The Gundam Wing Newly-wed game
Contents: fluff, yaoi, silly
Pairings: 1x2, 3x4, 5xS, 6x?
Warnings: WuFei seriously needs some anger management. And a naughty Duo.
Notes: Umm… can't think of any. All I have to say is that this is just plain silliness on my part.
Archived: Joygasm (update, onna!!), I love bishonen, infinity base, and the DHML
Disclaimer: I do Not own GW or it's characters or the newly wed game show.

Announcer: ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first universal, assorted coupling Newly Wed Game Show! Today we will be discovering the wonderful romantic ordeals with the Gundam pilots. Now put your hands together and please welcome the star of the show… Zechs Merquise, or also known as Millardo Peachcraft!

~All clap~

Zechs: That's `peace' craft, Otto.

Otto, the announcer: Oh, sorry about that, Milly.

Zechs: *fumes, then quickly gets over it* Welcome everyone to the first colony Newly wed game. Our first couple is probably the most well known and respected of them all. Please welcome our first couple- Heero Yuy and Duo Maxwell!

~Cheers, whistles, claps~

Duo: ~blushes, waving~

Zechs: Then we have couple number two- Trowa Barton and Quatre Rebabera Winner!

~Loud claps~

~Quatre's smiling shyly. Trowa looks a bit camera shy~

Zechs: and our last couple. Please give a warm welcome to couple number three- Chang WuFei and Sally Po.

~Some clapping~

Zechs: So, Heero and Duo. How long have you two been married?

Duo: ~beaming~ One month, Zechsy. ~He takes a hold of Heero's arm and lays his head on his shoulder~ but we've dated for a year first. He's such a sweet man! You should see how he proposed to me! Let me tell you I was just beaming with joy! I was so red about it that Heero now calls me his `blushing baby faced boy'.

Heero: ~looks very embarrassed~ Shut up, baka.

Zechs: Uh… all righty… well, I would ask Heero a question, but I'm afraid to now. Moving right along… couple number two- Trowa and Quatre. How long have you two been together?

Quatre: ~Smiles big~ a month, one week, three days, 23 hours, and 5 minutes.

Zechs and audience: *massive sweatdrop*

Quatre: Give or take a few milliseconds.

Zechs: Ooh… kay. Moving along. Couple number three- Wu Fei and Sally. So how long have you two been married?

WuFei: None of your damn business you stupid nosy, son of a-

Sally: ~covers his mouth~ We've been married for three weeks. ~Glares at her husband~

WuFei: ~Sally finally releases him~ Dishonorable onna! Hands off!

Sally: That's NOT what you said on our honeymoon. ~Winks~

WuFei: Kisama! ~Turns red~

Zechs: Ok, now with that out of the way, we will now start our game. I will now ask that the women…. Er, I mean the… um… Ukes go backstage so that I can ask the… Semes their questions.

~Duo, Quatre, and Sally go backstage~

Zechs: Ok. First question. What is one of the little things that your partner does that annoys you the most? Now try to answer as best and as honest as you can. Heero?

Heero: ~clears throat~ Well, this is kind of a hard question because he does a lot of things that annoys me. But if I had to pick out of them all I would have to say that when he takes his time in the bathroom it annoys me more. I try to get to the bathroom and take a shower first, but he always finds a way to get in there before I do, and then he takes so damn long and sometimes he makes me late.

Zechs: Um… all right. Trowa, what's your answer?

Trowa: ~looks a bit shy, but keeps his eyes on Zechs~ There isn't much that Quatre does that annoys me. One thing does kind of bother me a little. ~Thinks of how to say it nicely~ He… blames himself a lot for everything. Yeah, that's it.

Zechs: well, that sounds like him. WuFei?

WuFei: The damn onna tries to get me to `open up more' and she tries to get me to cry. It's an injustice to my manhood!

Zechs: ~Looks a bit uncomfortable~ Er… ok, moving right along. next question. If your significant other could do any one thing without paying the consequences, what would it be?

Heero: He would run around in the buff. He's told me a couple times that clothing is a painful obstacle for him to express true freedom, whatever that means.

Everyone: ~big eyes, little pupils, and sweatdrops~

Zechs: ~notices that he's getting a bloody nose and quickly dabs it with his hanky~ Er… um… Trowa?

Trowa: Lie, or bend the truth. Every time he does, if he has to, it eats him alive.

WuFei: ~without missing a beat~ Have sex without birth control. The dishonorable onna.

Zechs: ~face goes red trying to hold in laughter~ M-moving… moving right… along… question three- Given a choice between losing their hearing or their sight, which sense would your partner go without?

Heero: personally I would rather go without my hearing, for certain obvious reasons. But I think Duo would go without his sight because he'd miss his music too much.

Zechs: and which music would that be?

Heero: ~narrowing eyes~ The most obnoxious, loud music ever.

Zechs: ~blinking~ Russian?

Heero: NO! Death Metal. I think that's what it's called.

Zechs: Oh. That's not bad…

Heero: Criminy!

Zechs: Uh, sorry there Heero. Um, Trowa? What would Quatre go without, hearing or eyesight?

Trowa: I think he'd rather go without his sight because he'd be sad if he couldn't hear anyone's voice.

WuFei: I think the onna would go without her sight so she wouldn't have to look at me when she angers me.

Zechs: All right then. Let's bring the Ukes out and find out if their answers match right after these important words.



Oz soldier: When I fight, especially against those no good Gundam pilots, sometimes I get a migraine that just would not stop pounding. So, when I want to be in tiptop shape, I take Aspartame Cellulose tablets. Just one of these babies gets me going all through the day and night so I can fight to protect the colonies from those punk ass terrorist brats! Comes in three delicious flavors: cherry, grape, and orange. Also available for the younger generation, the future soldiers of tomorrow! And comes in liquid form for all those who are either too lazy to swallow pills or just can't get their big tongues out of the way, or those who choke on anything big. Which I never do.

~Producers cut commercial~


Zechs: ~doesn't know that they're back on the air. He's talking to Heero~ So then, bondage is a major turn on for him? Does it completely satisfy you, or do you have to do other…

~Camera man is snapping his fingers wildly, and Otto is clearing his throat loudly~

Zechs: ~His eyes go wide in shock, then he composes himself~ And we're back! Wow, that was a quick commercial break. What happened? Anyways… ~goes back to podium~ We've got their significant others back with us and we are ready to see who will guess their mates questions correctly. Oh yeah, and this is for ten points each if the question is answered correctly. Ok, are we ready now?

Zechs: ~ahem~ Ukes, we asked your partners what is one of the little things that you guys do that annoy them. Duo, what is it that you do that drives Heero insane?

Duo: ~laughing~ a lot of things I would think! If I had to pick, I guess… hmmm… hmmmmm… I talk too much. I think that irks him the most.

Zechs: Well, let's see. Heero said… ~Heero holds up card with his answer written on it~ That you take too long in the shower.

Duo: Nani?? I can't help it! Look at this hair! I mean… if you want me to take good care of it, I have to be in there longer! You're always pestering me about how much I talk!

Heero: Rest assured, your talking doesn't bother me as much as taking FOREVER in the bathroom. I KNOW you're doing more in there than washing your hair!

Duo: ~glares, but then switches his statement to a hurtful one~ Hee-chan! I can't give away my beauty secrets on the air!

Sally: ~looks over at Duo with a curious glance~

Zechs: I understand perfectly, Duo.

Duo: Thanks Zechs. ~Smiles~

Zechs: Ok, Quatre. What do you think that you do that annoys Trowa?

Quatre: Well, this is a tough one because I try my best NOT to annoy him. And if I really did anything that did annoy him, I'm sure that he'd tell me. Wouldn't you sweetheart?

Trowa: … ~blushing~

Quatre: Well, I guess he had to pick one so I will have to say… blaming myself for a lot of things.

Zechs: Trowa said- ~Trowa holds up card~ You're right, blaming yourself!

~Audience claps. Quatre hugs Trowa~

Zechs: You two get 10 points. Ok you know that already. Now… Sally, same question for you. What do you do that annoys him?

Sally: Well, I think it's my nagging and complaining that annoys him.

WuFei: Onna!! ~Holds up card~

Zechs: No, he said that you try to get him to open up more and weep.

Sally: I never told you that you have to `weep'! You lying sack of –beep-!

Audience: Ooooo…

WuFei: K'SO! DAMN ONNA! Be quiet!

~Duo's giggling madly~

WuFei: You too Maxwell!

Duo: That's Maxwell-Yuy now, China doll!


~Quatre's snickering~

WuFei: You think this is funny, Winner??

Quatre: That's Winner-Barton.

WuFei: ~looks ready to explode~

Zechs: ~quickly goes to next question to change the subject~ Question Two! We asked your spouses `If your significant other could do any one thing without paying the consequences, what would it be?' Duo?

Duo: ~big grin on his face~ Be Nekkie!! My poor wanger hates being constricted for long! I especially like to stand up on top of a tall hill, bare-bottomed, with the breeze blowing all around me and… ~Heero shuts him up~

Quatre: ~eyes go wide~ So THAT'S who I saw on the top of the cliff the other day. I knew that person looked familiar!

WuFei: ~completely stunned~

Trowa: And WHY, exactly, were you looking at another naked man?

Quatre: it was an accident! That was when I went for a brisk moonlight jog and I just happened to look up and see someone from afar. I had to really squint to notice that the person was nude, but I couldn't see the face real well.

Duo: ~looks hurt~ You mean you didn't recognize me from my body? I'm appalled!

Trowa: um… Quatre?

Quatre: ~looks shocked~ I don't know what he's talking about!

Zechs: ~rubbing his temples~ ok, moving on now. Quatre, what would you do if you didn't have to pay the consequences?

Quatre: there are many things that I wish I could do without paying the consequences, but if I had to pick one, and I know my sweetheart well, it would be to lie.

Zechs: And Trowa's answer was: ~Trowa holds up card~ Yes, he said that you would lie.

~Trowa and Quatre hug again. Audience claps~

WuFei: Injustice! How come those two are winning?

Sally: Gee, I wonder.

WuFei: Quiet woman!

Zechs: Ok, Sally. What do you think WuFei said?

Sally: Well, since it's supposed to be truthful… I will tell the truth. The one thing I would do if I didn't have to pay the consequences would be to… kill my husband.

WuFei: ~totally outraged~ ONNA!! You know I wouldn't say that!! ~Holds up card~

Sally: ~She reads it~ sex without birth control?? Are you trying to tell me something?

WuFei: ~glares cause he's starting to run out of steam~

Zechs: Ok. Next question was: Given a choice between losing their hearing or their sight, which sense would your partner go without? Duo?

Duo: Umm… neither! ~Laughs~ uh, well I would have to say that I would rather lose my hearing because then I could still see my koibito's beautiful features.

~Everyone awes~

Zechs: Well, Heero said… ~Heero holds up the card~ You'd rather go without your sight.

Duo: ~pouts~ Hee-chan! Why do you think I'd rather go without my sight?

Heero: so you can still listen to your music.

Duo: Heero… I would be more upset if I couldn't see you.

~Audience awes again~

WuFei: Oh shut up!

~Quiet laughter~

Zechs: Quatre?

Quatre: if I had a choice I'd go without my sight. I don't need eyes to know that my Trowa is stunning, but I'd miss his voice terribly.

~Audience awes~

WuFei: Kisama! It's a conspiracy!

Zechs: Trowa said: ~Trowa holds up card~ Yes, your sight! ~Quatre hugs the snot out of Trowa~ Ok, Sally?

Sally: My hearing. Then I wouldn't have to listen to my husband's bitching all the time.

WuFei: ~holds up card, glaring at her~

Zechs: No, he said that you would rather lose your sight.

Sally: WuFei… ~fuming with anger~

WuFei: don't start with me woman!

Sally: Just wait until we get home.

WuFei: Grr…

Zechs: Well, that's it for round one. We'll be back with round two to ask the Ukes questions about their significant other. Stay tuned!


~Commercial break~


Announcer: And we're back! The Semes had just gone backstage, and the Ukes are ready for their three questions.

Zechs: *sighs* Ok, thank you, Otto.

Otto: No problemo.

Zechs: ~sighs again~ Yes, welcome back. That commercial break was either short or long, depending on your preference.

Duo: I prefer boys.

Zechs: uh, yes, I think we all knew that Duo.

Quatre: I prefer boys too, but there's only one for me. ~Goes into dreamy state, eyes big and glittery~

Sally: Oh brother.

Duo: (to Sally) Don't tell me that YOU prefer women?

Sally: Huh?? 0_0

Zechs: ok, on with the questions, ne? Question one: What is your significant others' favorite past time?

Duo: ~Big hentai grin~ That's easy! It was the day that we both discovered our love for one another! Heero was being his usual monotoned self and all, and I was so bouncy and stuff cause I had way too much sugar. Then I really got to him somehow, who knows how long I've been flirting with him! He finally got the hint, or got fed up, or something, and grabbed me. He pulled me down onto his lap, and proceeded to shut me up with his lips. Ohhh… it was so sweet! And then he dragged me over to his bed and proceeded to boink me into next week! I was like, ~bouncing on chair~ YES! YES! GIVE IT TO ME BABY! And then we proceeded to…

Zechs: (interrupts before Duo could go on) Yes, thanks Duo, we all understand now.

Quatre: ~Looks a bit flushed~

Zechs: Ok, um… same question- Quatre?

Quatre: Hmm… favorite past time? Well, it's hard to say with Trowa. But I would guess that it was our first kiss. You see, Trowa is a stickler for the sweet stuff. He didn't want to even touch me until we had our first date, and that I was ready to go on with our relationship. Isn't he sweet?

Audience: Awwwwwwwww!

Sally: ~makes faces at Quatre, a bit angry that he's got a nicer man~

Quatre: ~gets miffed at her, then sticks out his tongue~

Sally: Oh, you want a piece of me, ya sissy?

Quatre: ~glares at her~ No thanks! I think I just said that I prefer boys! ~He folds his arms in a huff~

Sally: ~sputters~ that's not what I meant!

Duo: ~laughs~ Now, now girls… no fighting on the air!

Quatre: What was that, hyper-ass psycho boy??

Duo: ~glaring~ Sissy boy!

Quatre: ~pointing at his braid~ I wouldn't talk!

Duo: ~clutches braid~ I am very secure in my manhood!

Zechs: All right now, let's continue. We don't have that much time, remember? Ok, Sally, same question for you.

Sally: well, the thing is that no matter what I say it'll be wrong, but I guess I have no choice so I'll just pick the time when WuFei found out that I `might' be pregnant. You should have seen his face! It was hysterical!

Duo: maybe I should do that to Heero some day.

Sally: ~snickers~ that won't work.

Duo: why not? Don't you think that Heero would get upset?

Sally: ~trying to hold back side splitting laughter~ No…no, that's not it!

Quatre: ~pouting~ I'll bet Trowa would like us to have a child. If only I was a girl, or had an artificial womb put in me. ~Sniffles~ it's all my fault!

Zechs, Duo, Sally, and Audience: ~massive sweatdrop~

Zechs: ~sounding a bit too high pitched at first, then he cleared his throat~ Move… ahem, Moving right along… question two: Let's say that your significant other gets a very dangerous mission one day. That night before they go, do they make love to you like they'll die the next day or like nothing will happen cause they think they're invincible.

Duo: Oh! Oh! This one's easy! I know my Hee-chan very well! We always and I do mean always make love before dangerous assignments like it was going out of style! In other words, like he would die the next day. Whenever I find out about this though, it's both scary and good, cause I get really really great sex in the deal!

Sally: ~dabbing nose with hanky~

Zechs: ~looking a bit flushed as well~ O-K, Quatre?

Quatre: We make love like it'll be our last. ~Pouts~ but it's a very good thing that that day hadn't come yet!

Zechs: Sally?

Sally: ~Huffs~ The bastard thinks he's invincible and that Nataku will always protect him. ~Huffs again~

Zechs: Um, kay, last question: If they were any flavor pocky, what flavor would they be?

Duo: ~very wide eyes~ What kind of question is that??

Zechs: A question that you better get right.

Duo: ~smiles~ well, if it was me, I would definitely be chocolate. But, um… I'm not sure about Heero. I think that he'd be chocolate too.

Quatre: I think that Trowa would be almond, cause it's one of his favorites.

Sally: ~sighs~ Well, here goes. WuFei would be… chocolate.

Zechs: Alrighty, we'll go on our last commercial break, and when we come back, the Semes will be joining us.


~Commercial break~

~A woman in a blue dress with pigtails and a basket in one hand, skips along merrily. She pauses to straighten her dress and then looks down at her shoes. She looks back up at the camera and gasps.~

Blonde woman: My shoes are all scuffed up! Whatever shall I do?

~A midget skips up to her~

Midget: Follow the yellow brick road.

Blonde: Follow the yellow brick road?

Midget: Follow the yellow brick road!

Blonde: Why would I want to do that?

Midget: To ask the all-powerful wizard for some shoe polish.

Blonde: ~shrugs~ Ok. ~Follows midget on the yellow brick road~

Midget: Follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road, follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow brick road…

Blonde: ~big vein in her forehead~ Can I kill him?

Midget: We must get you to the wizard!

Blonde: I think I'd rather have something to eat. Like… midget stew?

Midget: bye! ~Runs off into bushes~

~Blonde finally makes it to the big glowing green castle. She knocks on the big door and a familiar face peeks out~

Wizard: Dorothy??

Dorothy: Trieze-sama??

Wizard Trieze: Nice shoes.

Dorothy: thanks but they're all scratched up.

Treize: I'll fix that! With my new and improved glass slipper shoe polish! Polishes any kind of thing and any surface!

Dorothy: Really?

Treize: Really. Here, I'll show you.

~Seconds later~

Dorothy: Yay! They're beautiful again! Now I can go home!

Treize: Encontraire, mon petite. You ARE home!

Dorothy: ~Screams ala Home Alone~ Noooooo!!

~End commercial~


~Everyone looks baffled~

Duo: I didn't know that Dorothy made commercials.

Zechs: Uh, and we're back. Was that weird or what? Ok, the Semes have joined us and we're ready to wrap this game up. Trowa and Quatre are in the lead with all the question right, which I believe is… a lot of points. Heero and Duo are in second, and WuFei and Sally are in dead last with no correct questions right.

WuFei: ~folds arms in a huff~ You don't have to rub it in, baka!

Zechs: Ok, Semes, first question we asked your significant others was: What is your significant others' favorite past time? Heero?

Heero: Well, to tell the truth, I had a lot of favorite past times with Duo.

Duo: ~all teary eyed~ Aww, Hee-chan!

Heero: Especially when we first met.

Duo: Heero…

Heero: And I stole his Gundam parts.

Duo: ~falls over~

Heero: But my most favorite past time would have to be when we first consummated our love for one another.

Duo: ~holds up answer card in triumph~ Yay! Yay!!

Zechs: Yes, he said that it was the first time… ~looks at what is written on card then decides to change a few words. The camera censors it. ~ Uh… first time making love.

Quatre: Duo! Are you allowed to write that??

Trowa: I thought someone else written our answers on those cards.

Duo: ~giving victory sign~ What's wrong with improvising?

Heero: You could have just said "sex" and not… ~coughs into hand~

Duo: Oh well! What really matters is that I got the answer right! ~Glomps Heero~

Heero: baka!! Stop it!

~Meanwhile, Quatre takes a black marker and makes the bad word into the word "Fool".

Zechs: ~rubbing temples~ Let's move on, please… Trowa, what is your favorite past time with your other half?

Trowa: My most favorite past time would have to be our first kiss.

Quatre: Tro-chan! ~glomps, doesn't hold up card like he's supposed to~

Zechs: Uh, yeah… you're right. ~Sigh~ what is with you two?

Duo: They're cheating!! Quatre's using that ESP of his! I knew it!

Quatre: I am not!

Duo: ARE TOO!! Little cheater!

Quatre: Well, at least I don't go roaming outside naked!

Duo: You don't know what you're missing, my man.

Quatre: Does Heero even care about you parading around the town with nothing on?

Duo: I only do it at night and at one specific location.

Quatre: Well, that specific location can be seen clearly from my kitchen window! ~Glares~

Duo: What's wrong with that? Don't you like my body? I don't have anything to hide you know!

Zechs: Ok, enough already! Moving along! WuFei, same question.

WuFei: ~trying to stay out of any arguing right now, but probably won't work~ Most memorable moment? That would be when I first met the onna and saved her from getting killed.

Sally: I've got the biggest headache in the world, and his name is WuFei.

WuFei: Onna!!

Zechs: Sorry to say, WuFei, but Sally said… ~She holds up card~ that it's when you thought she was pregnant.

WuFei: That's it… I'm getting my tubes tied.

Duo: What's the matter, Wu? Don't you want little Changs running around saying- "injustice! She took my ball!" or "The onna is a dishonor!"

WuFei: ~glaring deadly~ Maxwell…

Quatre: ~having fun coloring on Duo's card that used to have the naughty word on it~

Zechs: ~losing his patients~ question two was: your significant other gets a very dangerous mission one day. That night before they go, do they make love to you like they'll die the next day or like nothing will happen cause they think they're invincible. Heero, what would you do in that situation?

Heero: I would most definitely screw Duo's brains out until I have no sperm left.

~All gasp~

Duo: Heero!

Quatre: Heero! ~Eyes pop out of head~

Sally: Heero! ~Nose starts to bleed~

Zechs: Heero??

Heero: What? ~Looks confused~

Duo: ~holds up card with a big grin on his face~

Zechs: ~sighs~ yeah, you're right Heero. He said that you'd make love like crazy.

Heero: Hn. Everyone should have known that.

Duo: ~Gives Heero a mischievous grin~ Heeee-ro… ~starts rubbing a hand down his own body~

~Heero ogles his new husband with hungry eyes~

Zechs: Now, now, guys! We're on the air! Keep it clean!

Duo: I like it dirty… you like it dirty, Hee-chan?

Heero: Hn. ~licks lips~

WuFei: Injustice, you two! You're a disgrace!

Duo: At least we're getting some! ~Sticks out tongue~

WuFei: Maxwell…

Quatre: Please! Let's all try to get along for Zechs' sake!

Trowa: yes, please. I want to get this done with so we can go on our trip to Hawaii.

Quatre: A second honeymoon!

Trowa: you mean third.

Quatre: Oh yeah! Our third honeymoon!

Duo: Third?? God, we only had one! ~Heero is glaring at him~ Uh… well, we had one but it was a very unforgettable one!

Sally: ~folds arms~ We had none, that's why we're here. Cheap bastard.

WuFei: Onna!! I told you not to tell anyone!

Duo: Look, WuFei's about to burst!

Heero: He should… no, no… I won't say it.

Zechs: Can we please continue? ~Sighs~ Trowa… if you remember the question…

Trowa: yes, I remember. My answer is the same as Heero's. I would make love to my little angel like it was our last.

Quatre: ~big smile, holds up card~

Zechs: Yes, you're right again.

Duo: Are you SURE you're not cheating?

Quatre: NO! So shut up, psycho boy!

Duo: Sissy boy!

Quatre: psycho boy!

Duo: Sissy, sissy, sissy, sissy!!

Quatre: psycho, psycho, psycho, psycho!

Trowa: Little one.

Quatre: ~back off~ Sorry, Trowa.

Duo: ~gives Quatre a big grin that screams `I win, you lose!'~

Quatre: ~borrows Heero's trademark death glare~

Zechs: ~looks ready to throw in the towel~ WuFei?

WuFei: well, I would have to say the same as Heero and Trowa.

Sally: ~holds up card quickly and then puts it down again~

Zechs: Sorry, but I'm afraid that she said that… uh… something about you thinking you're invincible.

WuFei: Nataku help me get through this…

Sally: We're definitely going to talk when we get home!

Zechs: Last question!! ~Mumbles `finally'~ we asked your significant other what flavor you'd be if you were pocky.

Heero: pocky?

Trowa: pocky?

WuFei: pocky??

Zechs: yes! Now answer the damn question!

Heero: it's a stupid question.

Duo: Come on, Hee-chan. It's not that hard to guess.

Heero: Hn. I'd be almond.

Duo: NANI??? I thought you like chocolate! ~Holds up card~

Heero: the reason I'd be almond is so that I wouldn't be eaten as much.

Duo: ~sighs~ I guess that's logical, but… it's so not fair! I wanted to go to Hawaii!! ~Sniffles~

Quatre: ~chuckles~ too bad, hyper-ass psycho boy!

Duo: Don't start that again, or else I'll kick your little rear end all over this studio!

Quatre: ~fists balled~ I'd like to see you try it, you hippie!

Duo: Oh that's it! NO ONE BAD MOUTHS THE HAIR! Have at you!!

~Duo tries to fling himself onto Quatre, but Heero grabs his braid and pulls him back~

Heero: baka! Sit down!

Duo: Lemme at `em, Heero! I can take him! ~Arms flail wildly at the said blond~

Heero: ~still firmly holding onto the end of his braid~ It's not him I'm worried about. It's YOU and what Trowa might do.

Trowa: ~gives Duo a warning glare~

Duo: (To Quatre) You lucked out, sissy boy! When the show is over, I'm not going to be held back!

Quatre: Me neither. ~Glares~

Zechs: ~swallows two aspirins~ Can we please go on so we can get this over with? Trowa?

Duo: Why even bother? We all know they win.

Trowa: I would be almond. (To Duo) Stuff it.

Duo: Sorry, I have Hee-chan for that.

Sally: ~grabbing a handful of tissues~ damn it, not again!

Quatre: You're right! And we won! We won!

WuFei: ~sighs~ I don't even wanna bother answering.

Sally: Well, say it anyways.

WuFei: I would be… strawberry.

~Everyone sweatdrops~


WuFei: Don't shout, onna! And I'm not gonna explain myself either!

Duo: ~snickering~ Strawberry flavored Wu? Sounds like a type of lube!

WuFei: You and your freaking sexual innuendos! Why don't you shut your trap, Maxwell??

Duo: why don't YOU explain why you'd be strawberry?

WuFei: I do NOT have to! I don't have to say anything!

Sally: You WILL explain to ME why you'd be strawberry!

WuFei: I WILL NOT! It's an injustice!

Sally: Kisama!! You cost us the entire game! I could be wearing a grass skirt, doing the hula, and getting drunk on Hawaii for our honeymoon, but NO! YOU had to screw it all up for us! So, you want to see justice?? I'll give you justice!! ~Smashes answer card over WuFei's head. It rips and his head goes straight through~

~WuFei's out cold… with a piece of cardboard around his neck~

Zechs: That's all we have for the show for today folks. Tune in next time when uh… we'll probably have a new host for this show. Cause I quit! ~Walks off~

Duo: I still say Quatre cheated.

Quatre: I did NOT! Why don't you shut your big mouth for once??

Duo: Why don't you fight like a man for once?? Sissy boy!

Quatre: I DO fight like a man!

Duo: Without your lover's help! ~Stands up, gets into a fighting stance~

Quatre: You got yourself a deal, hippie!

Duo: Dumb blond!

Quatre: Hippie!!

Duo: You are so dead!! I hope you always wanted to be buried at Hawaii!!

Quatre: oh yeah? Well… well… the last thing on you to go rigger mortise will probably be your dick!


~Suddenly fists go flying and the two boys end up on the floor, clawing and biting~

Sally: They're fighting like sissies.

Heero: Hn.

Duo: ~from floor~ No biting there!! I have to use that later!

Trowa: ~sighs~ That's a rap.