Title: Bigger than Heaven itself

Contents: Yaoi, sap, slight angst, deathfic (?)

Pairings: 1x2 (what else?)

Warnings: might go against other people's religion, and might be a bit morbid and gory in the beginning.

Notes: This is not your typical deathfic, as it has clearly been stated above this has sap in it ^_^ Sort of Christmasy like.

Archived: joygasm, I love bishonen, DHML, and the Infinity Base (Others??)

Disclaimer: I do not own GW or its characters, and I don't have the slightest clue as to what happens after someone dies.


It wasn't as bad as he thought. He'd had worse pain from smaller wounds. Now all that was known as the life essence of a body was pouring out of the gapping hole in his chest. With what little vision he had left, he watched the red steam stain the stone floor below him.

"Q-Quatre was right…" he heaved a breath, "I don't… have black… bl… blood…" but it was sure dark enough, he mused. He thought he heard voices in the background, but he wasn't paying much attention. His eyes were fixed on the puddle beneath him. "I told you… didn't I, Hee-chan… that I'd… see you soon…" he gasped his final breath, "My beloved…"


"Duo! Duo Maxwell!"

The 5'3" man turned, a wide grin was plastered across his face. His long braid almost swept the ground as he walked toward the one that called to him. The bright light was gone now; he had crossed it.

Duo's fingers moved unconsciously up to his chest, grabbing a hold of the golden cross that hung around his neck. The prize possession had come with him after all. "Yeah, I'm here." Duo smiled at the older looking man. "You must be St. Peter."

"Yes, that is what some call me. I had been giving different names, but all know me as the one who judges and helps get souls into the holy place many call heaven."

Duo's eyes rose, ogling the very tall and pearly gates. What made Duo almost burst out laughing was the little side door that looked like it was made for pets. He wondered if his parrot made it here too.

Duo leaned an elbow onto the podium, one leg bent at the knee slightly, resting the foot on his toes. "So, how've I been? Do I pass the inspection or do I get sent southward? If you get my drift."

St. Peter sighed, adjusting his glasses as he went through the young man's history. "You have been kind of bad, Duo Maxwell."

"Please, just call me Duo. How many have that name anyways?"

"To tell you the truth…" he flipped to the next page, "Only one other."

Duo chuckled, "I gotta meet him!"

"It's a her."

"Oh?" Duo smiled widely. "Well, this is quite unexpected."

"So is your record." St. Peter stated, "Even though you've done some bad things, you have still passed."

"So in life I get a D?" Duo grinned, "Figures! So, what qualifies as bad anyways?"

"You have done…" Saint Peter placed his forefinger along the edge of the page, "Abetting, Adultery, Arson, Assault, Blackmail, Bribery, Murder, Thievery, Torture…"

Duo pointed on the page, "You forgot one there."

"Homicide… thank you, Duo… and impersonating the God of Death."

"I plead the fifth!" Duo chuckled.

"Otherwise, Duo… you have never lied, cheated, gambled, raped, or any of that other stuff. The list of doing good is more heavy than your sins."

Duo twirled his golden cross, pretending to be oblivious to the fact that he was showing it off, in front of St. Peter's face. The head of the angels, however, did notice.

"Yes, that's a very nice cross you have around your neck there."

"Oh, this?" Duo was looking innocent, "Father Maxwell gave it to me."

"I know that, Duo."

"Oh yeah." He smiled. "By the way, did they…"

"Yes, they're here. And so is Odin Lowe, Jr. Or as you know him by… Heero Yuy."

"Heero's here??" Duo eyes widened.

"Why so surprised? You were expecting to see him again, weren't you?"

"Well yeah but… I didn't want to get my hopes up."

St. Peter pointed at the gates and they opened. Not even a slight creak or hinge pop was heard. "He's in there… waiting for you."

"Heero…" Duo's eyes slightly watered. "I get to see my sweetheart again! Ha!! I knew that homosexuality wasn't a sin!"

"No… lust is a sin," St. Peter told him, "What you have for Heero is the truest form of love known to man or woman."

Duo didn't joke or say a word; he just put one foot forward, one right after the other, and soon found himself inside the gates. It was more beautiful than he pictured, and he couldn't quite explain the sights he was seeing. It was like trying to explain his love for Heero. There wasn't any words for it or for the way he was feeling.

Then he saw the back of a familiar person… but this person is now donning a set of wings and a golden halo. Duo ran, which felt like floating, toward the beloved angel. HIS beloved angel.


At the sound of his name, Heero turned. The sight before his eyes was the best one he had ever seen in a long time. His Duo was rushing toward him; braid tailing behind, arms spread wide, along with his smile, and eyes shining with crystal tears. Those tears fell, passed through the misty ground, and found its way to Earth.

"Duo…" before Heero could say anymore, he found himself with his arms full of Duo Maxwell. He was snuggling into his chest, sniffling.

"I found you! I missed you so much!"

Heero took a hold of Duo's chin and made him look up into his eyes, "Hai. I missed you too, Du-chan." He gently placed his lips onto his beloved's, remembering the sweet taste once more.

When they broke the kiss softly, Duo's eyes rose, and then he smiled. He brought a hand up to the top of Heero's head and tapped the edge of the golden circle, which looked like it was dipped in fluorescent paint. It refused to budge.

"I see that my Hee-chan has earned himself a halo," he brought his other hand over to the back of him, "And wings."

"You have a halo too, Duo." Heero pointed up above his sweetheart's head. Duo raised a hand up and discovered that Heero was right.

"Well, what do ya know? Does that mean that I also have…" he tried his best to touch behind himself.

"Not yet, Duo. You have to go to Earth and do a good deed to earn them."

"No way… that little myth is true?"

"I'm afraid it is." Heero nodded.

"So I get to play guardian angel soon?"

"Yeah, but I don't know when. You have to wait until you're told to."

"By God?" The big guy accidentally slipped his mind. He felt bad for it.

"Well… it's hard to explain. But," Heero wrapped his arms tightly around Duo again, "I've been kind of lonely without you. I mean… I've visited all of the angels here that I always wanted to meet, but… I couldn't help thinking about you every second. And I think that they all knew it."

"Even the big g-meister?"

"Hai. So to kill time, so to speak, he had me go do a task so I could get my wings."

"And they're such beautiful wings." Duo had to add.

"Thank you." Heero blushed.

Duo couldn't help himself, but he had to touch them again. He ran his hands carefully over the velvety feathers, and Heero's shoulder blades shuddered under the contact.

"What's the matter, Hee-angel?"

Heero smiled, "That tickles."

"You know, I haven't seen you smile this much before! In fact… you haven't laughed much either…" Duo ran his fingers gently but quickly over a part of the wing.

"Stop!" Heero started to laugh out loud, "Stop it… Duo… Duo stop!"

"Ahh… that's music to my ears!" Duo let go reluctantly, and then took a hold of Heero's hand, "Let us go, my beloved, and you can show me around and introduce me to others our kind! Maybe I can find Father Maxwell and Sister Helen!"

"Hai." Heero smiled.

As they walked hand in hand, Duo began to sing, "You're my an-gel… come and save me to-ni-ght…"