The ailments of winter

Contents: shonen ai, sap, slight fluff, Duo POV, slight angst
Pairings: 1+2/2+1
Notes: sequel to "snow angels", and 6th addition to the "Solstice Nights" arc.
Archived: will be at http://www.heavenlycreature.net, I love bishonen site, and the DHML
Disclaimer: I don't own GW or any of its characters. I'm just having fun, just like every other author, ne?
Date first writen: May 7, 2001
Edited: November 16, 2001

When I woke up, I swear the safe house must have gotten a lot warmer. I kicked the covers off of me, and sat up, but a bit too quickly. My head hit the pillow again and I held it, trying to get the focus back and the room to stop spinning.

I must have groaned or something, cause you were suddenly awake and looming over me. I shut my eyes, wishing I was still asleep.

"Duo?" Your voice was a bit groggy from sleep. I moaned, letting you know that I heard you. "Are you alright?"

"I feel hot," I groaned. You touch my forehead, and then wipe the bangs away from my eyes.

"You're burning up." You say, and then touch your lips to the middle of my brow. You grab a hold of my jaw and pull it down, "Open." I open my mouth as you ask, then I heard you making unsatisfactory noises and then you close my mouth. "Your throat's red…" you touch the sides of my neck, "…and slightly swollen. It looks like you caught some kind of flu."

I groaned as a response to that. "Na' fair." I quickly covered my mouth and started coughing.

"Well, that does it then. You're staying in bed today." You got up and wander over to your laptop. A slight smile slipped across my face as I watch your boxer-clad backside. My eyes wander up to your muscular back and shoulders, and then back down to that luscious rear.

Your fingers quickly work the keys, and then a screen popped up. Your head turned, one eye peering at me. You frown so heartbreakingly, making me grimace. "Du-chan," you said sadly, "There's a mission. It looks like I'll be doing this one alone."

"Ohh…no, Heero…you have to leave me?" I wince from the pain in my throat when I swallowed.

You strode up to me and then sat down on the edge of the bed. You lay a hand on my cheek; it felt cool to the touch. "Du-hon, I'll get some medicine and other emergency stuff after the mission is over. You just stay in bed and stay warm." He pulled the blankets up over me. If it weren't for the fact that this kind Heero was so rare and sweet, I would have protested and went with him anyway.

"What is the mission?" I ask, almost going into another coughing fit.

Your face almost blanked, and then you turn away, "Don't worry about it, just worry about getting better." You get back up and start getting ready for your mission, whatever that might be.

"Heero…what if something happens to you cause I'm not there?"

"I'll be fine." I hear you say from the bathroom, "I've done this kind of mission alone before. It won't take me long."

"Oh." My eyes began to burn slightly; I rub my throat irritably. "I hope you get back soon." I force myself to speak.

"Hai." You breathed, "Me too."


I awake from a very good dream, and open my eyes to the harsh reality that you're not here with me like you should be. I start to groan, only to cause a slight tickle in my throat, and I go into some coughing fits.

I need some relief, some kind of liberation from this damn cold. I groan in frustration as I tried to swallow without it hurting.

I need you, Heero. I need you to relieve me from this pain. I'm not supposed to be like this; no Gundam pilot is supposed to get sick during missions.

This just isn't right! You shouldn't be out there in the cold doing the mission alone! I should be there with you! What if you need me?

I force myself to get out of bed, and I slowly make my way to the bathroom. The tiles on the floor are freezing on my bare feet, but I press on. I get up to the mirror and stare at my reflection. Shit, do I look awful or what? How could you stand to see me looking like this? I force myself to take a warm bath. I have to stay clean, don't I?

Well, the bath helped somewhat. But now I felt even more tired. I tried to get all of my hair brushed out, but I became too weak to finish it. I stuck it in a ponytail and laid back down into bed. You should be home soon…you should.

Sometime between my musings, I fell asleep. I could feel my lungs rasping as my world finally went dark.


Leathery-gloved hands shook me awake. I glowered and turned over onto my back. I big teaspoon filled with a purplish liquid was staring me in the face. My half lidded eyes were blurry; the vision behind the spoon was slowly coming into focus…

"Did you hear me, Duo? Open your mouth!" My brain was too hazy to register what was going on, but I obeyed the blue and green fuzzy talking Muppet behind the teaspoon of my irises' juices. I swallowed it reluctantly and then plopped my head back onto the pillow. I guess that my eyeballs were getting low on fluids and I needed to refuel. I distinctively heard the giant lint ball mumbling, "Baka."

When I awoke again, I heard distant typing. I cracked one eye open and looked over my shoulder. That blue and green fuzzy Muppet was at Heero's laptop. I giggled, and turned my head to lie back down, but my brain finally registered the whole picture.

I sat up, trying not to do so too quickly, and I tried my voice. "Heero?" The typing stopped, and the fuzzy looking thing finally came into focus. I was right! It really was you!

"You're finally awake…all the way this time?"

"Hai!" I smiled. And then I began to laugh. You cock your head to one side, looking so adorable as ever when you're confused.


"Ahh…nothing, Hee-chan. Just glad that you're not a Muppet."

You raised one eyebrow, and I could have sworn I seen a slight smile.

"Well I'm glad that you're feeling better. But you have to stay in bed until you're all the way better." You go back to typing.

"Aa." I sighed. Oh well, at least I had doctor Hee-chan at my side again.