Another sappy one shot that's neither here nor there.
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Rating: PG-13
Pairings: 1+2+1, 3+4+3.
Warnings: Shounen Ai
Status: Unbetaed

Why Duo Teases Heero…


Duo had teased Heero once too often about his emotions or lack there of. With a growl Heero leapt up from his chair and stalked across the room. There was an intensely deadly look on his face Quatre couldn't ever remember seeing outside of battle. Without consciously deciding to do so the little blonde huddled deeper in Trowa's embrace. Trowa tightened his arms just slightly body tense with expectation as he prepared to help his friend out if necessary. As irritating as he was Duo didn't deserve to die.

Wufei looked up from his corner switching his sword to his other hand expertly as he wondered if he would have to use his skill to prevent Heero from killing Duo. It would be hard to do without bloodshed.

Heero stopped a foot away from where Duo tried to lean casually against the wall. His cobalt eyes gave him away their ebony pupils dilated in uncharacteristic fear as his normally pale skin turned an unnatural shade of white.

"He…He…Heero?" He whispered all he got was an unwavering glare. This time he knew instinctively he had gone too far. But he was too young to die! A part of him whined while the other more sensible part of him mentally shrugged he knew the risks of teasing Heero going in. He just couldn't help himself.

Neither could Heero.

Heero took the last step and grabbed Duo's wrists trapping him immobile between the wall and a very hard place. Before the braided boy had a chance to wonder why Heero's head descended. Brushing his lips over Duo's in the softest of touches he repeated the action once, twice, three times before he finally kissed him. And what a kiss it was. Better then the practiced expertise of any professional it was truly perfect. Heero knew just how much pressure, how much heat to use. The feel of Heero's warm wet tongue filling his mouth and mating with his own was indescribable. It melted the organ formally known as his brain and cauterized every nerve ending in his body.

By the time Heero took a step back chastised Duo's efforts to cling with a small


And left Duo's legs had turned to jelly. Slumping against the wall and sliding down like a boneless oversized rag doll he touched his lips with a dazed look on his face. He had to tease Heero more often!