Title: Dressed to kill
Contents: Shonen ai, future lemon, slight sap and fluff
Pairings: 2+1/1x2, 3x4 and 5xS hints, and later D+?
Warnings: Kink, slight S&M, boys in skimpy leather outfits (it's more like a dream come true than a warning, ne?)
Status: Complete
Notes: I have no idea how I thought this one up! After I wrote the first two parts to this story, I decided to dedicate this to Jade. I have many reasons why, and a couple of them would be because she wrote and dedicated a `Porn series' lemon for me, and because this fic seems like something she would write. It may not be as good as her fics, but it's the best I can do.
Oh yeah, and there's different/rarely used Japanese in here
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Disclaimer: I do not own GW or the characters, please don't sue

Dedication: to Jade!


Duo gasped when he received his new assignment from Prof G. He stared at the screen for a minute, gaping, trying to figure out why the old coot picked THAT place of all places to meet their contact.

"Oh shit," Duo grumbled, "Who would help me?"


Duo had sent urgent messages to the other Gundam pilots asking to meet with him at the appointed safe house. Quatre and Trowa arrived there first, followed by WuFei. Duo arrived, expecting everyone to be there by now, but found that they were lacking one member.

"Where's Heero?" Duo blinked.

"I'm sure he'll be here. You know him." Quatre shrugged.

Duo smiled at that, `I wish I could get to know him better… maybe I will.'

"So what's so damn important that you have to drag us all here, Maxwell?" WuFei demanded.

Duo smiled, "Patience, my oriental friend. I will ask the important question once Heero arrives."

"I'm here." Came the monotone voice. Heero stepped up and took a seat in the middle of Trowa and WuFei. Duo sighed of relief, glad he was there, but the sigh was also a nervous one.

"So what's your question?" Trowa asked.

Duo was wringing his hands uneasily, looking at each individually from left to right: WuFei, Heero, Trowa, and then Quatre. He looked down the row of friends again, from right to left, but quicker.

"This is a very… touchy and personal question, but I have to ask this so I can figure out who my partner in my assignment can be."

"You need a partner?" Heero raised an eyebrow.

Duo nodded, mouth suddenly immobile.

"Go ahead and ask, Duo," Quatre said with a smile, "We're your friends, and we'll help you in any way we can."

"As long as no one hates me or gets angry with me about the question…"

"Just ask already!" WuFei snorted.

"Al-alright. But you must promise me that you won't… disown me as a friend."

"We'd never do that, Duo." Quatre smiled.

"Get on with it." Heero sneered.

"Ok, ok! I need to know about… your preferences." Duo mumbled.

"What did you say, Duo?"

"I said…" he took a deep breath; "Are any of you… gay, bisexual, or very open-minded??" he looked away, red from embarrassment.

There was a small gathering of gasps, but the room was silent. Duo looked back to his friends to find them staring wide-eyed at the sudden inquiry. Duo smiled nervously and launched into explanation.

"Well, you see… the assignment is undercover and it requires me to have a partner so that it's not too obvious, and all I can say about my mission is that we need to blend in with the crowd we're going to and I need someone with me that isn't afraid to…" he looked away again, flushed, "to touch me…"

The room was still again, but then they all heard Quatre sigh and say, "I would volunteer to help, Duo, but…" he looked over questionably at Trowa, who looked back at Quatre, arms folded.

Duo noticed this right away and smiled, "You two really ARE together? That's cool! You're a cute couple."

Quatre smiled, "Thank you, Duo."

Duo mentally crossed Trowa and Quatre off of his list and looked at WuFei. It was more of a silent plead that said `please let it NOT be you.' WuFei looked back at the braided nincompoop and smirked, "Don't even think about it, Maxwell! Sally would kill me."

Duo chuckled, "Oh alright." then, almost against his will, his eyes turned to the silent soldier.

Heero seemed to be trying to absorb the quick information that Duo babbled, but he didn't quite understand why he would need someone with to… touch him. He gulped, wondering if he was reading his friend right. He looked up to see a slight tremble in Duo's eyes. Then, Duo was suddenly down on his knees in front of him, bottom lip quivering, eyes wide and glittery.

"Heero… onegai! I'll make it up to you, I swear! Besides, there's no one else that would and, and… we're a good team! Please, help me?" his bottom lip protruded even more.

Heero sighed in defeat. He knew that the baka would do this sort of thing to him, which was why he took so long to arrive at the place; he was having second thoughts. But he followed his feelings, like the moron he was, and decided to hear Duo out.

"Heero no baka," he mumbled to himself. He was cornered, but he didn't want to admit it.

"What was that, Heero?" Duo asked.

"Ninmu ryoukai." with that, he got up and walked toward the bedroom.

Duo blinked, "Nani?"

"Are you gonna tell me the assignment, or do I have to guess?" Heero said without turning around and wandered into the room. Quatre sighed.

"It seems that Heero can't refuse any mission, no matter what." Then he had a cheeky grin. Trowa grunted in reply.

Duo quickly shook himself back to normal, smile widening on his face, and he jogged into the room that Heero disappeared in.

Once Duo shut the door, Heero turned to face him, arms folding across his chest in a demanding posture.

"Ok Duo, debrief me."

Duo's eyes grew to extreme, "N-nante…?" [1]

"Explain the mission to me."

"Oh." Duo smiled, chuckling slightly. He moved over to the bed and pulled out a giant chest. He lifted it up onto the bed, "I want you to look in here, and it will hopefully explain everything." Heero moved over to stand next to Duo and waited for him to open the box. Very slowly, Duo opened the said giant trunk and waited for Heero to hit him.

"What," Heero finally began to say, "Are those?"

Duo looked up at Heero guiltily, "they're our undercover outfits."

Heero eyed them again, "They're… leather?" Duo nodded mutely. He looked at Duo, "Nande?" [2]

Duo blushed, "The place that we have to go to is where our contact will be. His name is Butch. Which sucks, because I'm sure that there are a lot of guys there named that. We have to pose as… lovers." He waited again for the hit, but it never came.

"Keep explaining." Heero said, sounding none too pleased.

"Well, the plan was that I would be the dominate one and have someone else be on the leash but…" he looked up at Heero, biting on his lower lip nervously, "I think that you'd be more… comfortable, and better at this, if you be the more dominate one."

Heero seemed to either not care or he wanted to put that piece of information on the back burner, "What do we have to do once we find our contact?"

Duo sighed, sort of relieved that Heero changed the subject, "Either me or you say `zero' to him, which is the code word, and he'll give us something that's vital to the mission and to our Professors."

"Do you know what it is?"

Duo shook his head, "No clue. I wasn't given that information. Only that it's vital that they have it in their possession."

"Meaning our instructors?"

Duo nodded.

"Do they know about Quatre and Trowa?"

"You know, I have no idea. Did you know about them being an item?"

"No. I was just wondering why they gave the assignment to you if they knew about those two."

Duo shrugged, "I really don't know. All Prof. G told me was that since I am the more `normal' teenager out of us I was the perfect pick." He crossed his arms, "Seems to me that Mr. Big Nose likes to humiliate me."

Heero's statement suddenly went softer, "Duo… are you…"

"Queer? A pervie? A fruitcake? Yes, Heero… and I'm a swinger too."

"Duo…" Heero suddenly felt terrible, but he didn't understand why Duo was being so bitter.

"Well, you can't back out now. I told you my assignment." Duo thought he should point out.

Heero nodded, "Hai, I know. You will just have to explain things to me."

Duo felt suddenly ashamed. That was right… he had to instruct Heero how to act towards him… he went flush.

"Just don't hate me afterward, ok?" he went into the truck to retrieve their outfits. He immediately found the one he had to wear. It had a spike collar and a long chain leash at the end. He sighed, and then began to take his clothes off. "Better get dressed too, Heero. We have to be there in four hours. It's best if we get there a half hour early."

Heero nodded, "Hai." And he took the other outfit, slowly figuring out how to put it on.

About a half hour later, they were both finished. The skimpy leather outfits exposed a lot of skin, but Heero didn't seem too embarrassed by it. The only difference in outfits was that Duo's had a chain attached to his collar, and his bottom half looked more like a skirt than shorts. Duo's collar was spiked like Heero's, and so was his lop-sided belt that was only there around his skinny middle for decoration. He also wore a pair of black gloves that went up to his elbows.

Duo handed the end of his chain leash to Heero, blushing slightly. "I'm your `pet'. And don't worry about being too rough, I'll let you know if you really do hurt me."

Heero took the leash with a questioning look in his eyes, "Hn."

They both stepped out of the bedroom. Instantly they received bulging eyes and unhinged jaws.

Heero was holding the chain over his shoulder. Then, recalling what Duo said to him, he yanked it forward, getting Duo to move.

Duo gasped at the sudden action, but smiled at Heero. He hoped that Heero wasn't really acting, he would most definitely submit to him immediately.

"Leaving already?" Trowa asked. He recovered from the shock first.

Heero only nodded, walking out the door with Duo in tow. The longhaired pilot waved back at his friends, smile genuine and huge.

"Bye guys! Don't wait up!"

Quatre snickered, waving back.


They arrived at their destination: Skin and Leather. It was a bar with all the accommodations. There were all kinds of couples there - hetero, homo, and lesbian. As Heero surveyed the place, he noticed that there were many beanbag chairs instead of regular ones, and the lights above them were all multicolored instead of white.

Duo was also taking in the scenery, watching as waiters and waitresses in bunny outfits hustle and bustle around tables, serving the most outrageous looking drinks and baskets filled with food. Many people there were dressed in leather, cotton, or lace. Duo was smiling, but he wasn't really too enticed. He enjoyed being bisexual, ogling all of the eye candy that walked by them. But, he held a flame for Heero, and soon, he hoped, Heero would find out and not be able to do a damn thing about it because… it was a mission.

Duo sighed, yeah a mission… not real. But he shook himself from that thought. At least he could have his fun with Heero, and Heero wouldn't be able to do anything about it. Not during the mission, anyways.

"Isn't this so boss Heero?" he said, loud enough as he could over the booming music.

"Hn. These people have weird tastes."

Duo chuckled, "Yeah, weird is right. But you must admit it looks like fun. Come on, Heero - get into character! I'm supposed to be your pet."

"What exactly do you mean by that anyways?" Heero turned to meet Duo's eyes. Duo smiled, trying not to look shy.

"Do you know what a sex slave is?"

Heero's eyes widened.

"Well, ya see… it's kind of like that, but the thing is that some couples like to `pretend' that they're only a sex slave. Some do this to spice up their relationship, and some do it simply because… they're either sadists or masochists. There's a lot of leather in the world of S&M."

Heero pulled the leash taut, "So that means I can be rough with you and you'll like it?"

Duo blushed, very, very deeply. "Ah… the whole `rough' thing is primarily sexual, not abusive. But you see, we're supposed to be `in love' so we don't get swayed into some kind of weird group sex thing." Duo made a face.

"That's what you meant by us being lovers." Heero realized out loud.

"Yup. So let's go sit down and take in the sights, lover boy." Duo smirked. "We have to try to scope out our contact."

Heero nodded, beginning to understand a bit more. This is their cover-up, being two kinky lovers here for some fun. Heero also realized that he wouldn't mind having Duo up against him. Cuddling with the God of Death didn't sound too bad. Besides, this was a mission.

They wandered around and finally found an empty beanbag chair. Duo was happy to note that it was black and looked unused. Duo was about to sit when he remembered that Heero was supposed to be the one in charge. So instead, he stood next to it and offered for Heero to sit down. Heero sighed, also remembering that he was the dominant one, and sat down slightly awkward. It was the first time Heero had the pleasure of sitting in a beanbag chair.

Duo was both happy and worried at the same time. He felt as if he practically had a demon and an angel on each shoulder fighting for what he should do. He wasn't sure which side won as he stood in front of Heero and looked down at his scrunched form. It looked like the beanbag was trying to swallow him whole. He hadn't moved since he plopped his butt down.

"Heero…" Duo whispered, "move your body up a bit."

The stoic boy did just that, and suddenly he wasn't as engulfed in the beanbag chair as he used to be. Duo chuckled at him, "Are you ready to touch me, Heero?"

Heero only cocked an eyebrow at him.

"Here I come…Master." With that, Duo went down on his hands and knees, proceeding to crawl up Heero's body.

Duo couldn't tell whether Heero liked the contact or not. He seemed to be too much into Soldier mode. Duo smiled to himself, soon he won't be thinking about the mission at hand. He decided that he had to let Heero know why he was doing this to him.

"You understand that I must do this to make our coupling look real, right?"

Heero nodded, but felt himself become warmer from the simple touch. Not only that, but Duo's face was mere inches from his and it was taking up his whole view. Those eyes were huge!

Duo ran his hands down that tight chest finally. He was smiling, knowing there wasn't a damn thing Heero could do about it. Duo leaned forward, not taking his eyes away from Heero's, and was about to close the space between them when a chuckle behind him made him stop. The laugh sounded familiar!

"Well well, look who's here… the great Shinigami and colony hero, in leather, and about to get it on!"

Duo turned his head in annoyance and wasn't too surprised with who he saw, "Dorothy! What the hell are you doing here??"

The longhaired blonde was also in a skimpy leather outfit, and she had a chain leash in her hand. Duo followed that chain down to see some guy at the other end of it, on all fours. Dorothy also had a riders crop in her other hand. The guy was keeping his head down so Duo couldn't see his face. The poor guy must be humiliated.

"Same thing you're doing, I'm sure. Or am I wrong?" Dorothy smirked.

Duo was sure that Heero didn't want to talk about his mission with this ditz. Hell, HE didn't want to talk to her about it, simply because it was HIS mission! He smiled up at Dorothy and gave her a wink.

"You're correct, Doro-chan! My Hee-chan and I are trying something different with our relationship, so I decided to introduce him to the kinky side of lovemaking. And speaking of which, you interrupted us from our fun. So please leave us and go do something with yourself." He waved a hand.

Dorothy placed the back of her hand against her mouth, "Oooo… hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo… You really crack me up, Maxwell-chan!" she howled. "And I see that you're the one on the leash! That is TOO funny!" she pulled on the chain she had in her hand, making the guy whimper. "But I see that Heero forgot his riding crop. Would you like to borrow mine?"

Heero snorted, "No thanks, we're fine." Duo was surprised that Heero was handling this so well. So for that, Duo decided to reward him. Well, to him it was a reward. He leaned down and kissed Heero's chest. Duo's heart was pounding so fast in his own chest; he thought that it was going to rip right out. He was also waiting for Heero to punch him. He looked up and saw that Heero was still paying attention to Dorothy; he didn't seem to care.

"Alright, fine. I'll leave you two love birds." She was about to go, but she turned back around and smiled, "If you and your sexy comrade ever have the hankering for some group action, don't hesitate to come looking for me." she winked, and then walked off, dragging her boy toy with her.

"That is one strange chick, don't you agree, Heero?" Again, Duo's face was the only thing in Heero's field of view. He suddenly found it the most attractive thing he had ever seen.


"Oi, Heero? I hope that you're not mad at me."

"For what?"

"Well… uh…"

"You haven't jeopardized the mission at all, so why should I be mad?"

"Uh…" Duo sighed, smiling, "Never mind." He took another chance and started to rub his hand up and down Heero's chest. "Ne, Heero?"

Heero still had his eyes locked with his, "Hm?"

Duo was about to say something when moaning and grunting sounds were heard from their left. They both peered over to look and saw that a couple next to them, on another beanbag, was having sex. The het couple had leather masks on, so they couldn't see what they looked like, but they were buck-naked.

Duo and Heero sweat dropped.

"Sheesh, those guys aren't at all shy, are they?" Duo huffed.


"It looks like they're having fun though, doesn't it?" Duo tried to purr. He leaned down to nuzzle his face against Heero's. "Well? You're the master here. What do you want to do?"

Heero looked down and eyed the chain leash that was still in his hand. With his other hand, he slid it down Duo's muscular back, feeling him tense under his slight touch. "I don't know, Duo, what am I supposed to do?"

That was the first time during the whole mission that Heero had said his name. It sent a wave of shivers up his spine. Duo sighed, "Neeee, Hee-chan… you're supposed to order me to pleasure you."

"Oh?" Heero tugged on the chain lightly, getting Duo closer to his face, "Is that what I'm supposed to do?"

"Demand something from me, Heero." Duo whispered in his ear.

After a while, Heero finally answered, "Take your hair down."

Duo gulped and tried to suppress the tremble going through his body. This was something that Duo didn't predict. But he couldn't refuse Heero anything, and with a small smile, he reached behind him and slipped off the hair tie.

"Now what do you want me to do?" Duo murmured. His hair almost covered them like a thin blanket.

Heero let go of Duo's leash to run his fingers through that incredible hair, "Do whatever you think we have time for."

Duo gasped, but then beamed brightly, "Oh, I know it won't be too long before we find our contact, so how about I give you a sample of what I can do?"

Heero found himself saying, "Go ahead. Show me."

Duo growled impiously, lowering his face closer to Heero's, and touched his lips lightly to the Wing pilot. Heero absorbed the kiss, analyzing how it was done, and slowly started to mimic the movements back. Duo was in such heaven, that he was hardly aware of his own body, which was beginning to slide gently up and down Heero's exposed skin.

Releasing the kiss, they stared at each other for a while. It felt like it was longer than it actually was. Duo found his voice and asked, "Are you ok with that?"

Heero looked like he was thinking about it, and then he nodded, "Not bad."

"Cool. Can I show you more?"


Duo silently thanked Doctor G and vowed to pay the old man back for doing this for him as he brushed his lips down Heero's well- sculpted chest. He wasn't even sure if Heero would enjoy having his nipples played with or not, so he decided to leave them alone, for now. He made it down below Heero's bellybutton and stopped to look up at him. Heero was watching with intense eyes. Duo smiled up at him, giving him a sultry wink, and then fumbled his fingers around the front of Heero's leather thong.

After a long couple of seconds, Duo found the buttons and popped them open as quickly as he could. This was something that he had been dreaming of- getting into Heero's pants. Or whatever he was wearing at the time.

He wasn't too surprised to find that Heero wasn't that hard yet. But it was understandable, since Heero wasn't too knowledgeable about any kind of passion. But it was, in Duo's opinion, rather beautiful.

Carefully, Duo lowered his mouth to the head of Heero's cock. Slowly he inhaled, enjoying the musky scent that was his partner before he opened his mouth to taste it with his lips. It was better than he expected, and he couldn't stand holding back. He wanted Heero to become erect, because of him. He wanted to hear Heero moan, because of him. So, he swallowed him.

Duo heard the other pilot grunt softly, and then, he was suddenly a lot thicker in his mouth. He twirled his tongue around the head, savoring whatever he found at the tip, and then plunged it back in as far as he could. Heero was starting to grow too big.

For quite a while, Duo sucked and swallowed, and made love to Heero's cock until he couldn't stand teasing himself anymore. He wanted to please Heero to the fullest. This was no longer for the mission; this was his dream come true.

Duo let go of Heero's arousal and started to crawl back up his body. Once he made it to his dream man's face, without asking, he pressed his lips firmly over Heero's. Heero accepted, opening his mouth for Duo, and their tongues entwined. Duo moved his hands down, hooked his thumbs around the waistband of his leather skirt, and slid it off.

"I can't stand it anymore, Heero… I have to…" Duo gasped as their erections met.

"Duo…" Heero still had his hands off to the side, griping the sides of the beanbag, "What do I do? Why are you…"

"Touch me, Heero. You have to show everyone around here that I'm yours and only yours."


Duo took Heero's right hand and brought it back behind himself. He slapped Heero's hand onto one of his butt cheeks.

"Grab me, fondle me, pinch me, spank me… rub me…"

Heero looked confused, "What do I do first?"

"Anything, just pick." Duo groaned, feeling Heero's hand on him finally. Heero looked around at the other couples that were together so he could get an idea of what to do. The first two lovers he saw were doing one of the things that Duo mentioned. The one was bending over the other's lap. And the one was…

Heero smiled, brought his hand up, and smacked Duo on the ass. It was a bit harder than normal.


Heero raised a brow, "Did I do something wrong?"

Duo rubbed his sore rump, "That was too hard!"

"I thought I was supposed to spank you."

Duo grumbled, "Heero… you're not supposed to use all of your strength!"

"I wasn't."

"Heero, Heero, Heero…" Duo sighed, "You're ruining the mood."

Heero blinked, "I'm… sorry?"

Duo brought a hand down between them, "It's ok, you didn't know." He grabbed Heero's arousal and began to stroke lightly, "How's this?"

"Nice." Heero breathed. He ran his splayed fingers through Duo's hair.

"You're a nice master… I'm gonna have to reward you for that."

"Well you're a nice… pet." Heero smiled. Duo blushed brightly.

"Thanks. I've been waiting to be your… pet."

Before Heero could ask, Duo had his tongue down his throat. He could feel Heero's growls drowning in his mouth as he attacked viciously. Duo moved his body up higher, and then he positioned himself over Heero's erection. Heero grabbed onto Duo's thighs, trying to help Duo do whatever it was he was trying to do, and at the same time touch him.

Duo broke for air, thinking quickly, and then whimpered, "There's no lube around here. We're just gonna have to improvise."

"Lube?" Heero was confused, again.

"Don't worry about it, Hee-chan." He still had his face inches away from his soon-to-be lover, "I can do this without the help of lubricant. I'm sweaty enough down below for it to work."

"What…" Heero's question was cut short by the feel of something tight and hot being wrapped around his cock. Heero's eyes screw shut, and his teeth clenched from what Duo was giving to him. Something in the back of his mind was screaming for him to stop Duo from going on, but it was being overpowered by the pure bliss he was feeling. When Heero opened his eyes, Duo looked even more astonishing than he had ever done before. Duo was absolutely breath taking.

Duo tried to repress the moan of pain that swept him; he reminded himself that pleasure would soon come once he had Heero fully inside of him. He did his best to relax his muscles, and he did something that he knew he'd soon regret, but had to get it over with.

He forced his body onto Heero's engorged cock.

"AAAHHH!" Duo's head flew back, his eyes glued shut, and his mouth gaped open. His whole body was shaking, but he wasn't sure if it was from pain or not.

As Duo was trying to get more situated, Heero placed his hands, which were getting sweaty, onto Duo's hips to steady him. Heero's chest was racing just as fast as Duo's, but it was taking all of his will power not to move. He knew that Duo was feeling some pain, and so he waited for his companion's ok before he could continue. The only thing that was going through Heero's mind at the time was that he hoped Duo would hurry up and feel better, cause his dick was aching so bad for friction.

The pain finally began to fade, so Duo tilted his body back, bringing his hands back behind himself, and held onto Heero's knees. That was when he felt it- and he jolted from the sensation, groaning.

"Ok…" Duo panted, "Are you ready now, Heero?"

Heero could only nod. He could hardly believe they were doing this, and in a semi-public place.

Duo slowly began to raise himself up. He grit his teeth, but when he moved back down, and in the same position, he cried out from the pleasure he finally felt. "Yes. This is it!" He moaned. He began to pick up the pace; moving his body upward and then crashing back down. Heero felt so incredible inside of him. His own cock was aching so badly from the feeling that he couldn't help himself, and he grabbed it to stroke.

Heero surprised Duo by grabbing onto his arms and he pulled him down. Duo's body glided across his as he moved himself back and forth. Every time he moved up, he got himself closer and closer to Heero's lips. Duo tilted his head as he came forward again, taking Heero's member out of him part way, and brushed his lips carefully against Heero's closed ones. Then as Duo brought himself back down onto Heero's erection, he kissed his way down Heero's chest. The beanbag was starting to feel sticky against Heero's back. He raised his lower half up to meet with Duo's pushing body, and then he thrust himself upward into Duo again and again.

Duo had a feeling that they were taking way too long than planned with looking inconspicuous, so Duo decided to speed things up a bit, as much as he wouldn't like to. But at least, he thought, he got to do something with the one he loved.

"Heero… as much as I would hate to, we have to finish. Our contact should be here soon." Duo whispered against Heero's lips. Heero nodded,

"Understandable. This is your mission, after all."

"Are you…" Duo was almost afraid to ask, "Enjoying yourself?"

Duo was still slowly moving his body back and forth, working his hips strainlessly. Heero grunted, feeling the center of his world being squeezed by Duo's body over and over.

"Yes," Heero breathed, "I'm enjoying this." Much to his own surprise.

Duo smiled, "Yay! I'm so happy!" He moved his face forward again, taking Heero's bottom lip. He sucked gently on Heero's soft flesh before releasing it. "Now, I'm gonna go really fast so we can finish. Ok?" Heero nodded his head and then grabbed onto Duo's thighs.

"I'll help you."

Duo thought he was going to die by the look in Heero's eyes so he closed them as he started to piston himself on Heero faster. Push, pull, push, pull became almost ramming speed. Duo couldn't help the mewing sounds coming out of his throat, and then the sudden screams emitting from his mouth. It was all too much for Duo to take; he didn't need any prompting with his hand or even Heero's, and he came hard on Heero's stomach.

Heero saw the way Duo looked from his sudden orgasm and felt the tightness around his cock become tighter, and he couldn't contain himself. He let himself go, feeling his world spiraling upward as he reached climax; It felt impossibly good. Heero cried out, and then whispered Duo's name against his collarbone.

Slowly they started to float back to the real world, their chests heaving. Duo laid his head into the crook of Heero's shoulder and neck, breathing shallow gasps and inhaling Heero's aroma. He couldn't think of what to say, he was too sated to think.

Heero wanted to say something too, but words fail him. He ran a few sentences in his head, but came up with nothing good, in his opinion. Duo was worth all the praise in the world right now, he was his best friend. He could hardly believe that his best friend would do this with him. It was mind-blowing.

Suddenly from behind, they both heard someone clapping. Heero instantly went back into soldier mode, but he slid his arms tightly around his comrade to protect him. He moved his head over to get a good look at the person.

"Ah, bravo! What a splendid show!" The man was tall, blond, and was wearing leather attire. He also had a leash around his wrist, but the leash wasn't a chain, it was made out of leather. The person on the end of the leash looked like a small woman.

"What do you want?" Heero grounded out.

"Now, now… Heero was it? That's no way to speak to an ally!"

Duo turned his head to get a good look at the man Heero was speaking to, "What's your name?"

The man smiled, "I'm Butch."

Duo blinked, and then gasped, "Oh! Uh…" he was about to say the secret code word when Heero beat him to it.


The man nodded, holding out a small jewelry box, "Is a dangerous system."

Heero nodded back, taking the box.

"So, what is it?" Duo couldn't help asking. The man called Butch grinned.

"Just make sure it gets to Doctor G, ok?"

Duo and Heero both nod.

"I see that you two have acclimatized yourselves here."

Duo blushed a little.

"This mission was… interesting." Heero stated.

Duo wanted to say, `this mission was the best one I've had!' but decided to tell Heero that later, and when he knew for sure what Heero felt for him.

"Well I must be off. I'm sure that the good doctor has some other job for me to do. Tata!" he walked off, with his `pet' following behind.

Duo looked down at the golden jewelry box that was in Heero's hands, "What do you think's in it? Shall we take a peek?"

"I don't know." Heero sighed, "Butch didn't look too happy about us opening it. Maybe we should wait until we give it to Prof. G."

"Ohh, I'm too curious! I wanna know." Duo pouted. It almost made Heero smile, but he held it back.

"We should get going." Heero informed his naked partner.

"You're right." Duo sighed, "Let's go."


On the way home, it took all of Duo's will power not to peek in the box. The curiosity was killing him. Heero told him that it would be best if they didn't open the jewelry box. He figured that since it was to be delivered to Dr. G, it was important, and that it was important that they didn't look without permission.

"So then," Heero suddenly said, "What did you have in mind to repay me with?"

Duo started, "Huh?"

"You said that if I was your partner in the mission you'd pay me back."

Duo coughed in his hand, "I did say that, didn't I?"

"Let me guess… you really didn't have an idea, did you?"

Duo shook his head slowly.

They were in the `borrowed' car that Heero got for them. Heero was at the wheel, trying to pay attention to the road while his head was full of questions he wanted to ask Duo.

"Um…Duo…" Heero swallowed a big lump in his throat.


"Ano…did you mean…ah, everything?"

Duo cocked his head to one side, "Nani, Heero?"

"What we did. Did it mean something to you?" The question seemed thick, slurred.

"You mean when we…?"

Heero nodded, "Made love."

Duo gasped, "Made…love…" he shook his head, not really excepting the fact that Heero said that instead of `sex'. It boggled Duo's mind.

"Isn't that what we did?" Heero exhaled.

"Well… yeah. That is…you, we, I… um, we…"

As Heero stopped at the red light, he moved a hand over and placed two fingers over Duo's lips.

"Let's worry about that later." Heero said, almost whispering. Duo nodded.

The rest of the drive home Duo felt numb. He never thought that Heero would actually be so… what was the word? Romantic? Tender? Composed? It was another strange mystery that Duo had to solve, and he was scared of what the outcome might be. Maybe if he was lucky, Heero really did love him. Hell, he felt it for a long time, but never really tried to pursue Heero for that love. He didn't want to be like Relena. Not in this lifetime.

Duo's eyes lowered to the box in his lap. Damn, he was curious again. He wanted to open it so badly. Heero couldn't stop him now, he was concentrating on driving. He knew he heard some kind of saying somewhere that went: "curiosity killed the cat" but when he was little he always questioned that. Duo chuckled, "But I ain't no cat."

Heero looked over, confused to why Duo had just said that. To his horror, he saw that Duo was starting to open the box.

"Duo, no! Matte!" Heero did his best to keep control of the vehicle as he reached over with one hand to try snatching the box away. Duo anticipated that Heero would try to if he saw him, so he moved the jewelry box closer to the passenger's door, cradled in his arms.

"I have to check! Just to make sure that Dr. J didn't send anything harmful to G. I have at least that much honor towards the old coot. He did help me and give me free food after all." He slowly opened the box. For a split second, Duo wondered why there was no lock on it. Did the doctors trust them that much not to look? Or maybe they didn't really care.

Heero groaned, knowing that Duo wasn't going to be stopped. Especially when Duo's high curiosity level was on extreme, he wasn't going to be able to stop him. Heero was too afraid to look, so he stared straight ahead of him, keeping his eyes glued to the highway.

"Oh my god…" Duo cursed under his breath, "I do NOT believe this."

Now he got Heero's curiosity going. "What? What is it?"

Duo picked it up with a forefinger and thumb, and held it up to the light. The small, flat wrapper encased a round, squishy thing. It was a contraceptive.

"A condom!" Duo chuckled, "It's a fucking condom!"

"Nani??" Heero gasped. He pulled the car over to the side of the road so he could look at the thing for himself without causing accidents. Once he got the car parked on the side of the road, he leaned over to look at it with his partner. Right away Heero noticed something else in the box. He picked it up, "There's a note inside." He opened it up and started to read it in his head.

Duo looked over at his partner, "What's it say?"

Heero smirked, "It's instructions for the condom." He shook his head, "It says: this is the protocol-type, the first one ever made, please take good care of it. It is 100% safe, guarenteed, and reusable. It is all of the condoms put together. Just set the tiny dial at the opening of the condom to any setting you wish for it to be. It can be ribbed, lubricated, fluorescent, flavored, very thin, really thick, over sensitive, and the end of it can act as a cock ring."

Duo gasped, almost choking on his own saliva. "Holy shit!"

"P.S," Heero continued, "Don't let any of the G-team find out about it. Love, Dr. John Jacob Jinglehimmershmit."

Duo burst out laughing; "Oh dear lord!" then something finally hit him, "LOVE??"

Heero sighed, "That's what it says."

"I think I'm gonna be sick." Duo sunk in his seat.

Heero chuckled, and then started the car up again, "Put it back in the box and let's go deliver it to Dr. Jinglehimmer's koibito."

Duo laughed hard again, tears streaming his face, "Heero made a funny! Sugoi!"


They were a few blocks away from Dr. G's place when an idea suddenly hit Heero. At first he was incredibly shy about it. He wasn't sure if he should press the matter any more than they already did or not. They already made love; besides, it wouldn't hurt to do so again would it? And perhaps… experiment while they were at it?

"Heero?" Duo blinked, wondering why they were stopping underneath a bridge, away from the highway. "What are you doing?"

Heero moved his hand down to get the seat to recline, and then snatched the box out of Duo's hands. He placed it onto the dashboard, and then grabbed Duo's hand.

"I was hoping that maybe, um… we could do a little more… some more stuff, without an audience." Heero was biting his lower lip, heart pounding in his chest.

Duo blinked, "H-Heero?" he couldn't believe his ears. Heero really did like him in that way? He wanted more?

Heero stared at the longhaired boy for a while, gazing at his confused and adorable features. If he could kick his own ass for not noticing it sooner, he would. Duo was absolutely stunning; especially in the dimly lit vehicle. He was so incredible to look at that he forgot to breath. This creature… this beautiful person before him loved him. Duo loved him for being him, and it set his heart soaring.

He brought a shaky hand up to caress a soft cheek, "Please, Duo? I want… I want more of that feeling that you give me, that you gave me. You mean so much to me. And you're so… wonderful, astounding, stunning, beautiful…" he sighed in frustration, "Words like that really don't do you justice… you're way more than that…"

Duo sighed deeply, "I can't believe this… Heero you're so… sweet."

"I want to be sweet on you." Heero couldn't believe his own words. Did I just say that?

Duo was wiping something away from his face with his forearm, and then he moved forward to capture Heero's lips. They kissed tenderly for a while, letting the feeling escalate, and then it grew stronger with each sweeping movement.

Heero brought Duo down with him on the reclining car seat, making him lie on top of him. Duo hardly resisted; placing his hands all over Heero's exposed chest, he rubbed him and touched him everywhere. Heero sighed in satisfaction; knowing that this amazing person on him was now his, and he would gladly stay with him.

"Be my boyfriend, onegai?" Heero whispered in the darkness of the small Ford.

"Oh, yes! Yes!" Duo groaned, feeling Heero's wet open mouth over his throat. Heero moved his hands over the exterior of Duo's back, and then they moved lower to his round backside. Duo gasped, "Make love to me, Hee-chan?"

"I'd be honored to… koibito."

Duo sighed in Heero's embrace, feeling those light touches all over his body. Gently Duo began to touch him back, finally having the time to explore Heero's body more thoroughly. As their make-out session grew more intense, Duo suddenly thought of something. It could be considered a bit sinister, and it could be thought of as kinky, but whatever it was, to Duo, it was a good idea.

"Heero, wait…wait a sec."

"What is it, Duo-chan? Did I do something wrong?" Pouting just didn't fit a perfect soldier, but it was adorable.

Duo smiled, "Nothing's wrong, lover. I just had an idea." He reached back behind him. Heero blinked, wondering what Duo meant, but when he saw what his boyfriend had in mind, he smiled. Duo smiled back, "Is it ok? Do you think we should?"

Heero chuckled lightly. He didn't believe it himself, but he said, "Sure, why not?"

Duo grinned.


About two hours and 24 minutes later, they finally made it to Dr. G's place. When Heero knocked on the big iron door, they didn't expect it to open so suddenly. The doctor was already there, waiting for the arrival of his little golden jewelry box.

"What the hell took you two so long??" Dr. G grounded out. He didn't seem too shocked to see the two boys in leather attire. Heero still had a hold of Duo's chain leash.

Duo growled at G's tone and shoved the small box into his hands.

"Here's your precious delivery! I don't understand why you had to make us go through that whole `leather and whips' deal. You are in need of some help, old man."

"Why are you angry with me? It looks as though you successfully got Heero to help you with the assignment. Isn't that what you wanted?"

Duo gasped, staring wide eyed at the little mushroom man, "How in the… what the hell??"

"Wisdom comes with age, my boy."

"Well, thanks then for… you know."

Duo's instructor bowed, "You're welcome, Death."

Duo smirked, wondering if he was mocking him.

The old man suddenly leered at the two, thinking he smelt a hint of something familiar around the two boys, "You two didn't… look in the box, did you?"

Duo looked over at Heero, biting his lip. Heero looked at Duo, noticing the look he was giving him and understood the unspoken plead. Then he looked at Dr. G, and shook his head. "No."

"Good! I will see you two later. Maybe this time you'll both have an assignment." He walked off toward what looked like a laboratory. Duo sighed.

"Thanks for the cover, Hee-chan."

Heero put his arms around his boyfriend, "No problem…pet."

Duo grinned, "Well, at least their invention works!"




Whatcha' think, minna-san? I had fun with it. I hope you liked it Jade-sama!

[1] What…! Like really surprised (from what my Japanese to English dictionary says)
[2] Why?