Garage days
Contents: fluff, shonen ai, sap, YAOI hints, slight innuendos
Pairings: 1+2/2+1
Archive: will be at http://www.heavenlycreature.net and I love bishonen, and the DHML
Disclaimer: All right, we all know the drill. I don't know Gundam Wing or its characters. Bandai does, ne? Hai!
Japanese words: Aa=yeah, Ano=er/uh, Hai=yes, Nani=what, Iie=no, Itai=ouch, baka=idiot, kuso=crap, Oi=hey, Shimatta=darn it, Ohayo=morning, Gozaimasu=very polite thank you, Arigato=thanks, Doo itashimashite=you're welcome, Ja ne=see ya (later)
If anyone could tell me the actually meaning to "sa", I would appreciate it muchly. ^_^
Notes: ideas that struck me, and I wanted to see how many Japanese words I can muster up in this fic.

Wiping his hands clean with a rag, Duo Maxwell got ready to test out the moderations that which he made on his Deathscythe. He put the greasy rag into his back pocket and began to put his tools away. His brand, spanking new giant black tool chest, or what he likes to call it…Shinigami's medical cabinet.

Duo scratched the side of his face, leaving a slight smudge across his cheek and the side of his nose. He looked up at his wondrous Gundam and smiled.

"Ready for our next mission, ne, Deathscythe? How'd you like to go for a test drive?" He took his shades from his breast pocket and started to chew on the end of them. His eyes widened as it caught a glimpse of something on the side of his ride, "Ne? A dent?" he went closer to examine it and brushed his fingertips across the indent. "Not good…this could cause some serious troubles in the future." He grinned to himself. Yeah, that was why he didn't like the dent…it was a casualty, not because he was infatuated with the big guy.

Duo turned and went for his Gundam's `medical cabinet', when he spied a shadowy figure in the doorway of his garage. His maniacal grin was activated and his eyes lit up at the sight of the visitor. "Ohayo, Hee-kun!"

"Ohayo, Duo." Heero crossed his arms over his chest and sauntered toward him, spandex flexing all the way.

"Nani, Hee-kun?" Duo raised a friendly eyebrow. "What brings you to my humble abode? Is it another mission that was assigned for the both of us? Or do you want to use my tool?" he grinned, mischievousness playing in his eyes.

"Iie, just seeing how you are."

Their eyes stayed glued to one another for a while before Duo cleared his throat, it suddenly becoming parched. "Haiii…Heero, I'm good. I was just fixing up Deathscythe." He thumbed behind him. Heero's eyes followed that gesture and stared briefly up at his partner's Gundam.

"Hn." He nodded.

Duo slipped his shades back on over his eyes, a grin still plastered over his heart-shaped face. He tilted his head up a bit and his dark glasses slid down his nose a tad, revealing half of his violet pools.

"Aa…Saaa…Hee-kun," Duo smiled, his eyes drifted downward and caught a glimpse of his friend's maturing body. "You're happy to see me, ne? Or do you always greet your friends with this gesture?" He tipped the brim of his cap up so he can catch the look on Heero's face better.

Heero dropped his arms to his side; wishing to block the view with his hands, but instead he looked away, a small hint of embarrassment danced over his face, "Ano…Iie…just a puberty disaster striking." He crossed his arms again, trying to recompose himself.

"Spandex doesn't hide much, ne?" Duo grinned, eyes raking over his friend's perfect form, and admirable size.

"Aa." The bridge of his nose tinted pink.

Duo turned back to the tool chest, pulling out the top drawer first and stuffed the rag that was in his back pocket into the compartment. He, then, bent over and opened up the bottom drawer and started to scrounge around, his butt wiggling in the air the whole time. Heero turned a curious head, and then wandered over to his partner's dancing ass.

"What are you looking for?" he asked, getting closer to him.

"I'm trying to find my dent remover." He heard him say, still bent over and rustling through the tools. Heero was about to say something, but impulses over took his mind and he walked up behind him.

Without a word, Heero's hand came down to that fidgeting part of Duo's body, and pinched it, slightly hard.

"Aiiieeee…itai!" Duo quickly planted a hand over the aching part of his cheek and rubbed irritably. "Oi! What gives, Heero??"

Thinking quickly, Heero walked past his fighting partner, and then turned around half way, trying not to smirk. "I enjoy inflicting pain upon your posterior."

Duo raised both eyebrows this time, and then a giant grin slowly emerged from ear to ear. "Uh huh…remind me next time when you come over that I don my iron underwear!"

"Hn." He turned, catching sight of the dent in the black Gundam. He mirrored Duo's gesture earlier and ran a couple fingers across the unsightly image. "This dent isn't that bad, Duo." His voice startled his friend, making Duo run up to his side and began making `shooing' gestures.

"It's my Gundam and I say that it's horrible! I mean... there's more than meets the eye here!"

"Oh?" his eyes look from Duo to the dent. "How so?"

"Disaster, Hee-kun! This thing…" he waved his arms around insultingly, "this…this awful, awful THING is a liability! It'll create a huge problem in the future!"

"Aa…sure." Heero sniffed, "Gundam conceited…"

"Are you even listening to me?" Duo's face twitched. He placed his hand over the ugly scar, "This THING must be eliminated, and at all costs! It will be dealt with! And if it will not cooperate," he slammed his fist on the side of his Gundam.

"If it doesn't?" Heero inquired.

"If it doesn't, it will pay dearly! Mark my words!" he raised a fist in the air, "I shall rid the world of this unsightly and unjust THING!" He grabbed his dent remover and began to suction it.

"Duo…" Heero put his head in his hand, "It's gundanium…a normal dent remover won't work!"

"Nani?" he blinked a few times, and then shook his head clear. "Ahhhh…kuso! You're right, Hee-kun!"


Duo whipped around to put his dent remover back into Shinigami's medical cabinet. He took his shades off and slipped them over the top of his hat. He crossed his arms, very vexed. "What should I do, Heero? This THING must be taken care of!"

"Aa." Heero nodded, and then turned back around to face Duo. "I will help you wield it back into shape like I do with Wing."

"Aaaaaa…" Duo grinned, "Arigato, Hee-kun!"

"But I expect something in return."

"Ano…" he started to play around with the end of his braid, "Why Heero? Wouldn't it be best if you did it out of kindness, huh?" He brushed the ends of his hair on his chin and then looked down reluctantly at his friend's slight problem that is still hard not to notice. "Oi…you should get that taken care of."

"Huh?" Heero's head whipped around. He finally understood what Duo meant as he saw the strange smirk on his face and his eyes pointed downward. Trying not to blush, Heero huffed and folded his arms once more. "Why do you keep looking?"

"Kind of hard not to." Duo winked.

"Shimatta!" Heero sighed. "Anyways, I'm doing this so you can get on with our mission when it comes up and not worry about the baka dent!"

"Are you calling me obsessed?" his brows furrowed, and there was clearly a challenge in his stare.

"Among many other things." Heero smirked. He loved it when Duo got in a feisty mood. A couple other times they were like this, they ended up in a fistfight. But it was nothing too serious, just male hormones needing some competition.

"Such as??" Duo demanded, developing slowly in his fighting stance.

"Annoying. Idiotic. Loud. Mouthy. Childish. Risky…"

"Who're you calling childish??" Duo sneered. "Are you calling me a big baby??"

Heero glared, mockingly.

"We'll see who's a baby!" he came at Heero, full force... fist ready to make contact. But it never did. Instead, Heero moved out of the way, a few mere inches from the black-clad pilot's flying knuckles and caught his arm. He pulled that said arm around behind his back, and then held it there before Duo spun around, untwisting his arm, and tried to land another hit to the name-calling pilot.

Heero moved his face out of the way and then caught Duo in a bear hug, making his arms pinned to the side of his body. Duo tried to move his legs, but was suddenly halted by a leg wrapping around them, and then Heero hooked his foot around his other leg, locking them in place.

"Nice try, Du-kun." Heero almost laughed.

"Let go!" Duo spat.

Unfortunately for Heero, this body contact wasn't a very good idea. His friend could now feel his problem that his body was having at the time… and it was getting worse. Heero finally realized this, and his face turned bright crimson.

"Ano…Duo…truce, ne?"

Duo smirked, knowing very well why he was suddenly giving up so easily. "Ok, Hee-kun." He smiled, and then chuckled, "Truce." Heero let him go out of his tight grip, but his arms stayed around Duo's body. "Ne, Heero?"

Heero grabbed the edge of his shirt, pulled it out of his spandex, and began to wipe it across Duo's face, "Du-hon…you have a smudge on your face." He wiped it clean.

"Gozaimasu." Duo blushed.

"Doo itashimashite." Heero replied.

They stood there, staring into each other's eyes, both afraid to speak. Heero slowly began to drown in those rich blue eyes, admiring the depth that they had and the spell that they were weaving on him.

Duo covered his face and sneezed.

"Bless you." Heero smiled.

"Arigato." Duo blushed. "Ano…sorry for breaking the mood."

"Don't worry about it." Heero kissed his cheek softly, "I gotta go. There are some errands I must run. I'll come by later with the blowtorch. Ja ne." Heero slipped past his partner, and kept walking out of Deathscythe's garage.

Duo watched until his partner left, and then lifted a hand to his cheek.

"Hurry back, Hee-chan."