Dwiddle, Dwoddle, Dweed
Author: Lunadeath (Lunadeath02@aol.com)
Category: weird, fluff
Pairings: can be 1+2 if you like
Rating: PG
Warnings: very strange poetry written by Duo
Archived: DHML, I love bishonen, joygasm, and jay's place
Disclaimer: I don't own GW
Notes: Don't ask! Just don't ask! -_-


"I dwiddle in the facts of dweed. I dwoddle in the fields of doo. I skewer thee!" [1]

Heero's left eye twitched.

"I damn those dwaddlers with the deed. Dot my eyes, cross my teas. Seventy three is the potent number."


"Some dwell where all dare to dwiddle. Some diddy does a dance. But when I cut thee open with a spoon, I jig."


"Yes, Heero?"

"What the hell are you reciting??"

"It's my poem. What do you think?"

"I think… you need to relearn the English language. What the hell is a dweed?"

"I don't know. I made it all up. Creative, ne?"

"That's not the word I'd use."

"Well, whatever. I like it. Should I leave it there or continue?"

Heero groaned, "I don't care."

Duo sniffed, "Don't you like it?"

"It makes no sense!"

"So what? It sounds cool."

Heero raised his right eyebrow.

"And it's funny."

Heero tried to go back to his own homework, but Duo started up again.

"Where does thou dwinkle? The sprinkler is in your bathroom."

"Duo! Shut up!"

"Damned are those that sip caviar!"

Heero slammed his book closed and walked out of the room.

"No appreciation for poetry." Duo shook his head, "None at all."

"Dip thy fork in your brown water. Cows go moo."




[1] This popped in my head. I do NOT know why! I wrote it down, thought that Duo would write something like this, and so this fic came up. Kinda stupid, isn't it? ^_^