Contents: sort of fluffish, sort of sappy, shonen ai, OOC?
Pairings: 1+2/2+1
Rating: PG
Author: Luna
Notes: I was given 4 new kittens! This story is dedicated to the one that took a liking to me and I fell in love with. Part one of the kitten arc.
Status: 1/?
Archive: http://www.heavenlycreature.net
Disclaimer: I don't own the G-boys but I own Velvet


His mission was almost complete, here in this run down old shack. He checked his watch quickly. His partner should be done with his objective by now.

`This place will be blown sky high soon.' He thought to himself, double-checking the wire job, detonator in hand. He re-loaded his gun, and proceeded out the exit.

A faint, high-pitched sound stopped him in his tracks. With gun poised and ready, he rounded the corner and spotted a cardboard box in the shadows of a torn up room. The sound was coming from the box.

He inched closer to it, setting up his weapon, ready to dispose of whatever was making noise when he needed the silence to do his job.

Cobalt blue eyes stared down into the box. There, looking up at him with bright green eyes, sat a little gray and white tabby kitten. It blinked as it mewed, begging for some kind of food. Heero's eyes scanned the box, seeing that two other kittens were in there, dead.

Heero took the safety off of his colt 45, and then glanced at his watch. Two minutes before the place blew. He looked down again, green eyes continued to stare up at the boy, and then meowed. He mumbled something to the kitten in Japanese [1], and then lowered his gun.


The door to their bedroom flew open in haste and then slammed shut.

"Heero!" his partner cried, "What took you so long? I thought that you would have been out of that building way before me!" he leaned back against the desk, "Man, I thought you were fertilizer! Don't scare me like that again, ok?"

"Aa." Heero stated, sending out his report to Dr. J. "Report sent, mission complete."

Duo shook his head, "Sometimes I wonder about you." he straightened himself out and headed for the bathroom, "I'm taking a nice long hot bath." Duo heard his friend grunt and then he peeked out the door at him, "Care to join me?"

Heero looked over at his grinning partner and then looked away. Duo shook his head and sighed, "Can't even take a joke." He shut the door.

Just then, a little ball of fluff peeked its head out of Heero's jean jacket and yawned. Heero looked down at the cute burden and then used his finger to scratch it under its chin.

"Go back to sleep, Velvet." Heero ordered. The kitten looked up at him and blinked. It began to purr loudly at the mere touch Heero was giving it. Heero sighed, "You're going to get me caught, and then I'll have to endure Duo's teasing." He shoved at the kitten's head, "Back in!"

The kitten opposed, and then clawed its way up his jacket and nuzzled its head in the crook of his neck. Heero tried to pry the baby kitty off of him, but it started to mew in protest.

The bathroom door flung open. Heero stared at his partner like a deer caught in headlights. Either that or it was like a kid getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

"I heard something! What was-?" Duo's eyes grew 5 times normal size as he stared at what he saw cuddled in his partner's arms, or more precisely, the thing was cuddled up to him. "Heero?" Duo's mouth curled into a genuine smile. He hadn't had a real smile like this in such a long time.

"Look, Duo… it's not what you think." Heero looked nervously at his friend and then back to the kitten that now thinks his ear tastes good.

"Oh, Heero! That's so kawaii!!" Duo stepped out of their bathroom with only a towel around his waist. He brought a hand down and slowly stroked the kitten's fur. "What's its name?"

"The kitten is a she, and I called her Velvet."

Duo blinked in surprise, "Wow, Heero… what a perfect name! Her fur is soft just like velvet!" Duo continued to pet the soft bundle making it purr louder. "Where'd you find her?"

"Ano…" Heero cleared his throat and looked away. Duo thought he saw a hint of blush spread across his cheeks. "She was… she was…"

"What Heero? Speak up, I can't hear ya!"

"She was…" he said a little louder, "in that building that we had the mission in…" his voice lowered at the end.

"Ne??" Duo stood up, and then produced a large grin on his face, "You saved the kitten??"

Heero's eyes looked everywhere but straight at his friend.

"You…" Duo brought a hand to his head, running his fingers slightly in his hair, he started to chuckle, "I can't believe this! You actually saved this kitten? So, that's what took you so long! Gee, I had you all figured wrong, didn't I?"

Heero looked away, "It would have given me nightmares. That's why I saved her." He looked down at the kitten. Velvet meowed in between purring.

"Well, whatever the reason, she's ours now, ne?" he reached down to pet the kitten again, "Did you get her any food?"

"Hai." Heero stated without looking up.

"How about a litter box and some Fresh step?" Duo asked.


"Uh… any toys?"

Heero shied away, "H-hai…"

"Nani? What did you get her?"

Heero pointed over at his computer. Duo looked around it but didn't see anything. "It's in there." Heero finally said. Duo opened the drawer that was next to his laptop and pulled out a long bouncy wire with a feather attached to the end. Duo immediately began to play with the kitten with the toy, bouncing it inches out of her reach, making her paws going like crazy in the air.

"Kawaii!" Duo smiled. He felt the strain of the hard day simply melting away. Heero suddenly felt more relaxed as well. "I hope you know, that she's ours for good now."

"Well, I was going to give her to an animal shelter…"

Duo shook his head violently, "How can you DO such a thing? You saved her, named her, bought her food and a toy, and you just want to give her away??" Duo's bottom lip protruded out a bit. "Why can't we keep her, Heero?"

"Cause, she'd become a liability. She might even get killed because of us. I don't want that to happen."

"Don't worry about it! We'll get someone to look over the sweet ball of fluff while we're gone! I'm sure that it won't hurt for us to keep her!"

"Hn." Heero stared at his partner.

"Please, Hee-chan?" he fluttered his eyelashes.

"Baka. Quit calling me that!" Heero's tone was nowhere near threatening. Duo put his hands on his hips, remembering that he had a towel around them.

"Well, I have to go take my bath now. Have fun with your new kitten, Hee-chan." He handed the toy to his friend, "Don't let her make you too soft."

"I told you to quit calling me that!" Heero's lip curled.

He heard Duo laugh as he shut the door.


[1] No, he didn't say Omae O korosu! He said "You're lucky." And then lowered his gun to put away. ^_^ had you going there, didn't I? I may make a sequel or a part two to this.