Ask and ye shall receive- parts one to three

Contents: shonen ai, Duo POV, sap? OOC?? (Trying not to)


Ask and ye shall receive. Or so I was told in my younger years. We have made a gigantic step in our lives. We have nowhere else to turn or go. So what did we do? We got an apartment together. Sure I had to poke and prod him just a little to do it, but it worked. I distinctively recall that day clearly too. On the balcony of Quatre's mansion, he was leaning against the railing, with the wind whipping around him and the sun just barely peaking out from beneath the clouds. I have casually walked up to him with high hopes and preparation of perhaps an argument.

Of course he didn't say much. He hardly does, and when he does have something to say you better listen! I leaned back on my elbows, completely opposite of him leaning forward mind you, and gave a quiet sigh just to let him know I was there. Yeah I didn't need to do that cause he already knew I was there the moment I stepped out on the balcony, but I wanted to alert him of a conversation. And it worked cause he glanced at me from the side view. Oh those eyes!

"Something on your mind, Duo?" he asks me. I shiver a little. Was it the cold air? Possibly.

"Yeah." I say, biting my lower lip. I try to tuck some of my hair behind my ears that's been thrashing about from the wind. There was a brief moment of silence. Which was kind of weird cause I was wearing my usual black priest-looking outfit on with my black hat and my head was bowed. I was concentrating on how to approach this quite delicate situation, but he had to snap me out of my thoughts.

"Well?" Damn he's impatient at times.

"You see…" I breathe a sigh. "I was figuring that since we're both in the same situation, I figured that maybe, cause you know we're both orphans so to speak, that me and you could…well…" I turn to face him and surprisingly he is facing me instead of the road, or the sky, or the trees…

"What?" He sounded like he was interested, but I wasn't sure.

"Is it alright if me and you…" I look away now. I just can't ask him while staring into those burning cobalt eyes. "…Could we get an apartment together? Just me and you?" Of course I was waiting for some type of argument. But none really came. There were a few questions, and I answered them all. I don't recall them all but in the end all was well. We moved into an apartment just a couple blocks from Quatre's mansion. He never asked any "involvement" questions if you get my drift. At least I didn't think he knew how I felt about him. But even that was a slight mystery to me, cause I wasn't sure just "how" strongly I felt for him.

But we are compromising very well. We share bills; we sometimes share chores as well. I mean, one day I found him taking out the trash. That was a shocker and a half! We do our parts with the whole kitchen thing too. He gets stuck with most of the cooking and I get stuck with washing dishes. No biggie. Sometimes I wonder if he likes seeing me in my black and silver apron. It sort of makes me laugh thinking about it.

Overall, we have our own space as well. When he's on the computer I try my best not to disturb him. Only if it were truly necessary would I ever interrupt him. As for the sleeping arrangements…well… the only thing we could afford at the time was a one bedroom and one bathroom apartment. We're used to it after all, sharing a room that is. I get to sleep in a twin-sized bed and he got himself a queen size. He's got the closet and I got the dresser. The window was on his side of the room while the door going out was next to me.

Like I said, we compromised very well.


I returned home one day from my job, which I find pretty fun. I get to work in a junkyard and I also get to help put motors together cause of my extraordinary skills with machinery. I got myself a big fat raise one day by figuring out how to make a motor put out way more power than it's suppose to and have it stay in tact! I have surprised my boss four times in one week so far and I think I'm about to get yet another wage increase from that.

Anyways, as I returned home from work, Heero was back from his mission about an hour before me and was already in the kitchen making something to eat. I could tell from the aroma filling the apartment that it was one of his Japanese delicacies. It doesn't smell familiar to me, so I guess he's going to have me try it. Which I suppose is only fair since I begged him to make spaghetti last night. For someone who's never made the stuff before in his life and has only tried it once, sure did a damn good job! Not that making spaghetti is hard to do; it's just that I never had to tell him how to prepare the noodles or anything like that. I guess noodle cooking is in the Japanese blood or something.

"Oi! Heero! What are you making this time? It does smell kind of good." I peek my head around the corner.

"It's a chicken stir-fry."

"Ah! No wonder it smells great! This time I can't wait to taste this!" I sit my aching body down at the table and lay my head down on my arms.

"Rough day?" Heero asks. I jump a little. He was actually concerned for my day? Now this I must put down on the calendar!

"Well, not exactly rough. More like tiring! I swear that no one knows how to do their own crap! They have me running around like a chicken with its head cut off! You'd think that us war veterans would get more respect!"

"They know that you're more experienced than they are."

"Humph!" I cross my arms and lean back in the chair. "I swear they're doing it on purpose!"

"Didn't you tell me that you were getting a raise because of your experience as a Gundam pilot?"

"Well…er…yeah but…"

"Then why don't you just show those bastards up and get more done than they could ever dream of doing?"

Now is this why I love the man so much or am I just dreaming? He's being so supportive, in his own way that it's making me wonder if this is the actual Heero that I grew to know during the war.

"You have a point. But then I'd be so sore by the end of the day or week that you'd have to give me a massage every time." I grin wickedly at him. He doesn't respond and goes back to his cooking. I wait awhile just to see if that sentence has bored into his cranium yet. I still get no response. Perhaps he "knows" that I'm flirting with him? "So anyway…" I continue. "How'd it go with your day?"

"It was OK." He says remotely quiet.

"Was it easy?"

"Hai." He gets out our dinner plates and proceeds to dish up our food. I get up from the table and walk over to his side.

"Oi! I'll get my own food, Hee-Hee-kun." I almost slipped and put a "chan" there.

"No, you sit down. You had a rougher day than me." He uses three fingers and pushes me back out of the kitchen area. I accept his so-called hospitality and sit my tired ass back down in my chair. I lean back and give him a huff. He walks back into the kitchen and comes back out minutes later with my food. He has also gotten my drink and the chopsticks. Uhg…chopsticks! I pick the maladroit things up and try to proceed with eating the food that he's placed before me. It looked soooo good! My stomach yells at me from just the mere smell.

Heero finally comes back out with his own food and sits down across from me. He easily grabs the chopsticks and begins to eat. A small sweat drop slides down the side of my head as I watch him easily grabbing the chicken pieces and putting them in his mouth. I lick my lips as a romantic image pops into my mind.

My stomach once again yells at me and so I get determined to get some of that chicken into my mouth as well. First couple of tries wasn't so good. I got at least one of the little morsels in my mouth. I struggle again to try and pick up another. I look up and see that Heero was watching me. Was he smirking?? I give him a look like- "I can do this!" and I try to get another piece although it slips right out of my grasp.

"Do you want me to help you?"

"I think I can handle this myself. Thanks anyway." I struggle again with one piece that seemed to be slipperier than I thought. To my surprise, Heero gets up from his seat and walks over to my side of the table.

"Here…let me show you."

"I told you, Yuy, I can do this!" He doesn't listen to me of course. He knows for a fact that I can be stubborn. Who knows what nationality I get that from? He gets behind me and grabs my hand.

"Hold it more like this," he says positioning my fingers. When I seem to have trouble keeping my fingers a certain way, he reaches around the other side of me with his other arm so now he was draping himself on me and try to show me how to pick a piece up. I didn't realize this at first, but I was turning slightly red. He helps guide my chopstick and lifts it to my mouth. I shyly take it and savior the taste. For some odd reason, it tastes better with him feeding it to me. I blush even more brighter red. Heero looks at me with some puzzlement in his face. "What are you so embarrassed for?" I finally gulp down the delicious morsel to say something but as I try and move my lips I feel myself getting more flushed. Heero shakes his head. "Baka…you don't have to be like this just because you don't know how to use chopsticks."

"But Heero, it's not tha…" Heero looks at me with a raised eyebrow. "Ok, so maybe it is because…well it's not the only reason…I mean…uh…"

"Do I have to feed the whole thing to you or something?" I eep something out that sounded like either a "Yea" or "Hai" I'm not sure. But Heero registered it and walked over and grabbed his plate of food. He pulls a chair up right next to me and grabs his own chopsticks. "Let me eat some of my food first, I'm really hungry."

"You're telling me!" I drool. He snickers as he begins to easily put food into his mouth. I moan in hunger. Or is it because of something else? Perhaps both. Heero seemed to feel some sympathy for me, or something remotely like sympathy. He picks up a big piece of chicken from his plate and looks at me. He leans over closer to me and lifts his chopstick up to my face. Wordlessly I take his present carefully with my teeth and slowly slip it into my mouth. I chew on it like I'm purposely savoring it. "Mmm…" a broad smile slips across my face. I watch him as he places another piece of chicken into his mouth. He watches as I swallow and then lick my lips. He smirks and then takes a piece of food from my plate and lifts it up to my face. I take it with my lips and smile at him. "Arigato."

"Doo itashimashite." Heero states clearly with a heavy Japanese accent, and I swear there was a slight smile trying to escape his lips. My brain finally registered that he just said "You're welcome." And I blush from my ignorance. "Now what?" he growls.

"Oh uh…just mentally brushing up on my Japanese. Gomen!" I state proudly.

"Hn." He says and then puts another morsel of chicken in his mouth. He starts to get some of the other stuff along with the chicken pieces and scoops them into his mouth as well. I let out another hunger moan and he looks at me with some disgruntlement. "I really wish you'd try using the chopsticks by yourself. You need to learn."

What? No more sympathy? No more romantic stuff with the feeding and the niceness? What's going on here?

"But Heero!" I try and whine too much for his ears to handle. "I thought you were gonna feed me!"

"Baka!" he snorts. "If I did that all the time then you'd never learn and I'd end up always feeding you every time we used chopsticks!"

Oh yes! That wouldn't be so bad. He could feed me romantically and I'd be the happiest man alive! But no! He wants me to do it all myself. Perhaps I will learn how to use these damn sticks, but for now I want our little mutual thing to continue! I was having so much fun until he stopped and started being so passive.

"I just wanted you to help me this one time, Heero." I look at him with big violet puppy dog eyes.

"Look, Duo, I realize that you've had a rough day, but I can't be always waiting on you hand and foot. You're going to have to get used to that. We've done really well with our mutual agreements so far, don't blow it because you won't learn how to use chopsticks."

"But I do want to learn!" I let him know. I really am going to dread it if this issue results into a big argument, but I press on. "I want you to teach me how and stuff, but I was sort of…um…liking you help me…" I turn red again. Damn it! This is all too soon! I don't want to scare him away! It's only been two weeks since we've settled in. I don't want this to screw everything up. I finally get the courage to look up into his face and see what kind of statement I've made come out. I know that it was either going to be anger- "I'm gonna kick your ass!" or anger- "Omea O Korosu!" Or it could be even worse and be real anger- "I'm gonna kick you out of my apartment!" So with all my courage and strength I look up into his eyes. It was strange but I saw…confusion? I was so relieved to see that look other than anger.

"Sumimasen?" he asks. I run my brain through the files again and finally figured out that he just said- "excuse me?" I smile and blush again but not as bad.

"Well, er…never mind, Heero. I'll just make do with a fork for now and I'll learn to use the chopsticks later." I get up and walk to the kitchen. I can still feel his confused eyes upon me. I stifle a sigh. This is going to be a long lifetime! If I even survive that long.


Fork…fork…fork? Where's a damn fork around here when you need it? So much for wanting to eat my dinner with a fork. Perhaps a spoon will work? Maybe if I'm lucky I'll find a spork. I smirk at that word. Spork…it's not even a word, just some weird made up name for something that looks like a spoon but has small little tongs at the end. Kind of like ones you find in a restaurant.

But my search presses on. I go through our drawer and fish through all the silverware that's in there. It's not all organized cause I'm lazy and I won't go find one of those silverware organizer thingies. So far…no fork. Suddenly from the dining room table I hear Heero say something so I have to ask him to repeat it because of the clinking and clanking of utensils.

"I said, baka, that there is no clean forks! You were supposed to wash the dishes last night after we had spaghetti, remember?"

"Damn it! That's right!" I slam the silverware drawer in disgust. It's now or never! I have to learn how to use those damn sticks! I sourly sit back down at the table and make a face at my dinner plate. Heero has not moved from his spot and is still sitting right next to me. He gives me one of those `I told you so' looks, and I stick my tongue out at him.

"Looks like you're gonna have to use the chopsticks." He smirks.

"I know!" I moan. I reluctantly pick the stupid things up. "I really wish this was finger food!"

"Well you seem to be doing all right. You're holding the sticks correctly."

"I am?" I blink continuously at the dumb things in my hand. Then I go and pick up a piece of chicken. "Cool! I'm doing it!"

"Yeah, it's about time." Heero finishes up with his food.

"Hey! I want to return the favor!"

"What do you mean, `return the favor?'"

"I'll show you." I snicker. I grab a piece sort of clumsily and bring it to his face. "Here ya go, buddy! I'm sure it's still warm." Heero looks down at the food I'm offering him and he stares at it as if I'm trying to poison him. "Go on! I'm just paying you back for giving me one of your pieces of chicken." He continues to stare at it a moment more and then finally takes my gift with his teeth. To my surprise, he slowly slips it into his mouth just like I did when he offered me my first piece, all the time keeping his eyes on me.

"Arigato." He states. He gets up and brings his plate and glass with him.

"Hey! Are you done already?"

"Yes I am, Duo. When you're done with your food then bring your stuff in here so I can start on the dishes."

"Nani??" I shout. I couldn't believe what I was hearing! Heero was going to do dishes this time? I decide not to waste any more time with the whole ordeal and I quickly try and finish my dinner. It's no wonder they have to hold the bowls and plates to their faces.

I finally finish eating and bring my dishes into the kitchen. He's already got my apron on and the hot water going. I stand there in total shock at the sight. Finally I snap out of it and begin to laugh. Heero gives me this really deadly look and I immediately stop.

"Heero, you know it's my job to wash the dishes." I bump him with my hip. "Move over so I can do my job."

"Iie! You're too tired. I'll do it."

"Rules are rules, Heero! You cooked so now I have to wash!"

"Then you can help me. But if you start to fall asleep in the rinse water then I'm putting you to bed."

"What? Me fall asleep on the job? Yeah right! I'm not that sleepy!"

"You have big black circles around your eyes, baka! I can tell when someone's tired!"

Yeah, so I forgot that he sees the obvious. But for some reason, seeing him doing my job was really bothering me…like I was useless or something. I definitely do not want to be useless around the place just because I have a harder job than he does.

"Ok, so if I start to get too tired then I'll leave the rest for you." I tell him. And then I yawn. Bad mistake.

"Baka!" he growls. "Go to bed!"

"No!" I stick my hands in the extremely hot water to fish out the plate that he just washed. "I'll be fine." I lean my head down on his shoulder. He scoffs at me.

"You're really stubborn, you know that?"

"And you just finally noticed that?" I snicker. I fish out another dish and begin to dry it. I yawn again and then rub my one tired eye on his shoulder muscle. He shrugs his shoulder upwards and bounces my head off and then it lands down hard. "Ow! Heero!" I heard him snicker. For some reason his teasing isn't phasing me right now. I must be tired. Another reason why I think I'm more tired than usual? Because I say this, "you look kind of cute in my apron." I laugh. And I really hope he takes that as a joke.

"Not any better than you do, silly baka." He chuckles. Now did I just hear that right? Maybe I've fallen asleep and I'm dreaming now.

"Hey! There's nothing wrong with wearing an apron!" I defend myself. Which is way more than I need to at the time. "Especially when it's black and silver!" I smile.

"Well we're almost done. Think you can stay awake a while longer?"

"Yeah, I've done it before." I put away some of the dry dishes. My eyelids start to get so droopy that it's hard to keep them open. My head begins to bob and weave everywhere on his shoulder. He carefully takes the dish out of my hand, cause I could feel him doing it, and grabs a hold of me by my waist.

"Baka." I hear him whisper in my ear.

"Same to you…" I say drowsily and then yawn. My head plops down in the crook of his neck. I feel him hoist me up into his arms and carry me. I'm guessing that he's bringing me to bed. I sigh, yawn, and pull my arm around his neck tighter. It seemed like only a mere second, but I find myself being dropped down onto something soft and I blink my eyes a little, trying to open them to see where he brought me. I couldn't tell for the life of me. He pulls the blankets over me and I begin to hug the pillow. "Arigatou, Heero." I yawn.

"Doo itashimashite. Good night."

"Good…good night." I hear him close the door quietly; the last thing I remember before sleep claimed me.


I wake up, surprisingly cheerful that morning. It's a Saturday so, of course, no work for me. In all the tiredness and other deals, I completely forgot that yesterday was a Friday. I have already taken my shower and ate. Today, I thought, was the day! I would show him some affection of some kind, just to see his reaction. I'm not the greatest cook, but I've been known to make pretty good flapjacks. Or in other words- pancakes! Since we've lived here we've never made the darn things and I've had the mix for it for a long time. I've been waiting for a day like this for just the occasion.

Also, to top it all off, I made eggs, bacon, and freshly squeezed OJ. A giant grin passes across my face as I prepare my bedroom invasion. I made sure that I was up way before Heero today. Course it helped that I went to bed before him and he stayed up later than usual. I just hoped that he didn't mind being woke up. If he pulls a gun to my face and says, "Get that stuff outta my face!" then I know it's not wise to wake a sleeping Heero.

I slowly walk into the bedroom with the tray. I see him twitch in his sleep as if he was fighting to wake up or something. I set the tray down next to the bed and carefully shake him awake.

"Heero? Heero…" I shake a little harder. He sits up with a start.

"What? What's wrong, Duo?" Apparently he thinks that there's danger just because I woke him up, because I usually let him sleep in for as long as he can.

"Settle down, Hee-kun." I smile. Noting that `kun' will soon be replaced with `chan' if I can help it. "I've brought you breakfast!" I smile and hold up the tray. Of course, typical Heero reaction…he stares at it, dumbfoundingly! Slowly he sits up with his blankets still covering his partially naked form. I hold myself in check from pouncing him. I set the tray in front of him. Finally, after staring at the food, he speaks, but it's a little hoarse.


"Why not?" I smile. My usual response to that question. At least I think it is.

"Duo, you really didn't have to do this."

"Oh? I didn't huh?" I smirk. I decide to tease him a bit. "Fine! I'll just take this all back where it came from then!" I clamp my hands around the tray and pretend that I'm about to lift it out of his lap.

"You won't do that." He coos, "not after all the trouble you went through to do this." Damn him! I scoff. So, I released my hands and slowly walked out of the door.

"Bon appetite then, Heero."

"Hn." He nods.

To pass the time I decide to start some vacuuming. I get the room prepared by moving all the obstacles out of the way. I slip on my black and silver apron and fold the top part so that it's only covering my lower half. I was just about done when I hear the bedroom door slam shut. I turn around and see that Heero has finished with his breakfast and was already dressed. I wonder to myself if he had his shower last night or not.

"Ohayo gozaimasu." I greet him.

"Ohayo…" he mumbles.

"Gomen, Heero." My arms clasp together and my fingers twine. "I forgot that you usually sleep in on Saturday mornings. But I really wanted to make you my famous pancakes. How'd you like them?"

"Hn." He grunts. He slowly wanders over to the kitchen to put the tray away. The plate and stuff looked like they've been licked clean. I take it he liked it. I sigh in my satisfaction. I turn the vacuum back on and continue with my work. I start to hum a tune that was stuck in my head all morning. I slowly start to sing it.

"Oooo…you make me live, whatever this world can give to me…you're all I see, oooo…you make me live now honey, oooo…you make me live. You're the best friend that I ever had, I've been with you for such a long time, you're my sunshine, and I want you to know that my feelings are true, I really love you. Oooo…you're my best friend… ooo. you make me live. I've been wandering `round and I been coming back to you, in rain or shine, you stood by me…(blah blah) happy at home; you're my best friend. when ever this world is cruel to me, you give me a reason to live…" This goes on and on until I have accidentally sucked something up into the vacuum cleaner. "Shit!" I turn the vacuum off almost immediately.

"Is that part of the song, Duo?" I hear Heero snicker.

"No. I just sucked something into the vacuum." I grit my teeth and start to take the vacuum apart. "Damn it! What did I vacuum up this time??" On my knees I fiddle with the vacuum, which seemed to take longer than I thought would, I hardly notice that Heero was now hovering above me and watching me. I start to think I locate the blasted thing, but it turned out to be only a giant lint ball. I jump at the sound of his voice.

"You're getting dirt all over the place, Duo. Even all over your face."

"Well if you've got a better idea…" I start to say with a little anger. He looks at me and smirks. Then he gets down on his knees.

"Yes, as a matter of fact I do. Move over." He bumps me with his hip the same way I did to him last night. With a very shocked statement on my face I watch as he sticks his hands into the vacuum's bag and makes just as big of a mess as I have. He sticks his hand all the way into it and has the look like he's found something and slowly starts to pull it out.

"Need some help?" I ask with some concern.

"Help? No! I've got it." He finally pulls it out. It was a giant rubber binder. A big guilty look flashes on my face. "Oh," he smiles. "I had a feeling it was something of yours." Oh-my-god! He's smiling at me! And holding the rubber binder in his fingers like it's a found possession or something.

"Heero," I say, with still some shock, "are you feeling alright? You're starting to scare me."

"Nani?" he cocks his head and blinks. "I'm scaring you? When do I ever scare you, baka?"

"Well, er…" I want to change the subject, "I'm glad you found my rubber binder. Can I have it back?"

"Iie." He smirks.

"Excuse me??" I stand up. Some of the dust from my face flies off. Heero rubs his cheek and accidentally smears some soot across it. I begin to laugh at him. He finally stands up and waves the red binder in my face.

"You want it?" he teases, "you're gonna have to come get it."

My jaw drops. "Wha-wha-wha…Nani??" I finally shout.

"You heard me, baka." He smirks. "I found it so it's mine now. You want it back you're gonna have to come and get it."

"But-but I'm the one who accidentally sucked it up! And it is MY rubber binder! What are YOU gonna do with a rubber binder?? Tie it to your…big toe or something?"

"I know you weren't thinking `big toe' were you?" he smiles.

"I-I-I-I…" I shake my head clear. "Just give me my binder."

Again, he dangles it in front of my face, "Come and get it, baka." I try and grab it from midair but he was quicker than me. "Aww…you can do better than that! You're a Gundam pilot remember?"

"Hey! Why are you teasing me?" I now get dangerously close to his body trying to snatch it cause he's trying to hide it in the back of him. He moves the binder from his left hand to his right, first putting it out of reach and then back down around the other side of this body. He kind of looks like he's flagging down an airliner or something. It now looks like I'm hugging him as my flailing arms go this way and that. Finally, he puts my binder where I never thought he'd put it--Down the back of his jeans!

"Now you'll never get it back." He smirks.

"Wanna bet??" I teasingly shout. I wrestle him to the ground. He's a bit stronger than I remembered. I am now lying on top of him trying to get at least a finger around the back rim of his pants. He is snickering as he uses his whole body weight to make sure I don't gain access. Finally after struggling for a while I lay limply on his chest. "I give up." I pant. "You can keep my binder."

"Already?" he looks down at me. "You mean I finally got the upper hand from the great Shinigami?"

I clear my throat and continue to pant. "Hai." I finally say. "I'm just too pooped to keep going."

"That's not what you said last night."

My eyes widen to big saucers. "NANI???" I stand up on my knees now.

"Baka!" he snorts, and then he smirks. "You talk in your sleep!"

"I-I-I…I do??" I put my hands to my head.

"Yes. And sharing the same bedroom doesn't help now does it?"

"Kuso!" I sink back down and am sitting on his abdomen now, but not with all my weight. "What was I saying in my sleep anyways?"

He gets up on his elbows, "You mean I have to repeat what you said? I don't think so. But I distinctly heard my name and you wanting more. The rest you can fill in the blank."

"How long have I been talking in my sleep??" I look away feeling very embarrassed.

"I think you started doing it about five days after we moved in."

"And you never told me??" I'm beginning to grow a bit angry.

"At first I thought you were just having weird dreams. I wasn't quite sure why you were panting and making those strange noises in your sleep, but then last night before I fell asleep, I heard you say my name. I thought you wanted me so I got up from my bed and walked over to your bedside. I leaned over and asked you what you wanted. I didn't get an answer and figured you fell back asleep. Then you said my name again and I walked back over and asked you again if you wanted something. You finally said, `Yes! I want you!' So then I turned on the lamp on your dresser and saw that you were snoring away. Then you turned over on your side and said, `Hee-chan…Ai shiteru…' and then that's when I slowly started to put one and one together."

"I said `that' in my sleep?" I turned away fully flushed.

"Hai. You did." Heero sounded normal. I detected no anger in his voice. "So now I finally figured out why you wanted to live with me." He shifts his weight all to one elbow. "Thanks, by the way…"

"For what?" I shyly ask.

"For breakfast in bed."

"You're welcome." I say as I turn my head slightly downwards. "Can I have my rubber binder now?"

He smirks. "You still have to come and get it."

"Do I have to?" I try and whine. He knows I'm kidding.

"Hai. I want you to." He winks.

I gasp. "Are you serious or are you picking on my feelings?"

He smiles widely. "I'm serious."

"So then you…"

"Like you? Yes I do. How much? I'm not sure yet. Only time will tell."

That's when it all started to fall into place.


With my arms full of groceries, I try to get my keys out from my pocket so I can open to door to our apartment. I put one knee up to hold one bag so I can fiddle around with the keys on my key ring and locate the right one. I unlock the door and it slowly swings open. I quickly grab the bag back into one arm and nudge the door open wider with my hip. I place the bags down on the kitchen counter and, then go and close the door. I take off my hat and hang it up.

"Heero?" I ask. I was hoping that he got home early from his mission again. I got no response. Either he's not home or he's not in the mood to talk. "Heero??" I ask loudly, making sure he's not here. I get no response. "Ah, must not be home." I walk over to the stereo and turn on some music. There's a love song playing. I go into the kitchen and starts putting stuff away.

In the rush to get it over with, I failed to notice that someone has walked in. I try to reach up to the top cupboard to put away the cereal I just bought. The figure moved around behind me, watching me struggle with it and then I felt two really strong and secure arms around my waist. I jumped from the sudden shock that now I had someone latched behind me. The hands started to explore my chest and moist lips were planted lightly in the nape of my neck. I put my head back and rest my cheek onto his forehead.

"Welcome home, Hee-chan." I sigh.

"How'd you know it was me?" he breathes in my ear. I start to melt.

"I recognize your scent anywhere. Plus no other guy around here has the guts to walk in here and put his arms around me."

"Or so you think." He says in my ear and then licks the lobe. "There's a guy in 13-B that's fond of you."

"Oh really?" I chuckle. "How do you know?"

"He told me."




"Because he found out that me and you live together and asked me if we were romantically involved."

"So what did you say?"

"I said why do you wish to know?"

"And what did he say?"

"He said cause he thinks you're cute."

"Ah." I stifle a laugh. "That's nothing new. I'm always getting chased."

"I'd be cautious if I were you." Heero plants another kiss on my neck.

"Why? He's not that stupid to try and take advantage of me. Almost everyone in the building now knows that we were Gundam pilots."

"Yeah, we `were' Gundam pilots. We're civilians now and are unable to kill without getting into trouble."

"You think I'd try and kill him? I'm a lot nicer person than that."

"I know you are, Duo. Why do you think I put up with you?" He tightens his grip around my abdomen and chest. He nuzzles his face into my neck. "You're all mine, you American baka, and no one's stealing you from me."

"Good!" I smile. "I'm glad we can see eye to eye about this."

Officially dating for about a week, we haven't been quite intimate with each other. We have been taking this thing one day at a time, bit by bit, the way it should be. There's always been a part of me that wishes to just jump his bones and go all the way, but all we mostly do at night is snuggle, kiss, touch, and a couple times we had oral sex. Which was very good. So far we've been compromising on our relationship very well. Who's more in charge? That remains to be seen. But a part of me wants him to wear the pants in the relationship.

"So, Hee-chan," I speak again. Remembering the 20 questions game we were playing. "Did you tell this guy that lives in 13-B that we are romantically involved?"

"Not really. After he said that he thinks you're cute then I said `hn' and walked away."

"That's nothing unusual." I laugh. "Maybe there's a way of letting everyone know that I belong to you?"

"Oh? You belong to me? You're making it sound as if you're my possession or something."

"Perhaps." I sigh happily. I reach around him and try to put away the last bit of groceries. "If you wish to you `could' mark your territory on me. But that's totally up to you."

"Mark my territory?" he cocks his head to one side like a puppy. I look at him with awe.

"Yeah! Mark me with your scent! You know…brand me! Then I can say to him `hey! You can't touch me! I already have an owner! I have his scent on me inside and out!"

"And what exactly do you mean by that, Duo?" he smirks. I blush brightly by that comment. I can't seem to answer him. He just stares at me with wonder. I reach up and put away the last can of corn, which I personally picked out. Again he comes up from behind me and wraps his arms around my waist. This is really making me wonder about him, cause he's never been so affectionate like this to me before. I was always the one doing the snuggling.

"What's wrong, Hee-chan?" I coo.

"Nothing. Why?"

"You're being awfully affectionate today. That's not like you."

"Oh, so you've figured me out." He starts to nibble the back of my neck.

"It's not that hard to do since I've been living with you for almost a month now."

"So what's wrong with a little affection? Can't I feel a bit frisky without you thinking that there's something wrong with me?"

"It's just so unlike you, that's all." I gasp as he bites down harder.

"Something has been on my mind lately, but I was gonna save it for later."

"Well it's too late to save it now. You've caught my curiosity."

"Sorry, but you'll have to be patient and wait." He trails his tongue up my neck and finds my ear again. He nips it and then sucks on it. He pulls it taut with his lips and then lets it go with a small snap. I let out a high-pitched eep. He swirls his tongue around and makes circles on the base of my neck and on my shoulder blade. A moan escapes my parted lips and he shivers. "You sound so cute." He whispers. He grabs the end of my braid and wraps it around his neck like a python. He continues to lightly kiss my shoulder. He moves my shirt over to try and get more skin. He fumbles with his fingers up front and undoes a few of my buttons.

"I-I bought you something f-from the store." I manage to say without moaning.

"You didn't have to do that, koi." His hot breath hits the coldness on the back of my neck. It makes me arch my back and push into him. "You're all I really need now."

"Well, it's too late." I rub his cheek. "It's already paid for."

"It can wait." He growls lightly. He pulls off my shirt part way to reveal a bare shoulder and half of my chest. He starts to rub my bare chest, working his way down to my abs. He bites down on the tip of my shoulder. I move my head back and open my mouth to moan, but he quickly catches it with his own mouth and starts to explore it deeply with his tongue. He holds me closer and tighter, pulling me more into the angles of his body, pressing his need against my thigh.

"Heero…" I gasp as he lets go of my mouth, making a kissing path trail down my neck to my collarbone. "Wh-what has been on your mind?" I whisper. I don't know why I was whispering cause there's no one there to hear us.

"All kinds of things." He finally answers after releasing his suction from my shoulder. I swear he's giving me hickies.

"Heero, please tell me." I move my body's angle so the cupboard was now to my right and he was snuggling to my left. He moves a hand down to cup one of my butt cheeks.

"I've been thinking about us. And that's all I'll tell you for now."

"Hmmm…sounds intriguing." I wink at him and smile. I could swear that his knees just turned to butter. "But I suppose if you're gonna wait to tell me about it, then your present I got you can wait too." I walk out of his arms. He stands there with a dumbfounded look on his face then he follows me out to the living room. I sit down on the master chair and pull a lever on the side that makes it lean back and a footrest pops up from the bottom. I comfortably sit there and steeple my fingers. He walks over to my side and looks down at me as I look up at him. I pull my shirt back up but leave the buttons undone. I give him one of my goofy grins, and he snorts.

"Ok, you caught my interest. What did you get me?" he finally asks. I smirk at him.

"You really wanna know?" I tease. I see him sigh heavily.


"First you have to tell me what's on your mind." I grin.

"Duo," he sighs. He sits down on the arm of the lazy boy. "I want it to wait until tonight."

"Speaking of tonight," I smile, "what are we having for supper tonight?"

"What ever you want." He quickly states.

"Huh?" I raise both eyebrows in surprise. "Whatever `I' want? Really??"


"Alright! I want you to make that really good noodle stuff!"

"Fine by me."

I bounce up and down in the chair with glee and then stand back up. Heero watches me with hungry eyes as I bound for the kitchen with my braid bouncing and hitting my back. I open the refrigerator and take out a brown paper bag. I grin deviously and then hop back to the living room to find that Heero has claimed my chair. He rests his entwined fingers on his chest. He finally looks up at me and notices me grinning widely and I present the bag to him.

"For you, koibito!" I grin. He slowly takes the bag from my slightly trembling fingers. He opens it and takes out my present. It's a medium sized bottle of massage oil. He gives me a raised eyebrow in question. I smile back at him. "It's for those days when you feel stiff and achy. If you want me to I can rub some on your back and neck for you whenever you want it." I slightly blush. He gives me a `yeah right!' look. "I'm serious, Heero! It's for our aching muscles! I say `our' cause you know what kind of stuff I go through at work. I could just as well use the stuff too."

"Hn." He nods. He examines the bottle more and then reads some of the words out loud. "To help relieve the pain." He smirks. "Uh huh…"

I blush brightly.


After we were done with dinner and dishes, which surprises me that we even got through dinner because of Heero always stopping to plant a kiss on me or surprise me with a warm hug or something to tease me, I follow him to the bedroom. What the sweetest thing he's ever done to me was taking one end of a noodle and followed it all the way to my mouth. I blushed so red when he did that. That was one of his sweetest kisses he's ever given me. It's beginning to make me wonder even more about what was on his mind. He says that it's about us, so from the way he's acting I gather that it's nothing bad. He's always had a hard time explaining his emotions too, so I wonder if he'll use words or something else to describe himself.

We have decided to share his queen-sized bed. We kept my bed just in case we would have someone over, like Quatre or Trowa. I shut the door and walk over to him. He has sat down on the edge of the bed. He invites me over to sit by him. I sit down happily, my braid leaping over my shoulder and into my lap. I have let it grow at least another couple of inches. He loves my hair so much that he ordered me to never cut it. I said, "No problems there! But I'd have to trim the ends once in a while so I don't get split ends." He nods his head in agreement. So there I sat by his side. He takes a hold of my hand and looks me straight in my eyes. His dark cobalt eyes seem to almost pierce right through me.

"Duo…" he begins. He clears his throat. I can note a little bit of nervousness in him. I rub his hand to try and comfort him.

"Yes, Heero?" I say with a smile.

"I…I was hoping that tonight…well…maybe that me and you could… ah," he pauses to scratch his head and looks away. "…Unite our love, so to speak."

"Aa." I grin. "Are you proposing to me or something?" he looks at me with some astounded look on his face.

"Iie," he slowly shakes his head. "N'yet." He whispers with a small tone of shame.

"Aww…" I lower my head. "…Poop!" then I give him a big grin. "Well then what did you mean, Hee-chan?" He brings himself closer to me. I can see his bottom lip shaking just a tad.

"I want you to take me." He whispers.

"Nani?" I tilt my head.

"I want you to take me and make me yours. Brand me, Duo."

I sit there with lips slightly gapping and eyes widened in astonishment. I could hardly believe what I was hearing. He wanted `me' to be the taker? All this time I wanted him to take me! But should I tell him? I've always dreamt of seeing him towering over me.

"Heero, I…" I sigh with a stutter. "I want you to be the one to take me. I've always did and always will want it that way." He grabs my braid and pulls me in closer to his face. He lightly kisses my bottom lip and makes me quiver.

"All you had to do was ask." He smiles.