Title: Hair Down to There
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Pairings: 2x1x2

Warnings: lemony goodness for part two cause this turned out longer than expected.

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Notes: late birthday gift to my best friend Brandy! (a.k.a. Verdandi) Heero and Duo are both shy, but they get over it. ;)

It had been weeks since his last trim, and Duo was more than ready to go in and get rid of those unsightly split ends. He loved his long hair, which just barely brushed the back of his knees, but he also liked to take care of it. Not only that, but he hated split ends.

Duo raised the end of his braid to inspect those ugly split ends. "Yuk." He sneered. He started to pick at the tassel of his soft chestnut hair. He was making his way to the barbershop on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Not only was he looking forward to getting rid of those split ends, but seeing his usual barber as well. Many have teased him and told him that he must hate barbers because of how long his hair was, but that wasn't true.

His usual barber was actually rather nice, and he was totally infatuated with him. He got along well with Mr. Yuy, and they have been pretty good friends ever since he first did Duo's hair. The only other time they have seen each other out of the barbershop was when they accidentally bumped into one another at the local grocery store. Duo was surprised that they even got along in the middle of the mart, and laughed when they discovered that some of the items in their carts were the same.

"He loves lemon bars…" Duo said under his breath as he remembered. He wasn't even sure if what he felt toward the cute barber was more than just friendship. He didn't want to get his hopes up too soon; and he didn't wish to speculate that Mr. Yuy, or Heero, as the nametag on his uniform said, was into men. Duo had had a girlfriend a while ago… scratch that, a long time ago, but he wasn't really that much interested in what they had going. He had questioned his sexuality for years now, wondering why every time he saw some young man bend over in a store, or a shirtless road construction guy on a hot day, he felt a bit warm under the collar. He would ogle the bent over teen's ass in the store, or the workingman's naked chest and get wood. Then he had finally admitted to himself that he was gay, and he didn't feel that ashamed about it.

And as he entered the barbershop, and saw the man of his endearing dreams, looking into his eyes, he knew for a fact now that he was beginning to develop a major crush on him. Duo blushed, knowing that it was only minutes away before Heero would be running his fingers through his hair. He had to squash that thought quickly before he made himself hard. Hastily he went to sit down and wait his turn. Right now, Heero was working on some blonde girl's hair. The girl looked completely ecstatic as she gazed in the mirror at Heero. But the handsome barber was too busy working on her hair to have noticed.

"You do such a good job, Mr. Yuy!" the girl smiled brightly.

"Yes, thanks." Heero said, finishing off with her hair. "There you go, all done."

"Already?" she pouted. Heero turned her around and handed her a handheld mirror so she could look at the back. She smiled her appreciation as she checked her hair over. "It's perfect! Thank you so much!"

"You're welcome, Relena. That will be fifteen dollars."

"Hmm… cost went up." she bit her lower lip. "If it keeps up like this, I won't be able to afford coming in here anymore."

Heero chuckled lightly to himself, `that's the idea.' He thought.

"Oh well. Anything to see you, Heero!" she stood up and got her purse to write out a check. Heero started to feel badly for doing this to her, but he had to make up the difference somehow. There was a certain customer that he liked giving discounts to, and this was the best way he could cover that.

Relena gave him the check, "Here ya go."

"Thank you." Heero smiled, trying to keep his impish grin in tact.

"No, thank YOU!" she blushed. Heero looked away, and the spot he so conveniently chose to look happened to be where his favorite customer was lounging. His smile widened.

He didn't even hear Relena saying her goodbye as he stared at the man of his dreams. Duo Maxwell was here, waiting patiently as always, and reading a Cosmo. That made Heero chuckle. Duo was always looking at those magazines and making silly comments about some of the articles in them. One time he had found a section in it about homosexuals and started to laugh, pointing out some errors. Heero had to bite the inside of his cheek to keep from blurting out his secret to him, but he was afraid that he'd scare the longhaired man- nay, beauty- away for good.

When the door shut, Duo jumped as he heard the tinkling of the bell that was atop of the doorway, and he looked up… meeting Heero's eyes. Duo smiled, his indigo eyes sparkling with happiness. Heero couldn't help but return the smile.

"Hello Duo. I take it you need a trim."

"No doubt!" Duo stood up to walk over to the barber's chair, taking the magazine with him. "I have some rather unsightly split ends that I need you to vanquish!"

"Not a problem. So it's the usual trim then?"

Duo nodded, "Yup, the usual. Not too much cut, just enough to do away with the ugly ends."

`Your hair is never ugly.' Heero wanted to say, but instead he said, "Ok, let's get started then." He moved the chair so that Duo could get in easier, and then he twirled it so that Duo was facing the mirror. Their reflected eyes met, and Heero could have sworn he saw a blush creeping up on Duo's cheeks. "Are you sure you just want a trim?"

"Yeah, why?" Duo's eyes widened, wondering what Heero meant by that. He had never questioned his needs before.

"Oh, well, it's just that you look like you're adventurous today that's all. Or am I reading you wrong?"

Duo blushed at that, "No you're not wrong… but it's not about my hair…" he trailed off, thinking if he really could tell this handsome barber what he really felt.

Heero smiled, "So you're in an adventurous mood? What is it that you feel like doing… or saying…" he was hoping that he wasn't crossing any line. He would rather stay friends with the younger man than frighten him away.

Duo went even more scarlet at that comment, "Nothing really… um… just been thinking about doing things. Not sure if I'd accomplish them."

Heero placed the barber bib around Duo, and then started to unravel Duo's braid, "I'm sure whatever you set your mind on, you can do it, Duo." Heero's hands were shaking. This was a first.

"I don't know about that. It would be a long run." Duo sighed.

Heero took his spray bottle and began to douse the ends of Duo's hair, which cascaded over the back of the chair. Duo had the longest hair out of all of his customers, and he loved to touch it and run his fingers through it every time he came in to get it cut.

"So…" Heero tried to steer clear of the dangerous area he was getting himself into, and going back to the usual talk they have, "Find anything interesting in this month's Cosmo?"

Duo shook his head, "Nah. It had a lot of articles about makeovers and other girlish things this time. Nothing really worth reading."

"Not even the Dear Abby's?" Heero smirked.

Duo chuckled, "Nope. Just some weird letter about how this one lady complained about her husband not giving her enough. I mean, if you marry the lout, it should be out of love, not just sex. Know what I mean?"

"Yeah. Is that what kind of husband you would be?" Not a smart move, Yuy. Heero bereted with himself.

Duo blushed slightly, "I would… I suppose I would do what was best. I mean, yeah I'd marry cause I was in love, but… if my other half complained about not getting enough, then I would say `you must not love me for being me then!' It would hurt to say it, but it's true. You marry cause you're in love. But I guess that having good sex helps in most relationships. Some gals even like arguing with their hubby just cause they know that there's make up sex afterwards. Doesn't that sound wrong?"

"I guess." Heero sighed. "It must depend on the person. Some things seem wrong to others, and things that seem wrong are just natural to other people." `It's getting dangerous now,' Heero mused, `wait… did Duo just say Other Half and not wife?'

"You mean like same sex marriages?" Duo blurted out. He mentally slapped himself for saying that.

"That's one good example." Heero had already been trimming Duo's hair automatically, but his mind was going elsewhere. "I believe that if you really love the person, than that's all that matters. It shouldn't matter if the person is black, white, Asian, female, male, Canadian, Swedish, or purple with green polka-dots."

Duo burst out laughing. "You are so right!"

Heero met Duo's eyes again in the mirror, "What matters is what's in your heart."

Duo blinked, blushing furiously at the way Heero was gazing at him.

"Don't you agree, Duo?" Heero took a strand of hair from the side of Duo's face and tucked it behind his ear. Duo gasped slightly from the close contact. Heero had never, ever done that before!

"Y-Yeah… I agree."

For a brief minute they just stared at each other's reflecting eyes, both mentally fighting to tell the truth to the other. Then Heero cleared his throat, feeling more than a bit uncomfortable about the whole situation.

"Duo… would you like a wash? Free of charge." Heero decided that he would bang his head on a very hard surface later for asking.

"A wash?" Duo gulped. He had never had anyone else do something like that to him before. He wanted to just get his trim, but… "But I washed it this morning…"

"I-I know, but… I was thinking that maybe it would really look good if…" Heero trailed his eyes over to the expensive shampoos on the shelves. Duo knew what Heero was trying to say, but he wasn't sure if he was speculating the deeper meaning right.

"Ok, sure. It is free, right?"

Heero nodded, "Yeah. Just follow me." Heero moved over to where the large sinks were. Duo followed without hesitation and sat down on the reclining chair. Heero tipped him down, taking the large mass of hair in both hands, and placed it into the sink. Heero reached for the spray nozzle, making sure that the water was warm, and then started to gently wet the free flowing locks first. "Just close your eyes and relax."

Duo did as he was told. His mind was trying to concentrate on the feeling of the warm water, but it kept coming back to the uneasy fact that the handsome barber was about to wash his hair… and then he jumped as he felt Heero's hand on his forehead, brushing his bangs back. He realized that Heero was trying to get his bangs wet without getting any water on his face or into his eyes, so he tilted his head back more. Heero's hand stopped him from going any farther, so he just went back to relaxing his muscles, which were getting more and more tense by the minute.

Soon, the spray was shut off, and he no longer felt Heero's hands in his hair. He cracked an eye open and got to see Heero walking over to the shelves where the shampoo and conditioners were. It was a perfect opportunity to stare at Heero's nice little ass, thinking up all kinds of naughty things he would do to Heero if he ever got his hands on him. When Heero finally picked out which brand he was going to use, Duo made eye contact with him again, and smiled.

"You're spoiling me for some reason, Heero. I'd like to know why." Duo bereted himself for sounding so needy. The look that Heero gave him made him wonder, though, if he was on the right track.

"I'm spoiling you because you're a good friend."

"A friend? Is that it?" Duo grinned. When Heero sat himself back down next to him, he closed his eyes, feeling a bit flush.

"What are you insinuating?" He heard Heero finally ask. He must have shocked him with that question.

Heero WAS shocked. He was so shocked that he felt himself blush hard. Now that his mind was slowly coming off of work, thanks to Duo, he was able gaze on the lying form before him. Duo was incredible to look at, and he felt his slacks getting tighter.

"Um," Duo was at a loss for words, which was unusual. "Well… that is… I've been thinking… that…" he stopped, not wanting to make a mistake.

"It's ok, Duo… tell me. I won't hate you." Heero hoped that he was reading his friend right.

"Well, I haven't told anyone about this before, but… I think…" Duo took a deep breath, "I think I'm… gay." He said the last word real quiet.

"You're what?" Heero asked, leaning over to hear him better.

"G… A… Y…" Duo spelled out carefully.

Heero was again taken back, but just to ease the stress he knew Duo was under, he said, "You're happy?"

Duo's eyes flashed open, "Th-that's not what I…"

Heero laughed, "I know, I was kidding!" He finally remembered that he was washing Duo's hair, and he put a reasonable amount of shampoo in the palm of his hand. "I'm gay too." He whispered.

"Y-you are?" Duo stuttered. He felt himself almost melt when Heero put his soapy hands into his hair, gently massaging his scalp. He tried his best to get his body to relax, but the new fact about Heero just made his heart beat faster.

"Yes, I am. And I hope it's ok to tell you that I've been in it deep with you ever since I saw you." Heero slowed his ministrations down, wanting to prolong the togetherness they were sharing.

"This is all too surreal." Duo whispered.

"I know. I was thinking that too."

One of Duo's eyes cracked open, "So now what do we do about it, handsome?"

When Heero looked over at the intoxicating man beside him, they were both smiling shyly. "I'm not sure." Heero said, bringing the nozzle up to rinse out Duo's hair.

Duo laid back as he enjoyed getting pampered, "Let's talk about it after your done with my hair, because I need some time to get over the shock."

"Same here." Heero snickered.

When Heero finally got through with washing out all of the shampoo, he gently worked in the conditioner. What was supposed to have been a ten-minute trim, turned out to be a forty-five minute wash. Both men didn't mind, knowing that because of it, they were finally making progress with one another. Heero ran his fingers through that long hair, making eye contact with Duo once in a while. When they both realized that they kept looking at each other, they would smile.

Heero let the conditioner set in Duo's hair for a while before rinsing it out. Because he was so preoccupied with Duo, he forgot about watching the time. When he finally noticed what time it was, he gasped, bringing Duo out of his fantasy.

"What's wrong, Heero?"

"I forgot to watch the clock. It's way pass closing time."

Duo laughed, "Oh, sorry about that, Heero… but…"

Heero smiled, "I know. That's ok, I'll just go put the `closed' sign up and lock the door on the outside."

When he got up to do what he said, Duo couldn't help say, "So now we're alone?"

Heero turned back sharply after locking the door, "Uh… y-yeah, we are…"

Duo winked, "Just how sturdy are your chairs?"

"Duo!" Heero gasped, turning bright red.

"Come on! We both know that we'd love to… you know…" Duo grinned, wiggling his eyebrows. "Besides, you still have to rinse out the conditioner."

Heero was stunned, not sure what he should do. Should he go along with Duo and start making out with him in the chair, or should he take things slow and wait until they have dated for a while? He moved slowly toward the captivating man, trying to keep himself from losing control. He leaned over and put one arm on each side of Duo's head. He slowly moved his fingers through Duo's hair, gently rinsing out the conditioner, leaning more and more further down to Duo's face.

"Hi there," Duo said shyly when Heero got real close. Their mouths were merely inches away.

"Hello." Heero said rather intelligently. Being this close to the object of his fantasies made all logic spill out of his brain and down the drain with the conditioner, "You're very beautiful…" he muttered. Duo heard him.

"Thanks but… I'm not `beautiful', per se…"

"Yes you are!" Heero said a bit too hastily. He suddenly hated the way he blurted it out like that and cringed, "I'm sorry, Duo… I didn't mean to be rude…"

Duo smiled, putting an arm around Heero's neck, "I'll forgive you if you kiss me."

Heero felt his temperature rising, along with a vital part of his body. Without too much thinking on his part, Heero lowered himself all the way down and lightly made contact with the other man's lips. Their chests were rubbing, and lips were shyly exploring as Heero continued to rinse out all of the conditioner from Duo's soft locks. Minutes have passed and Heero got all of the conditioner out of Duo's hair, but he was still running his hands in it, and kissing Duo's sweet, eager lips. Heero slipped his tongue between Duo's lips, and Duo happily let him inside.

Duo was in absolute heaven! He had his handsome beautician practically lying on top of him, hands still in his hair, and tongue down his throat! It was definitely a good day.

"Mmm…" Duo moaned, bringing his other arm around Heero's waist, trying to pull him more on top of him. "Gimme… I want…" he said as coherent as he could after Heero finally released his mouth.

Heero chuckled, "You want something, sweet Duo?" He kissed the side of Duo's mouth.

"Uh huh…" Duo nodded stupidly, "Please, Heero?" he shoved his hand into the back of Heero's pants. Heero couldn't resist the cute look that Duo gave him, so he brought his other leg around to straddle Duo's squirming form. Heero started to wring out Duo's flowing hair as he continued with his assault on Duo's lips.

"The customer is always right." Heero mumbled against Duo's mouth. He kissed his way down, making a wet trail down Duo's throat. "You want me?"

Duo nodded, grasping the top of Heero's head. Just as expected, Heero's hair was soft to the touch. "God yes! But I also want to do you…"

"How about we do each other?" Heero smiled wickedly. He grabbed the bottle of conditioner again and squirted some out into his hand. "I can't wait to feel you wrapped tightly around my… around my…"

Duo took a hold of the button on his pants and slowly started to strip himself in front of Heero. "You mean this?" He pulled his pants down to reveal himself. His cock was fully hard and wet; he spread his legs to show Heero his tight rosy bud, and then started to caress his own shaft and testicles to entice the other man more.

It worked indefinably, and Heero instantly lowered himself down onto his elbows in front of Duo's erection. The sight was too much for Heero to take, and he had to taste Duo's essence. He moved Duo's hand out of the way so that he could take a long, wet lick from the base of his cock to the red tip. He heard Duo groan as he repeated the process again and again. Then he decided to explore a bit and he licked his way down to taste Duo's soft sac, and then he traveled further south to the little pink opening. Heero flicked his tongue around the puckered flesh and tasted the sweat, and the sweet smell of cleanliness. Duo moaned, urging Heero for more, so Heero obeyed and stuck his tongue deep inside.

Duo couldn't manage any words and just settled for making gurgling, low toned noises. He had no idea that he was so sensitive, but he was enjoying it nonetheless. He couldn't stand the teasing much more so he slid a hand down to his aching cock and slowly began to stroke himself.

Heero saw Duo move his hand from the corner of his eyes and looked up to see a real gorgeous sight- Duo playing with himself. His eyes rose higher to watch the reactions on Duo's face. Wanting to give him more pleasure, Heero brought a conditioner-lubed finger to that enticing entrance, and started to slowly massage the opening.

Duo gasped at the sensation getting doubled, and then craned his head more up from the headrest of the chair to look at what Heero was doing to him; droplets of water started to run down the sides of his face. He slowed his hand movements down when he locked gazes with the handsome barber, and then blew him a kiss.

Heero winked back, and then pushed his finger up into that tight hole. He watched as Duo gasped and threw his head back as he found the other man's sensitive spot. Heero played around with the little soft nub for a while before sliding another finger into Duo.

Duo groaned louder and louder every time Heero hit that spot inside of him. He spread his legs out more to indicate to Heero what he wanted. Heero grounded his fingers into Duo harder, making him buck his hips up and stroke himself harder.

"I'm gonna cum too soon if you keep doing that…" Duo panted.

Heero grinned evilly, "You want me then?"

"Yes! Pretty please?" Duo pouted.

Heero couldn't force himself to prolong it anymore, and so he pulled his body up so that he was almost lying right on top of him, never removing his fingers. He kept finger-fucking the adorable longhaired man, watching him ride his fingers in exuberance. He positioned his hand underneath Duo's bottom to lift it up closer to his own body. He rubbed himself against his thrusting hand, which had leftover conditioner on it, to lube his erection as best he could. He slowed his fingers down a bit, so that he could make the switch more quickly, so that there was less stretching. He moved Duo's ass into line of his arousal, and with one swift motion, Heero had substituted his two fingers for the swollen head of his penis.

Duo gasped loudly as he felt himself slowly get filled with something both hard and soft. In reaction to it, Duo clenched his muscles around the head of Heero's cock, emitting a soft groan to escape from his new lover. He looked up at the handsome man and gave him a loving smile to show him that he was ok.

Heero moved his hands back into the basin and began to run them through Duo's long and soft hair, petting him gently, while he carefully impaled his erection deeper into Duo's body.

Duo grit his teeth and held on tightly to the edge of his chair as he felt his virgin entrance get pried open. Heero held onto his legs and placed them over his shoulders. The act made Heero slide further into Duo's opening, emitting a sharp gasp to escape his mouth. Heero leaned down to capture that panting mouth, giving him a fiery kiss.

In the midst of the hot kiss, Heero slowly began to thrust his hips ever so gently in circles. He felt Duo moan into his mouth as he rolled around inside of his body, making the longhaired man gasp and shiver with delight at the feeling. He steadied his thrusts at an even pace, pausing a moment so he didn't come too soon, and then resumed pumping. Every thrust was becoming longer and harder.

"Oh God, Heero!" Duo shrieked, grabbing tightly onto Heero's upper arms.

Heero felt himself drowning in the other man, feeling the tightness around him clench and unclench as he sped up in rhythm. Duo threw his head back and cried out, digging his fingernails into Heero's back. Heero moved his hand down to catch Duo's thick erection and stroked it swiftly in time with his thrusts. It didn't take much more, and Duo was continuously crying out as he felt himself go into overload and climaxed. His seed shot out and covered Heero's fist and dripped down onto his stomach. The effect was like dominos, and Heero felt himself go over the edge. He groaned, releasing himself inside of his lover's body.

Heero and Duo clung to one another, shaking from the aftermath. Heero bent down to kiss the hollow of Duo's neck, feeling Duo's pulse racing.

"Are you ok?" Heero finally asked.

"I'm great. The whole thing was… very, very good. Thank you, Heero."

"You don't have to thank me." Heero smiled, "I did it because…"

Duo smiled as he watched his new lover blush, "Aw, you don't really have to say it."

"Yeah, but… ever since I saw you, I knew I was in it deep… real deep. And now, I know for a fact, that I've fallen head over heels for you." Heero leaned forward and lightly brushed his lips against Duo's.

"I suppose that… this isn't… a one time thing?" Duo asked in between kisses.

Heero shook his head, "I was hoping it wasn't. I want to take you everywhere and anywhere."

Duo smiled, "Are we talking about sex or dates?"

Heero laughed, "I was thinking dates. You've just got your mind in the gutter!"

Duo grinned playfully, "My mind is almost always in the gutter. But that's not a bad thing, is it?"

"No. Of course not. And it's not a bad thing either that I can say that I love you."

Duo slapped him lightly on the shoulder; "First you fall in love with my hair, and now me! You're being too… too… god, I can't think, you've turned my brain into mush!"

"Well, with hair down to there…" Heero moved a hand down to pinch Duo's butt, "Is it any wonder?"

Duo jumped from the pinch and then narrowed his eyes, "Hmm… dating my stylist… that sounds rather… good."