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Contents: yaoi, sap, slight angst, RFO
Pairings: 1x2
Warnings: you may get a cavity on this ride
Notes: This goes into the same universe as "Love of my life" and "Gifts from the Heart"
Archived: Joygasm, DHML, I love bishonen, infinity base, Jay's place, and soon another
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`…' Thoughts

It was another formal gathering, another security job, and another boring day at the princess' place. Heero was starting to worry and wonder if Relena was having him as the head of security for her own personal pleasure. He told her that if he were to do the job, then he would have someone with. He didn't trust Relena when he was alone with her, nor did he trust her when there were people in the same room as them.

Even though he was in the ballroom with her and some of her guests, he knew that if anything went astray, he could call for his partner, whom was just in the other room doing his security duty. Many there had eyeballed Duo as someone suspicious because of his long braid and cheeky smile.

But Heero reassured them all that he was one of the best, and he couldn't imagine anyone else helping him with his job. This brought a wide grin to the longhaired man's face and something else to his eyes that had promised something later. Heero couldn't wait until the end of the day when he would be able to touch Duo without anyone acting snotty and disgusted by their display.

For the fifth time that day, Heero checked his watch. 7:45 P.M. Almost time for Relena to make her speech to everyone about some kind of new security procedure. Heero wasn't fond of the girl, but he decided that he should be here to listen to what her ideas were. If there were anything about it that he didn't like, then he would talk to her after the speech and let her know.

"Heero!" Speak of the devil. "There you are! I take it that all is going well with security."

"Hn." Heero grunted. Translation: `Since you're still here, then duh!'

"I heard that you have let Duo move in with you. You can never stay away from your wartime roommate, can you? How is he by the way?"

"He's fine." Heero almost felt like saying `wow, you actually want to know how he is? Are you feeling ok?' instead he just grunted again, "Hn."

"Oh good. I take it that he's enjoying himself otherwise he would have bolted from here long ago. I heard from Quatre that he doesn't care for the rich lifestyle too much. Anyways, how do you like it so far? Is the food to your standards?"

"The food is fine." Heero sighed, `God, she seemed to talk more than Duo!'

"Well, I have to go prepare for my speech. You will be listening, won't you?" she bit her bottom lip and clasped her hands together.

"Hai." Heero said, and then moved over toward the snack table, "See you then." Relena let out a soft sigh, watching Heero walk to the table. She watched him for a while before sighing again and then moving to the back stage.

Heero was glad to have gotten away from her before she could start asking personal questions. He also knew that she stood there and ogled him for a while when he walked off. He tried his hardest to suppress a shudder from just the thought. Just as Heero was about to take a bite of a trisket with cheese piled on it, he heard a distant shot ring out. Kuso! Was that Duo's gun? He dropped the snack and instantly ran toward the twin doors that separated the ballroom and the social room.

Before he got through those double doors, however, there was some crazy man standing there with beige pantyhose over his face, clad in black, and he had a gun… pointed to Duo's head! His other arm was snaked around Duo's throat and he was dragging him in, using him as a shield.

"Don't anybody move, or pretty boy here gets his brains blown out!" the man shouted. Many gasps were heard behind and around Heero, but he didn't move. He was staring straight into the madman's pantyhose-covered eyes, and he gave his best death glare that he could muster.

Another man with pantyhose on his head and a bigger gun in his hands came in. He had a large sack and held it out like he was expecting presents, "We want everyone's valuables put in this sack!"

Heero couldn't help think that Duo wouldn't be able to fit in there if they told him the same thing. But he knew he must do something about this, even though he was afraid of what might happen to Duo. Old habit coming back, he took out his gun and aimed it at the man that was holding his beloved.

"Preventers. Get your hands up." Heero said as conventional as he could. Relena had finally arrived at the scene and she gasped when she finally saw what was going on.

The man pressed the gun harder into Duo's temple, "Don't you care about him?"

"Of course I do. Get your filthy hands off of him."

The man grinned, "Why? How come he means so much to you?" The guy must have been a glutton for punishment, because when Heero gets his hands on him, he was going to strangle the life out of him.

"None of your business why." Heero sneered.

"Of course it is. I need to know just how precious he is so I know how big of a loss he will be to you. Is he your brother? Your cousin? Your best friend?"

Heero couldn't help the smile on his face, "He's my husband." He said, mindful of the crowd around them. Everybody, especially Relena, gasped loudly.

The man's eyes widened, becoming too big for his face, "Your… YOUR HUSBAND??"

Duo grinned, getting a wicked idea. Although he hated bigots and homophobes, he loved to play around with them and get them aggravated. He locked eyes with Heero, giving him that look that he always gave him when he had a nasty plan, and slowly began to rub his ass back against the other man's thigh.

"Yes, he's my husband," Heero smirked, understanding what his beloved was up to, "And he can be sort of fickled too. I can't seem to stop him from flirting with other men." Relena had no idea that this was just a trick and she felt horrified at what Heero was saying. He didn't deserve someone like that! He deserved somebody more loyal!

The man became instantly disgusted! He had torn feelings of wanting to keep his hostage, or let go of him and make a hasty retreat. The other man that had the sack half full of jewelry already looked slightly ill too. Heero sighed, `great, just what we need… homophobic thieves!'

"Yes," Duo gasped, "And I love the way you're holding me right now. It gets me off!" The man couldn't take it and he let go of Duo. Once he did this, Duo grabbed onto the man's wrist and brought it around to his back, making him let go of the gun. Duo laughed, "You had plenty of time to shoot me, which means you have no guts for killing."

The thief was in too much pain to speak. Heero brought his gun up and pointed it to the other man's head. The guy with the sack looked over at who was placing a cold gun to his temple.

"Hands up." The guy did as he was told. Heero grabbed for the radio in his shirt jacket and brought it to his mouth, "WuFei, it's Heero. We have code 002. When will you be here?"

"Ten minutes." WuFei's voice was heard over the radio, "Need anything?"

"Just two handcuffs and maybe a first aid kit for the two robbers."

"Why for them, Heero?" WuFei asked.

"Cause they'll need it when I'm through with them."

He heard WuFei laugh. The Chinese man knew that one of them must have laid hands on Duo. "Understood. Try not to kill anyone this time, Heero."

"Aa. Preventer Steel out." Heero put the radio back into his jacket. He looked over and saw that his husband had easily subdued the other one. Duo brought the other man to stand next to his accomplice so that he could be under Heero's watchful eye as well. Heero trained his gun so that if either of them tried to make a get away, he would be able to gun them both down, just wounding, in a matter of seconds.

"So then, " Heero intoned, "How did you get into that mess, Preventer Shadow?"

Duo snickered, "Not really intentionally. I was trying to save this little girl from becoming their hostage and maybe stop them by myself, but I ended up taking the girl's place instead."

"She's ok then?"

"Mmhmm." Duo nodded, "She's just fine. I was more worried about her life than anything." Duo placed an arm around Heero's shoulders and gave them a squeeze, "So how'd you like my plan to get free? Pretty clever, aren't I?"

Heero took his eyes off of his prisoners for a split second so that he could give his loving husband a peck on the cheek. "You did just fine, love."

Everyone turned their heads when they heard a loud thump hit the floor. Duo stifled a laugh.

Relena Peacecraft had just fainted.