Title: Destined to kill me
Author: Lunadeath (Lunadeath02@aol.com)
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Category: TWT, citrus, PWP, violence, some BDSM, POV
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: 1x2
Warnings: lots of cursing, violence, blood, and naughty things
Spoilers: none, I think
Setting: some time after Heero rescued Duo from Oz.
Disclaimers: I do NOT own GW or any characters that I borrow. All in good fun, ne? ^_^
Notes: This one's odd. (and possibley not my best- but I gave it my best shot even when my muse wasn't working well)

Any minute now, that door will open, and Heero will slink in the room. Any minute, and Heero will try it again. He was supposed to be the perfect soldier, and when he went on missions, he would complete them, no questions asked.

But, every time he tried to kill me, he would fail. He would wound me, but whenever he got close to killing me, he seemed to do it half-heartedly. It just wasn't in him. He would act all high and mighty, telling me that he will succeed in his mission one day and catch me off guard. He finally decided to try killing me in my sleep, but that still hadn't worked well.

This was the third night in a row that he will be trying. And no doubt, it won't be his last. Unless something made him stop. Which, I predict, won't be for a very long time.

The door finally opened, soundlessly but I still knew it opened. I could feel the room get cooler than before. You see, my room was always warm, and the hallway was much cooler. So, I felt the cold air go through my room like a signal that Heero was here, and I prepared myself to retaliate.

I could just barely feel it, but it was there. Heero's shadow looming over me. I could feel it like the cool air flowing through my room. Even in this half conscience state, I could tell he was there, hovering over me like he was trying to figure out if I was asleep or not.

He must have finally realized that I was waking up, or was awake, cause the next thing I felt was the cold barrel of the gun to my forehead. I'm sure that if he really wanted to take me by surprise, he wouldn't have touched me with the gun. He would have just took aim and fired. But no, he had to make iron to flesh contact, letting me know that he was there and was about to try ending my life. It finally took me a half a minute before I moved when he finally pulled the trigger. Next thing I knew, feathers from my pillow were flying around me and I was up on my knees in a matter of seconds.

Nothing was said between us. Image that, I wasn't yelling at him or trying to make him understand how useless it was to be even doing this. He had this look in his eyes, almost like he was annoyed. What did he expect me to do? Let him shoot me? He wasn't even trying, and I wanted to tell him that. I wanted to tell him that so badly that my bottom lip was trembling. I wasn't sure if it looked like fear to Heero, or aggravation, but he was smirking. He was smirking as if he were saying "What's wrong, Duo? Are you scared?"

I narrowed my eyes and furrowed my brows, "I'm not impressed." I finally say.

"I wasn't trying to impress you."

"It was a figure of speech, Yuy." I snarl. He hadn't moved yet. Gun still trained on me. The corner of my lip curled up slightly. Heero raised a brow. "Are you gonna kill me, or not?" I asked.

Then he cocked the gun again, and flexed the finger around the trigger. I stared into his eyes, his deep blue incredible eyes, and dared him to do it. If he hated me that much, then he should just get it over with. I always hated unrequited love anyways.

Heero pulled the trigger. Nothing happened.

"Huh." I put my hands on my hips, "Out of bullets I see."

"Hn." He didn't look too surprised. Did he know that there was only one bullet in the chamber? Did he do that on purpose?

He suddenly moved, grabbed me by the edge of my shirt, and pulled me toward him. I was about to throw my fist into his face when he shocked the hell out of me.

So, I guess you're wondering what he did. Ok, I'll tell you what the bastard did! He put an arm around me, tightly, pulled me against his body, and then clumsily and sloppily planted a big wet kiss on my lips!

What did I do then? I shoved him. Hard. I shoved him really, really hard! He fell onto his back on the bed and looked at me all smug like.

"Stop playing around with me, Yuy!" I sneered. "Trying to kill me is one thing, but playing around with my heart is another! So, fuck you! Just… just… fuck… you!!" I threw a pillow at him, which was the pillow that he shot, and more feathers came flying out. Apparently I had shit for aim when I'm so pissed I'm shaking. The pillow just grazed his head. I just missed the bastard.

Oh my god, I think I'm going to pee my pants! The damn bastard was laughing! He was laughing… at me! I balled up my fists and prepared to kick his sorry ass, when he sat back up on his knees and pushed me down onto the bed. He pushed me rather hard and I couldn't keep my balance and ended up hitting the headboard with the back of my head.

"Bastard!" I shrieked. "You fucking bast…" he jumped on top of me. And before I knew it, he had my arms up over my head and pinned. "What the HELL are you doing??" I shout.

He didn't answer me, of course. So instead, he lowered himself down to my face and kissed me again. At least he tried to kiss me again. I moved my lips out of the way.

"First you try to kill me, and now you want to kiss me." I can't help but smirk, quoting something from one of my favorite movies, "Blow." I spat on him.

Not the brightest move I have ever made. Before I could do anything, Heero had turned me around, ripped my shorts off, and raised my bare ass into the air. My eyes went wide, wondering if he was going to do what I thought he was going to do.

Nope. He didn't. But he did spank me. I gasped from the sudden contact. "Heero! What the hell…" he spanked me again. "I am not your bitch, Yuy! Let me go!" He spanked my bottom again, this time harder. "Damn it! Knock it off, now!" I screamed. I moved around on the bed, trying to get out of his grip. All I was doing was making matters worse for my situation as my semi-erection was getting ground into the mattress. I definitely need to keep this a secret from him.

Surprisingly, Heero did stop and then got up off of me. In a huff, I turned around and quickly slipped my boxers back on. I could tell that I was beat red in the face. But I wasn't sure from what.

Heero walked out in a calm like fashion as I continued to glare daggers at him. How dare he treat me like that! I told myself that I wasn't about to put up with it anymore. That was it!

"Asshole! That is the last time you're touching me!" I said, half-heartedly.


The next night it seemed as if Heero was going to give up on killing me. Fat chance though. It was after midnight when he walked in.

Seconds passed, and I didn't feel any cold steel on my face. When I opened my eyes, something very sharp and pointy was coming at me. I dodged easily and then proceeded to disarm him. The knife fell out of his hands and landed on the bed next to me. Still with a hold on Heero's arm, I quickly shoved the knife away from me so that I don't get myself cut during the wrestling that I knew was about to take place.

In a few seconds after I shoved the knife onto the floor, Heero and me engaged in that predicted wrestling match. I ended up underneath him and our naked chests were rubbing up against each other's. Something else was starting to rub, and I glared up at him.

"Get off of me." I demanded.


"I mean it, Heero! Get off!"

He smirked! I didn't know what he found so funny…

"I said get off!"



He chuckled lightly, "Ok."

He was… oh god, I do not believe it… he was grinding himself into me!

I finally understood why he was snickering at me. "That is NOT what I meant, and you know it!"

He shut me up with his lips and urged me to follow his lead. I tried to get him to quit, but my struggling was for naught. Our enraged erections continued to rub against each other, inflaming such passion in me that I didn't know I had. It felt so good that I hoped to god that he wasn't playing around with my emotions and I dug into him as hard as I could. He gripped my thighs just as hard and thrust into me. I kissed him hard, hoping that I bruised him, and then he stuck his tongue in my mouth.

I wanted love from him, and I wanted him to except my love, but I didn't want this. This was just burning lust, some weird aftermath of our fight, not something that I had always hoped to have from him. I wanted understanding, reassurance, and real love, not this maddening desire. Although it felt wonderful, and I was hoping that we got it on, I tried to stop him.

"Wait, Heero… this isn't what we want."

"It's not?" he had that weird gleam in his eyes. I don't think I'll be able to win.

"No. We need to start over…"

"Why?" he kissed the side of my face, heading for my lips again.

"Because, we need to… I want you to…" words are hard to put together, especially when one's dream lover was kissing you and touching you and… grinding hard into you.

"You talk too much." He grumbled, lifting my legs up onto his shoulders.

"Heero, wait… we shouldn't be…" I gasped when I felt his arousal rub against mine. All of the friction was too mind blowing to stop now. I mindlessly began to pick up the pace. My hands were roaming all over his back and down to his backside. I thrust upward even harder, and before I knew what hit me, I came in my boxers.

I heard Heero let out a soft moan and then his hips slowed up. I felt my boxers become wetter, and instantly I understood what just happened.

I pounded my fist into his back, teeth clenched, and face flushed. He looked down at me as I glared up at him.

"Fucking bastard! How dare you… you shouldn't have done that! What the hell is going through your mind??"

Heero touched a hand to my cheek, looking like he wanted to say something, and then got up and left. To say I was angry was an understatement. And yet… I knew, deep down, that I still had feelings for him.


It was useless to lock my door, I knew. Because Heero could always pick the lock or break down the door. So, this time I became ready for him. Of course, I wasn't going to kill him, just neutralize him. Either that or make him call a truce. Hopefully Heero will cooperate with me this time, and if he didn't…

The door opened. I was prepared for anything he was about to use on me this time. I had a gun under my pillow, a knife strapped to my leg, and a pair of brass knuckles in my nightstand.

Well, I didn't hear the familiar click of a gun, or see the reflected gleam off of a knife. I wasn't sure what he was packing this time, and I'm sure it wasn't going to be good. I slowly crept my hand under my pillow and prepared for anything.

About a minute later, I thought I saw a flash of silver. So then, Heero did have a knife again? Or was the shine coming off of a small handgun? I felt the cold steel in the palm of my hand, which was becoming sweatier, and I slowly took the safety off. It shouldn't have come down to this; it really shouldn't have. I still harbored feelings for the idiot, and I'm sure he knew it too. Why was he still trying to kill me, anyways? What was he trying to gain?

Just as I was about to bring the gun out of hiding, Heero grabbed onto my braid, and then produced the weapon of his choice.

This thing called terror was something that I've familiarized myself with and hadn't had the chance to get to know better. Give me any deadly mission and I'll do it successfully, with hardly a drop of fear. Heero Yuy coming into my room and trying to shoot me or stab me was up there on the terror scale, but not enough to make me give up my duty to live and protect what I needed to. But this new weapon was something that I had finally found the means to be frightened.

Heero pulled my hair up high, and showed off his deadly weapon in which to do me in. I narrowed my eyes at him and cocked the hammer on my gun back. He instantly narrowed his eyes as he heard the click.

"You even fucking think about doing what I think you want to do and I'll shoot ya. Plain and simple."

"I've always thought you needed a trim."

"Over my dead body."

Heero cocked an eyebrow.

"Let go of my goddamn hair, Yuy, and I won't have to kill you."

"Let go of the gun and I will."

"Put down those scissors and I'll let go of my gun."

"You let go of your gun and I'll drop the scissors."

"Just do it, damn you!" I reached up and grabbed onto my braid with my free hand.

"Would you rather have me shoot you?" Heero asked, sounding really cocky. I moved my hand to Heero's wrist, trying to squeeze it as hard as I could.

"I'd rather you leave me alone and go after that Peacecraft girl."

Heero moved the scissors in place, "I figured that if I couldn't kill you… I'd do the next best thing."

Ok, so did the bastard mean business, or was he just trying to scare the hell out of me? Dying was something that I knew would happen sooner or later. But having to live without my braid was another matter.

I gave him a sly grin.

"You know, Heero, I always thought that you loved my hair…"

He just grunted.

"And of course, you have proved to me that you love my body. Have you not?" I winked.


"So how about this as a proposal… you don't cut my hair, I don't shoot you, and we can ravish one another."

Heero smirked.

"And then you can kill me."

He gave me a small grin, and then moved the scissors away from my hair. I sighed in relief, but then gasped in pain as I felt something sharp slide across my arm. I let go of Heero's wrist to clutch at the wound, gun left forgotten underneath my head.

"Why you…" I glared icy daggers at him. "Kiss my ass you no good, mother-fucking piece of…"

Heero moved his head down and caught my lips. I just dimly heard the sound of the scissors hitting the floor by the side of my bed as we continued our heated lip lock. He raised my arms up, seeming unconcern about my cut making me wince, and tied them together with something that I had no idea that he had in the first place.

He let go of my lips and trailed soft kisses down my face to my neck. I had to admit, this was pretty steamy, and I was slowly forgetting about my bloody arm. I jumped a little in pain again, as Heero bit down on my throat. He was marking up my neck and bare chest with love bites as he began to touch me all over. His hands moved downward to slip off my boxers, which was the only thing I was wearing to bed, and instantly wrapped a hand around my growing manhood. I arched my body up to meet his touches, even though they were slightly harsh. I finally realized that I had spread my legs for him, inviting him to go where no other man had gone before.

He seemed to have noticed my offering and instantly brought his free hand down and stuck a couple fingers inside of me. We were both so sweaty that it felt like actual lube. Speaking of which, I look over at my dresser and nodded my head toward it, making some kind of whimpering noise as I did so. He got the message right away and opened the drawer. He didn't need to fumble around for long as he found my tube of KY and instantly started to use it.

I would have to say that this was the oddest predicament I've ever been in with Heero. And this was definitely not the way I pictured our first time either. I thought there would be music and dancing and a bit of romancing. Was there any of that? Well, maybe some romancing, if you call it that. Then again, I'm weird like that. Pain was something I had a feeling would be a part of our strange relationship, whether it be a forever thing, or a few wham-bams, ya know?

I started again, feeling his mouth around the head of my cock. Who knew that the perfect soldier was the perfect suck? Well, now I know, and that was something I definitely liked finding out about. He turned me around, making sure that the fabric that was around my wrist was still tight, and then he positioned my ass like he did the other night. He rubbed his hands all around before pinching and grabbing. I yelped when he pinched and moaned when he rubbed, and then shouted when he spanked me. Ok, so maybe I am his bitch; but it wasn't necessarily a bad thing.

"You still want me to kiss your ass?" I heard him murmur.

I nodded, not wanting to really speak right now. He must have seen me nod because I suddenly felt his lips on one of my butt cheeks and then the other.

"You know, there are all kinds of asses in this world." He fondled me. "And you have one really nice American fanny." He slapped one side of my cheek and then bit the other. I groaned and shifted a bit against the bed. "And to coin the phrase: Your ass is mine!"

I cried out as I felt myself get penetrated. This pain I knew would happen, but I was glad that it was Heero giving it to me. After the first part of the penetration was over, the lubrication made the rest easy, and it slid the rest of the way in. I felt it bump up against a thing in my body that I knew was my prostate and I jerked back into Heero. Doing so made him get buried deeper into me and I groaned from the mere feeling of being filled by him fully.

When Heero grasped the back of my head and pulled it up by my hair, I finally saw that my cut was now staining the pillow below me. I was about to say something, but Heero leaned forward to take my lips. Our tongues wrestled wildly as he begun to thrust in and out carefully. I think he was testing things first. And then, once he pried me open even more, his thrusts became longer and faster. He tugged on my hair as he rode me, hitting my prostate with soldier accuracy. I ground my teeth as he made my erection grind into the bed. The mixture of pain and pleasure was so astounding that I knew I wouldn't last long.

I heard the snap of elastic and knew that Heero had undone my braid. I felt my hair fall all around me; his fingers were now caressing my hair, running them through as his hips began to slow down somewhat. About a minute later, I could feel him gathering up my hair in a ponytail and yank on it softly as he started to speed up. I could not keep myself quiet through all of this. As he pounded harder and faster into me, I grew louder and thrashed wilder.

He pulled up hard on my hair as he let go, spilling his seed in me. I thrust my hips harder into the bed, allowing myself to come as well. I felt his body lower onto me and he bit my shoulder.

Finally, after we had caught our breath, he turned me around and unbound my wrists. He ripped part of his shirt that was still slightly dangling over the edge of the bed, and wrapped my wound up. Huh. I expected that he'd leave me to bleed to death.

I chuckled lightly, "Aren't you gonna kill me now?"

He looked down at me with the cutest confused look that I have ever seen.

"Why should I? There's really no point now."

"Oh? Is that so?"

He leaned down and took my lips with his, "Yes, that's so."

"Well, if I am ever in any danger of getting killed, remember that you are the one to do it. You're the one destined to kill me, after all."

"As you wish." He said, smiling slightly. He moved so that we were lying next to one another. "I think it is I that has died."

I smiled, laughing softly to myself.

There may be no music or dancing, but there was definitely romance.