Duo's Confession

Contents: shonen ai, angst, Mary sue
Pairings: 2+1, 4+2, 2x4, 3+4, 4+1

The peace was here. And so then, was Duo's utter boredom. He lay under the shade of an oak tree with his black suit and priest collar on. His hat and his shades donned. He also had his cross necklace on.

Never leave home without it.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous today, but he didn't feel like doing much. He was half asleep and daydreaming. Thinking of all the good times he had during the war made him smile. He begins to recall the first time he and Heero met. It was a little rocky at first of course. Well he did shoot him when they first met, but he wishes not to think of that too often. He does, however, think of the time he saved him from OZ. He was strapped down on the table with his injuries. The look Heero gave him when he first appeared on the viewing screen was unforgettable to him.

He feels a light breeze and then it dies. A moment later he feels his warm sun was gone. At first he thought it was the clouds blocking it, but then he remembered that there was no clouds today. He slowly peered from above the rim of his shades and saw a familiar face staring down at him.

"Oi, Quatre." Duo grinned.

"Konnichi wa, Duo-kun." Quatre smiles. "How are you this fine day?"

"Not bad." Duo sighs, "just a little bored. What's Heero doing?"

"I'm not sure. He said something about going back up to L1, but I'm not sure if he's gonna go through with it."

"Back to L1? Why??" Duo staggers up to his feet, trying to remember how to use them.

"I'm not sure." The Arabian slouches. "He's been on his computer all morning. He just nitpicked his breakfast and I only seen him once go use the bathroom. Otherwise, I haven't had the gull to go up to him and talk to him. He seemed a little grouchy to me."

"Grrr…Baka!" Duo stomps off to the rather large house that Quatre has bought for them to stay in while they did their duties.

"Where're you going?"

"Take a guess." Duo says without turning around. Quatre shakes his head.

"Poor Duo."


Stopping at the door, Duo can hear clicks and clanks of the keyboard going like crazy inside of Heero's room. He eases one hand on the doorknob. {Does he dare? What would Heero do to him if he did? Perhaps he should knock. But then he'd probably just tell him to leave. Maybe if he had the silent skills like him this would be easier.} Then again, it never occurred that he should have those skills in the first place cause of the way he is. His personality is just too loud and carefree. Nah- sneaking around wasn't something that Duo was really too good at. Not like Heero. {Maybe if I just open the door a crack and peek inside? Then knock…?}

"What do you want, Duo?" The harsh voice asks from behind the door. Duo's thoughts stop cold and he stares at the seemingly talking door. "Well don't just stand out there with your mouth gapping open, tell me what you want or go away." Duo opens the door slowly, even though it's useless. No lights are on; only the computer screen gives off a small glow and illuminates Heero's face. Duo walks silently over to his side.

"So, buddy," the only thing that comes to mind right now. The important stuff can wait. "What have ya been up to?"

"Is that all you came in here to ask is how I'm doing?" Heero's fingers have not stopped their work. Duo looks down, dumbfounding at his friend's hands going like mad on the keyboard.

"No. It was just a conversation starter." He smiles in the gloom.

"Oh." Heero pauses for quite a while and then sighs deeply. "OK, if you must know, I'm doing fine. Now what did you want?"

"Well," Duo lets out a big sigh. "I was told that you plan on leaving. Is this true or are you trying to scare me?" Heero turns around in his chair to look at him. He seemed a tad confused by his friend's strange inquiry.

"Scare you? What do you mean by that?"

"You aren't really gonna leave, are you?" Duo says with some small plead.

"And why not?" only half of his face is now visible from the computer screen.

"Well I thought that…well that…we were all gonna be one big happy family or something, ya know?"

"Duo…" the Japanese turns back to the computer and continues to type. "You can handle yourself without me. You have Quatre, Trowa and Wufei here to pester."

"Yeah, but…" is all Duo can think of to say.

"Now let me do my work. I need to finish this and then start packing." There was a strange, eerie silence between them for a long moment. To Duo it seemed like a short time freeze or something. Either that or Heero was just typing too fast for him to see. He didn't know what to say or how to make his feelings more clearly to himself. For some reason, even the mere thought of Heero leaving was the worse pain he's ever experienced, and he has no clue why. Many a times he's really injured himself during battle, and many a times he's had physical and mental injuries from something other than the war. Those times seemed like pin pricks now.

Duo slowly backs up and wanders over to the door. Just before he walks out and closes it, he turns around to get a last look at Heero. There was something there all right, and it won't go away. Only HE knows what it really is, and he hasn't accepted it yet. Finally he turns back around and walks out. He shuts the door quietly behind him.


Quatre leaned on the railing of his patio porch. The wind whips through his hair and the sun shines gleefully on his face. But his face shows no glee.

Trowa opens the patio door and silently wanders to his side. He looks over at the blonde Arabian and places a hand on his shoulder. His touch makes Quatre come back to his senses.

"What's wrong?" Trowa asks.

"Oh…Trowa! You startled me."

"Gomen, Quatre-kun." He gives him a half smile.

"That's ok. I can't help but think of poor Duo-kun. My space heart is telling me that heavy times are ahead. I think that Heero leaving is gonna leave a bigger impact than we all thought."

"How's that?"

"I'm not sure. But I think Duo will be suffering so much if he does leave. That's what I'm feeling."

"Hm." Trowa puts a hand on his chin. "Duo and Heero, ne?"

"Nani?" Quatre blinks. "What are you talking about?"

"Nothing. I just had this weird thought."

"Now that is definitely a scary thing." Quatre gives him a half kidding smile. Trowa doesn't respond to it and it makes him sigh in frustration. "Perhaps someone should talk to him. He may need our support."

"Go ahead. I'll be here waiting for you." Trowa turns around and walks back into the house. He shuts the sliding patio door quietly to leave Quatre alone with his thoughts.

"Hmmm…" Quatre says silently to himself, "Duo and Heero…"


The water was cool and refreshing and it lifted his spirits. It felt so good to get those black clothing off. The sun was being absorbed too easily and it went straight through to his skin and burnt it just a tad. He seemed to have gotten a slight farmer's tan as well, looking down at his arms and sighing.

His ponytail was undone and was snaking around him. He waded over to the edge of the stream and leaned against a cool rock. The blazing waterfall was to his right, and the sun was straight in front of him. He crosses his arms and bows his head in thought.

{Why does Heero have to go? He can stay here with us. There's really no reason for him to leave. Or is there?} Constrained by those thoughts, he shivers revoltingly. {Is someone…driving him away?} He frowns at the thought that it could be him.

Just then a familiar voice is heard from behind him- calling his name. He doesn't want to respond right away. He feels as if he should be alone right now. But the voice is kind and gentle and was always trusting.

"Yeah, I'm over here, Quatre." He somewhat shouts reluctantly.

"Oi, Duo-kun!" Quatre smiles as he peers over the rock. "Are you decent?"

"Hai…the water is from my bellybutton down. And my hair is wrapped all around my body. I'm decent enough."

"Good." Quatre climbs up onto a small ledge on the rock- sitting by Duo's shoulder and looking down. "I thought perhaps you could use a friend to talk to."

"Why's that?" Duo's eyes were drawn to the waterfall, which was giving off a tiny rainbow.

"Because of my space heart, silly." Quatre stifles a chuckle. "I can feel that you are hurting inside somehow and I decided to come and talk to you. Is that ok with you?" he tried his best to sound sincere.

"Well…Q-man, that's hard to say right now. It seems that the pain I'm having shouldn't really be there in the first place."

"Why is that? Everyone has feelings. You can't just stand by and ignore them. And I have a hunch I know what you're upset about."

"Oh yeah? What's that?"

"It's about Heero leaving, isn't it?" Short pause.

"Well?" Quatre continues. He gives Duo a raised eyebrow. Duo decides to give in. Defeat is never an easy thing, but he knows that he'll just keep bugging him until he does.

"Why does he have to go, Quatre? I don't understand it! He has everything he needs right here! He doesn't need to go back to L1 for any reason!"

"Perhaps this is just a vacation for him and he'll be back."

"I highly doubt that." Duo sounds as if he's holding back tears. Quatre peers over to see the pain in his eyes. A lump gets stuck in his throat.

"Well then why don't you talk to him about your feelings?"

"Yeah right!" Duo spat. "It's like telling Trowa to be more open! It's not that simple, Q-man. And even if I do tell him, he's still gonna leave."

"You don't know that for sure."

"No…" Duo begins to wander over to the shoreline, "but I think I know who does." Quatre looks at him confusingly.



Duo pulls his jacket collar around his neck tighter to keep the cold wind out. The clouds looked dark and heavy- about ready to burst. He lifts his hat rim up a tad so he can see if he's at the right place. The lot is empty and the door is open. An inviting look to be sure, but that's not what drove him there. The heavy iron cross stands tall on top of the roof of this sacred place, and the colored windows show pictures of well known priests and fathers of the times.

He sighs heavily as he wanders inside the church. He clutches his cross necklace tighter than usual. This is something that he must do himself. No one else can help him do it. This is something he knows must be handled gently and peacefully within himself. Is it really curiosity? Or is there much more than he himself is letting on?

The pews are bare. The podium is also empty. He walks casually down the red carpet and keeps a hold on his necklace. He goes to the front and kneels. He lowers his head and starts to pour his heart out, telling his sins out loud. First beginning with his life, and then with the war. Relating all the things he had to do for peace. All the people he had to kill, all the things he has said to others, all the other pain he's caused. And then…he finally gets to his personal problem and he begins to find it hard to say.

"My son, is there something wrong?"

Duo quickly turns around and sees an old man in a priest outfit. Everything that they wear is on him. Duo is a little dumbfounded at the guys' stealth. He didn't even hear his footsteps.

"Wha-what do you mean?" Duo stutters. The man walks over to his front and smiles.

"Why are you having problems confessing your last thing?" the kind priests asks as he looks into the braided boys violet eyes. Then before Duo could answer, the priest sees the collar he is wearing. "Ah…" he uses a small cane to point to it, "you are wearing the white collar I see." He smiles.

"Hai…" Duo sighs heavily.

"What is your name?"

"Duo. Duo Maxwell." He states without looking up.

"Duo, is there some way I can help you with your confession? You seem a bit tense about this."

Duo stands up. He is only a head shorter than the kind old priest. He places an index finger and thumb on the brim of his cap. He lowers and adjusts it.

"I think I may have committed one of the worst sins yet, father, and I don't know if I am really, truly sorry for it." He lifts his head slightly to see if the priests face has changed from the words he's spoken. The old man's kindness has not disappeared.

"What is that, Duo?"

Duo stutters a bit. "I think I-I am…I think I'm…well…I might be…I just could be in love…" the word cuts his through his throat very harshly. His voice starts to crack at the word, but it doesn't come out right again. But the priest has already heard what the word was so he tells him to just skip it and continue his sentence. Duo nods respectively. "…It's a man, father." He says quickly. He doesn't look up yet for the fear that the priest's eyes will damn him for all eternity. He stands there for quite a few minutes and then finally, out of curiosity, he looks up to see the kind priest still standing there. "That's it." Duo states quickly again.

"Oh." The priest finally states. "That's the hard thing you had to confess?" Duo gulps and nods silently.

"That isn't so bad." The old man beams.

"It's not?" Duo says with wide eyes.

"No, of course not, Duo. There are many gay priests and ministers you know."

"B-but that's just it! I'm NOT gay! At least the last time I checked." Duo tries to keep his composure.

"Duo," the priest wanders closer to him and places a hand on his shoulder. "Love comes in many guises. You must have a very strong friendship with him." Duo smirks a little at that comment.

"Well- friendship yeah. Strong…" he chuckles.

"It does not matter now. You have spoken the truth, have you not?"

"Yes I have. I may run, and I may hide, but I never lie." He smiles at his old war motto he uses.

"Do you feel better now that you have confessed? Or is there more to this confession?"

{Damn!} Duo thinks to himself. {The old man can see right through me!} "I suppose there's more." Again trying to keep his composure. "He has decided to leave for outer space and I don't want him to go. I tried to talk him into staying, but he's not listening. I'm afraid that he's leaving because of me."

"Duo. How can you say such a thing? What would you do to drive him to leave?"

"I don't know. I guess sometimes I can get annoying and distracting. I blabber a lot and make others mad at me. He's just so quiet and composed. So opposite of me that I'm afraid that he doesn't see me the way I see him and…" he's finding himself wiping his eyes on his sleeve. "I just don't know how to tell him how I feel…it's so hard…especially telling HIM…because of the way he is and… I often wonder if he's got any heart left inside of that strong chest of his…" he hiccups. The priest holds out an arm and Duo collapses onto the man's chest. He starts sobbing harder. "I don't want him to go! I'll…I'll die if he leaves!"

The priest pats Duo's back. Duo lets it all out. And minutes later he stands tall again and recomposes himself. He wipes away the rest of his tears from his eyes that have became red. The priest suddenly looks up over Duo's shoulder as he hears the church door creek open slightly. Duo first looks up and notices that the priest is looking at something behind him, and then he turns around to see someone walking towards them both.


"Duo! There you are! Everyone has been looking for you. Quatre told me I might be able to find you here. Are you going to see me away or not?"


"Is this the man you have been speaking of?" the priest asks.

"Hai…" Duo nods sadly, "this is he, Father." Heero gives Duo a confused look and then notices his red eyes. He doesn't say anything, but he looks at the priest and gives him the look like- "what's wrong with him?" The priest's eyes just look back with kindness and he smiles.

"What is your name?"

"Heero Yuy." He states with no emotion.

"I see."

"You see what?"

"That Duo wasn't lying after all." The priest walks in the back. Heero just watches the old man disappear behind a curtain, wondering what has just happened.


His mind raced unheedingly just like his feet. Duo ran as fast as his legs could carry his heavy-hearted body. It seemed that he wasn't thinking at all, but he was doing it the whole time. {Must see Heero…must see Heero…must see Heero…} The Deathscythe pilot pivoted on one foot as he turned the corner, and finally he arrives at the scene of Heero's departure. His eyes widen as he sees Heero lifting his bags to be stowed away in the aircraft, which was taking him to his destination. Taking him to L1.

"Wait!" Duo shouts as loud as he can over the roar of the engine. "Wait up! I'm coming!" Heero hears this and stops to turn around. He folds his arms to await the braided boys arrival.

"Yes? What is it, Duo?"

Duo tries to catch his breath the best he can before speaking. The guys were all ready there and have finished with their own good-byes. Trowa stands firm and unshaken, as usual. Quatre has tears in his eyes, which of course is usual. And Wufei is propped up against a lamppost with the look of sadness for his friend leaving.

"Couldn't you wait until I said my good-byes? Have you forgotten about me?"

"No, of course not." Heero's heavy Japanese accent travels to Duo's ears. His cold, cobalt eyes became steady with Duo's big, sad violet ones. "I was hoping you'd make it."

"Yeah! Because if I didn't get to say my good-byes to you, I would hunt you down!" Duo tries to give his usual kidding smile. Surprisingly Heero smiles back.

"Yeah, I know you would."

Moments pass as the two pilots continue their stares. It seems that neither of them knew what to say to each other. Heero's thoughts are filled with the vision of Duo's redden eyes and the knowing that he was at the church with a priest even upset him more. He knew something was up, but Duo never told him what happened in the church. Heero didn't think that it was really that important then, cause it seemed like it was none of his business. But now, that scene played in his mind stronger than before. Duo finally breaks the silence, but it's not entirely what Heero expected to come out of his mouth.

"I don't want you to go."

Heero frowns a bit.

"You're supposed to be saying goodbye to me, not telling me NOT to go."

"Yeah I know…" Duo starts playing with his braid. "But I can't think of anything else."

Heero's steady gaze never ceased. He watches as the pilot from colony L2 fiddles around with the end of his braid and wraps his finger around one strand.

"I'm sorry…" Heero lowers his eyes to the ground, almost staring at Duo's feet. "…But I must go. So…" Heero looks up again to find that Duo has halted in his hair playing, but still had his one finger wrapped in one of his strands, "…so then say your goodbye, and I will be on my way."

"But…but Heero I…" Duo looks down at his own feet, "I haven't been able to talk to you or tell you what I have been wanting to tell you…and it really hurts me that you are leaving and that I haven't been able to do what I have wanted and that now this is such an awkward time to tell you and that…" Duo cuts himself off. He figures that he's just babbling, and it's not helping the situation at all.

"Awkward time to tell me what?" somewhere in all that senseless blabber, one thing actually caught his interest.

"Well…uh…" now THIS was the hardest thing for anyone to muster up. Three little words could tell all, but Duo didn't want to sound too up front. He didn't want to scare Heero away for good, and he didn't want to lie to him either. Something had to be said that would still mean what he wants him to know, but not be as strong or too forward. He had to think about it for a couple of seconds. Heero, unfortunately, was growing more impatient by the second and that scared Duo. {I can't do it. I can't tell him those words yet. I must figure something out…} with that on his mind, Duo walked closer to Heero like he was a magnet and Heero was lead.

"Tell me what you want to say or I'm leaving without your goodbye."

{Ouch!!} The word ran through Duo's mind. That left a mark on his soft spot. {Now that one really stung!}

"It's just …so hard to think of the words to say right now. I guess I should have been talking to you sooner about this, but I was struggling with some personal demons."

"Hn." Heero nods. He can quite understand what that meant. {Inside the church…} Heero recalls.

"So, if I tell you something I want you to promise me you won't hate me. Please promise me that no matter what I say to you now it won't affect our friendship."

"Aa…" Heero nods again. That was the best that Duo was going to get out of him for an agreement right now.

"I've…I've been wanting you to stay because…uh…because…"

"Damn it, Duo! Just tell him!" Wufei's words were so cold and rash to Duo that it made him fume with anger.

"Fine!" he shouts back at Wufei. The Chinese boy just glares back at him. He looks back at Heero. "Heero…I think I'm having feelings for you." {Hmm…not too harsh, and not those three little words that I have been saving for the special occasion.} Duo smiles to himself about that.

"Feelings for me, ne?" Heero finally says after a short pause. "What kind would those be exactly?"

Now it was getting worse. Duo now had to "explain" his feelings, and it was hard to right now because he's not too sure exactly "what" those feelings were.

"Not really sure right now." Duo finally agrees with himself to say.

"This is getting us no where, Duo! If you're not sure of your feelings, then just dismiss them for now." Heero's words sounded so cold that Duo felt like curling up into a lonely corner and dying. "I need to leave. So say your goodbye now."

"You're so heartless sometimes, Heero Yuy!!" Duo suddenly shouts. All the pilots gasp at his sudden outburst.

"Then why the hell do you have feelings for me, baka??" Heero shouts back. Duo steps back in total shock. He doesn't know how to answer him. Heero glares at him only a few moments more and then turns around swiftly to enter his spacecraft.

"Wait a minute!" Duo says with some rage. The Wing pilot really knew how to ruffle things up between them! He grabs Heero's arm with more force than Heero anticipated. It made the Japanese pilot turn around with some anger shining in his eyes. He was hoping that the stare would make Duo back off, but it didn't heed the longhaired pilot. "I'm getting my goodbye from you whether you like it or not!" he spat out with his eyes blurring up. Heero turned his body fully around now so that they were only few inches away from each other. Heero had to slightly look up.

"Go ahead." Heero says coldly. He never anticipated his long time ally's move. Duo has latched his lips right onto Heero's! While Duo's eyes were closed, Heero's eyes were wide with surprise. Heero wasn't sure why, but he let the American keep kissing him. Once Duo finished, which was a lot shorter than Duo wanted but knew that if he kept going it might be way too much, he tried to release it as nice as possible. But-

(SMACK!!) Heero hit Duo across the face as hard as he could! The American boy fell to the floor hard, but silently. No sound came from him as he hit the floor. It was as if he was half way expecting some kind of reaction like that from him.

When Duo finally looked up from the ground, a small trail of blood trickled down the side of his mouth. His lip looked really swollen, and a faint bruise was very visible by his cheek.

"Oh…Duo…" Quatre silently spoke…clenching his fists together to his chest. Trowa and Wufei just stare in amazement at what just happened. They all finally notice one small tear running down Duo's cheek. Heero stood there for a few moments, and then smirks.

"Good-bye, Duo." Heero turns around to board the ship. "See you in three weeks."

{THREE WEEKS??} Duo's mind screamed. His eyes widen with small delight. "Th-three weeks??" Duo shouts. He wipes his lip.

"Hai." Heero smirks at him again. "It was for only one week, but now I changed it to three."

"Wha-what?" Duo gets up to his feet. "You were gonna come back?? And you didn't even tell me?? YOU BASTARD!"

Heero grins at him…triumphantly? He gives him the two-fingered wave and then enters the shuttle that will take him all the way to L1.


Minutes later...back at the pilots' house, Quatre was busy with aiding his friend's small injury. He places an ice pack right on his lip. He can't help but smirk at the chestnut haired American.

"That was SOME goodbye you gave Heero." Quatre snickers.

"Yeah…" Duo tries not to smile back because of his painfully swollen lip. "I think I over did it."

"I had a feeling that something like this would happen, you know." Quatre smiles. He leans his elbows across the back of the chair. Duo has always sat that way, which surprised Duo to see him catching on to his habit. Duo sat up from the bed that seemed to have been specially prepared for him by Quatre's orders.

"Thanks for your help, Quatre." Duo says a little sorely. "But I need to go get some fresh air."

"Sure thing, Duo. Just let me know if you need anything." The blonde haired pilot gets up from the chair and puts it back under the desk that it came from. He walks out just as Duo does, and shuts the door.


Leaning against his favorite tree again, Duo continues to nurse his wounded lip. All he can think of right now is Heero. Replaying the scene in his mind over and over. The contact with the back of Heero's hand against his face could have been worse. It seemed to Duo that Heero really wasn't using all of his strength.

He was also realizing that when he put his lips on Heero's, he didn't back away and he didn't squirm out of his touch. He LET him do it until it was done. And his fist across the face was like a secret code or something. Maybe he was embarrassed that he did that in front of the rest of the pilots, or he was just returning the favor? What ever the reason behind that whole deal one thing was certain… he "let" him kiss him. But he never returned the kiss.

"Duo-kun!" he hears Quatre say. He continues to have his ice pack on his lip and cheek. He slowly looks up to see Quatre standing above him.

"Hullo…" Duo tries to say with the pack on his mouth.

"So how is your lip doing? Are you feeling any better?"

Duo smiles at Quatre's kindness. He winces at the pang that is set across his lip because of the smile.

"I'm doin' bedder…" Duo tries speaking. He looks up at Quatre and tries smiling with his eyes. Body language has been accepted as Quatre smiles back.

"That's good!" He sits down next to him and tries to share the tree with him. He ends up also leaning up against Duo's shoulder and arm. "Do you think Heero will return in a week, or was he true to his threat?"

"Who knows?" Duo says quietly, but Quatre could hear him.

"Three weeks is kinda long when you think about it. It's definitely longer than one…er…ya that was logical, huh?" Quatre laughs at his obvious logic he has just said and then looks over at Duo and sees he's trying his best not to laugh. "Sorry, I didn't mean to make you smile. I know you're hurting."

"It's ok." Duo muffles.

"Well I kinda figured that since you aren't going to be yapping like you usually do, I thought that perhaps I should take over for a while."

Duo tries to smile at him for that comment. Yeah it was gonna be a long three weeks alright. Too long.


Two days have passed and Duo was beginning to drown in his depression. Quatre tried his best to cheer him up, but it seemed that what ever he did it still wasn't enough. He sat out on his patio table, looking down at where Duo sat. The poor boy was beginning to waste away. He was starting to pick at his food, stay up later than usual, and was found training himself to the max. Quatre would often wake up to the sound of clanging and banging in the kitchen or the dining room. At first when it happened he thought that it was a burglar so he took out his gun for safety.

When he slowly approached the kitchen and finally saw that it was just Duo, the Arabian sighed in relief and pointed his gun downwards. What scared Quatre even more is that Duo didn't seem to sense or hear him walk into the kitchen. He tells Duo that and it made the braided boy frown at his lack of training. So from there he started to train until his body couldn't handle anymore. Much too often Quatre wound up carrying him to his bed and tend his sores. More often would Duo mumble to Quatre "Just let me die. Please…" and then too often has he reminded Duo that Heero was coming back.

Quatre decided to bring him something to help him regain some of his health. It was some kind of herbal tea that restores bodily fluids and such. He walked casually towards the Deathscythe pilot, whom was still sitting under his tree and looking up at the sky. The sun was nearly setting.

"Afternoon, Duo-kun." Quatre smiles warmly, balancing the tray carrying the two drinks. "I thought maybe you could use something refreshing to drink." He gets on his knees and gently offers the drink by hovering the plate by his face. Duo just nods and smiles. He takes the drink from the tray and lifts it to his nose. He realizes that it's tea and makes a slight sour face at it. "Go on." Quatre tries to say as nice as he can. "it's really good for you. It'll help you."

"The only thing that would help me would be to gaze into Heero's eyes and see that he's not angry with me."

"Don't worry too much about it, Duo." Quatre smiles warmly again. "Right now he's probably kicking himself for hitting you. I'm pretty sure he isn't mad at you anymore."

"Really?" Duo looks up at him through his bangs.

"Really. So take a sip of the tea and try not to think about him." Quatre decides to sit all the way down on the grass in front of Duo even though he'll hate the grass stains later. Duo takes a taste of the tea and again makes a face. "Just drink it all down in one gulp then." Quatre tries teasing. Duo smirks at him the best he can without wincing. He holds the cup firmly in both hands and then quickly gulps down the whole thing. He makes a really sour face. "your body will thank you later." Quatre smiles.

"Yeah, with gas pains!"

Quatre chuckles.

About an hour later they watch the sun finally begin to set. Duo seemed a little sleepy after that tea. He leans his head down on Quatre's shoulder. The Arabian pilot has once again sat down right next to him, leaning on the tree and his arm for support. Duo's head swayed a bit and then he looked up as if he was in a trance.

He finally realizes where he is and quickly sits up straight in embarrassment. Quatre just gives him a slight smile. He didn't mind Duo laying his head down on him. He knew he was exhausted from the lack of sleep and the tension of the wait. Finally after a while Duo mumbles an apology for falling asleep on him. Quatre dismissed it kindly, and told him that he understood that he was tired. Duo nodded slowly as sleep was catching up with him again.

Quatre offered his shoulder again, and almost instantly Duo accepted. He soon found his arm wrapped around Quatre's waist and was deeply in his dreams. Of course they were about a certain perfect solider. But as he dozes, Quatre was playing with his braid and placing his cheek against his forehead. The blonde-haired boy sighed.

"I think I love you, Shinigami."


The two days that passed should have passed quite quickly to the Gundam Wing pilot. Why they were just dragging by was something that pondered Heero. Often he would think of that day of his leaving, and of the way Duo said goodbye to him. It all didn't make any sense. The Deathscythe pilot was a very good ally and was just starting to become a real close friend.

He had no idea that the braided boy thought of him in that manner. Things don't always seem they way they look. Especially with Duo, Heero thought. He knew how to hold in all his secrets and darkest memories. At times Heero would be feeling sorry for him. But he, too, had his own deep personal feelings hidden under wraps. That was necessary…that was for the missions…that was the way he was trained… the way it was.

His thoughts were finally pushed into the back of his mind as he typed on his laptop. Cracking the code was going to be a cinch. He bypassed all the viruses and the firewalls. He easily discovered the password to the main computer. Hentai? As crazy as it sounded, that is what the word was. Normally he wouldn't have picked such an obvious thing to use as a password, but he's ever so grateful that who ever did was quite the pervert. It was also a half guess. Places like this that are run by old men are usually sex-craved idiots.

Heero sighed aloud. He finished with what he came there to do and now he had some extra time on his hands. He stares at the computer screen for a few seconds and then begins to plug it into the hole in the wall next to him. He types in a number that he hasn't used in a long time.


"I'm leaving now, Quatre. I'll see you in a little bit."

"OK, Duo-kun! Don't be gone too long! Dinner will be ready soon!" Quatre watches Duo smile and wave back at him as he briskly walked down the road. He continues to watch him walk until he was no longer in view. He puts a loose fist onto his chest and sighs deeply. "…So cute…"

Trowa looks on from the balcony as he sees Quatre saying goodbye to Duo. His eyes follow the blonde haired boy as he wanders right under him and enters the house. He closes his eyes only moments before the vision phone rings. Trowa turns back into the house and answers it. Quatre just entered the house so he was sure he never heard the ringing.

"Hello?" his eyes widen with surprise when he sees who it was. "Oh! Heero! How are you?"

"I guess I'm alright. Is Duo there?"

"No, you just missed him. Is there anything you want me to tell him when he gets back?"

{Not there?} Heero ponders to himself. {Am I relieved or not?} "Um…no. I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm ok and that the mission is going well." Trowa senses a tone of unease in Heero's voice.

"That's good to hear, my friend." Trowa's lip curls up to a very small smile. "But have you really just called to tell us that? Or did you want to speak to Duo?" he thought he noted a hint of nervousness in the perfect soldier's eyes.

"I was just making sure that he was still there and that the baka didn't go and hang himself or something."

"I see. Well Quatre has been trying to keep him happy. They've been spending a lot of time together."

"Oh?" Heero now sounds interested. "How so?"

"Well, Quatre's been doing a lot of stuff for him. He helps him with his exercises and they've been together laughing and carrying on and stuff. To tell you the truth, I've been missing the times when me and him played the flute and violin together."

"You mean he's been paying more attention to Duo?"

"At the first moment of sunrise, to the colored sunsets." Trowa hopes that what little he said was enough to make the Wing pilot understand him. "And there's been times when they'd go outside at night and look up at the stars and the moon."

Heero's look turns deadly. "Where did Duo go?"

"To the church."

"Ok. That's typical of him. When he gets back tell him I called and relate to him that I'm doing fine and the mission is going accordingly. I will try calling him later either tonight or tomorrow. I have to go back to my work."

"Ok, Heero. Take care of yourself."

"I will. Ja ne."

"Ja ne, Heero-kun." They both hang up the phones at the same time.


Duo slumps himself onto one of the pews. Before he arrived he noticed that the sky was getting darker. The rain clouds were closing in fast and it looked like it was going to pour throughout the rest of the day. He takes his hat off and lays it down on the pew beside him. He looks up at the tall ceiling and then jerks his head back down as he hears footsteps. The priest walks in and is surprised to see Duo there. He recognizes him right away.

"Ah, Duo. You're back." He places his bible onto the podium. "What can I help you with this time?"

"Ahh…Father…" he puts one hand behind his head and smiles widely. "You got me all wrong. I'm just here to relax."

"Oh? Why can't you relax at home?"

Duo bites his lower lip. He leans his elbows down on his knees and stares at the floor.

"Ok you caught me. There is something wrong."

The priest smiles softly. He awaits Duo's speech but he doesn't seem to want to speak.

"Why don't you tell me?"

"Well, Father, it's not that simple. I don't know what words to use to describe what I'm feeling."

"Just start at the beginning and then perhaps it will work its way."

Duo sighs softly.

"Ok. Here goes…"



Duo is under his tree staring up at the starry sky. The half moon shines down on him and illuminates his face. So deep in thought, he fails to hear Quatre walking up to him. He gets startled as he gets the glow from the moon taken away from him. He looks up and smiles at the Sandrock pilot.

"Oi! Quatre! How's it going?" his smile makes Quatre's knees melt.

"It's going fine, Duo-kun." He smiles back. "May I sit here with you?"

"Sure. Knock yourself out." He waves his hand in a motion for him to sit down by him. Quatre gulps down a lump that has formed in his throat. He slowly and carefully sits down close to Duo and leans up against the tree. He's so nervous right now that he decides to not lean up against his arm just yet. Duo, however, can note some uneasiness in Quatre's movements. He looks at him with a little concern. "Are you feeling ok, Q-man?"

"Well…" Quatre sighs deeply, "I'm feeling alright, but I need to talk to you about something."

"Oh?" Duo chuckles. "You need some advice from Shinigami?"

"Er…ano…not exactly, Duo-kun."

"Ok, well whatever it is, I'm here for you."

"That's good. Well there are a couple things I wanted to talk to you about. First off I wanted to ask you about Heero…" At that moment Duo gives him a really serious glare. "…er…I didn't mean to upset you or anything, I just want to know how strongly you feel for him, that's all."

"I really don't wanna talk about that, Quatre." Duo sounded a tad distant.

"Ok, so your mood has gone from being sad to mad. But do you still have feelings for him?"

"Well, yeah. But if that baka don't care about me the same way that I do, then t-to hell w-with him!" Duo stammers over the last couple words. Quatre feels a little pity for the Deathscythe pilot, but he is surprised to note that he is also somewhat happy about it and it makes him disgusted with himself.

"Duo," Quatre lays a soft hand on his shoulder, "if Heero doesn't wish to return the love you give him, then maybe you could consider an alternative significant other?" Duo's eyes are either lighting up in surprise or glee. He's not sure which.

"And just WHO do you mean, Q-man?" {I am daring to ask. I know what he's asking me, but why am I making it sound like I'm ignorant to his ways?}

"Well…" Quatre turns away and blushes. "When you're ready…and you're certain that you have moved on without Heero…could you consider…m-me?" still not looking at Duo's face, his eyes fall downward in shyness and stupidity. Secretly Duo blushes at his comment.

{Me have Quatre?} Duo thinks to himself. {would Heero care after what I did? Does he even care at all about me? Probably not. He's probably up in space right now thinking how irrational and idiotic I was for kissing him and even thinking that he could have the same feelings as me. Quatre has been more than humble and caring. He understands me, he's sweet and considerate, and he's always thinking of my feelings and giving me stuff…} Duo keeps pondering this for another minute or so. Quatre finally has the guts to look up into Duo's puzzled face. Duo finally snaps out of it and realizes that he's staring at him. Quatre wanted to say something, but Duo cut him off.

"We should consider going back inside. It's getting really dark out." Quatre nods slowly. He hasn't even gotten an answer from the braided pilot yet and it's starting to scare him. He wonders if he did the wrong thing. They both stand up at the same time and startle each other in the process. Duo starts laughing nervously and being silly. Quatre begins to laugh cause he's laughing. "I'm sorry, Q-man, I didn't answer your question."

"That's ok." Quatre says too quickly. "just think about it for a while if you wish. Take your time, ok?"

"Sure. But I still want to answer you." He steps up closer to him. He can see the shade of pink from his cheeks turn to a brighter red the nearer he gets. He lifts his chin gently with one finger to make him look into his violet eyes. Quatre's bottom lip starts to quiver and his knees begin knocking together and giving way. Duo smiles in spite of himself for what he's doing to the blonde Arabian. He slowly eases his head down to his and very carefully presses his lips onto Quatre's dry ones. It creates a small suction that alarms them both and the lips peel apart bit by bit. After a mere moment of silence, Quatre finally blinks away to speak.

"Was that your answer?" he says meekly.

"Yes." Duo answers dryly.

"And are you sure of your answer?" he still won't meet his eyes. Duo grabs his chin again to force him to look at him directly. The blonde's eyes are trembling.

"I'm as sure as I'm Shinigami. If Heero doesn't give a damn about me, then why should I even be mourning over his loss? I gotta move on, ne?"

"But would you be moving on too soon?" Quatre sounded really concern.

"Nah. With your company I'm sure to be ok. It's not like me and Heero have been seeing each other or anything."

"Y-yeah, you're right." Quatre giggles a little. "I just don't want you hurt…" he finds himself cut off by another Shinigami kiss. But this time it's much longer, and much more passionate. Quatre sighs and gives in to the pure pleasure as does his legs. Duo grabs a hold of his waist to keep him from falling. He continues to hold him throughout that night.


Outside the rain begins to pour down like crazy. Duo slips his hat on and pulls his collar around him snugger. He puts his hands in his pockets and nods his head at the priest, bidding him farewell. He doesn't care if he gets wet right now or how hard it falls. He walks his normal speed through the wind and rain with his braid whipping crazily behind him. The water drips in heavily down the brim of his hat like an eave on a roof. He keeps his face down, only watching his feet moving in front of him. Before he knew it, he was back at the mansion. A light shinning in a window from the second floor suddenly turns off. Moments later, Quatre rushes out of the big doors and grabs a hold of Duo's arm.

"What do you think you're doing walking out here so slowly?" he pulls him into the house as fast as he can trying to get him out of the rain and to get him dry. He starts taking off his long black coat and hat. "You'll catch cold if you don't take off these wet clothes!"

"Sure, Quatre!" Duo smirks. "Is that the only reason why you're trying to take my clothes off?"

"Duo! Yes, that's the only reason! I don't wish for you to fall ill on me!"

"No…you just want me to fall on you."

"Duo!" Quatre lets out an annoyed sigh. "Just find yourself some dry clothes to put on and I'll wash these for you."

"Alright! You act like a worried sick mother sometimes, you know that?" Duo shakes his head a little and some sprinkles of water fall everywhere. His braid is beginning to become unraveled and is making a small water trail wherever he walks.

"Sometimes I have a reason to with the way you are at times." Quatre grabs a hold of Duo's braid and slightly pulls him back towards the door.

"Hey! What's the big idea??"

"You're dripping all over the carpet! I'm wringing your hair out over here on the welcome mat." {That kind of felt good,} Quatre thinks to himself. {I've never done that to him before. And his hair is still so silky even when it's so damp.}

"Well next time warn me before you grab and yank my hair!"

"Sorry Duo." Quatre snickers. The rainwater brings out the sweet smell from his hair. He squeezes it as much as possible but it seems to be no end to the water. "If I had a mop like this…"

"Don't even start, Q-man!"

Quatre laughs. {No…} he thinks, {a mop doesn't smell as good as this!}


"No!" Heero cursed under his breath, "This won't do!" the lights continue to blink on and off. The security alarms are going off like crazy. He makes a mad dash to Wing. He jumps to dodge a couple laser fires. He quickly enters his Gundam and turns it on almost instantly. The lasers now have no effect. He laughs hysterically as he takes out his dober rifle. He slices them easily and then heads for the main area. "They won't get away with this! Even if I have to self-destruct! I'll do whatever it takes to complete this mission!"

As he places the valuable information into a black box, he turns on an inferred scanner. It bleeps twice to alert two objects. One is unidentified, and the other is a well-known blip! Heero stares blankly at the known blip.

"It can't be." He whispers. He makes Wing rush out to that spot and finally sees that his radar has not lied to him. "Wufei!"

"Konnichi wa, Yuy." Wufei says dryly. "What an unexpected surprise."

"Same here, friend. What are you doing here?"

"Probably the same as you. You got the terrorists attack orders?"

"Hai. You got the papers to their weaknesses?"


The two boys continue to stare in silence. A sudden explosion shakes them off of their glares. They both turn around and see a rather large gapping hole in the side. A very big looking Leo comes emerging out. Plaster and gravel fall everywhere and makes a large pile beneath the MS' feet. The dark olive colored `Suit lifts it's firing rifle directly at Wing.

"Hand over the papers and no one will get hurt." The voice explains.

"You think we'd surrender that easily?" Wufei scoffs. He points his flamethrower directly at the head of the MS.

"You try and cook me and this whole place goes up in a puff of smoke! It's currently running on gas right now!"

"You've got to be kidding!" Heero smirks.

"No lies. Now, boys, if you will be ever so kind…I'd like those papers."

"Over my dead body." Heero says positioning his thumb on the self-destruct button.

"No! Yuy! Wait!" Wufei says over the intercom sounding ecstatic. "We need to get the information out of here! Not buried in a pile of Gundanium!"

"Grrr…you're right!" he slowly moves his thumb away from the button.

"I guess you boys leave me no option." The green Leo begins to fire madly at Wing. It takes most of the damage but is still standing. Wufei takes out his long weapon and ignites it. He madly charges the Leo and is surprised to get blocked so easily. Some time later during the melee, another blip suddenly shows up on Heero's radar. Then Wufei gets the blip on his as well. It seems that the enemy has also picked up the unidentified blip as he too stops fighting and begins to look around.

"What? Who the hell is that?" Out from the hole in the wall created by the enemy, another MS presents itself! This one is black, pink, silver and white. The face of the MS looks similar to a certain female Transformer from the movie. The MS is also carrying a big, red, heart shaped shield and the right hand has a gigantic energy saber that's similar to a claymore.

"Richard Rolland! We meet again." The soft and cool voice snickers.

"HUH??" Richard shouts. "Luna! I thought I killed you!"

"Well," the girl laughs. "You thought wrong, huh? Us American's don't die so easily, as you have just learned!" She holds up her left arm and from underneath the heart-shaped shield a few energy bolts fire and hit his MS' head directly between the eyes.

"Who in the world-??" Heero shakes his head to clear away the shock. "Well it doesn't matter. Let's get out of here, Wufei. We've got a job to accomplish."

"Yes, right behind you, Yuy."

The mysterious girl finishes off the enemy and there's a gigantic explosion. She looks up and just notices the two Gundam boy pilots escaping. She gives a smirk.

"No gratitude, huh? Not so much as a thank you. Typical men! I guess Ming Lao was right after all. Men are pigs." She smiles as she begins to follow them. "Then again, men are also entertaining!"


Duo walks out from the bathroom- showered and dried with clean clothes. He has his gray tank top on with white shorts. He quietly pads down the hallway to the living room. He sits down on the couch and begins to brush his hair with the towel still strung around his neck.

"Are you ok, Duo?" Quatre asks.

"Yeah, I'll be fine." Quatre walks over and sits down next to him. At first he just sits there and watches Duo doing his hair. He gives a long sigh.

"You want me to help you?" Quatre asks, hoping to touch that beautiful chestnut hair once more.

"Oh, I suppose if you really wanna." He hands Quatre the brush with a smirk. "Just go easy and try not to pull it this time." He smirks.

"Ok," Quatre giggles. "I'll remember." He positions himself behind Duo and pulls his hair back. Piles of brown shimmering hair lay on his thighs and in between. He carefully leans forward and sneaks a sniff of the American's aroma. He sighs and flutters his eyelids. He begins to brush his hair as nicely as possible. {Such beautiful hair…} Quatre thinks over and over.

"Oi! Q-chan!" Duo chuckles. He senses Quatre's shivering hand as he says this. "You can go harder than that you know! I am a Gundam pilot! I've been in worse pain! My hair takes a long time as it is even when I try and hurry."

"I just thought that you wanted the job done thoroughly."

"Oh don't worry about perfection right now." Duo smiles. "I usually brush my hair three times a day. The second time I brush usually does the trick. The third time is easy. That's right before I hit the sack!"

"Well, will you let me brush your hair the second time too, then?" Quatre smiles.

"The second time too? Oi, Quatre! You're gonna spoil me to death! And that's kind of a cool way to die if you think about it!"

"Oh really?" Quatre leans more forward and kisses his shoulder. "I know of another cool way to die." He trails more kisses up his neck.

"Oh yeah?" Duo sighs. "And what might that be?" he whispers a bit. Quatre's heart begins to pound faster. His face begins to turn slightly pink. He's never said any kind of romantic words to anyone before. His shyness always seemed to get the better of him.

"I could…" Quatre swallows a lump in his throat, "…I could kiss you to death." He breathes in his ear. He nibbles his earlobe. "Or I could also smoother you to death with hugs, or…" he licks the back of his ear and down his neck. "I could hump you to oblivion…"

Duo stands up in shock at what he just heard come out of the gentle Sandrock pilot. He stands there looking down at the meek blonde who's still in his sitting position- legs spread, back against the couch, and his innocent eyes peeking through his long bangs. He smirks at Duo as if he is trying not to act embarrassed at the comment.

"I-I'm sorry, Duo…" Quatre puts a hand behind his head. "I guess that was the wrong thing to say, ne?" he giggles nervously. Duo suddenly starts to laugh with him.

"That wasn't so bad." Duo admits. "I just didn't expect to hear those kind of words from someone like you."

"Oh? And what WAS I suppose to say?"

"Well, someone with your status would say something like," he tries to do a good Quatre voice, (you know, kind of high) "Oh, Duo! You're so cuddly and warm and soft and I want to snuggle you till the day I die! You're so robust and handsome and I want you to make sweet love to me all night long!"

Quatre begins to have giggling fits.

"I-is that what I'd say?? Really?" he continues to laugh.

"Well, something along that line. Not something like-`Duo! I want you to strip me down and tease me and then fuck me blind!'" Duo starts to laugh but Quatre blushes brightly. "Oh come on, Q-man! You wouldn't really say something like that would you?" he chuckles again and then his laughter dies as he sees him to continue to blush. "Well… uh, would you?"

"Duo, I just did say something like that."

"Yeah, but the way I said it, it was way harsher. But still!" Duo folds his arms. "Someone like you isn't supposed to have such impure thoughts!"

Quatre goes into another laughing fit.

"Someone like me??" he keeps laughing. That is mainly what's keeping him from being so red with embarrassment right now. He slowly stops laughing and wipes away a tear. "Oh, let me finish your hair." He swings the brush back and forth.

"Alright." Duo sits back down where he was. Quatre immediately starts to brush again. "But this time, keep all your sweet comments for later tonight." He winks back at him. Quatre blushes very hard this time. He curses under his breath.

"Damn it! Why does he have to be so cute??"

"What did you say?" Duo unexpectedly leans back into Quatre and puts his head in between his shoulder and head.

"I-I said, damn it! Why isn't Trowa here to play the flute?"

"Yeah right!" Duo snickers. "That's not what you said!" he turns around so now he's face to face with the blonde pilot and he's ever so dangerously up against him. His hair spills around them, almost making a small curtain for privacy. Quatre gulps and the brush falls from his nervous hand. Quatre's legs are now slightly wrapped around Duo's thighs.

This gives Duo an idea and he slowly fans out his own legs and makes the Arabian's legs spread wider. As his eyes squeeze shut, Quatre lets out a small groan. "I knew you'd like that, my little Arabian." He leans into him and softly kisses his lips. Very slowly, they begin to do different kinds of kisses and body movements. Duo starts to rock gradually, little by little, then picking up the pace as he grinds into him harder. Quatre can't help it and he lets out more moans than he thought he'd ever have the courage to do. Duo starts to kiss all over his neck and then finds a particular spot and begins to suck.

"Duo…" Quatre breathes. He starts to run his fingers through his hair. "Not here in the living room…someone might find us…"

With bits of panting, Duo nods his head. He lets go of his neck and looks into his eyes.

"Good idea." He breathes. "Let's go to your room." He picks up the blonde Arabian and easily carries him down the hall.

"Duo? Don't you think we should finish with your hair first?"

"Nah," Duo smirks. "That can wait. I want you now!" He plants a big kiss on Quatre's lips and continues to smooch him until they reached their destination.


Duo and Quatre lay in his bed, with covers over them. Duo plants kisses all over the blonde's body and starts to say the sweetest things that Quatre has ever heard him say. All of Duo's pent up energy seemed to be getting the best of him and they were already at second base. His hands trailed down Quatre's now nakedness and stopped between his legs. His hands' up and down motions make Quatre shout out his name and other profanities that Duo was surprised to hear him say.

"I knew you'd like that." Duo sighs into his ear. "would you like this as well?" he places a finger by the Arabian's opening. Quatre gulps and nods his head without a word. "thought so." Duo grins. He does all the preparations to him with a well-lubed finger. He puts in another and spreads them to make him wider. Quatre thrashes around as Duo continues to hit his sweet spot. He puts his legs onto his shoulders. "Are you ready?" his answer is a silent nod. Duo slowly makes his way inside.

"Oh god, Duo!" Quatre cries out. "Don't stop!"

Duo only got a few inches more in when there came a knock on their door. Duo cursed under the covers. "We're busy! Come back later!" he shouted at the door. He begins to slowly push in more. Quatre's moans are like sweet music to his ears. Quatre whispers for more. Duo finally pushes a little harder. He gets interupted again with another knock on the door.

"It's an urgent call, Duo." He hears Trowa finally say behind the door. "It's Heero."

Duo froze.

"Shit!" Duo scrambled for his clothing. "I'm so sorry, Q-chan." He plants apology kisses on him.

"That's ok, I understand." Quatre smiles at him.

"I'll try to be quick…"

"No! that's ok. We can continue this another time when your mood comes back."

"Quatre, it's not that hard to get me back into the mood."

"Yeah, but once you're done talking to Heero…" Quatre sadly looks down.

"We'll see." Duo smiles softly. He walks out the door. Quatre puts his face in his hands and falls over onto the bed. Trowa opens the door a bit. He sees a loosely bundled up Quatre on the bed with his hands over his face and shivering. He walks over to the edge of the bed and sits down.

"You ok, Quatre?" his voice makes Quatre jump up in shock and wrap himself more decently.

"I-I didn't hear you come in, Trowa." He looks away with some pink on his cheeks.

"Too busy crying?" Trowa wipes away his tear from his plush face.

"I'll be fine." He stutters a sigh.

"Are you sure?"

"Um…yeah. I guess so."

"What are you worried about?"

"You know what will happen, don't you? Duo and Heero will probably make up and then Duo will be with Heero and…" he trails off a little, letting another tear slide silently down his flushed cheeks.

"Quatre…" Trowa says softly. "I had no idea you were so in love with the braided pilot."

"Well…we have been together for only a while, but…I always knew, somehow, that his feelings were still with Heero. Even when we made love…" he stops to hold in more tears. He finally falls on Trowa's shoulder. The uni-banged pilot wraps his arms around his shoulders.

"It'll be alright. I'm here for you."

"Thank you." Quatre shutters soundlessly.


As Duo descends the stairs to the vision phone he gets major butterflies in the stomach. He knew this day would come soon, but he didn't know it was this soon. He never anticipated that Heero would call him while he was away on his mission. He was trying to prepare himself for the last week when he would finally come home, but he's not ready for a confrontation yet.

He has been Quatre's lover for two weeks now, and he'd really hate to just all of a sudden break things off with the blonde boy if for some strange reason Heero was calling to apologize. Duo chuckled at that, Heero apologizing? That would be the day!

As he finally got to the vision phone, he was expecting the solemn looking face, but he never anticipated someone else to be there with him. He stood there in the front of the screen for a few moments before picking up the receiver to talk. Heero's eyes stayed glued to Duo and studied his movements and other body language.

"Ohayo, Heero." Duo said coldly.

"Ohayo, Duo-kun." Heero sounded a bit nervous.

"So what the hell do you want?" Duo's tone was beginning to chill him.

"I wanted to let you know that the mission is going according to plan and I might be able to come home a little sooner than anticipated."

"I see you found Wu-man." Duo's eyes smile slightly at the Chinese pilot. Wufei nods his greetings back.

"Yes, that is one of the reasons why I will be done sooner than planned. We also found an unexpected ally during our melee with the enemy."

"Oh?" Duo raises an eyebrow.

"Hai. She's behind us helping fix our Gundams. She's very talented. You two might actually get along. She's like you in a lot of ways."

"How's that?" Duo asks, sounding a tad interested. {He's letting a stranger touch his Gundam?} His spoken question was being slowly answered as he hears the girls voice in the back.

"Heero! You're Gundam's fixed! Next time try dodging enemy fire instead of having them wail on you! It will be less expensive and less work that way!" Her head pops up from between Heero and Wufei, making Wufei back up a bit. She's wearing part of her brownish red hair up and her long bangs hang down the side of her face. She's wearing a black leather jacket with some patches stitched on them. It's open to reveal a pink and black tank top and her black denim jeans. "Ohayo, Duo!" she waves, revealing a fingerless leather glove, "You must be the one Heero's always talking about! Nice to meet you! My name's Luna Death! I pilot the MS Heartbreaker!"

"Uh…yeah. Nice to meet you Luna-chan."

"Oh, Heero!" Luna smiles. "He's a real catch! He's so cute! I'm so happy for you!"

Heero blushes brightly and then nudges her ribs slightly, "Knock it off, baka!"

"Back to work, woman!" Wufei orders, raising a pointed finger towards the Gundams. Luna sticks her tongue out. She slowly walks back to the Gundams.

"Er…Heero?" Duo sweat drops, "What was that all about?"

"Well…you see. I have been thinking about you and the way you said goodbye to me, and I wanted to say that I shouldn't have hit you so hard like that, but I was very confused by your actions. I was hoping you'd forgive me."

"That was quite a mouthful, Heero."

"Yeah, I know. So, what's your answer?"

"Well," Duo studied the two pilots carefully, "I guess I'll have to think about it." Very shocked at his answer they both look at Duo with wide eyes. Luna turns around at the sound of this and her jaw unhinges. "I'm sorry, Heero. But there's been some slight changes while you were away on your mission."

"Changes?" Heero finally found his voice.

"Hai." Duo nods quickly and then looks down at the table that the vision phone was sitting on. "I got hurt so badly from your reaction that I decided not to wallow in self pity and I have taken another as my lover." He looks up carefully from his bangs to see a slightly mad look in Heero's eyes.

"Who?" Heero says grimly.

"What's it to you?" Duo huffs, "Why do you care?"

"Because I do! And whoever it is that you have taken for a lover will have to watch his step very carefully!"

"And why do you all of a sudden think it's a guy? What if I have a girl?"

"I don't care. Either way I'm going to prove to you that I do
care about you. Why don't you believe me?"

"It's very hard to…" Duo sighs, "Ever since you left and showed that you didn't give a shit. Damn it, Heero! Don't you know how much you hurt me??"

"I do now. And I'm sorry. Once we're done here then we're going to finish up the last part of our mission and head home. When I get there I want to take you out somewhere so we can talk and discuss this issue better. How's that sound?"

"We'll see once you get here. But I'm not promising you anything, Heero. See you when you get back."

"Ok, Duo. Ja ne."

"Ja ne, Heero." They both hang up at the same time. Duo sighs heavily and runs his fingers through his bangs. "Shit!"


Once Heero hanged the phone up, he instantly slumps down to the ground shivering. Wufei puts a reassuring hand on his shoulder.

"Are you ok, Yuy?" he asks as nicely as he can.

"I…I think so." Heero's voice stutters.

"Why don't you come over here and see how Luna's fixed your Gundam, huh? It might make you feel better."

"Hai." Heero nods. He slowly gets up and then turns to face Wufei. One small tear has escaped and slides down a reddened cheek. His eyelids are darkly soaked and shimmering with fluid. Wufei gives him a stunned look. "I'll be fine." Heero finally chokes out. He walks towards his Gundam. "I'll be even more fine once I get my hands around the other guys' neck and wring it!"

They both arrive next to Wing and look up. Luna skips over to them and smiles happily.

"You like?"

"Yeah," Heero clears his throat. "You did a good job. Thank you."

"You're welcome! Anything to help out a fellow Gundam pilot! Especially a cute one!" she giggles. She bounds over to her Gundam and looks up at it. "And how are you doing, Heartbreaker? Ready to break some more hearts are ya? That's good cause we're ready to rock!" she climbs her Gundam and gets inside. She moves it to face the two boys and gives a thumbs up. "Are you ready guys?" Wufei and Heero look at each other and nod. They both get into their Gundams and the three of them head for their destination.


Duo makes his way back up the stairs. He slowly gets to the bedroom door and sighs a little. He runs his fingers through his bangs again. He opens the door to see Quatre being comforted by Trowa. Quatre's face was buried in the nape of his neck and Trowa's face was buried in the blonde's hair. Trowa rubs a reassuring hand across his arm as Quatre continues to shiver.

"It'll be ok, Q-chan." Trowa says softly. Duo's mouth gaps open to say something but hangs loosely open. Quatre lifts his head up and looks into Trowa's eyes. Trowa leans down and plants a small kiss on the Sandrock pilot. Trowa hears Duo squeak something and looks up to see his shocked face. Trowa returns the look with his own shocked statement. They both stare at each other for about a minute. "Uh… Duo…" Trowa finally says. "I was just trying to comfort him…" just as he said this, Quatre turns around and gives Duo a very frightened look.

"Duo! Please don't be mad at me!" he instantly moves to the other side of the bed to put his loose fitting PJ bottoms on and hops over to Duo. Duo looks over at Trowa who's looking away with shame.

"You kissed him." Duo finally mutters out. "I thought…I thought you were my friend…"

"Duo, please…I AM your friend! Quatre was very upset cause he knew that you'd go back to Heero so I was just…"

"Back to Heero?" Duo laughed. "I was never even with Heero! Why would I want someone who hurts me?" he puts an arm around Quatre's shoulders. "Quatre treats me better. Why give up a good thing?" he looks down at the pouting Quatre. "And as for you, you little scamp! You're gonna pay me back tonight, if you get my drift."

"Hai." Quatre nods shyly. "I understand." He wraps an arm around his waist.

"Hands off, Tro-man. He's taken." Duo glares. He walks out with Quatre still in his arms. Trowa lowers his head and puts his arms around himself.



Reaching their destinations-Heero, Wufei, and Luna land near the outskirts of the enemy base. To the right of the base holds a hangar full of Leo and Aries suits. To the left is another hangar that holds Taurus' and the aqua suits: Cancer and Pieces. And right behind the base is what they're after: the new Gemini suits. Heard to be the most deadly and dangerous of all the suits put together, they only have manufactured about 500.

Without so much as a whisper, the three pilots sneak their way into the back, easily taking out four guards and silently entering without any suspicion. With a giant grin planted on her face, Luna whipped out her explosives. With gun cocked and ready, Heero stood guard while she placed the high explosives all around the Gemini hangar; she set them on the highest setting and to go off in roughly 50 seconds.

Wufei took care of three more guards easily as they escape the hangar undetected. For fun, Luna whipped out a smaller explosive and chucked it to the top window of the main base. Heero shook his head and Wufei gave her a look of disgust. She smirked at them both with a glitter of satisfaction as the thing is heard exploding in the background.

Getting into their Gundams in time to see the fireworks, they await the attack of the other OZ suits. The Gemini hangar goes up in a giant mushroom cloud and the guys are forced to shield their eyes from the light. Luna donned her shades with a smirk. Once it was all over with, the two boys accusingly glare at the female pilot in between them.

"Ok, so I might have over did it a little!" She smiled.

"You trying to annihilate us too, woman??" Wufei shouted.

"I know what I'm doing, dragon man!" She shouted back.

"What did you put in those explosives?" Heero asked with a little interest.

"Oh, well you know…the usual stuff. Plus some nuclear reactor cores…" She shied away.

"WHAT??" Wufei screamed.

"It wasn't THAT much!" Luna defended herself quickly.

"Well let's not worry about that now." Heero said trying to prevent a fight between the Shenlong pilot and Heartbreaker pilot. "Let's just get back to Earth." They nodded their heads in agreement and take off, easily fighting their way out of about 100 Leos and Aries.


Sitting under Duo's favorite tree, Quatre stared up at the night sky. He knew what's to come tonight…something that shouldn't have ever happened between him and the Deathscythe pilot. They have made love before, but for some reason, Quatre doesn't think that this night will be acceptable. They all know that Heero will be home soon and that the whole situation has taken a big turn for the worst.

Quatre has fallen for the Heavyarms pilot.

"Q-chan!" he heard Duo say. He looked over to his right and saw Duo finally arriving. He stood over him with his hands on his hips. "What are you doing out here?"

"Just thinking." He sighed and looked back up at the sky. "The stars are so bright tonight, aren't they?"

Duo smiled and sat down next to the blonde Arabian. He placed an arm around his shoulders.

"Yes they are." Duo looked up as well. He pulled Quatre into him and leaned against the giant oak. Quatre snuggled up to his chest. He has questions and things on his mind that he knew that he should say. He should tell Duo what he's feeling and what is right. He should tell him…

"Duo…" he cleared his throat. Maybe now should be the right time? Maybe he'll understand? "We should talk." He finally stated.

"Oh?" Duo asked with a sound of concern. "What do you wanna talk about?"

"It's about us." Quatre squeaked out. He's so afraid. That sentence is so powerful and brusque…he doesn't wish to hurt his feelings. He loves him dearly.

"Why am I getting this queasy feeling all of a sudden?" Duo sighed.

"Please don't be angry with what I'm about to say." Quatre sat up to look him in the face. "But first I want you to know that I do love you…very much, with all my heart. But I'm afraid that this whole deal isn't to be. Even though I can say that I love you and that you love me, doesn't mean that it's true love. Duo, I've always had these feelings for you, you know that. But what you have for Heero is something that I can't make you feel for me."

"What I have for Heero??" Duo looked as if someone just told him that his Gundam was stolen or something to that affect. "What the hell are you talking about, Quatre?? Why should I have feelings for someone so uncaring and unforgivable and…"

"Duo!" Quatre shook him a little. "Snap out of it! I know about the conversation between you and Heero over the vision phone cause it was recorded! Every call that comes through to my place gets recorded." The blonde took a deep breath, "Before I came out here, I was playing it back just to see what Heero and you were talking about. I'm sorry I did that, but I saw the look in Heero's eyes and I know that he was truly sorry for hitting you. Besides that, that one girl they found, Luna, was talking as if Heero's been actually acting like he has feelings for you! Or were you too angry with him at the time to catch that?"

"What part are you talking about?" Duo said giving him a God of Death glare.

"I'll show you." Quatre stood up and then helped Duo up to his feet. They both go back inside and upstairs to the phone. Quatre rewound the tape and found that one particular spot. "Here, listen to this part,"

~~"You must be the one Heero's always talking about! Nice to meet you! My name's Luna Death! I pilot the MS Heartbreaker!"
"Uh…yeah. Nice to meet you Luna-chan."
"Oh, Heero! He's a real catch! He's so cute! I'm so happy for you!"~~

Quatre paused the tape.

"What do you make out of that, uh, Duo? `The one Heero's always talking about?' `He's a real catch…I'm so happy for you?' What does that tell you?" He stood there watching the statement in Duo's face. It seemed to have turned a little ashen. "Here look at this part now," He fast-forwarded the tape…

~~"Well…you see. I have been thinking about you and the way you said goodbye to me, and I wanted to say that I shouldn't have hit you so hard like that, but I was very confused by your actions. I was hoping you'd forgive me."~~

Quatre paused the tape. "Look at his eyes, Duo. Does that look like someone who's so uncaring and unforgiving? I'd say that's the biggest apology I've seen Heero do ever! What do you think? Are you two gonna talk things through?" He paused to await Duo's answer. Duo turned his head away from the vision phone's recording. Quatre can just barely see him wipe something away from his face.

"I need time to think." Duo said with a shaky tone in his voice. "I'm going for a walk."

"Ok. I'll be here waiting for your answer." He put a reassuring hand on Duo's shoulder. Duo looked down at his hand with shaky eyes and then looked up at him. He smiled slightly, and then turned on his heel and bounded out the door fairly quickly with braid bouncing the whole way. Quatre sighed. "Yeah, the right thing to do…"


The harsh cold night air ripped through Duo's lungs like a small stiletto. Duo continued to run as fast as he can despite the way his body feels. His aching legs pump harder and harder, his heart raced from both pain and the exercise, his mouth is dry from panting, and his head throbbed with a mixture of thoughts. It started out as a mere brisk walk, but the more and more he thought about the whole situation the faster his feet began to move.

Finally he stopped at a familiar place. The place where this whole mess probably started. He slowly swung open the gates and entered the darken chamber. It seems that the pastor was not here. He walks weakly to the podium and slumped himself over it. He gasped for air as the adrenaline begun to wear off. He peered out from his bangs and saw the good book sitting there. He wandered over to the other side and trailed his fingers across the cover.

Continuing to pant, he placed his whole hand on it and shuttered continuously. A couple beads of sweat trickle down the side of his face and down his chin. A couple other drops fall down his cold cheeks. He laid his head down onto the book and begun to sob uncontrollably.


"Weeeee're heeeeeere!" Luna smiled. They have finally landed back on Earth. The same exact spot where Heero has taken off two weeks ago. Heero sighed with both satisfaction and worry. He must now face Duo and figure things out the best they can. If Duo still doesn't wish to be with him, then that was fine with the Wing pilot. After all, it was HE that rejected him.

He was sure at the time that he had no such feelings for the braided baka, but as time went on during his mission, he was thinking about the other missions they have had together and all the times they were together. Things all went full circle during the time. Why did he do the things he did? For the mission? For himself? Or was it for… Duo? The things he did, the reasons why he did them, the way that Duo affected his feelings by just looking at him…it all aimed directly to that one longhaired pilot.

"Duo…" Heero whispered as he exited Wing.

Surprisingly, Trowa and Quatre were there to greet their return. Luna saw them and a large grin plastered across her face. They walk over steadily to their awaited friends.

"Trowa…Quatre…I'm happy you're here."

"We're glad you made it back safely, Heero." Quatre smiled. They shake hands firmly. Heero became just a little amazed by the strength in his handshake. It's a good sign to him. Quatre then gave Wufei a firm handshake as well, and he noted a bit of shock in the Shenlong pilot also. Trowa just nodded and gave them a slight smile.

"Yes, we're very glad you decided not to self destruct this time."

"I'm glad as well, Trowa."

"Ohayo!" Luna smiled at them. She wandered over to Quatre. "You must be that cute Arabian I heard about!" she ruffled his hair. "Yup! Here's the blonde hair! You must be him!"

"Uh…yes, I'm Quatre. Nice to finally meet you, Luna-chan."

"And you know my name already! That's cool!"

"Yes, the phone call was recorded so I was able to play it back."

"Ah, cool! And you're Trowa I guess. Cause you're quiet."

"Hai." Trowa nodded.

"Anyone seen Duo?" Heero asked.

"He told me he was going for a walk. I'm sure that he must be at the church."

"Good. Then that's where I'm going. I'll see you around." He instantly took off.

"Wait Heero!" Luna said but got ignored. "Harumph! Oh well, I guess Mr. Hormones can't be stopped. I'll just go and put away my Gundam." She walked back to Heartbreaker.

"What'll happen if he finds out that you are the one Duo is seeing?" Trowa asked Quatre.

"You mean WAS seeing. I've broken things off with him."

"Are you sure?" Trowa asked with concern. "Cause you really didn't say `it's over between us', did you?"

"Um…not exactly. But that's basically what I meant when I was talking to him and re-showing him the phone call Heero made. I hope he's alright."

"Me too, little one. But why don't we go to the church as well just to be sure."

"Alright. Good idea."


Down on his knees by the podium, Duo has finally finished crying, either that or he's out of tears. He got down on all fours and hanged his head. He heaved and stuttered his breaths as he begun to settle down.

"Why?" he asked out loud. "Why is fate so cruel? One broken heart over the other…over and over…when will it stop? First Heero… then Quatre…who's next??" Duo shouted at the multi-colored stained glass picture of St. Mary. "Trowa?? Wufei??? Zechs????? Ha! As if I'd ever fall in love with someone ever again! I can't take this pain any more!" he hung his head again. His arms begun to shake like mad. "Who the hell loves me?? WHO??"

"I do!"

Duo quickly stood up and looked down the red-carpeted aisles. His eyes finally fix with dark blue ones. He's frozen. Unable to move from the shock as the shadowy figure of Heero slowly walked up to him.

"You don't love me, Heero." Duo said with a tone that made Heero jerk with pain. "You made yourself very clear that you don't. You hit me so fucking hard…" the tears start to come back. "…Well I don't need that kind of abuse, Heero! I found the love I needed in Quatre, and if I had my way I'll keep him instead!"

"Quatre??" Heero gasped.

"Yeah! Surprised, Heero?"

Heero clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. He was gonna stay true to his word back on L1. If he ever found out whom Duo has decided to take as his lover, that person was gonna get an ass kicking of his life! His wild animal-like eyes begin to scare Duo.

"He's dead."

"Excuse me?" Duo cocked his head to one side.

"He's dead meat! I swore whoever it was that touched you was gonna get his little neck wringed!"

"You're gonna actually kill Quatre? But he's your ally and friend!"

"I thought so too…" Heero said through his teeth. He dashed out of the church with fire in his eyes, leaving an upset Duo running after him.


He shouted his name over and over, but it didn't seem to do any good. When did Heero all of a sudden decide that he wished to be with him? Why did he even care that they were together while he was gone? He didn't own him; he didn't show any sign that he wanted to be with him, or anything to that nature. But now, hot on the Wing pilot's heels, Duo has realized that Heero could not be stopped no matter how hard he tried. And to Duo's surprise, Quatre and Trowa were running towards them.

"Quatre!" Duo yelled as loud as he can. "Get back! He found out about us! He's gonna kill you!" Trowa and Quatre stop dead in their tracks. Trowa instantly stepped out in front of Quatre to protect him.

"No, Trowa! Don't!"

"What?" Trowa looked back in confusion by the Arabian's words.

"I can handle this. I knew something like this would happen ever since I saw the vision phone's recording. I can take anything that Heero is willing to dish out!"

"But, little one! Duo said that he's gonna kill you!"

"No, I don't think so. Now move out of the way before you get hurt!"


"Do it! NOW!!"

Trowa stepped aside with head bowed in respect. He doesn't quite understand his motivations, but he's never been wrong with Heero's feelings before. And almost instantly when he stepped away, Heero came at Quatre, charging at full force. To Quatre's relief, he wasn't carrying a gun.

Heero slammed into the Sandrock pilot and sent him spiraling to the ground. Getting up on one knee, Quatre looked up at Heero and can see the anger fired up in his eyes. He knew one simple fact: that this is going to really hurt like hell!

"Heero, stop it!" Duo shouted. He put a hand onto Heero's shoulder but Heero jerked it away.

"Stay out of this, Duo!" Heero shouted. Quatre got back up to his feet and got into a defensive stance. He wiped away some dirt from his chin.

"I know that you're stronger physically, Heero, but I won't let you beat the crap out of me without a fight!"

"Little one…" Trowa whispered.

"Hn." Heero smirked. He charged at Quatre again, grabbing onto the collar of his white shirt, and hit him in the jaw with his knuckles, and then brought his fist back again and hit the other side of his face. Quatre grabbed a hold of Heero's wrist and squeezed as hard as he can, but the perfect solider didn't feel a thing. So then, he kicked him in the abdomen a couple times and finally got himself free. Heero only crouched on the ground for a second, long enough to let the blonde pilot to wipe away the blood trickling down the side of his mouth and chin.

"Is that all you got, Heero?" Quatre taunted. He had just added more gas onto the burning pyro. Heero lunged at him again and kneed him in the gut causing the little pilot to spit out blood and saliva, and then Heero slammed his fists into his back. Heero then spun his arm around and caught Quatre by the neck and lifted him up back on his feet. Duo and Trowa look on with pain in their eyes. Duo wanted to interfere, but Trowa stopped him, assuring him that Quatre knew what he's doing.

Just as Trowa tells Duo this, they both witness that Quatre has somehow gotten free from Heero's grasp and is jumping back with great agility as he dodged one of Heero's high kicks. Quatre continued to parry and dodge all of Heero's vicious kicks and other quick leg movements. Quatre brought his fist all the way back and surprised Heero with the back of his fist to his face.

"I'm sorry, Heero." Quatre said, and punched him again. Heero, seeming unphased by the punches, turned around and slid his legs across the ground and tripped the Sandrock pilot. Quatre landed with a hard thud on his back, knocking the wind out of him. Just as Quatre opened his eyes and gasped for air, he saw Heero's fist heading straight for him. He doesn't move out of the way completely, and Heero smacked him right in the ear. Quatre screamed out, making both Duo and Trowa jump and start to walk towards the fight closer.

"Heero! Please stop!" Duo cried. But again, Heero doesn't listen. He sat down on Quatre's stomach and pulled his fist back. Quatre anticipates this, and just as Heero brought down his clenched fist, Quatre caught it, stopping it only a few inches away from his face. Using all his strength that he can muster up, Quatre held his fist there and tried to pull it back up away from his nose.

Heero grabbed a hold of Quatre's right arm with his other hand, standing them both up at the same time, and twisted it around his back. He pulled up on it and got a scream out of him again. He forced him into a tree and pressed his chest into it with a lot of force while still holding onto his twisted arm, almost breaking it. The pressure made more blood trickle out of his mouth.

"What…what do you hope…to gain, He-Heero?" Quatre gasped out the best he can. "What's this fight proving?"

"I'm not trying to prove anything, Quatre." Heero said coldly. "The fact that you had my Duo before me is a good enough reason as any to kick your sorry ass." He applied more pressure on his arm, and it felt like it's breaking.

"But-but I never took him!" Quatre shouted. "He took me! He took me!"

"What are you talking about?" Heero let up on the pressure just a bit and Quatre can feel himself breathing easier again.

"He…he took away MY virginity. I never took his."

"You're not making any sense, Blondie." Heero scoffed.

"He was always on top, ok! I never got to penetrate him! Honest!"

"Is that supposed to make me feel better?" Heero said in his ear. For some weird reasons unexplained at the moment, Quatre can feel his own heat rising. The throbbing pain in his arm is now easily being ignored. Heero pressed himself more into the blonde, making him meet the bark of the tree better. "Answer me, Arabian, or I'm having myself a Quatre sandwich, with a broken arm on the side."

"It is supposed to make you feel better cause…ahhhh!! Cause then you can have the pleasure of penetrating Duo first. I-If you want to…Heero?"

"What?" he stated coldly.

"Honestly, making yourself be closer to me isn't helping my libido."

"Excuse me?" Heero stood there in shock for only a few seconds before releasing him. Quatre fell to the ground, holding onto his injured arm. "You're a lot hornier than you let on, aren't you?" Quatre just looked up at him trying to look innocent, he continued to rub his arm.

"Are you two quite done?" Duo said walking up to them both with arms crossed. "Or am I going to have to hold a grunge match for you two every week?"

"I think we're done." Heero walked up to Duo. "For now, anyways."

"For now??" Quatre shouted. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"You put up a pretty good fight. You impress me." Heero winked. Quatre blushed.

"Ano…" Quatre put his good arm around the back of his head. "If getting into a fight with you is the only way to impress you…than I'd rather not." He smiled. Trowa wandered over to him and helped him up.

"We must tend to that arm." Trowa said.

"You're worrying yourself over nothing, Trowa, I'll be fine. It's not broken." He tried to move it but then cried out in pain.

"Right, Quatre. But just in case, we should have it checked."

"Oh fine. Lead the way, then." He put his good arm around the Heavyarms pilot's shoulders and got helped to the house.

Heero turned around to face Duo. They stood there staring for a few seconds. Both began to say something at the same time and then laugh at it.

"You first…" Heero said.

"No, you first." Duo smiled. "I wanna know what made you change your mind about me."

"Well…Ano…" Heero turned away. "It's kind of hard to explain."

"Why'd you hit me in the first place? I could tell almost right away when I put my lips on yours that you didn't care. You let me kiss you! Didn't you?"

"Hai." Heero looked away. "You know that I have the reflexes of a cat. I could have stopped you way before you even touched me. But something inside of me wanted you to do that. I really didn't understand it at the time. I was so confused and a little embarrassed by it. Well, you know, all the guys were there watching. I was just so shocked and confused by your actions that the only reaction I was able to register was to hit you. It took me about a week to figure myself out. I'm sorry I hit you, Duo. Do you forgive me?"

"Of course I do!" Duo grinned.

"Ok, your turn."

"Hm?" Duo arched an eyebrow.

"What were you gonna say?"

"Oh!" Duo laughed. "I was just gonna ask you about how you felt about me. I guess I don't need to ask you that now. Besides that, you don't need to tell me. Your actions speak way louder than words!"

"Unlike you." Heero smirked.

"Hey! But seriously…Heero…do you wanna…well, you know…be with me?"

"As long as I don't have to pry you off of Quatre." Heero winked.

"Ano…" Duo looked away blushing. "You don't have to worry about that anymore. But I was kind of hoping to have a threesome some day…"

"Nani??" Heero gasped.

"Just kidding, Hee-chan!" Duo smiled. "Not unless you want to…"

"Hn." Heero huffed. "You wish, ne?"

"It's up to you, really." Duo got up closer to him. "So how about showing me how much you missed me?"

"With pleasure, koi." He wrapped his arms around him tightly, trapping Duo's arms between their bodies to allow one of Duo's fingers to make circle patterns on the top of his chest. Heero gently placed his lips onto the Deathscythe pilot's wanting mouth. They stay like that almost seeming forever. Both of their lips quivering with need and desire to be loved. They wrap their arms around each other now, filling up the gap that was left between them.


Trowa finished tending Quatre's arm. It ended up in a sling anyways because of all the cracks in his bone. He's also sporting a new shiner, cracked lip, swollen jaw, bruised ear, bruised rib which was also wrapped, and other bruises around his back, shoulders, and his other arm.

"You're so lucky that Heero didn't kill you, little one." Trowa stated as he put the final additions on his bandaged arm.

"I knew he wouldn't, Trowa. That's why I faced him instead of running away. Sometimes you gotta stand up for yourself to accomplish things."

"Like friendship?" Trowa blinked.

"Hai." He smiled. "Even friendship. Although we have the strangest friendship, I'm sure nothing will come between it anymore. Me and Heero now have a special understanding, and that I'm thankful for."

"Do we have a special understanding now?"

"Of course, my new koibito." Quatre snickered. "I just hope that Duo isn't really hurt about the whole thing and that he will find his happiness with Heero." Quatre watched as Trowa wandered over to the window and peered out.

"I wouldn't worry about that too much, koi. Take a look." He pointed out the window with a nod. Quatre stood up and walked over to the window and looked down.

"Oh…oh my! How long have they been standing there…kissing?"

"I don't know. Probably ever since we got inside the house. It looked to me like he's got himself a nice shiner from you as well."

"Yeah, I surprised even myself on how well I could handle fighting him." Quatre paused to study the two lovers. "I will miss him, you know." Quatre heaved a sigh. His ribs relate with it's own pang. "He was so sweet and gentle…Heero's very lucky. He'll soon find out just how lucky he is."

"I should ask Duo sometime if I'm lucky as well." Trowa winked. Quatre blushed brightly.

"I'm not sure exactly how he thought about me in bed and otherwise, but I'm sure that I should be the lucky one."

"You're the lucky one? How's that?"

"I'm lucky to have such forgiving and understanding friends." He smiled brightly, still looking down at the two kissing couple. Duo's confessed love for Heero brought on a great new start for the four Gundam pilots.


~End~ ^_^

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