Eight lives
Contents: fluff, sap, Yaoi, slight angst
Pairings: 1x2
Notes: The seventh installment to the Kitten Arc. This comes after "Spreading the love". This SERIES is dedicated to my four kittens- Ash, Smoke, Velvet (yes, I decided to name one that), and Pepsi.
This story is dedicated to Ash for cheating death.
Disclaimer: I do not own GW or its characters, but I do own Velvet!
Archived: http://www.heavenlycreature.net , I love bishonen and the dhml

"Heero!" Duo bolted into their safe hideaway's front door. His skidded across the floor to get to their shared bedroom. "Heero, come quick! Something's wrong with Velvet!"

Heero just barely got up on his feet before his koibito grabbed onto his elbow and pulled him out the door.

"What's the fuss about, koi?" He let Duo drag him out the front door.

The hysteric pilot halted their movements on the edge of their front lawn and he automatically pointed down at his feet. Heero moved around his lover and looked down at where he pointed.

Velvet was on the ground, dragging a leg behind her, and growling. Duo crouched down to get a better look at their kitten, which had becoming more and more of an adult cat everyday.

"She won't even let me touch her! I know that something's wrong with her leg, but she won't let me get near it." Duo felt helpless.

Heero moved around and crouched by his boyfriend's side. He looked down at Velvet as if he were trying to think of what to do.

"Well, we can't bring her to the vet, cause that'll leave tracks for the enemy. Unless, of course, you want to move to a new place after we treat her?" Heero knew that his koi loved their spot and would rather stay as long as possible. Oz had never found them yet. Their hiding spot was too good. But if they left a trail of signatures at a hospital or even a veterinarian's place, they'll get discovered.

"I don't wanna move, Hee-chan. But we got to do something for her!"

"It's nothing life threatening." Heero explained, "Cats are very good at adapting and dealing with pain. I'm sure she'll recover just fine."

"I just had a brain storm!" Duo stood up suddenly. Heero stood with him, hoping that whatever his koi had up his sleeve was practical.

"What is it?"

"You know how you could put your own bones back together? Well…" he looked down at Velvet.

"I don't know, Duo…" Heero sighed.

"Come on, give it a try! I know that she doesn't trust me as much as she does you. And besides that, I know she likes you more. So why don't you give it a try? She might actually let you touch her."

Heero looked down at the growing kitten. She had become a great part of his life these past months and the feeling of losing her somehow tugged at his heartstrings. He would miss the little fur ball if she were gone. He'd miss all those times that she would jump up on his lap while he was busy typing just to get an evening's stroke. He would miss it when he would take a small break from work and stress just to dangle the cat toy in front of her face and watch her go crazy. He'd even miss the days that they had snuggled up in bed with her dangling herself on his chest trying to proclaim him to be all hers.

"I will try, but I'm not gonna guarantee anything."

"Yay! Dr. Yuy is on the job!"

Heero knelt down and stuck his hand out, "Velvet…I won't hurt you."

Velvet hissed and spat.

"I know it'll hurt, but I have to do it." And with that, he pinched at the back of the kitten's neck with a forefinger and thumb.

"Heero? What are you…"

"Shh." Heero picked her up gently and she struggled slightly then she gave up. "I'm sorry, Velvet. I know that this will hurt…" he took his other hand and grabbed onto the smashed up leg. "Grit your little teeth, Velvet-chan." He pulled.


Duo bobbed his head back and forth, listening to his headphones when someone jumped half way onto his stomach.

"Oi!" Duo was startled for only a second and then looked down to see that it was only the crippled fuzz ball. "Velvet! You scared the daylights outta me! Not that there's much daylight left in here." He tapped his chest. Looking into her pleading eyes, Duo instantly gave in to petting her. She immediately started purring. "Oi, you're one lucky kitty, you know that, Velvet-chan? It's a good thing you cats have 9 lives. If you're living with us I guess you need every single one of those lives too."

Velvet rumbled on the human's hand as she began to purr more violently. She tried her best to get up more on Duo's chest, but her injured leg wouldn't let her.

"Need help there?" Duo giggled. He helped hoist the kitten onto him. She laid herself down on the uninjured foot, letting her crippled leg hang off the side of Duo's body. Duo smiled at her, amazed that she could still walk around easily. She is unable to jump too high, though, always having her humans help her to get up at the higher places. This was good in a way, cause now she can't get up onto the counters and get into things.

Heero chose that moment to walk in with a wool blanket in his arms. Fall was getting a bit colder by the minute and his koibito was always complaining about it. Not only that but Velvet would love the blanket as well.

As Heero brought the blanket down on the two of them, Duo sighed in contentment, "Ah, Hee-chan. You're sweet. Arigato."

"Yeah," Heero intoned, wandering over to his laptop.

"Oi, Hee-chan? Would you like to join us?" Duo lifted a corner of the blanket to expose of an empty spot. Heero stared at it for a while before deciding that his mission report could wait.

Duo's smile radiated as he watched his lover decide on cuddling with him and the cat. Duo took his headphones off of his head and placed them on the dresser next to him, and then once Heero had settled in, he wrapped an arm around his torso. Duo nuzzled his head on his boyfriend's shoulder and sighed. Velvet made herself more comfortable on Duo's chest, laid her head down on one of Heero's arms, and purred.

"I can't stay here forever," Heero told Duo, and secretly knew that he was saying that to Velvet as well.

"Aww!" Duo pouted. Heero lent his head down more and kissed his koi's forehead.

"I have a report that needs to be finished tonight, and then after that I have the rest of the night to spend with you."

Duo snuggled closer, "Yay! Then go and get your report finished so you can get back to cuddling!"

Heero smiled to himself, knowing that would work and make Duo understand. He started to make his way out from under the warm blanket, but then stopped. He quickly shoved his leg back into the blanket and held onto Duo tightly. Duo looked up at him and blinked. Heero smiled down at the bewildered boy and stated,

"It can keep for now."

Duo felt like crying, but he only snuggled closer and buried his head in the crook of Heero's neck.

"You're spoiling me too much, Heero."

Heero stroked the side of his lover's face, "And I love doing it."