4 years after election

Contents: Yaoi, sap
Pairings: 1x2
Notes: sequel to 20 years after EW
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More notes: This particular ficcie is dedicated to Garusan (from the GWA MB), better known to me as Greggie-chan. Tis his b-day today, and even though this fic isn't a requested one (gomen! Zutto, zutto!), this fic's idea came from the fact that it's his birthday and gave my muse the kick in the butt that it needed. I have always wanted to do a sequel to that semi-popular ficcie I did called "20 years after EW" so, Greggie hon, I hope you enjoy this. I'm Sorry that it doesn't have Zechs in it. You know how much I love this pairing. ;-)


The two spend lovers lie together with arms wrapped around one another and blankets hugging their hips. The rock star sighed, tracing his fingertips ever so gently across the chest of the birthday boy, and the aged man beneath him lifted a strong hand to the back of his partner's head; finding his hair still in a decent pony tail, and slipped the binder from it.

Long dark brown, fine hair fell from the confinements of the holder and cascaded across his shoulders and just below his shoulder blades. The longhair braided man smiled, and ran his fingers through the silken strands that flowed around his lover's beautiful Asian features.

"I like this." He purred, still combing through his long dark hair, "I never thought I'd see the day when my koi would have such hair."

"I kept it this way so you could finally see what it's like for me to run my fingers through such long hair."

"Not as long as mine is, sweetheart." He grinned.

"I could never compare myself to you, Duo, my love." The rock star kissed him on the nose, and then lightly brushed his lips over his beloveds. "I just don't see how you can manage such long hair without getting annoyed. I certainly can get annoyed with mine from time to time."

"Heero," Duo sat up on one elbow, leaning closer to the Japanese vocalist's face, "The reasons why I don't get annoyed are simple. First of all, I remind myself why I have never wanted to cut my hair in the first place. Secondly, I know that you absolutely adore my long hair and you never want to see me cut it. Third," his eyes peered upward as if the answer was coming to him from above. Heero moved down closer to his ex-president's face to kiss his cheek, "Ah, third…would be because so many people wouldn't recognize me if I did cut it."

"What about the fourth?" The vocalist asked, finally making contact with the other man's skin.

"What's the fourth?" Duo's eyes blinked owlishly... almost childlike.

"I would never be able to do certain…things to you if you did cut it." Heero wiggled his eyebrows, a slight smile slipped across his face. Duo smiled in responds to his sweetheart's happy feature.

"Ah yes…something we still are able to not get enough of. But it's so different now, from all these years. We used to be able to do it three or four times a night." Duo sighed, sadly, "But, alas, we can barely make do even once."

"Don't talk about yourself like that. You still have the great sex drive you had when you were 16. Forty is not any different."

"Says who??" Duo glared; annoyed by the fact that he just turned the big 4-0.

Heero chuckled and ghosted his lips across the American's chest, "Says me, your dearest and most loving koi."

Duo leaned back, enjoying the sweet attention from his favorite singer, and closed his eyes. Heero's hand leaned in, all the while still slowly kissing his skin, and played with the small strands of silver in the chestnut sea, and began to admire them one by one. His hand lowered, following the long, ankle length braid, almost like he was counting every wisp of gray. His exploring stopped at the end of the braid, and brought it up to his chest, clutching it to his heart.

When Duo opened his eyes again, Heero was right over him and coming in closer for the strike.

"Hee-koi?" Duo breathed, stirring a strand of the other man's bangs.


"Now that my 4 year term is done, and I'm completely through with the whole politics crap…could we…" Duo shied away for a mere second. He closed his eyes, "Could we…settle down?"

"Get hitched?" Now it was Heero's turn to blink owlishly.

"Yeah. I mean…if it's all right with you. I've been dreaming of getting married to you for years now, but I don't know if you want to since you're so into your music and you like touring and…" Duo ran his fingers through his bangs, "And you don't like getting tied down."

Heero lowered his body down against his sweetheart's still smooth skin. He traced a finger across Duo's facial features, admiring the small winkles at the corners of his eyes and along the edge of his lips.

"I would be absolutely honored if you take me as your husband." Heero smiled.

Duo smiled, and sighed with relief, "I love you so much, koi. But I wonder what everyone will think if they find out."

"Find out about our marriage?"

"Well, yeah. But if they find out that there ex-president was gay." Duo chuckled.

"I thought you said that you're bi." Heero asked.

"I said that just in case someone from the government found out about my sexual preference. I could retaliate and say, `hey! I swing both ways! That's not as bad, right?' and then they'd ok it."

"You really think they wouldn't mind if you were bi?"

Duo sighed, "I don't think so. I was just taking precaution, that's all."

The rocker slid a hand down the side of his fiancé's body, "Let's not think of such things right now." He pressed his lips on his koi's, and they tangled together, showing one another just how much they still loved each other.

"I thought you always said `business before pleasure.'" Duo couldn't help saying, after Heero's lip attack subsided. The singer's eyes shined, showing something that Duo has yet to get used to seeing.

"We've done our business already. My tour is over, your term is over…pleasure aplenty until the day we die."

"Old age or boredom?" Duo grinned.

"Hopefully old age. But I don't know if I'd be able to handle that. I'm still trying to get used to the fact that I'm over the hill."

"We're not over the hill until we can see the bottom, koi!" Duo wrapped his arms tightly around his rock idol. He ran his fingers through the dark unruly bangs of his lover, "I think our life is just beginning."

"A new life is beginning, my love. A new life."