when he decided to try eating his birthday cake with no utensils or hands. He couldn't help himself as he laughed at the blonde pilot whom had cake and frosting all over his face. He had a strange urge to lick some of that icing off of his lips, but held himself back collectively. And plus he really didn't want an audience.

He met Heero half way in the hall. Heero was going to get something to drink, and Trowa had the passed out Quatre in his arms. Heero gives him a raised eyebrow.

"Is he alright?" Heero tries his best to sound remotely concern.

"Hai. He's just had a little too much to drink. But at least he didn't pack away as much as Duo! Poor Quatre here can't handle so much. But speaking of which…how is Duo?"

"He's passed out. I swear he's even more annoying when he's drunk."

"They say that the truth comes out when a person's drunk." Trowa laughs.

"Oh really? So what truthful stuff has Quatre blurted out?"

"Oh nothing much. Mostly on how much he loves us and that we're the best friends he's ever had. I wasn't always there with him during the party cause someone was always dragging him away to show him something or have him meet someone." Trowa gets a look as if a light bulb has lit up inside of his head. "So what about Duo? What true stuff did he blurt out?"

"He was mostly blabbering nonsense. But he kept calling me `Hee-chan' or `Heero-chan'. I told him to stop calling me that but he kept right on doing it. He was also talking to his braid as if it were a living thing! I swear that boy has some kind of reality problem. He talks to his Gundam, he talks to his hair…" Heero sighs. He finally realizes that Trowa still has Quatre in his arms and he excuses himself to go and get his drink he really needed for his throat. Trowa nods respectively and finally reaches the door to the Arabian's bedroom. He sets him down gently on his bed and it stirs Quatre awake. He looks around and notices Trowa's face looming over his.

"Oh…" he holds a hand to his head. "Where am I?"

"In your bedroom on your bed." Trowa says bluntly.

"Ohhh…" Quatre moans. "Why's the ceiling spinning?"

"Cause you had too much to drink, little desert camel."

"Hm?" he gives him a strange look. At first Trowa thought it was because of the strange name he suddenly blurted out. "I only had three shots…"

"Yeah, and that was enough. You can't handle as much as Duo- kun, you know."

"H-Hai…" he closes his eyes and holds his head. "He drinks like a…like a…"

"Fish?" Trowa finishes.

"Uhnnn...I was trying to be creative, Tro-chan."

"Um…" {there's that title,} Trowa ponders quietly to himself, {just like Duo did to Heero.} "I think you should get some sleep now. You'll feel better in the morning."

"I sure hope so." Quatre groans. "I really hate spinning rooms."

"Well, I'll see you in the morning."



"A whale! Duo drinks like a whale!"

"Ok, Quatre-kun. Whatever you say." Trowa snickers. As he watches Quatre silently slip into deep slumber, he shuts the light off. and as he begins to close the door he states, "Sweet dreams, little one."


Heero returns from the kitchen with a bottle of spring water in his hand. He walks into the room, which is very dimly lit. the way he likes it. He almost forgot that Duo was asleep on his bed and he gets a little startled at the sight.

{oh yeah.} Heero thinks to himself in Japanese, {I put him on MY bed. Oh well…} he wanders slowly to his computer and he suddenly stops himself. He peers back towards Duo's still form. {never had he been so quiet.} Heero snickers to himself. {sometimes I wish he were like that when he was awake.} he finds himself getting drawn towards his lifeless form. There's no bubble from the nose, no open mouth, no drool, nothing. Just his chest was rising and descending slowly. If not for that, he seemed almost dead. {yeah, he's Shinigami all right,} Heero agrees with himself, {as still as death… As deadly as death... As mysterious as death…} he reaches the edge of the bed. He watches as a tendril of hair silently falls around one eye.

It makes Duo's nose and eyebrow twitch and wrinkle. To stop the annoyance, Heero reaches down and moves the strand away carefully from his eye. The touch makes Duo tilt his head towards him, which makes his silky bangs fall around his face like a small chestnut cascade. He listens to Duo sigh and then smack his lips. again, the black-clad pilot was quiet.

"Hmn!" Heero whispers. "You're gonna have to move to your own bed real soon, little baka." He stands there by the bedside, thinking of a way to move him without disturbing his quiet slumber. Finally giving up on all possibilities, Heero grabs one of Duo's arms and slumps it around his shoulders. Duo's head limply falls on Heero's chest. He puts an arm around the braided boys' waist and proceeds to pick him up.

"Hunnh…" Duo mumbles. Heero automatically halts all movements and waits for his friend to fall back asleep. His head bobs and tilts every which way as if he's finding a more comfortable position. His eyes slowly flutter open, in which to try and locate a pillow, but instead he begins to realize that he's in someone's arms. "Wha-wha?" "Shh…Duo-kun." Heero whispers to him. "go back to sleep. I'm just moving you to your own bed." Duo's head tilts down again and he presses his cheek to the Wing pilots' neck.

"Nnn." He slowly speaks. "Non't wanna."

"Yes. You have to." He proceeds to lift him, but Duo proved to be a bit heavy at the time. He realizes that the baka has set his mind on staying and is using all the muscle he can muster up to weigh himself down

"Nnno…I'm stayin'…"

"Baka!" Heero says through his teeth. "you have no say in the matter right now. You're in no condition…" he stops as he feels Duo begin to shake and react with convulsions. Heero knows all too well what is going on and instead of lifting him up to move him to his bed, he quickly rushes him to their private bathroom. Duo reaches the toilet in time and hangs his head. Heero holds his braid back and begins to rub his back gently.

Finally once it's all over, Duo collapses down on the floor and holds himself up with one arm. He keeps shaking and his look is a tad pale. He looks up at Heero through his bangs with watery eyes.

"Thanks." He sniffs. Looking like he was at Hell for a short visit.

"No problem." Heero says after a short pause. "Now let's get you back to bed." He puts an arm around his torso and lifts him up gently.

"I knew you cared." Duo softly says. Heero slowly drags him back into their bedroom. He makes his way towards Duo's own bed and Duo plants his feet firmly to prevent them from going any further. "I don't want to go to my bed." He whines.

"Well that's too bad. You can't sleep in mine tonight."

"Why not?" Duo pleads like a kid.

"Because…because you need to be in your own bed. You're not a little kid, baka!"

"I don't want to sleep alone." Duo whines more. He hiccups slightly as he struggles with Heero.

"You'll manage. You're a Gundam pilot."

"Nnnnooo!" Duo slouches in front of Heero and leans up against him as hard as he can.

"Stop it, baka! You're gonna make me drop you!"

"Then hold me tighter!" Duo almost commands as if he were a general.

"Duo! If you don't knock it off I'm going to keep my old threat and kill you!" he lifts him up off the floor and carries him on his shoulders like a sack of potatoes.

"Can't I be with you tonight, just this once??"

"No! You have to sleep off the rest of your alcohol and you're not doing it in my bed!" Heero plops him down on his bed. Duo immediately curls up in a ball and faces away from him. He starts to shiver, and he hides his face in his pillow. Heero covers him up with his blankets and brushes a strand of hair away from his eye. "Good night, Duo. See you in the morning." With sadness in his stinging eyes, Duo closes them tightly and decides to take Heero's kindness and bitterness all the same.

"Ok." Duo says quietly in his pillow. "Good night, Hee-chan."


Tossing and thrashing his head back and forth, Duo moans from the tender touch of the tongue tracing down his neck and sternum. He gasps as the wet muscle reaches the middle of his chest and begins to trail over to the sensitive peaks. "Ohhh…" the hands run down his abdomen to the edge of his black boxers. The nimble fingers hook the edge and try to tug roughly as the lips press evenly downward. "God… don't stop…"

Duo wakes up with a shudder. He sits up in the darkness, rubbing his eyes frantically and groaning at the sudden interruption. He scans the room and his eyes finally focus from the small moonlit area. The dim light shines from their one window and is casted upon Heero's bed. The perfect solider is fast asleep. He peers over at his alarm clock and sees that it's 3:21 AM. Still slightly half asleep, he unconsciously sits up on the edge of the bed and begins to feel his footing. He groggily stands up and wavers over to Heero's bedside.

Not even bothering to pause, Duo moves part of the blanket away and crawls inside. So silent, so catlike, Duo doesn't disturb his sleep. It's either that or Heero's mental alarm doesn't go off. The familiarity of his essence keeps him asleep. Now if it were a stranger or attacker, Heero would be wide-awake and ready to kill. But Duo's presence didn't alert the Wing pilot and he continued to slumber.

Duo fluffs the pillow underneath his head and lies there for a few minutes. Finally he turns around and begins to cuddle up next to Heero. He falls asleep.

Unknown to the both of them, Heero's arm drapes over Duo's body and pulls him closer. He leans his cheek into Duo's soft locks and breathes a sigh. His breath moves a tendril of Duo's bangs and makes him bring a hand up and itch his eye. He mumbles some words under his breath, which sounded like "stop teasing me, Hee-chan." Then he buries his face in the nape of Heero's neck.


Hours later, Heero's alarm goes off. Duo's silently curses it and falls back asleep. But Heero wakes up. He reaches over and shuts the alarm off. He lies there for a few moments and then suddenly realizes that the reason why he's so warm is because there's another body in the bed. He looks down at the sleeping Duo and curses him quietly. Duo seemed to perhaps hear him and mumbles something in his sleep. He curls up against Heero again.

"Duo, you big baby!" Heero claims somewhat quietly. Suddenly images of that one-day come swimming back. Images that he was wishing he'd forgotten or never did-their first kiss. Which of course he made the first move to do. "Baka…" he says to himself. "I'm such a baka…why did I ever…" he looks down at the still sleeping form snuggled up closely to him. His question was immediately answered. Heero brushed some of his feathery bangs away from his eyes. He continues to lightly stroke his forehead, making sure that the hair stayed in place so it was not to fall around his eyes again. He was about to lean down to his forehead, but then he quickly stops himself and scowls. "I should get up." That phrase was somewhat right at the time. He carefully moves Duo's body away from him and stands up to get dressed.

An hour later, Heero was busy at his computer. He had already washed and dressed. No spandex this time either. He had his blue jeans on, with his green tank top and his jean jacket. He sips his hot coffee in which he had quickly gotten downstairs before he started his work. The sweet smell of shower from their bathroom finally reaches Duo's sensitive nose. He slowly begins to open his eyes and becomes award of the clickity-clacking of the keyboard. He inhales the musk and soap that filled the room. He peers over and sees Heero at his computer typing away.

He suddenly got a grinchy idea.

He knew he was in Heero's bed. And how he got there in the first place was a slight mystery. He doesn't recall waking up and moving into his bed. He was also wondering why Heero didn't wake him up and make him go back to his own bed.

Perhaps that's what drove the Wing pilot to get up and start work? Whatever the reason, he's glad he didn't get after him. After all, it wasn't entirely his fault. He moved around a bit to see if Heero could hear him over the clacking of the noise he was making. He watched as he became slower in his typing as if he was becoming in tuned with a background noise. OK, Duo thought to himself, he can hear me over here. Let's see how well he can hear me. He chuckles to himself and begins to stage his act.

"Uhhhnnn…Heero…" he quietly moans. He pauses a while and waits. Heero was continuing with his typing. He senses that Heero could just barely make out what he was saying. He starts to say it a little louder. "Uhhnnnn…Heero…" Success! Heero has almost stopped typing. He can hear the clacking of the keys slowly continue.

"Ohhhh…god Heero!" he says slightly louder. Each time he did this he got a little louder every time. Duo stopped himself for a moment. He remembers that he's supposed to be sleeping and it was getting to sound more and more like he was awake. He brings his moans down a tad and pretends that he has once again descended into the darkness of slumber. Heero's typing has completely stopped. Duo fidgets around with the covers and turns himself around so that his back was to Heero. He moans again but this time it was very quiet.

Heero was finding himself removing his jean jacket. He drapes it over the back of his chair. His pants were beginning to chafe just a bit. Which `pants' were another story. (sorry, pun play) He fumbles around in his chair to try and get comfortable. He can hear Duo slightly moaning again. This time it must stop! He walks over to the American and grabs his braid. He tugs it slightly.

"Hey! Duo! Wake up! Time to get up!" he tugs his braid a little harder.

"Oi!" Duo shouts as he sits up. "What's the big idea?" he rubs sleep out of his eyes.

"Time to get up and take a shower." He grabs him by his arm. "Right now!"

"Wha?? T-together?"

"No, baka. I already had my shower. It's your turn."

"Alright! Alright!" Duo woozily wanders to the bathroom door. "You did leave me some hot water, right?"

"Yes I did, Duo."

"Good. I hate cold showers."

Heero's eyes seem to light up. "I know you do."

Minutes later, Heero walks into the bathroom suite and uses the toilet. He grins widely to himself. He had a feeling the coffee he had would make him want to go some time. Duo seemed oblivious to the fact that he was in there. But not for long as Heero grabs the handle to the toilet and flushes.

"YAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! HEEEERROOOOO!!" the cold water sprays him all over and Duo backs up to the edge of the tub. "YOU SON OF A… YOU BASTARD!! YOU'RE GONNA PAY FOR THAT!"

"I thought maybe you needed to cool off from that dream that you just had. I'm only doing you a favor."

"Dream?? What dream, you gun-happy baka??" he says as he sticks his head out of the curtain.

"The one that you just had before I woke you up. You were moaning my name."

Duo's eyes went wide. Pretending to be shocked by the situation, Duo puts his head back into the shower. He carefully tests the water to see if it's changed back to being warm. Once it has, he happily steps back under the warmness.

"I was NOT moaning your name!" Duo states, pretending to be in denial.

"Oh yes you were. I distinctively heard it myself. And my ears never lie."

"I don't remember it very well though." Duo says, sounding like he's defending himself.

"I'm sure the dream will come back to you. After all, you wouldn't lie to me, would you, Duo?"

"Eep…" Duo says quietly to himself. There was a long pause between them. As Duo finally washed out all the shampoo from his hair and began to apply the conditioner he states. "Well, I do recall some things, but that is none of your business!"

"Oh? None of my business huh? Even when it's my name you're moaning and groaning?"

Duo is starting to regret that he ever did his little joke. What was really embarrassing was that before he found himself in Heero's bed, he was actually having a dream about him. That dream was a bit more vivid than he's letting on about the one he was faking. His face was becoming bright red with the thoughts.

"What do you want me to say? You want me to give you details or something? You haven't even talked to me about that damn kiss you gave me! So why should I even talk to you about my personal dreams?"

"That kiss…" Heero mumbles under his breath a little. "I think that kiss was a mistake."

"What??" Duo peeks out of the curtain again. Conditioner was clearly everywhere on him. His chestnut hair was falling all around and sticking to his chest. It made Heero's heart skip a few beats. "What do you mean `a mistake'?? The perfect soldier doesn't make mistakes! Am I right??" Heero looks away. Duo huffs and returns to his shower. "I think you're really full of it!"

"Duo! Don't start with me! It's too early in the morning!" Heero walks out of the bathroom and shuts the door.

"It's always too early in the morning!" Duo complains to himself in the shower.


Finally done with his shower, Duo wraps a towel tightly around his waist. He tries to pull his hair back out of his way the best he can. He grabs a brush and wanders over to the edge of the bed and sits down. Heero turns around in his chair and sees Duo sitting on his bed with a brush in hand and his hair off to the side. Duo slowly starts to brush through it as carefully as he can. He feels some eyes on him and looks up to see Heero staring. Heero acts a little shocked by getting caught in the act and turns around back to his computer.

"You can watch me if you want to, I don't care."

"Nah, that's ok. I gotta get this mission report done."

"Which one was that?"

"The one where we destroyed that main artillery base."

"Oh yeah. That one. That mission was actually fun for a change."

"It could be because it was an easy mission."

"Easy? You call taking on over 200 MD's easy? Well, I suppose you can call it easy if you're the perfect solider." Duo smirks.

"Knock it off, baka. Just shut up and do your hair, and then leave!"

"Do you know how long it takes for me to do my hair? It's unbelievable! It takes me almost 45 minutes! That is if I do it myself it takes that long. I had my friend Solo help me once. It only took about 25 minutes that time. And I didn't even have conditioner then. But now that I do, it might take me a shorter time. But doing it myself will still take a while…"

"Do you want me to help you?" Heero suddenly turns around.

"Um…sure! Why?"

"So you can get done sooner and the sooner it's done the sooner you can go downstairs to eat and leave me alone!" he walks over to the back of Duo and sits down on the bed. "give me your brush." He puts a hand out over his shoulder. Duo happily hands the brush to him.

Heero begins to fan out Duo's hair in front of him. He runs his fingers through it evenly, trying to get out a lot of the small knots. Carefully he starts from the top of his head and lightly begins. Brushing him was somehow soothing, almost relaxing. All the knots were now out of his hair but Heero continued to comb through the Deathscythe pilots beautiful brown hair. Duo was enjoying it immensely and making satisfaction noises every time he ran the brush's bristles through the entire length.

Heero began to start running his fingers through as well as the brush. Switching back and forth from the brush in his right hand to the fingers on his left. It was almost as if he was petting him. And Duo seemed to purr and the effect was taking a toll on the Japanese. He slowly began parting the hair into three sections, making sure that not one hair was out of place. It has now been about 20 minutes of brushing time. Duo has noted that Heero was actually taking his time. This brought a slight smile to his heart shaped face.

Heero finally starts braiding his hair. The silky strands flow nicely through his fingertips, making his hands feel almost like they were being lotioned and cared for. Duo takes the brush from the side of him, which Heero laid down, and does his bangs. Heero snaps a rubber binder into place and begins running his fingers through the ends of the braid. Why he can't stop doing that is a mystery to him. Duo turns around slightly and notices the hara-kiri pilot still playing with his hair.



"I think you're done." His round eyes continue to stare blankly into Heero's. Surprisingly Heero smirks at him and shakes his head.

"Iie. I don't think so." He pulls Duo back into his body with his braid. He wraps it possessively around one hand. Duo now lays back on him with his head on his chest. He looks directly up at him with a surprised statement. Heero looks down into those violet irises and smiles. "the perfect solider doesn't make mistakes. And I have not made one single mistake with braiding your hair. Nor have I made a mistake with anything I have done in a mission and that includes dressing up as a girl, and saving a child's life." He curls an arm around the braided boy's chest and pulls it up under his armpits. Duo keeps staring dumbfounded into his cobalt eyes. Finally, he gulps down the lump in his throat and inhales.

"So does that include the kiss you gave me?"

Heero smirks and leans down to his face. They are now nose to nose, and his heat and scent makes him blush out of control.

"Hai." Heero breathes. He moves his head to one side. "It does include the kiss. And this one as well." He softly plants his lips onto his. Duo's cheeks and jaw start to tremble slightly. His face turns a more pinkish hue. He opens his mouth for him. Letting him taste him fully and properly. Their tongues were now colliding and wrestling. Duo brings his arms up and wraps them around Heero's neck, pulling him into the kiss deeper. A small drop of saliva slips down from the corner of Duo's lip and slides down his chin. Hungrily Heero darts back and forth on his lips, and his eyes open slightly to catch a glimpse of the drool on the side of the American's lips. He moves and laps it up with his tongue and trails all the way back to his lips, shaking, taking them again and tracing his tongue around the roof of his mouth and along the insides.

Duo was now panting and his heat was rising so fast that he felt as if he was about to self detonate. Heero grabbed a hold of him with both arms now and bounced him on his bed, landing on top of him. Not missing a beat he continued with his kiss while placing his hands on the back of his head and roughly pushing him in further. To both of their surprise, Duo was the one who broke the kiss, gasping for air.

"W-wait, Heero. I don't understand..." Duo gasps as Heero leans down to his neck and gives it a small nip. Heero almost seemed to ignore Duo as he continues to invade his neck with kisses and nibbles. "Heero?"

"Hm?" he nips Duo's sternum a bit harder than anticipated and Duo yips a little. "Oh. Gomen." He starts to kiss that spot that he hurt with light kisses. "What were you saying?"

"I was s-saying th-that I don't u-unders-s-stand…"

"You don't understand?" he looks up into Duo's loving eyes. "do I really have to explain myself? Can't I show you without words?"

"I-I guess. You're doing that r-rather well. You w-were always good at s-s-silent conversations…"

"Damn right." He trails kisses back up to his face and nibbles his chin. He goes up and grabs a hold of his bottom lip and sucks on it lightly and then takes his whole mouth. He releases his kiss and then stares into his eyes. "So what am I telling you right now?"

"That you wanna be mine?"

"Well what do you know? Americans can be taught."

Duo starts to laugh hysterically. "And Japanese can be smart Asses!"

(End of story^_^)