A Date at the Aquarium
Contents: yaoi, sap, silly (WAFF?)
Pairings: 1x2x1
Notes: When I read the article (http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/po/20020222/co/aquarium_discovers_two_gay_penguins_1.html) about the penguins, I couldn't help myself! Plus, I love penguins! And as Sakura says: "Pengi sa, pengi sa, pengi sa!" :grin:
Unsure if this fits into any arc I have going. For now, it's just a cute ficlet!
Disclaimer: I don't own GW or any characters. Tis sad really
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Heero walked down the corridors of the aquarium, glass walls on either side of him, filled with water and sea creatures, were more pleasant to look at then he thought. When he told his boyfriend that he could pick any place for their first date, he became shocked when Duo had said that he wanted to go to the aquarium and look at all the marine life.

"Heero!" Duo came bounding toward him, "What's taking you so long? Come on! We're gonna miss it!" he grabbed onto his hand and pulled him along.

"Miss what?" Heero sighed. They had already looked at the dolphins, the seals, the platypuses, the sharks, the stingrays, and the killer whales. All were Duo's favorites, or so he claimed.

"One of my most favorite animals doing tricks, that's what!" Duo beamed.

"I thought your favorite animal that did tricks were the dolphins."

"Well… yeah. But these are cuter! And I read somewhere that this specific aquarium has a really darling pair, life-mates, if you will!" he chuckled.

"What animals are you talking about, Duo?" Heero intoned.

Duo dragged Heero over to an encased area that was halfway filled with water. It had a couple ice platforms for the trainers to sit on and feed the animals. Duo plastered his face to the glass, smiling broadly.

"Lookit! There they are!"

"What?" Heero asked, looking at where Duo pointed.

"Penguins! There! There! That's them!"

They didn't look out of the ordinary to Heero. He wasn't sure why Duo was so excited by a pair of penguins… a pair of penguins obviously being very friendly toward one another.

"These two are famous?" Heero sighed.

"Yup! I heard that their names were Cass and Wendell! Aren't they cute?"

"Hn. I guess. I don't see anything unique about them…" Heero stopped abruptly when he saw that the one penguin, Cass, whom WAS on the bottom, was now demonstrating how dominant he was in their relationship.

Duo was grinning inanely, "Aren't they kawaii? I wish I could keep them." He sighed.

Heero soon found himself fascinated as well, and continued to watch the scene with his lover. He carefully brought an arm around the back of Duo to pull him closer. The small crowd that had witnessed the same thing was either in shock or had expected it to happen (like Duo), and smiled.

Duo had then heard some murmurs of others saying about the two being the famous gay penguins and other facts. Duo knew about all of it already and smiled wider, leaning his head on Heero's shoulder. A couple people around them saw this and was pointing and snickering. Heero brought that to his koi's attention.

"I know, and I don't care. Let them gawk. If they can look at two male penguins going at it, then this shouldn't bother them." Duo looked over at the small crowd that was staring at them. "Do you mind? We're on a date here." The crowd slowly turned their attentions back to the two penguins, which seemed to be arguing with another penguin couple. Cass was no match for the female penguin and it puffed up proudly and squawked.

"A penguin after my own heart." Duo beamed.

And ever since then, penguins had become Heero's favorite animal.




Penguins instead of cats! ^_^