Contents: Shonen ai, fluff, some sap, Weird AU fairy tale
Pairings: 2+1
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~…~Indicates Duo's story.

Duo was having such a wonderful dream about being a princess stuck up in a tower and getting rescued by a handsome, blue-eyed prince. Duo would let his long braid out the window for him to climb, and once the prince got into the room, he grabbed the princess and started to make mad passionate love to her.

"Will you marry me, beautiful princess?"

Princess Duo blushed bright red, "Oh, prince Heero…most definitely!"


"Duo," Heero shook his friend again in attempt to wake him. "Duo! Wake up!"

"Yes…most definitely!" Duo mumbled in his sleep, with a big grin on his face.

Heero picked up a pillow and whapped Duo over the head with it, making him wake with a jerk.

"Wha…?" Duo blinked, still a bit dazed.

"Time to get up for first period." Heero grumbled, staring down at the sleepy pilot. Duo rubbed one eye with a balled up fist and yawned. A stray hand moved to clasp around the messy braid and he played with it habitually.

"I'm up, I'm up…" Duo muttered.

"Did you remember to do the creative writing assignment last night?" Heero asked, moving over to the closet to retrieve a clean school uniform. Duo just realized that all Heero was wearing was a pair of boxer shorts. This sight made Duo wake up even more.

"Hai," Duo said, eyes still fixed on his almost naked partner. "Why do you think I'm so tired? I stayed up late to finish it." He stretched his arms up over his head, making his body arch.

"Good." Heero darted his eyes over his friend for a few seconds and then went back to putting on his shirt. "Better hurry up and get dressed. Class starts in 15 minutes."

"Damn it!" Duo leapt out of bed and ran straight for the bathroom.

Heero shook his head. He didn't know why he even bothered trying to put up with the pilot of Deathscythe. Actually, Heero did have a vague idea that it had something to do with a certain emotion, but he was trained to ignore such things. He shouldn't even be having any kind of close bond with anyone, yet here he was at another school, sharing a dorm with Duo. Not only was he sharing the room with him, Heero was also letting Duo share his food, drinks, bathroom items, boxers, and at times even his laptop.

Heero's mind went back to when they had to share the last bottle of Gatorade after a basketball match. No one seemed to pay attention when Heero handed the drink to Duo. The longhaired boy put his lips slowly to the opening and then tipped the thing upside down to guzzle as much as he wanted. After getting what he wanted, he gave it back to Heero, who then drank the last of it without a care.

After Heero emptied the bottle, he looked over at his partner; shocked to see some kind of gleam in his eyes. Then, after some staring, Duo passed the ball to Heero with a wink, making Heero drop the empty bottle to the ground.

Duo came bounding out of the bathroom, washed and dressed in record time.

"Ready!" Duo exclaimed, jerking Heero out of his mental thoughts. Heero followed the long braid out the door.


The two pilots made it to their creative writing class and sat down immediately. Once the entire class was there, the teacher stood up to address them about what was on the agenda for the day.

"I hope that you were able to finish yesterday's assignment." Duo heard some of the class grumble about either forgetting or needing more time. "Because," the teacher continued, "Today is the day that you will all come up to the front and read your story to the entire class."

Duo froze.

"Now," the teacher glanced around the room, "Who'd like to go first?"

No one made a move for a long time. Finally, someone raised their hand. "Sensei?"

"Ah, Ms. Yamamoto, you'd like to go first?"

"Um…no, I was wondering what if you're not finished yet?"

"Then you don't get a grade raise, however you can still turn it in tomorrow. But today, if someone has a finished story and reads it to the class then he or she will get an automatic grade raise. So who will be first?"

Duo trembled. No one told him that they were supposed to read it out loud to the entire class. His eyes veered over to his partner, who seemed not to care about what was going on one way or another. He wondered why Heero wasn't volunteering to go first. It's not like he'd be nervous or anything, would he?

"Duo Maxwell." The teacher called.

Duo sat up straight in his seat, "Hai!"

"Since no one is volunteering to go first, I'm going in alphabetical order. Annie isn't here today, so that brings us to you, Duo. Are you done with your assignment?"

Duo shrank in his chair as he slowly nodded his head. He wished he stayed in bed, pretending to be sick.

"Good. Would you like to come up to the front please?"

"Not really." Duo gulped. A few classmates giggled.

"You'll be able to raise that C to a B if you do, Duo."

"Arggh! Big mouth!" Duo shouted, trying to sound like he was teasing when he actually was pissed deep down. He quickly glanced over at Heero, who was still staring straight ahead of him. He was in deep shit though, and he knew it. Just the other day he told Heero that he was sure he was getting at least a B- in this class. But now that the loud-mouthed baka teacher blurted out to everyone what he was really getting, it made him clench a fist. He will find a way to repay the sensei. Oh yes, he would have his revenge!

"Duo? Please come up to the front and read your story."

"But-but…it's too embarrassing!" Duo slumped his shoulders.

"Nonsense. If what you wrote was good enough to turn in for me to read, then it should be ok to read to everyone else."

"It's totally different!"

"How so, Duo?" The teacher asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Because you're an adult and you'd understand. If I read it to my peers then I'll get bug about it for the rest of my life!"

"You wanna stay a C or would you like a B+?"

Duo growled as he got up from his seat, "Unfair, unfair, unfair, unfair…totally unfair…" Duo cleared his frog in his throat and began, "Ok, now I need to let you all know that there are some warnings. There is reference in here to a type of love that may offend some people. If so, stick your fingers in your ears so you don't have to listen to it."

"What type of love do you mean?" a girl asked.

"Uh…well, if I told you exactly then I'd ruin the story."

"Then how do we know if we should stick our fingers in our ears or not?"

"Um…well if you're easily offended by something other than heterosexual relationships, then stick your thumbs all the way into your ears. You have all been warned." Duo leant back against the teacher's desk, looking very nervous. He looked back at the teacher, who nodded to go ahead. Duo sighed, and he began to read his story.


~Once upon a time, corny I know, but this is a fairy tale. And like all fairy tales, this one began upon a time where unicorns were plentiful and dragons were dangerous. Anyways, there were two kingdoms. The Chestnut Kingdom and the Cobalt Kingdom, and they were at war with each other. The king of the Chestnut Kingdom had a daughter, Maxine. Maxine was a happy go lucky girl who would sometimes cause mischief of the sorts.

Maxine was very beautiful. She had long brown hair down to her ass, big purplish blue eyes, and a smile that heated up any man's pants. ~


The teacher coughed to get Duo's attention.

"Yes sir?" Duo looked back and blinked.

"Please reframe from any swearing or any type of innuendos."

"But, sensei…this is how I wrote it."

"Please correct any cursing with something else before you hand it in." the teacher sighed.

"Fine, whatever. May I continue?"

"Go ahead."


~As I said, Maxine was gorgeous and her father, the king of the Chestnut kingdom, sought to find a man suitable to wed her. She was very picky and rude, and refused all the suitors that her father had her meet. Prince after prince she turned her nose up at, wanting nothing to do with them.

Then one day, the princess refused the wrong man. He was a duke, and a very evil one at that. Not only was he a duke, but also he was a warlock. He had his eye on princess Maxine for quite a while now, and was pleased to learn that she had refused many of the others, but when she refused him, he vowed to get his revenge on their kingdom.

"If I cannot have you, my pretty, then no one will! You will be cursed for the rest of your life, unless you will find a man capable of loving you for who you are. And I know that will never happen since you're such a b…er, witch!"

With that, the evil warlock waved an arm and the throne room went black.

When Du-Maxine awoke, she found herself lying on the floor of the throne room and her father was standing over her with some shock on his face.

"My child, are you alright?" the king asked.

When Maxine nodded her head, she gasped in horror as she noticed that she seemed to be missing a pair of something most vital that made her as a HER. Her breasts were gone! I mean, it's not hard to realize those missing, since she's had them for quite a while and then her chest suddenly became lighter.

Maxine stood up with the help of her father, and then realized something else different. Her hands were bigger! With a final inspection, Maxine come to finally realize that she was no longer daddy's little princess.

She was now a prince!

"Father?" the new prince held his breath, not wanting to shed a tear.

"I'm sorry that I couldn't protect you, Maxine…no, Max." he lowered his head.

"It's not your fault, father." Max sighed. He looked down, scrutinizing himself finally. He needed to get rid of the torn dress. "It's my fault. If only I decided on one of my suitors, then none of this would have happened."

"Nonsense, my new son. If he knew that you have taken a suitor as a husband, then he would be very jealous and he might have still cursed you."

Max slowly began to remove his ripped dress, "What am I going to do? There's no way that a man would fall in love with me now that I'm also a man. This seems so hopeless."

"Do not quit so easily, my child. We will think of something. In the meantime, go to my bedchamber and take out that giant chest of mine. I know that I should have some clothes left in there from when I was a lad."

Max nodded and made his way to his father's chamber to change into the appropriate clothing.

As time went by, no one sought after the new prince of the Chestnut Kingdom. Max ran into the woods with tears streaming down his face. He never got used to being a man, and knew for a fact that he never would. He couldn't stand looking at his father's depressed face any longer, so he decided to run away. As far as he knew, his father wasn't upset by the fact that he now had a son; it was because his son would never get married to a girl so he could raise a family. Max didn't like girls, and whenever some pretty lady came around to flutter her lashes at him, he'd turn the other way just as he had done to all those male suitors.

Max ran as fast as his legs could carry him and soon he lost his way. With tears fogging his vision, he fell to the ground, out of breath. He knew he wasn't acting like a real boy, and he cursed himself for it. He was weak and stupid, he berated to himself, and he deserved every punishment imaginable.

Suddenly, a great big nasty dragon stomped out from the woods into the circle of trees. Max didn't know it, but somewhere along the way of running, he scraped himself on something and his leg now bled. The smell of blood wafted through the air and attracted the dragon that had been half slumbering nearby.

Feeling the shaking of the ground around him, Max raised his head and saw a pair of giant stump like legs in front of him. His eyes rose higher, and finally he was staring eye to eye with the scaly beast. The gigantic drake blew out puffs of smoke from its nostrils and a snarl curled its lip. Max was stunned, too scared to even move. As he opened his mouth, he completely forgotten how mad he was at himself for not being more like a man, and he screamed!

The shrill, high-pitched screech made the dragon wince, but it didn't back away. As it was about to open it's powerful jaws to engulf the immobile prince, two darts hit it directly in both eyes. With a loud thunderous shriek, the dragon backed off, flapping its enormous wings irately. From behind, Max heard a voice from between screeching.

"It may be blind, but that won't kill it. Finish it off, Beast tamer."

"My pleasure, my lord." The man obeyed quickly, and Max watched in fascination as the nimble young lad pierced the beast's heart with a long sword. The dragon fell with a loud thump and shook the ground. The one that was called `Beast tamer' sheathed his sword and then made his way over to him. Max heard another pair of footsteps behind him. "My lord, it is a young man. What should we do with him?"

"He is wearing the crest of the Chestnut kingdom." Was the answer to Beast tamer's question.

"So after we just saved his life we have to kill him? That isn't right, my lord."

The one being called `Lord' walked over to stand next to the Beast tamer. The man caught Max's eye right away and he stared as he watched the two talk things out about his fate. Max also recognized the emblem that the one called `lord' was wearing. It was the crest of the Cobalt kingdom. These two were enemies, but he had saved him from the carnivorous monster.

Beast tamer looked down at Max, his soft green eyes seem to show pity for the boy in the dirt. But the one wearing the Cobalt kingdom crest wasn't showing any kind of mercy for him.

"It's not right, but either is letting him go. We shall take him as our prisoner for now."

"Yes my lord." The other man bowed. He was about to follow his lord when Max finally found his voice.

"Wait a minute!" he huffed. The two stopped in their tracks and looked down at their captive, "I'm not anybody's prisoner! I'm the prince of the Chestnut kingdom and I command you to return me to my home!"

The `Lord' chuckled slightly; "You can't give any orders around here, little prince." He stood up straighter, "I am Hiino, prince of the Cobalt kingdom, and I do NOT take orders from you."

"The prince of Cobalt?? Why are you fighting?"

"Because I have sworn to protect my kingdom from the destruction of yours!" Hiino knelt to get more eye-to-eye with the Chestnut prince. His dark blue eyes were almost hypnotizing Max, making him freeze on the dingy ground. "All strong men, even royalty, are fighting in the war. Why then, little prince, aren't you fighting along side your people? Are you afraid or are you too weak?"

That comment was hit too close to home. Max wanted to tell prince Hiino who he really was, but he was too scared to say anything. It was futile, his whole life was useless.

"Triton," Hiino called out to the beast tamer. The green-eyed man stood to attention, waiting for his command. "Go and fetch rope so we can tie him up. Then go get Woo. He'll be happy to have this dragon to add to his collection."

Triton bowed, "Yes, my lord."

Max had it, finally finding feeling in his legs, he began to bolt into the thicket when a hand halted his movements, grabbing onto the end of his braid. He fell backwards onto the hard ground, letting out an audible `OOF'! Hiino looked down at the dazed boy.

"And just where did you think you were going?" He narrowed his blue eyes in vexation. Max moved his hand up and grabbed onto the offending arm that held him down.

"Let go of me, you rude son of a bastard! My father will know of this and he'll have your head!"

"Not before we take over your kingdom, I'm sure."

Max fought for his tears not to come. Now was not the time to show such a weakness to this man, especially since he, himself, was supposed to be a man! Max closed his eyes tightly, trying his hardest to will the tears away. He heaved a couple breaths, and then tried to get himself up onto his knees.

Before he could continue the struggle, Triton had arrived with rope in hand. Prince Hiino turned Max over roughly and made him pin his arms back. He took the rope from the green-eyed man, and started to tie his wrists together.

"You will pay for this! Mark me!"

"Is that any way to thank me for saving your life, little prince?" Hiino chuckled tauntingly.

"Damn you, mocker!" Max huffed. He was pissed at the prince for taking him as his prisoner, but for some reason, he was also happy about it. This man, prince of the Cobalt kingdom, was definitely a looker. His seemingly messy dark brown hair framed his face perfectly, as well as those knock out eyes. When prince Hiino forced him to stand, Max's legs almost gave in. The sore on his left knee was ignored for now as he drank in the sight of the other prince. The man was simply breath-taking. ~


"Oh god!" someone in the class shouted, breaking Duo's concentration on his brave reading. "There's gay stuff in here?"

To Duo's surprise, the teacher shushed him. "That's enough, Ben. Let Duo read his story." Unfortunately, that didn't stop him.

"So then, Duo, does this mean you're gay too?" Ben laughed.

Duo narrowed his eyes, thinking of the right thing to say, but a girl from the class spoke up.

"Oh shut your homophobic pie hole and let Duo read!" she turned her sweet gaze over to the nervous student, "Please read on, Duo! I'm enjoying this so far! Although Max's description is a bit familiar." She winked. Duo looked away, blushing.

"So is Hiino's!" a guy shouted. Duo looked over nervously at Heero, who seemed to look impassive about the whole thing. Did he mind the story or not?

By now the whole classroom was in an uproar about what was going on in the story. The teacher soon got everything under control again and prompted Duo to keep going. From what Duo could gather, it sounded as if more people were on his side about this than he thought. It gave him courage, and so he began to continue.

Finally getting everyone's attention again, Duo cleared his throat. He was kind of nervous, but he started to dismiss it. Most of them were on his side about the whole boy love thing and it gave him the courage to go on. However, he was mainly nervous because he's sure that Heero knew where he got all the characterizations. Hiino was Heero, Max was himself, Triton was Trowa, and I'm sure he guessed that Woo must be WuFei. Wait till Heero found out what he did with Quatre.


~Prince Hiino forced the poor boy to follow him from behind his horse. The merciless prince tugged on the rope, making sure that prince Max was keeping up his stride with the steed. If he didn't stay in pace with Hiino's horse, then the prince would have dragged him through the mud. As mean as Hiino was trying to be, he still couldn't help himself as he fixed up Max's injury.

Max was cursing himself for running away, especially getting himself lost in the process. If he stayed in the castle, at least he would have been safe. But being safe `and' lonely was one thing. At least now he had someone to ogle from behind. Prince Hiino rode his horse magnificently, and Max found himself staring at those strong legs that straddled the horse's saddle, those wide shoulders, that strong back, and his firm behind.

The longhaired prince shook his head. There was no way in hell that the prince of Cobalt would ever fall in love with him. He was dreaming. The man must already have a suitor the way he looked. Max sighed, losing his battle with his heart and mind. He knew that the prince was rude, but he also knew that he must be that way cause of the war between the two kingdoms. If there were a way to make peace with each other, perhaps he had a chance at winning the stoic prince's heart.

Hiino finally halted the horse, and this gave Max time to catch his breath. He had never been on such a trek before. Hell, he never had been away from his kingdom before!

Max looked over and noticed why the Cobalt prince stopped. There was another man on a horse slowly riding toward them. The man on the horse looked Asian. He had black hair slicked back into a tight ponytail and very dark eyes. He was also wearing the same emblem as the prince. He must be a loyal follower.

Hiino raised a hand to greet the other horseback rider. The Asian man brought his horse around along side of prince Hiino's. He smiled at his comrade.

"Welcome back, my liege. I take it your scouting trip went well."

"Well enough." Hiino tugged harder on the rope, making Max move closer to his leg. "And I've got a prisoner. I found the `prince' of Chestnut nosing around our land."

"Prince?" the black haired one blinked. "I thought the king of Chestnut had a daughter."

"Well you were apparently mistaken, Woo. Look." Hiino raised the rope higher, making Max bring his arms up along with it. Max made an unsatisfactory noise from how Hiino was treating him. The man called Woo looked around the other side of the prince's horse, and his gaze caught the prisoner's. Woo smirked a bit, and then looked back at Hiino.

"I see that he wears the crest of Chestnut, but that doesn't explain why the king of Chestnut would suddenly have a son instead of a daughter."

"I don't know and I don't care what the Chestnut kingdom has, as long as we're victorious with the battle."

Woo sighed, "So what did you want? Triton said you had something for me."

"About 3 and a half miles back we killed a dragon. That is where we found him," Hiino tugged the rope up, making Max's hands dance up and down in the air. He glared at Hiino for treating him so. "I thought that perhaps you'd like to take the spoils from it to add to your other dragon stuff."

"Thank you, my liege. That is most kind of you. I'll be back as soon as I'm able." Woo rode off, heading for the direction that which the scouting party came.

"Take your time, friend Woo." Hiino called back. Max couldn't help but smile at the closeness those two showed. It almost made him believe that prince Hiino wasn't such a bad guy after all. "Gitty up." Hiino forced Max to move more quickly this time, making his horse trot instead of just walk.

Well, not such a bad guy in the sense. Max wished that his hands were untied so that he could smack that firm butt of his. This was no way to treat royalty! That was it! Prince Max had it!

"Prince Hiino!" Max shouted, trying to keep up. "You could at least let me ride on your horse with you!"

"And risk having you hit me on the head from behind and knock me out? Fat chance little prince." The Cobalt prince pulled the rope harsher, almost getting Max tripping over his own feet.

"I hadn't the strength to knock you unconscious, rude prince!" Max retorted. "I promise that I won't try escaping!"

"Like your promise means anything to me." Hiino snorted.

"I…um…" Max had to think fast. He was beginning to lose his footing. "I promise on my mother Helen's grave not to escape your grasp!" Max almost blushed at the slight innuendo he made.

Hiino halted the horse, "Whoa!" he looked down at the mouthy boy, preparing to smack him for using such ways of force, but the sincerity of it made him decide otherwise. He wasn't sure what came over him, but he decided to trust the other boy. He grabbed onto the rope tighter and heaved him up. Max tried to help himself up as well by placing a boot in the saddle's foothold, and he ended up stepping on Hiino's foot in the process.

Prince Hiino took a hold of Max's arm roughly and yanked him up the rest of the way. He snorted, "Next time you step on my foot like that I'm chopping yours off at the ankle!"

It was a good thing the saddle was big enough, and that they were skinny enough to fit. Max snuggled up to the other prince's back as he brought his tied arms up around him. He laid his head against Hiino's strong back, listening to his even breathing, he closed his eyes.

"I'm sorry, `my liege'." Max purred.

"Behave yourself, cur." Hiino growled. He made a clicking noise and snapped the reins for the horse to move again. Deep down Hiino was glad that he had the other prince on the horse with him. Now he didn't have to worry about speed and he made his steed go faster.

Max whooped as he felt the wind rushing past them. He held onto Hiino tighter, wishing beyond all that was good and pure that the other prince will fall for him. This sort of put a damper on things though. If he turned back into a woman, would Hiino still like him? That is, IF Hiino fell in love with him. Either way, he's screwed.

As Hiino whipped his horse around trees and bends, Max slowly began to forget that he was his prisoner. He was smiling and enjoying the thrill of riding horseback with a handsome prince in his arms. He let his mind stray, thinking of how the other man would try seducing him. He daydreamed about Hiino giving him is first kiss, touching him for the first time, and laying down with him. His thoughts wandered too much, and suddenly the horse stopped to a halt and Hiino's elbow was in his rib cage.

"What was that for??" Max snarled. Hiino turned his head back, locking glares.

"For being a pervert!" Hiino looked down, which made Max follow his gaze. The poor prince had a very noticeable bulge in his pants. What Max failed to notice at the time, however, was Hiino rising blush.

Max gave the other man the best soulful look he could muster up, but he wasn't locking gazes with him. He did this look to his father once, back when he was a girl. "I'm really sorry, Hiino! I didn't try, honest! It's just that I forgot that I…" he halted himself before he gave too much information away.

Hiino glared, "We're switching positions."

"What?" Max's eyes grew. Before he knew it, Hiino had a hold of him and flipped him over his shoulders, and then he turned him around to face the front. With his hands still on the reins, he whipped them so he could get the horse to move again. Max leaned back into Hiino's chest and laid his head onto one shoulder.

"I'm really sorry." Max apologized again. He shifted himself back more, feeling Hiino pressed tightly against him. The Cobalt prince leaned his face over, secretly inhaling the foolish prince's scent.

"Stop it." He warned him, his voice was lower sounding in his ear. Max shivered.

"Whatever you say, my liege. I'm all yours." Max sighed.

"Quit trying to use your black magic on me, imprudent prince, it won't work."

"What are you talking about?" Max looked over, blinking rapidly.

Hiino's head shot upward, forcing himself to stare straight ahead and pay more attention to where he was going. "Never mind. Just forget it!"

Max smiled. ~


Duo went to turn the page when the sound of a door slamming made him jump. He looked over at the door and then back to the teacher. His sensei sighed, slumping his shoulders in defeat.

"Ben left. I think he didn't like what you were reading."

Duo looked around the classroom and noticed that Ben was the only one that left. Hanging onto his courage he asked, "Does anyone else wish to leave before I go on?"

Many shook their heads. Duo glanced over at Heero, waiting to see what kind of reaction he'd get. Finally, Heero shook his head, and then sat himself up straighter, indicating that he wanted to hear more. Duo blushed and then coughed a little.

"Go on, Duo. We're all waiting." The teacher said.

"Okay." Duo nodded, and then turned back over to continue reading.


~Before Max knew it, they arrived at the Kingdom of Cobalt. Triton was already there, waiting for his Lord to return. His green- eyed friend gave him a raised eyebrow and a smirk.

"I see that you finally gave up being mean and let him ride with you." There was almost a mocking tone in his voice.

"Watch it, Tri." Hiino sneered. He dismounted and then grudgingly helped Max off as well.

"Hey there, Triton." Max smiled, trying his best to be friendly, considering his situation. "Miss me?"

Triton smirked, "I hardly know you, and you're a prisoner, why should I miss you?"

"It was a joke! Lighten up, Tri!"

Triton snarled, "Only my good friends are allowed to call me that, so zip it, bratty prince!"

Max huffed, "Saw-rrie!"

Once again, Hiino tugged at the ropes and got Max moving. He followed prince Hiino with no choice. They made it to the throne room, and prince Max put up no resistance. He was enjoying the view more.

"Father." Hiino knelt at the foot of his father's throne and then forced Max to do so as well.

"My son, who is this you brought me?" the king of Cobalt asked.

"He is prince Max of the Chestnut kingdom."

"Prince?" the king was in shock, "I heard of no such being. Are you trying to trick me, Hiino?"

The young prince shook his head, "Of course not, father."

"Where did you find him?"

"We were off scouting and we rescued him from an angry dragon. At that time, we had no idea that he belonged to the Chestnut kingdom. Once I found out, I took him as my prisoner. He hardly resisted."

"Could it be because he could possibly be a spy? Have you thought of that, Hiino??" the king sounded very pissed.

Hiino bowed again, "I'm sorry." before he could say more, Max looked up into the old king's eyes.

"My I say something, King of Cobalt?"

"I did NOT ask you to speak, little prince! Just because you're royalty, or you say you are, doesn't give you the right to speak up in my presents!"

"Please, your majesty…"

"Silence, cur!" the king stood up in a huff.

"Father please, remember your blood pressure." Hiino rushed over to his father's aid, forgetting about his prisoner.

Hiino's father sighed, "I'm sorry to worry you, my son." He looked down, noticing that Max had not moved from his spot. His eyes were fixed with the older man's, and Max was hoping that he could get them to trust him further. "Has this…foolish prince, given you any trouble?"

Hiino thought about this for a while. In all the times that he was with the young prince, not once did he do anything rash. Prince Hiino found himself shaking his head, "No, he was good the whole time." Well, he was good in a sense…most of the time.

The king exhaled as he sat back down on his throne, "Alright, Chestnut prince, you may speak."

Max breathed a sigh of relief, "Well you see, your majesty, I ran away from home and lost my way. That is why I ended up in your land by accident."

"Why did you run away from home?" the king asked.

"Um…because, I was having some troubles with my father. He wasn't too happy with me not finding a suitor, and his depression got to me. I didn't want to bring him any more grief, so that's why I ran." Max looked down at the floor and then shut his eyes. To his surprise, Hiino spoke up.

"Running away from your problems doesn't solve anything."

"Actually," Max smiled, looking up into Hiino's eyes, "it did."

Hiino blinked, dumbfounded, "How?"

Max almost laughed out loud. Prince Hiino was so cute when he was confused. Slowly Max stood, but he didn't move.

"I found you." Hiino looked even more confused, as did his father, "I mean…I got to meet you. I know this sounds weird but…I had a feeling that you weren't as mean and nasty as you were pretending to be. And I was hoping that we could somehow end this stupid feud between our kingdoms and be at peace, then maybe I could spend some time with you and get to know you better."

Hiino sighed audibly, "Foolish, foolish prince." Hiino shook his head, "You're such a foolish prince." Max bowed his head, feeling his heart in his chest explode. "It isn't gonna be that easy to make peace."

Max's eyes sort of lit up as they ascended back to Hiino's.

"But," Hiino smiled slightly, "I must admit you've gotten to me. I almost want to believe that you casted some sort of spell on me when we first met. I don't understand why you make me feel this way. It's as if you're supposed to be someone else entirely."

Max could feel himself floating. This can't be real…it just can't be! Was prince Hiino falling in love? If he is, why is he still a man?

Despite his father's protesting, Hiino moved closer to Max, their noses were almost touching. Max could clearly smell the wonderful scent that surrounded the other prince, making his heart skip a beat.

"Hiino?" Max breathed, feeling his tights getting tighter.

"I cannot resist you any longer, little prince. You're too kind, sincere…and beautiful." And with that, their lips finally met.

Max gasped, feeling the handsome prince's warm lips on his. This must be some kind of weird dream, cause stuff like this don't happen to him. He couldn't be so lucky, could he?

The longhaired prince suddenly began to glow before their eyes. His form changed in a blink of an eye. Hiino gasped, taking in the form before him. It was Max all right, but now he was a she! Feeling slightly different, Maxine looked at herself and realized that she was a girl once more. She was happy. But when she looked up into her suitor's face, her happiness crashed to a halt. Prince Hiino didn't look very happy at all.

"H-Hiino? What's wrong? Don't you love me?"

"I-I do love you, honest…I just…it's just that…I fell in love with the male you…"

"No…" Maxine gasped, tears beginning to stream down her face. "It's not fair! Why does this always happen to me?? Why??" Maxine ran out the doors, blinded by tears. Not knowing what to do, Hiino stood there as he watched the one he loved run out the throne room.

Not knowing where her feet were taking her, she stumbled and fell into a clearing that had a small misty pond in the middle. For a while she stayed on her hands and knees, tears spilling out of her eyes. Why did the prince love her less now that she was a woman again? Isn't love supposed to be a deeper than skin thing? Perhaps secretly prince Hiino is gay. He said that he did love her…but why did he say such a heartbreaking thing? He is the first suitor that she approved but she couldn't have him! What a sick and twisted world this had become!

On her knees, she staggered over to the pond to get a drink. Running so long had made her tired and thirsty. She drank the water greedily, not wanting to miss a drop of the sweet stuff that she discovered.

Suddenly, the misty pond illuminated before her eyes. She heard a splash, and she looked up with astonished eyes. There, hovering over the pond's surface was a glittering fairy. The pixie was obviously male, and he wore a thin cloth that covered his privates. He had beautiful rainbow wings that would flicker once in a while, and his hair was so blond that it was almost white. His eyes were a captivating aqua, which mirrored the pool below him. He fluttered closer to the astonished princess, who can only blink at the time.

"Only royalty is able to drink my water to summoned me." the little elf explained. "what is it that you desire, high mortal?"

"Oh, I have heard of you, but believed no such thing." Maxine was still in slight shock.

"Indeed, I am very rare. The reason I am so rare is because only royalty are able to make me appear, but most prince's and princess's are taught not to believe many spiritual things."

"I understand." Maxine nodded, remembering once that her father had told her that elves and fairies didn't exist. "I do wish something, but it might be too much to ask." She sighed.

"Do not worry. I can grant you anything you desire."

"Well, it's kind of complicated. You see, I was cursed by this warlock and got turned into a man. The only way I was supposed to change back is if I find love and that person that I'm in love with loves me back. Well, I just fell in love with the most handsome prince ever, but when he returned my love, I turned back into a girl. After I turned back, he said that he still loves me, but he fell in love with the male me. I'm so torn, because I wish to stay being the real me, but I want to make him happy and be a man again. What should I do?"

"Why don't we ask him?" the fairy said, and with the flick of his wrist, Hiino materialized in front of Maxine. Very confused on how he got there, Hiino looked around in shock. Once his eyes fell upon the attractive pixie, he was in even more shock and his mouth hung open.

Maxine had to shake him back to reality, and then she explained everything. Hiino stared at her for a while and then closed his eyes, "I don't know what I really want." Maxine finally noticed the red around the prince's eyes. Hiino had been crying?

"You want me to stay a man?" Maxine asked, not caring one way or the other now, only hoping that she could stay with him.

"I'm…I'm not really attracted to girls." Hiino said, "So then… is it alright if you were back to being a man? I know that you probably had your heart set on being a woman again but… well, I just want you to be happy." Hiino mentally crossed his fingers.

Maxine moved in closer, smiling, "Anything you want, Hiino. Cause I love you." she looked over at the magical being and nodded, giving him the cue. The fairy smiled, and with a swish of his hand, he turned Maxine back into Max.

Hiino's eyes brightened with glee and he gulped, "Max…"

"Hiino…" the space between them closed as lips touched and arms caressed. They stood there for a while, showing each other how much they loved one another before they went back to Hiino's castle.

Their love opened up new eyes for both kingdoms, and soon, a peace conference began and was quickly resolved, with both the Chestnut kingdom's and the Cobalt kingdom's signatures. The end.~


"Well, what did you all think?" Duo asked, looking sheepish.

"I loved it!" crowed a girl. Many others nodded in agreement. Some wondered why Hiino's feelings didn't exactly stay when Max changed back, but liked it nonetheless. Some even wondered what happened to Woo, and if perhaps, Duo could write a sequel. Duo shyly peered over to where Heero was sitting. He didn't say a word, he just nodded at his direction.

"Very good, Duo." The teacher smiled. "I think that story had earned you an A. Good job."

Duo cheered, handing the teacher his paper. He walked over to Heero, smiling stupidly. "What did you think, Heero?"

Heero smirked, trying to hold back a smile, "I think that `Max' and `Hiino' need to talk."

Duo gasped as Heero took him by the braid. He tugged at it in a possessive manner, dragging them both out of the classroom, and headed for their shared dorm.




Duo: What did you think?
Luna: Hey! You didn't write the whole thing, pal!
Duo: It was still about MY story! *Sticks out tongue*
Luna: Little bastard… why do I put up with you??
Duo: *bats eyes* cause you love me?
Luna: *sighs* I give up. ^_^

Duo: Seriously folks…should I write a sequel for my classmates? I really don't have an idea for one yet, but I DID leave some details out, didn't I? I can't help it! I was just writing this for the stupid assignment, it was late, and I was tired! Besides…I think Woo- man was having too much fun skinning the dragon during the whole time. *Snickers*