Garage days- revisited
Contents: fluff, shonen ai, sap, some naughty language, lime
Pairings: 1+2/2+1, 1x2
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Disclaimer: All right, we all know the drill. I don't know Gundam Wing or its characters. Bandai does, ne? Hai!
Notes: Sequel to Garage days. Hmm… no Japanese this time around. Oh well. I hope you'll like it anyways.
Date: May 6, 2001

That tight clad ass was dancing again, tempting the spandex boy, making him into more of a beast than a man.

His fighting partner had no clue that he was there, and that made the surprise even better. He called his friend before he came, and the Gundam obsessed boy was having a fit this morning, raving on about missing his tie for his hair and wishing that he stocked up on hair binders the last time they went shopping.

Heero had a soft ribbon clenched in his hand; it wrapped around his fist a couple times, and dangled. It was enough, he thought, and he would see to it personally for delivering this very much-needed item to his obsess… er, friend.

The ass moved. Heero's eyes twinkled as he sauntered over to his friend who was only clad in black denim jeans and a white t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Duo was sudsing up his Gundam, frantically scrubbing it down with a bristle brush.

Duo finally stood up, brush in hand, and suds all over his chest, chin, and nose. He wiped the annoying fluff off of the tip of his nose with his forearm and sniffed in triumph. He quickly turned around at the sound of the light footsteps of his comrade. Duo's smile grew bigger than expected.

"Hee-kun! You're here!" Duo dropped his soapy brush.

"Hn." Heero's hands were getting sweaty, and they were shaking something terrible.

Duo moved a piece of his own hair away from his face. It was apparent that his long mane was getting in the way…. And getting wet! And so were other parts of him.

"Damn hair!" Duo chuckled, "I love my long flowing locks, but goddamn it's hard to wash a Gundam with it getting in my way!"

"Turn around." Heero demanded. His partner's eyes widened in confusion.

"Heero?" He blinked.

"I said, turn around." Heero commanded again. Duo gave up and did as he was told. Heero came up from behind him slowly, pulled the golden brown hair back, and then began to separate it into three sections. By the feel of it, Duo already knew what his friend was doing. Even though he was still confused, he stayed put like a good little rebel pilot friend.

Heero took the ribbon from his hand, tied a knot at the base of his head, and then, with the three sections, began to braid the ribbon in with his hair. Each section of his braid now had a part of the ribbon showing. At the end of the braid, Heero tied the end of it with the rest of the ribbon, letting the last few inches of it dangle.

Knowing that Heero was done, Duo grabbed his hair and brought it over to his front for inspection. His eyes grew as he saw how Heero had put the violet colored ribbon weaved into his braid. He was about to turn around and squeeze the hell out of the Wing pilot, when Duo suddenly felt a hand strike his backside.

Duo was taken by surprise and eeped as he jumped a bit from the rather hard contact.

Duo huffed, "Who do you think you are?" he glared at the blue-eyed man. "This is MY garage! Shinigami's territory! You can't just flirt around with death and get away with it."

"I have before." Heero ogled his friend back.

Duo shook his head, "It's hopeless." He grumbled. "In any case, I must get the hose hooked up and wash the soap off of my Gundam. I don't need any ring around the Deathscythe, now do I?"

"Mold." Heero nodded.

"Precisely!" the slightly moist pilot bounced over, started to hook the hose up, and dragged it over to his mecha. "Now the thing is…" Duo began, "… That you must make sure that all the soap is washed away, and that the hatch is closed when you're doing this. A wet seat is not fun to sit in when you're blowing away 50 OZ mobile dolls for 7 hours."

"Rash." Heero sniffed.

"Exactly!" Duo proceeded to spray his Gundam with the hose, placing his thumb over the opening. Heero stood a couple feet behind the wet pilot, immersed with what Duo was trying to do. He couldn't help but laugh as the Shinigami pilot continued to fail in getting the water to come out of the hose in an even stream. Quite a few times, Duo has accidentally sprayed himself in the process of trying, and had Heero almost burst out laughing.

As Duo was getting more and more frustrated in his work, the silent pilot gotten closer to the other pilot, so close that his nose was almost in his hair. He pilfered the moment, and wrapped his arms around the sides of Duo, grabbing a hold of his hands that were still holding onto the end of the hose.

Duo almost jumped out of his skin from the touch. Heero leaned into him, and pressed his cheek firmly to his partner's face, resulting in a slightly pinkish pilot.

"Here. I'll show you how it's done. You hold it firmly like this and then place your thumb over most of the hole like this," Duo was trying to pay attention to how Heero was showing him what to do, but the immediate closeness was getting to him, "and you leave a small opening for the water so the pressure is great."

"Pressure…" Duo repeated mindlessly.

"Right. And the result…" the stream was powerful as it came out of the wet hose, soaking Duo's Gundam and finally washing away all the soap. The one thing that Heero failed to take precaution of is now pressed up against his friend's wet jeans. Duo's hair tickled Heero's ear.

"Oh!" Duo exclaimed, trying to ignore the slight probing bulge, "I get it now. You have to hold on to the end of the hose like so…" Duo grasped it like he was shown, with Heero's hands still over the top of his.

"Hn." Heero breathed in Duo's ear. Unwittingly, Duo had his foot on the hose, causing the pressure to subside. A bit perplexed by this, Duo shook the hose a bit, Heero still holding on firmly.

"That's strange." Duo raised an eyebrow. Duo proceeded to play around with the hose, shaking it this way and that. The movements caused the Wing pilot's chaffing problem to worsen. Duo flushed.

"Duo…" Heero whispered in his comrade's ear. No one could take away this moment from them, not even a 6.0 earthquake. Heero rubbed his hands over Duo's, tightening his grip slightly. He buried his face more into the base of Duo's hair, sniffing the intoxicating aroma of the other pilot.

Duo leaned his head back, giving him the go-ahead, and enjoyed the feel of his hands over his. Heero pushed more into the contact and slowly began to caress his aching "problem" into the other's body. Heero finally gave in to the temptation and brushed his lips over the other boy's ear. Duo shivered.

"Oh, Heero…" he grind his self back against his partner. Heero's grip on Duo's hands and the hose were becoming too wet, and they began to slip. The motion of trying to keep the hose steady made an interesting scene as the four hands slid across it back and forth.

Heero moved his lips along Duo's face, and finally met those groaning lips, his movements never ceased. In his sudden excitement and shock, Duo's foot moved from the hose. The hose burst, getting them both wet. But their kiss never faltered.

Heero placed his thumb over the end of the hose, making the water spray out in a jet stream, a direct target onto Deathscythe's face. The inside of Heero's shorts felt a bit… moist.

As their kiss finally halted, Duo leaned against Heero in a slump, mentally exhausted but still in some kind of mood. Heero's strong arms held Duo in place; the hose was long forgotten. Duo shifted his weight; his head felt light.


"Du-chan," Heero inhaled the top of Duo's head, "Your hair is erotically stimulating."

"I have one word for you," Duo mumbled, "Conditioner."

"Repeat if desired."

"I desire a repeat."

"I desire you." Heero kissed his neck.

"Why purple?" Duo suddenly asked.

"Huh?" Heero blinked.

"Why purple?" his eyes veer to his braid that was draped over one shoulder. Heero smiled slightly.

"The color of your irises."

"Why a candle light dinner?"

"Because…" Heero's face scrunched in confusion, "I didn't say…"

"You meant to." Duo smiled.

Heero smiled back, admiring his little trickster already, "Because I love Duo Maxwell."




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