Eye of the tiger

Contents: yaoi hints, POV, fluff
Pairings: 1x2, ?+1
Notes: sequel to Catastrophe. You get to guess this POV.
Archive: http://www.heavenlycreature.net/joygasm
Disclaimer: I do NOT own GW or its characters, but I do own a certain gray tabby in this story. =^- .-^=


Warmth. Oh, how I love the warmth. And snuggling is the best way to get warm. Especially in this lap!

I feel so safe and secure, like no one could hurt me. Not like before, when I was cold and scared and lonely. I guess you could say that I'm the lucky one. My brothers and sisters? All dead. That's what really scared me the most… am I next? Will it be my turn to lie there motionless? So I cried.

I cried and cried my little heart out, hoping that some being would take some pity on me and get me out of this disgusting hole. And I was hungry.

Not anymore! My belly is full, I'm warm and content, and I'm purring. Yes, you heard me right! I love to purr. Purring is the best way to express feelings. What am I tried to express right now? I guess humans call it love. And I love my human!

"Meow?" I said. I tried to talk people talk, but my tongue is so different than theirs. Do I get my point across well? He looked down at me, gave me a small smile, and then scratched my chin.

"What do you want Velvet?" he asked.

"Meow!" is that so hard to understand?

"I already fed you, so it's not that." He petted my body and I had this urge to lift my backside up. I stretched as I got up, and then proceeded to climb him like a tree.


"What IS it, kitty?" he exasperated.

I'm not sure what it is myself, but something is telling me to go crazy. It can't be an earthquake cause I'm not on the ground to sense them. His electronic thing in front of him isn't about to blow up or anything, cause my hunches would be riled. No, this is something more… more than my little kitten mind can cope. Sometimes I hate ESP.

"Meow!" I struggled out of his grasp and ran for the door. Something told me to show him out of this place. I'm trying my best to be persistent, but he continued to look at me like I was going completely bonkers.

"Now what?" he sighed. I wish I could understand this delicate language that he was speaking. But I guess he decided to follow me finally.

We got outside, and he looked around. Well, I'm just as puzzled as he was. I don't know why I led him out here, but I knew I had to.

Suddenly there was this really, high-pitched noise that made my ears flatten back. I shrank back behind my human and watched as this giant black figure dropped down from the sky. I stayed behind my human's leg, knowing that he'd never let anything harm me.

To my surprise, the thing stopped and the front of it popped open. A familiar human stepped out and then fell, headfirst.

"Duo!" my human cried. He caught Duo in time before he hit the ground. I guess that was the name of the other human. My human is called Hero or something like that. I don't know the exact way to pronounce it, so sue me.

This other human called Duo was my human's close companion. They're always together, helping one another, and one time I caught them sleeping next to one another. I had to admit I was kind of jealous. But I've learned to accept this other homo sapien in our lives. Not only that, but he spoils me too.

The poor human looked awful, like he's been in a fight with a pack of wild dogs. I guess that was the reason why my fur was in a bundle.

My human brought him in and quickly started to fix him up. He tore at his coverings and bared the pink flesh that was under it. I was worried about him as well, so I hopped up onto the dresser to watch. My human grabbed onto one of his walking appendages and pulled real hard. Human Duo screamed as I heard it crack. I understand now… it was broken, and my human put it back together.

"Duo…" my human whispered. The look in his eyes told all. He really loved this other human. Well, it's expected after all. They are the same species. "Gomen…" my human went on, saying stuff in his language. It sounded way different than the usual words they use. The nasal tone of the different language brought a slight smile to the other human's face. He must have said the right thing.

"Heero…" he exhaled. Then he closed his eyes. His breathing was normal, so I knew he was going to be fine soon. My human looked sad. He started to wrap some cloth around that hurt leg and then began to take care of the rest of him.


My human… Heero, looked over at me. Our eyes stayed fixed at one another for a while. They went from sad, to pleased.

"Domo Arigato, Velvet-chan." He said.

"Meow?" I blinked. I had no idea what he just said, but it sounded sweet coming from him.