Don't tease

Contents~ Shonen ai, sap, lime, POV
Pairings: 1x2
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It started one day at this one school during lunchtime. We went outside to eat cause it was such a nice day. Well, I was going to eat inside, but Duo insisted that I go outside with him. The sun was incredibly warm today, and my skin did need the extra vitamin E.

"Oi, Heero!" Duo waved at me. He beckoned me over to him with not only his flailing arm but also his smile and cheery statement. I sighed, trying to make it look like I'm annoyed when it was actually a sigh of happiness. I move casually over to him and he makes me sit down next to him.

I open my lunch box and take out my rice. I look over and see that he's brought a sandwich and some pudding. It looks like tapioca or banana. He looked over at me, and then smiled again. I swear that smile will be the undoing of me.

"Oi, Heero…is that all you bring to eat is rice? Don't ya have anything else?"

I sigh and look down at my lunch, "I also have fish." I tell him. He wrinkled his nose at it.

"Ugh! How can you stand to eat that kind of stuff?" he dug in a brown paper bag that was at his side. He tossed me an apple. "Here! This will help balance you out, ne?"

I catch the apple too easily and look at it. He is always giving me part of his lunch. I don't understand why he does it, cause around the last hour of school he's always bellyaching on how hungry he is. If only he ate all of his lunch that he brought and not given me part of it he wouldn't be in that predicament.

"Duo…" I try to reason with him about what a mistake he's making. He seemed to know what I'm about to say and he stopped me before I go on with a shake of his head and he holds out his hand. I watch his braid flop back and forth behind him and then finally flop to the front of him, lounging on his chest.

"Don't worry about it, Heero. I'll be fine. One apple isn't going to make a big dent in my portions. Just eat it ok?"

I shook my head at his selflessness, and then take a bite of his apple. As I slowly chew my eyes roam over to Duo. I watch him munching on his sandwich and staring out at the duck pond. He's so beautiful. I can't help but imagine why anyone would really want to hurt someone like him. Of course we were both innocent before the war started. When we were children we had barely a care; but then something drew us to that one moment in our lives that made us become Gundam pilots.

We continue to eat our lunch. I'm almost done with my rice and he's already finished his sandwich. For a moment, I wonder why it's gotten so quiet. Then I realized two things. Number one: Duo was eating and not talking. Number two: nobody was around us. I heard a couple ducks quacking nearby, but that didn't count.

No one was around…no one to hear or see us. I took advantage on the situation. A bit clumsy about it, but I figured I'd learn as I go. I scooted over closer to him. I shocked him out of his trance. He looked at me questionably, but then shrugs it off. He has no idea what's on my mind. But he soon will.

I set my lunch box down and brush my hands clean. I take his lunch box out of his lap and his eyes become the widest I've ever seen them. He watched speechlessly as I take the pudding cup from his hand and put it back into his paper bag. He blinked a couple times, looking totally ingenuous and befuddled. I slip the spoon out of his fingers that have become weak with astonishment.

"Uh…H-Heero?" He stuttered. I swung an arm around to settle in the grass on the other side of him and my other arm has swung around to his back. I'm inches away from his confused face. This is where it starts, I tell myself, and this is where I get my answer and hopefully my soul.

"Don't speak, Duo." I tell him. His blabbering could ruin the whole moment for me, and I don't want that to happen. I move closer, taking in his scent and feeling the heat radiating off of his cheeks. He sighs nervously and I can taste his breath…tapioca. I was right the first time.

I brush my lips ever so gently over his. He quivered from my light touch. My eyes are still open, watching his reaction. I think he's too scared of me to move or react. I don't want to make him feel uncomfortable, but my body is taking over, making me kiss him again and again, slowly…carefully…sweetly. I watch him finally close his eyes. He let me kiss him. I close my own eyes, and then take his lips more full, more hungrily. I can feel his hand on my shoulder. He suddenly shifted his body a bit and leaned more into the tree. That was my cue to take action.

I took hold of him by his shoulders and threw him down to the ground. I pinned him down with my hands around his wrists and my ankles locked around his knees with my knees at his side. I leaned in before he could say something, taking his mouth eagerly again, probing him with my tongue. He suddenly imitated me, wrestling his tongue with mine, pushing harshly into my lips. He excites me, making my body react the way it's never done before.

I can no longer stand it and I break the kiss. I start to fumble with his tie on his uniform; doing so I had to release his arms. He sat up on his elbows and just watched me undo his tie and slip it off with shaky fingers. I unbutton his shirt slowly, and nervously, wrestling around with it. I glanced up at him quickly and noticed that he seemed to be laughing silently at me. I was about to tell him that it wasn't funny, but speaking might destroy the moment right there.

I slip his shirt off of his shoulders, baring his chest before my eyes, taking in the sight before I attack it with my lips. I taste him, devour him, and admire him with my mouth and tongue. I sloppily work my way up to his neck, sucking him like a lifeline. His breathing gets heavier. I work my way up more, lickingan earlobe as I go, then suckling the skin behind his ear. I shift my hand downward and begin to undo his pants. I glide a hand over his chest and graze a nipple.

He groaned.

That's when it all fell into place. We made love carefully under the school's tree, unknown to us that the bell has rung long time ago. No words were spoken during our conception except our names. His voice sounded so beautiful, his husky moans made me wild. I took him that day. I made him mine. And I made him sweat more than I've ever seen him do during any mission.

The day was over finally. We missed one class but neither of us talked about it. We packed our things to move on to our next mission.

Our new school was a bit more open than the last one. We saw people holding hands and kissing in the hallway. Duo smirked and chuckled about it, but I just ignored it. It was really none of our business, just like it was no one's business about us. As we got our new uniforms on, (black and blue, how appropriate) we passed by the gym. We stood there and watched as a group of friends were practicing basketball. I looked over and saw that gleam in Duo's eyes and I knew that he wanted to play. It really made no difference to me whether we did or not. But since he really wanted to…

We took all four of them on. They were supposed to be the best in their team. I think they could learn a thing or two. We beat them 50 to 0. One guy didn't appreciate it much, but the others were more amazed. They shook our hands and congratulated us. They walked back into the gym lockers and tossed the ball to Duo, telling us to join the team some day.

I looked at Duo as he smugly smiled at them. Looks like we will be here a bit longer than I thought. I knew what was going on inside of his head and he wouldn't stop at nothing to achieve it. He wanted to sign up for the team and become their lead star.

"Duo…" I startled him back to reality. "Just a reminder, but we don't know how long we'll be here."

"I know. But it sounds like fun." He gave me a sad puppy dog look. "Please Heero! We could extend our mission a bit, couldn't we?"



I sigh. For some reason I can't say no. I think he's softened me up. "Ok, just this once." He hugged me so tightly I could feel my back cracking.

"Thank you!! Thank you, Heero!"


The last class was over with. Duo has already signed up for the team and was already at the gym practicing. He didn't need it, but I think he was so psyched for it that he needed to release the energy. I also needed to release some energy, so I went to him.

I leaned up against the gym doors and watched him shoot basket after basket. He shoots from up close, and then from far away. He'd shout three points, or ten points…pretending that the crowd was cheering him on. He needs to do something more constructive with that extra vigor. And I knew just want he could do.

I wandered up to him, scaring the daylights out of him. He almost lost the ball but recovered it quickly. "Heero! I didn't hear you sneak in! Would you like to shoot some hoops with me?"

"I suppose." I smirk. "What do I get in return?"

"Nani?" Duo blinked. I cross my arms and wander over to him. He held his breath as I kiss his nose.

"One game…one on one…and then…" I smile. "One ON one…"

"But Heero that's what you just said," he stopped himself. "Oh…" before he could protest I grab the ball away from him and then shoot the hoop.

"I'm one point ahead. Damn you're slow."

"Hey!" he ran to recover the ball. "Now that's not fair!"


"Fine! Have it your way!" we played like we were at the last game of the season for the winning cup. He was pretty good when he put his mind to it. A couple times he's impressed me. And I know I've impressed him a few times as well.

Once finished, Duo slid down the side of the wall. He looked like he didn't have any strength left. But I knew that was a lie.

"Shit, Heero! You won." He let the ball roll away without caring. "of course that's nothing unusual is it?" I walk up to him. I'm not even half as tired as him. I still have too much energy. I crouch down and sit on his legs. He peered up at me through those sweaty bangs and smiled. "Oi, Heero…I got no energy left."

"Sure you do." I tell him. I lean down and kiss him gingerly on the lips. I stop to look at him. He just stared at me, and then with some strength he lifts himself up more on his hands and propped himself better against the wall. I smile. That was my signal.

I began to kiss him again, very slowly and gently, and then I picked up the pace. He matched my fevered kisses and pushed back against me. I pull him down to the floor and cover my body completely onto his. He laid his arms off to the side. I think I understand why. I grab them and hold them up over his head as I continue with my assault. He moaned his acceptance in his role, wanting me to seduce him more, giving me permission to take charge.

I get him moaning again, low and seductively…sweet and promising. I show him who's in control, making him wither in agony. This time it wasn't just our names being said, but so much more. I soon take him, more forcefully and eagerly. He begged for it, calling out my name, panting in heavy breathes.

"God, Heero…don't stop! Just don't stop!"

It was finally the end of the day and we had to get our sleep for tomorrow. He never had spoken a word of what happened. But in the middle of the night sometime, I awoke to the feel of something beside me in bed. I opened my eyes and turned my head around. Duo was nestled up against me, smiling, and his braid has flopped over the both of us. I turned completely around to face him, wrapping one arm around him. He mumbled something and then sighed. I squeeze him tight; making him cuddle up closer to me, burying his face into my chest.

"Duo…" I embrace him tightly. "I will worship you forever and ever."




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