Gifts from the heart
Contents: sap, yaoi
Pairings: 1x2x1 (what else?)
Notes: For Valentine's Day! Remember, love comes from the heart, not 'the wallet.
Warnings: slight OC, but without the person, there would be no fic, and slight cursing
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Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters, no sirree!
Extra notes: wrote this at 7:30-9:00 in the morning. That's a rare occurrence for me. Enjoy!

The young man with the braided hair down to his fanny wandered into the little gift shop (which was filled with Valentine's Day things) with a look of edginess to him. The woman at the other side of the counter took in his posture. He looked as if he were ready to bolt right out of the store, having second thoughts.

"May I help you?" she asked the longhaired man. She took in delight that his hair was pulled back and gathered into a very nice loose plait. His wide, dark blue eyes were very stunning to watch as they darted this way and that, taking in the scenery.

"Um…" he ran his hand from his bangs all the way to the back of his head. "I think…so, um… I guess…"

She moved over to the side next to him, understanding his uncertainty. She had seen many guys come in here, totally confused on what to get their other half. "Are you looking for something particular?"

"Uh, no… nothing really fancy. Nothing real cutesy either. Just something average. Something that doesn't have pink." He grinned at this.

"Ok… I think I can help." She led him through the aisles of stuffed animals holding hearts, glass containers filled with candy, miniature angel statues, and other breakable things. "So what does she like?" the woman asked.

"Huh? Oh… um… well, you see… it… well; you're not going to discriminate me, or anything right? I mean, you have to make a sale, and it isn't supposed to matter who the costumer is, right? I mean…"

"Yes?" she twirled one of her brown locks around a finger.

"Well… the person… it's not really a… `she'." He looked up at her; sure that she'd make a disgusted face.

She smiled. It might have been a little nervous one, but it was a smile. "Oh." She finally said, understanding, "Ok. That's what you meant by `something average' and `something that's not pink.'" She turned around, "I think we could find something that he'd like."

Relieved, the man relaxed more and followed her into the stuffed animals area. "Does he like teddy bears?" she asked him.

"Um, teddy bears?" his mind slipped back to when a certain girl gave his other half a teddy bear with a note. He shook his head clear, wondering if it really was a good thing to get or not. "I'm not really sure." He mumbled.

The woman picked up medium sized bear that was holding a deep red heart with the words `Suki da' on it. "How about this one? He's kinda cute."

He held the bear in his hands for a while, gazing at it. It didn't look bad, but he just wasn't sure if it was something that his lover would like. He sighed heavily and handed it back to her, "I don't know. I'd have to look around some more."

"Alright. How about this?" she turned and picked up a plastic see-through box that was shaped like a teddy bear. Inside it had assorted candies in it surrounding one giant Hershey's Kiss.

"Hmm… I don't think he's big on sweets. I think I'll just browse around until I see something."

"Ok." She followed him down the aisle, making her way back to the front. She watched the man's eyes scan the stuff around him. It looked as if he found something but then turned away. He kept looking around.

"I don't know if I will find him something, if anything…" he suddenly babbled, "I mean, I know what the other part of his gift will be, but I want to get him something material, ya know." He blushed slightly, "not just… the usual thing I give him."

"I…see…" she nodded slightly. If she knew what his significant other looked like, she would be daydreaming about them being together right now.

The longhaired man sighed, "He's hard to shop for."

"That's understandable." The woman smiled slightly, "It's not often that a woman comes in here looking for something for their man. It's usually the man looking for something for their girl. That I understand better."

"Now, me… I like all this stuff. If my koibito bought me anything from here, I'd love it! Hell, I'd like a whole cart full of this stuff!"

Just then, the shop's front door opens, and right before them both stood a man about the other's height. He was slightly shorter, with short dark hair, and piercing blue eyes. Those predatory eyes fell onto the other man standing next to the cashier girl.

"Oh shit." The longhaired man grumbled.

"Is that him?" the woman asked, guessing from the way her costumer was looking at him.

"Yeah." He answered. "That be him."

"Wow." She was hoping that the man's partner was handsome, but she saw now that he was more than that. He was absolutely gorgeous!

The short haired man sauntered over to the other, hands in his pockets, "Duo… what are you doing here?"

"Who me?" Duo blinked innocently, "Well what does it look like I'm doing?"

"It looks like your wasting your time… and money." He narrowed his eyes a bit.

"Well… what are YOU doing here then?" Duo sputtered then crossed his arms over his chest.

"Getting something for the best husband in the world." He answered easily.

Duo blinked rapidly at him, stance going limp, "H-Heero…"

He placed his hands onto Duo's shoulders, "You don't need to get me anything. I don't need any material items. I only want you."

Duo fought back the tears welling up in his eyes. To hide them as best he could, he pointed over to the rows of stuffed animals, placing a little smile on his face, "I was gonna get you a teddy bear. Would you like one? There's a black one there."

"Duo…" Heero sighed. His beloved was still trying to get him to cave in to letting him buy him something.

Duo slumped his shoulders, "It was supposed to be a surprise… I know you didn't want me to get you anything but… I still want to…" he looked up into his sweetheart's eyes, "Hey! Now that you're here, you can pick something out and I'll get it for you!"

"No, don't worry about it. I don't want anything." Heero walked a few inches forward and placed a crooked finger under Duo's chin. He lifted his head up slowly and looked into those vast watering eyes, "All I ever want and need is standing right in front of me, looking across the table while I eat, and laying beside me while I sleep."

Duo closed his eyes, shuddering a breath, "Goddamn you, Mr. Yuy-Maxwell."

The sales lady was still standing there, touched to tears.

Heero stroked his thumb over the soft contours of Duo's face, watching him slowly crack his eyes open, small droplets sticking to his lashes. Heero saw that he was trying his hardest to form more words, but his lips were twitching uncontrollably.

"Go home so I can pick something out for you. And don't even think about saying the same thing to me that I just told you. I'm going to get you something like I do every Valentine's Day. It has become a tradition for me."

"Well… what if I feel like I owe you something for all those times?" Duo frowned slightly.

"You don't…" Heero heaved a sigh; "You've given me enough by just being with me… and being my husband."

"Alright! That's quite enough!" Duo smacked him on the shoulder playfully. Then he shook a slightly irritated finger at him, "You win this round, but believe me… I WILL get you something one of these Valentines! Just you wait and see! And you won't know until it's too late, cause you won't catch me next time!"

And then, just as quickly as he shifted from being moved to slightly annoyed, he switched emotions again and gave Heero a fierce embrace. Heero hugged him back, feeling his heart swelling once again from his braided husband's love.

"We'll see what happens." Heero murmured in Duo's ear, almost daring him to try and defy his sentiments. Duo pulled away to look into those slightly slanted eyes.

"Yes, we will see."

Heero leaned forward and lightly kissed one of Duo's flushed cheeks, "Now go so I can surprise you."

Duo sighed in defeat, but had a wide smile across his heart-shaped face, "Alright, fine. But there will be a mug of hot cocoa and a slice of your favorite pie waiting at home for you." He winked, and then strolled out of the little shop.

After Heero was finished watching Duo leave, he turned around to the sales lady, "So what did he express that he liked?"

The cashier place a fingertip over her chin thoughtfully, and then smiled, "He said that he'd like anything that you'd buy him. He'd really like it though, if you bought him a cart full of some of this stuff."

Heero's eyes flashed, taking in the whole vastness of the shop and then finally stated, "Ok… where's the shopping carts?"




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