Heero and Duo's day

(Note: Heero and Duo are NOT a couple to begin with in this story. It's basically on how they first find out about the way they feel.)

"Heeeero!" The voice over the intercom whined. "I have to use the bathroom!!"

"Why didn't you think of that before, baka?" Heero grit his teeth at both the braided boys comment and the fact that he was also slicing another Leo in half.

"I never had to go before that's why!"

Being very riled about the whole thing, Heero grunts loudly, letting the Deathscythe pilot hear him clearly. "Why don't you learn to control it like I do?"

"I know how to control my own bladder!" Duo half shouted and half whined. "It's just that right now, for some reason, I can't hold it much longer!"

Heero finished slicing the last of the Ares that have somehow showed up without him noticing before. He turns Wing towards the shinigami pilot and sneers. "Ok! We have time now! Make it quick!"

"That's how I usually make it!" Duo teased. He rushed out of his Gundam and sprinted to the nearest bushes. Heero could only see the back of him and the weird movements of him undoing his fly and whipping it out. Heero turned his wrist to his face and watched the small hand on his watch. Not even a minute later, he looks back to where Duo was and noticed him climbing back into his Mobile Suit.

"Ok, we're done for now. Let's go home." Heero turned around to start on his jets to fly away but Duo stopped him with a shout of his name. Heero reluctantly turns back to face the braided baka to see what he wanted. "What is it, Duo?"

"I'm really hungry! Can we go somewhere to eat before we head home?"

"You can eat when we are home!"

"I want something different." Duo states almost as if he didn't hear Heero.

Heero let out an annoyed sigh. "Like what?"

"Er…I'm not too sure. What are you in the mood for?"

"Me?" Heero blinked.

"Yeah…I mean…you have a say in it too since you're eating with me." Duo positioned his head down and blinks a couple times. "You `are' gonna eat with me, aren't you?"

"Hn…" Heero grunted. Duo wasn't sure if that was a yes or a no exactly.

"Is it alright if I can have a straight answer for once?" Duo sighs.

"I suppose we can." Heero says after a short pause.

"Thank you." Duo smiles.


Heero and Duo stop at a small café just outside of their town. They have left their Gundams in the forest about 40 miles just in case they need them. The café didn't look too busy and the aroma of food made it's way to Duo's nose in an instant. Heero could see a line of drool coming down the side of his mouth.

"Yeah! Let's eat here!" Duo started to skip towards the entrance when Heero grabs his braid and pulls him back.

"Wait you baka!"

"Hey! What's the big idea, Heero?" Duo possessively grabs his braid back.

"Don't go rushing in just yet." Heero peers over to the café's entrance.

"Why…" Duo turns and looks where Heero's eyes are staring and they see three people sitting down on one of the outside tables. They seem to be talking and laughing about something. "Oh!" Duo brings his voice to a whisper. "Those are OZ pilots! What are they doing here at this neutral town?"

"Who knows? Unfortunately we can't kill them. They're in pacifists area and we can't cause any casualties to anyone who's not involved."

"So then what do we do? We can't starve because of them! I forbid it! My stomach forbids it!"

"We're gonna have to go in disguise."

"Huh?" Duo tilts his head. "How?"

"Back to the Gundams." Heero grabs his arm and drags him back towards the woods.

Minutes later they arrive back to the café with their disguises. Unfortunately, Duo doesn't like his clothing at all.

"This is Soooo humiliating!"

"Quit your whining." Heero walks up to the entrance of the café with a loose fitting dark blue suit and a black small tie. It almost looks like his school uniform. He takes his shades off and places them in his right breast pocket.

"Why do I have to get stuck being the girl??" Duo peeks out from behind Heero. He's wearing a black and red dress with gloves that go up to his elbows and his long chestnut hair is done up in a red bow and flows down to his waist. His high heels are black with little roses. The only available outfits were a suit and a dress. You can pretty much guess how Heero got his way.

"Shut up and grab my elbow. You wanna eat don't you?"

"Yeah! But I don't eat like a lady! You know that!"

"You'll adapt." Heero leads him into the café. "Just remember to act like a lady at least."

"Yeah…easy for you to say." Duo begins to wobble in his high heels. A waiter greets them both and leads them to an empty table. Unfortunately it's right next to the table with the three OZ pilots.

"This is not good." Duo whispers close to Heero's ear.

"Just stay calm." Heero picks up the menu and begins to scan it.

"Would sir and madam like something to drink?" the waitress asks. Duo growls a bit under his breath.

"Yes…" Heero states with a little too much amusement in his voice from hearing her call Duo a madam. "I'd like a coffee."

"Sugar or cream?"


"And for madam?"

Duo snorts a little. Heero jabs him with his elbow. "Er… lemon iced tea, please." He says in his best girl voice.

"Of course. I'll be right back." The waitress flips her pad of paper over and skips back to the kitchen.

"I don't like this." Duo whispers with his normal voice.

"Just behave yourself." Heero peers over at the other table as he notices the three OZ pilots ordering drinks. They start laughing and flirting with their waitress. Heero scoffs quietly at them. "Bunch of animals." Duo looks over at what Heero's talking about and nods his agreement.

"If they get too juiced up they won't stand a chance in a fight." Duo notes.

"Mmhmm." Heero nods kind of happily. The waitress finally comes back with their drinks and the dinner menus. She flashes Heero a flirtatious smile. Heero ignores it.

"Our special this evening is Hasenpfeffer." Duo makes a small, grossed out face. Heero pats him on the back.

"Are you ok, madam?" the waitress asks.

"Er…" Heero decides to speak for him. "She loves rabbits."

"Oh! I'm terribly sorry! I didn't mean to upset you ma'am. It's just that it's my job to tell customers what the specials are."

"It's alright. I'm fine now." Duo says quietly in a girl voice.

"Good. I'll be back in a while to get your order." As she leaves Heero notices that one of the OZ pilots was pointing and eying Duo up and down. Heero smirks.

"Don't look now, `Duo-Chan', but one of the OZ pilots has a crush on you."

"Oh good lord!" Duo hides his face in his hands even though his back is to the pilots. He peeks his eyes out from his fingers to look at Heero. "Do you think they'd try anything if you're here?"

"You never know. They're all drunk and stupid right now." Heero smirks again. "And you do make a cute girl." Heero's joke would have been funny if it wasn't for the fact that it made him more embarrassed. He can hear one of the OZ pilots mumbling something to one another and then the sound of a chair being moved out of place.

"Kuso!" Duo mumbles in his hands, "One of them is coming over here, isn't he?"

"Hai." Heero sounds calm but Duo can tell he's holding back some laughter.

"And he's right behind me now, isn't he?"


"Hello there, gorgoush…" the pilot shlurs. He puts a hand down on the table next to Duo and leans in close.

"Back off." Heero snarls.

"Aww…am I making your boyfriend jealoush??" he breathes on Duo. Duo gags a bit from the smell of alcohol. "You don't desherve shomeone sho lanky and shmall. Wouldn't you rather have shomeone shhtrong and mushhhcular like me?" Duo has no clue on how to approach this predicament. He recalls Heero telling him to just act like a lady. So he goes with it. He'd rather do that then get caught.

"Heero…" Duo pleads in a very cute girl voice. Heero stands up and slams his hands down on the table.

"I said…BACK OFF!"

"I don't hafffta lishen to you!" the OZ pilot weaves over to Heero's face and yells. "I'm an OSH Shhhpecialist! I'm higher rank than you shhivilian!"

"That doesn't mean you can just hit on any girl you want!" Heero sneers.

"Oh yeah? Watch me!" The pilot grabs a hold of Duo's waist and pulls him to him. He licks the side of Duo's face.

"Oh Yuk!!" Duo shouts. Surprising the hell out of the pilot, Duo jabs him in the ribs and slaps his face.

"You damn animal!" Heero shouts. He leaps out of the chair and grabs a hold of the OZ pilots' throat. He knows that he can't kill him in this pacifist area, but he knows he can beat the crap out of him! "I told you to leave her alone!" All the OZ pilots now get up from their seats and run over to see the commotion. One of them begins to laugh at the poor guys' expense. The other one snarls and decides to join in on the fight. He grabs a hold of Heero's leg and whips him off of the other. Heero jerks back and kicks the other pilot square in the head. The one that Heero was choking finally finds his radio and starts calling in some reinforcements. Heero takes that as a bad sign and grabs Duo by the wrist. Duo whines about how he never got to eat and starts blaming it on the OZ pilots and cursing up a storm cause his stomach was still empty.

They run out the café before anymore can happen. Duo cursed and mumbled the whole way about how the high heels were killing him. Moments later the reinforcements arrive and the three pilots tell them what happened. A bit of a white lie on their part cause they left out the part where the one was hitting on some girl. Believing to be sided with the colonies, the leader of the group dismisses his troops to go and search for them. He already gave them details on what they look like and which way they were headed. They all saluted and gave their affirmatives.


Their first instincts were to head straight for their Gundams. Once they reached the outer part of the forests' clearing, they spot about five or six Leos. Taking evasive action, Heero pulls Duo behind someone's well and ducks down. Their backs are to the houses' wall and a shadow casts nicely down on them.

"Well this just sucks!" Duo huffs. "We can't even get to our Gundams!"

"Shhh!" Heero puts his hand over his mouth. They watch as the Leos stand their ground like they're barricading the forest. "They're standing watch like guard dogs. We can't get to our Gundams without them seeing us."

"What other choice do we have?" Duo whispers.

"We have to double back to town."

"Nani?? Are you crazy? Those OZ pilots are still looking for us!"

"They're looking for a girl with long brown hair and a guy with a blue suit. They aren't looking for `us'." Duo studies Heero's face trying to figure out what he just said and finally understands his words.

"Ok, but our clothes are inside our Gundams! How are we supposed to get them to change?"

"I didn't suggest that we change back to our regular clothes."

"Huh? What do you mean then?"

Heero looks at Duo as serious as he can possibly get. "Strip."

Duo gulps. "Na…Nani??"

"You heard me." Heero continues with his serious look.

"You owe me!" Duo huffs as he lifts his dress up over his head. Finally down to his slip, he watches as Heero does the same thing and takes off his suit.

"Come on! All of it. I need your slip." As much as Heero hated to do it, they needed to switch clothing. Duo got to put his hair back into a braid, but Heero had to get used to the high heels, which were a tad bigger than his feet. "This isn't good. These shoes are too big. I'm gonna have to go bare foot."

"You can't do that, Heero." Duo smirks and places his tie fittingly. "A lady would never walk around without her high heels."

"I had no idea your feet were this big."

Duo chuckles at that thought. "You have no idea, buddy." Heero put on the last touch to his outfit by pinning on the earrings. They both walk out and back into the town. Heero put his hand on Duo's elbow. They casually walk back to the café but find that the general of the group is still there as is a bunch of OZ troops and their mobile suits.

"Now where should we go?" Duo asks.

"We gotta slip past all the OZ troops and find a way to our Gundams." Heero whispers.

"That shouldn't be too hard. Sneaking is one of my specialties!"

"We must hurry. It's almost nightfall."

"Ok! Ok! Don't get your undies in a bunch!" Duo laughs.

Heero jabs his elbow into his side. "Very funny, baka!" As they make their way through town it seemed to be a piece of cake. The crowds and soldiers haven't really suspected anything as they both meandered through the people. Heero reminds Duo to stay close just in case one of the OZ pilots recognize their faces. All seemed well, until a little girl stepped in front of a very fast moving vehicle. Duo at first didn't notice until Heero bolted away from him and as he went running his high heels got kicked up into Duo's face. Duo clumsily caught the shoes and becomes dumbfound as he watches at what Heero was doing. Seeing him heading straight for the middle of the road, Duo thought he has gone nuts. Then he finally notices the little girl and the quickness of Heero's rescue.

As he grabs the girl from right under her feet and got her out of harms way, the long dress gets caught under the wheel of the heavy vehicle and tears it all the way off as he finally gets to the other side of the road. The girl is quickly picked up by someone who assumes to be her mother and then gasps as she realizes that Heero was now only in his slip and that SHE was really a HE. All of the OZ troops turn around and stare.

"Kuso!" Duo shouts. He runs as fast as he could to the other side of the road to stand next to Heero. "Looks like we're gonna have to fight our way after all!"

"We can't!" Heero yells back.

"Why?? What other choice do we have?? We can take them on!"

"Not really!"

"Why's that? The perfect solider gotten scared on my all of a sudden?"

"No. My gun is in my other suit."

"Nani?? Why didn't you tell me before??"

"If we ever got caught carrying a weapon in a pacifist area we would be considered terrorists."

"Oh yeah." Duo gives a short silly grin and then turns back to normal. "Didn't think of that. Well then now what?"

"We run."


"Run!" he grabs Duo by the arm and drags him to a near by alley.

"You crazy baka! They'll follow us!"

"Not if I can help it!" Heero shouts as he kicks over trash cans and pushes big heavy trash bins in their way. The troops start blasting away at the garbage to make a path. "Follow me!" Heero climbs up a stairwell and Duo does as he's told and follows him right up. They jump from balcony to balcony and make their way to another alley. Half of the troops have lost them. The other half finally found their trail. They continue to chase them down the new alley.

"They're still behind us, Heero!" Duo shouts from behind him.

"I'm on it." Heero leaps up to another stairwell that leads straight up to the top of the roof. Duo follows right behind him. It's as if he was being easily towed.

"Heero…" Duo says panting a little. "Aren't you cold?"

"No. Why?"

"You definitely need clothes."

"Yes I know. I'll find some."

"I sure hope so." Duo snickers. "You look kind of silly with just a pink slip on."

"Well so did you." Heero actually teases back. Duo was taken aback for a second. Then he smirks at him.

"You are something else, Heero Yuy."


As nightfall finally began to hit, the OZ troops took out their flashlights. Scanning the alley, they miss two shadows running through the alley right next to them. The two Gundam pilots finally find a really skinny alleyway. Heero beckons Duo to follow him and they squeeze through the tight little spot with their backs to the brick walls. They start going in deeper and find that the alley has gotten smaller. They were about to make their way back once they noticed that they couldn't go any farther, but a pair of flashlight beams stopped them in their tracks. They both crouch down low to avoid the troops little searchlights. There wasn't much room at all. They found their knees touching the opposite sides of the wall.

"Stay down." Heero whispers and grabs a hold of Duo's head pulling it down in between their knees. This was so dangerously close that they could both hear each other's heart going like mad. Duo's back was beginning to ache in this position. He starts to twist around to find more room. "What are you doing, baka?"

"Trying to find a more comfortable position."

"You get what you take. It's either that or get caught."

"I can hardly breath."

"You're breathing fine."

"Well how do you know that?"

"Cause I can hear it."

"It's still not easy."

"Shh! Get your head down." Heero grabs his braid and pulls it downward. Duo grunts his disapproval for the use of his hair but quickly agrees as he sees from out of the corner of his eye the troops spotlight. Duo now has his legs right in between Heero's and it was getting way too close for comfort. His back was playing murder on him, so he had to get into a less hurting position. He gets down on his elbows and works his head closer to Heero. "What are you doing?"

"Getting comfortable. I can't stand it anymore!" he lays his head on Heero's chest and wraps his arms around his torso.

"Baka!" As he begun to speak his disapproval, he instantly had to put his head down as another flashlight beam went past his head. Not only was Duo's position uncomfortable to the Wing pilot, but also efficient. They were now down low enough where no flashlight could spot them. Heero continued to lay his head on top of the braided pilot's. Duo's back wasn't bothering him anymore and he could hear Heero's heart beating somewhat quickly.

Nervous? Duo thought to himself. Afraid to get caught? Maybe still a little winded? Duo continued to wonder why the perfect soldier's heart has not slowed down to normal. He knew that he could regulate his body to do what he wanted. He could go down to almost shut down mode if he wanted to. But for some odd reason, his heart continued to beat fast.

And so did his.

Duo closed his eyes tightly, wishing for the whole commotion to stop. He just wanted to go home and eat, take a relaxing bath, and go to sleep. But instead he was locking arms, in the dark alley, with the Japanese pilot! Some break! Duo thought, sighing in Heero's arms. First that strange attack by those Ares and Leos, then I had to dress up as a girl, and then I had an OZ pilot hitting on me, and now this!

As he begun to relax once more, he became oblivious to the fact that the hustle and bustle of the search has eased down drastically. Duo didn't feel like standing up. He was so relaxed that he started to lightly snore. Heero shook him a little as he finally seemed to realize that the whole ordeal was over with.

"Come on, you braided baka! Get up!"

"Hm?" Duo wipes his eye. "Is it over?"

"Yeah, I think it's been over for quite a while now."

"Good." Duo slowly gets up on his hands and knees. Still in their crouched down position, they look around the alley for any suspicious lights. The only lights they see is one from a window and one from a street lamp. Duo turns his face to say something and then realizes that they are still dangerously close to one another's face. Their noses accidentally meet and they stay there, staring at one another.

Duo gulps a bit nervously and bites his lower lip. {Why are those eyes so hypnotizing?} Just as he thought this, two clammy hands clamp down on his round cheeks and pull him in. Heero brushes his lips gently onto the American's, and then finally takes him in full. Hardly any movement or reaction took place except for Duo, who had his eyes widen and cheeks flushed with total shock at the incident.

Their lips were not very wet. They were still slightly dry from the air around them and from all the running around they did. But the tenderness made Duo's chapped lips feel slightly better. But still using no tongue yet, Heero finally moved, grabbing the back of Duo's head, and hungrily took in more. This was something that was not totally expected from the Japanese pilot, nor was the fact that Duo let him. Slowly they finally broke off the kiss and just stared at each other for a while. Duo panted a bit and was trying to find words to say, but nothing seemed good at the time.

Finally what seemed like forever, the silence was broken by Duo's angry stomach. A sweat drop fell down both of their faces as they heard this. Duo laughed nervously.

"Well I guess we can go eat now."

"Hai." Heero nods. They both stand up, waiting for the other to mention something about what just happened, but nothing was said. Heero starts to walk out of the alley and Duo slowly follows right behind.