Disclaimers: I think my Muse had too much caffeine or something. The storyline is inspired by fuurensoukitan? So now the 2X1 fort fires a shot
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: 2X1, etc.
Warnings: Au, One shot. Lemon, Yaoi, for the sake of the storyline Heero is still 15 but Duo is slightly older. Cross-dressing, messed up geography. This one is for Akuma!!!
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The Wayside Inn


"You want me to do what?" Heero asked his older sisters outraged.

"Aw Heero don't be such a baby! It's only one night!" Relena rolled her eyes as she tried to convince him. Some times their little brother could be such a brat.

"Why can't one of you do it? Your really girls!" Heero glanced at all five of his sisters in entreaty.

"That's the reason we can't do it! We have to protect our maidenly virtue! If for some reason our guest isn't satisfied with a kiss, the second he realizes you're a boy he'll stop!" Noin the oldest said. Cathrine the second eldest nodded,

"Any way you're the most beautiful of us all and once we put a black wig on you and dress you up you'll look just like the portrait of Grandma that was in the paper."

"I will not!"

"Heero you have too! We told him our inn was haunted! If he doesn't see a ghost He'll want his money back." Hilde stammered. But it was Sally's words that finally convinced him,

"Heero, with the recession on we barely have enough to eat. Not many people are willing to back pack up a cliff just to get a good nights sleep. We are currently so deep in debt if the paper hadn't printed that story about our supposed `ghost' we would already be out on the street! It was because Mr. Maxwell bought his room in advance that we are able to able to hold off the bank for a little while longer. If he sees a ghost and he may just buy this place and we'll have enough money to start again!"


Heero was the youngest of six. His father an innkeeper in the wilds of Hokkaido had fallen in love with one of his guests a lovely student from England. While they weren't poor they had a very tight budget, but were pleased when they had their first child Noin, they decided to keep trying till they got a boy. Cathrine came next, then Sally, Relena and Hilde. Lastly came Heero. He was born on the same day his father fell off the cliff and drowned in the ocean. It was almost as if the gods were claiming a life in return for granting their wish. Hearing of her husband's death His mother lost her will to live. Three years later on Noin's thirteenth birthday she passed away.

Heero had been raised by his sisters, loved and cherished but he knew it was his fault that their parents were gone. And now that he had a chance to take care of his sisters he knew he had to do it.


Duo was a stereotypical recluse. Since the night twelve years ago when a fire had claimed the lives of his entire family he had chosen to spend his time among the dead rather then the living. The dead weren't going anywhere. He used the vast fortune he had been left to travel the world searching out local ghost tales. Perhaps in some way he used them to replace the family he had lost. Is it any wonder that when the time came he finally fell in love with a ghost?

He had been scanning the clippings his agent sent him of stories from papers around the world when he first saw her picture, beautiful and delicately carved feature, long ebony hair and eyes bluer then a French crocus. She looked like a Japanese princess. Legend was she was the love child of the emperor of Japan and the visiting empress of Russia. He knew that very second he had to go, to see her.


Heero watched from an attic window as the stranger walked up the drive. Duo's face was partially hidden in a large overcoat. He didn't even seem winded from the long hike. Heero told himself he could do this. It was only a kiss…


Duo looked at the grounds in disinterest. He was starting to regret his foolish decision. The inn was in obvious disrepair. Checking in he could see no other guests. Just a bunch of staff. Why would the owner hire so many girls when it was obvious that they didn't have the money? Funny even the picture above the fireplace of the so- called ghost no longer interested him. The eyes that had fascinated him seemed dull and cold. He would leave this drafty old house in the morning.

Not even bothering to unpack his bags he tossed himself on the surprisingly comfortable bed and listened to the ocean pounding the cliffs below. Alone again…


Once she had left their guests with his bags Noin could hardly contain a gleeful grin. Running down the hall to the staff room she looked at her sisters and gave a happy chuckle.

"Guess what?"

"What? What?"

"Our guest is none other then `thee' Duo Maxwell, you know the sole heir to the Maxwell entertainment empire fortune? That American kid who owns all the movie studios, television stations, recording studios you name it he's got it!"

"Oh man were gonna be rich!"



"Your Heero's favorite, I think you better be the one to tell him."

"Tell him what?"

"Well he better be ready to give one hell of a kiss, I think our guest was less then impressed with the Inn."


At least the power went out. Heero told himself. The old kimono that Cathrine had helped him dress in was threadbare and hung loose in certain spots, namely his chest. It had been a traditional low backed Geisha kimono so there was no way he could wear a stuffed bra. In his opinion life was so unfair. Peeking around the corner at their guest who was currently enjoying Hilde's expertly prepared supper he marveled someone so skinny could eat so much! Well at least Mr. Maxwell was young and good looking; he could do worse for his first kiss. Still,

"Damn Onnas!" he muttered.


Duo was enjoying an especially pleasant dream when a sound awoke him. Staring around sleepily he noticed the window was open and shook his head. That must have been the creaking sound. But as he stared at the unmoving panel he heard the sound again. Like old floorboards protesting under weight. And he soft sounds of heavy silken clothe being dragged.

"What the?" He murmured and glanced around. He almost missed her emerging from the shadows. Long black hair was everywhere partially concealing her face and falling on ivory shoulders. She looked at him with eyes more amazing then any picture could ever capture and smiled tremulously,

"Have you come to free me, sweet prince?"

Her voice was low almost a whisper and some unfamiliar emotion kept Duo still as she leaned down and looked into his eyes, caressing the side of his face with a cool touch.

"I'm so very lonely, sweet prince"

She moved closer as if to kiss him and Duo moved quickly. Grabbing her wrist he pulled her into his embrace.

"I love you! I don't know who you are but I know you're not a ghost! I've felt ghosts before they don't feel like you! The moment I looked in you eyes I knew that you were the one I've been searching for all my life! With you by my side I'll never feel lonely again! I must… must … Eh?"

His sentence drifted away as he realized the long silky black hair he was stroking had just fallen away in a wig. Revealing short chocolate brown curls, and a face even more alluring then the picture. He didn't hesitate, holding her even closer Duo said,

"Your even more Kawaii with short hair! I'm never gonna let you go!"

"Wait just a minute!" the voice was no longer a whisper, slightly nasal and accented.

"You're making a mistake! It was a prank to get you to buy the inn! I'm Heero, I'm a boy, and I'm…"

"Your mine."


Before Heero could consider the implications of that sentence, he found himself flat on his back with Duo tugging the Kimono apart to reveal his naked chest. Lips anxiously roamed the satiny skin then a tongue darted out to taste him. Foreign sensations enveloped Heero rendering him still. No one ever told him that a simple touch could be so intense!

Noticing his beauties distraction Duo chuckled silently. Suckling one shell pink nipple his hand kept the other occupied. The soft involuntary moans the other boy breathed were the most beautiful thing he had ever heard.

"Now for the entrée" he whispered in satisfaction and moved quickly, lifting Heero's legs and holding them open so he could get a taste of his prize. His eyes widened in pleasure at what he found.

"Naughty boy… you aren't wearing any panties."

The cease in caresses gave Heero a chance to clear his head slightly.

"What the hell do you think your doing? Yamatte! St…t…op…mmmmm."

His protests disappeared as Duo started to lick him. Duo's tongue worked with a will of its own almost as he mapped the surface of his Heero with its tip. First he licked the silky balls already taunt with desire then he made his way to the warm cock already standing at attention its peak glistening with pre-cum. Somewhere along the way Heero's nimble fingers had undone Duo's long braid tangling themselves in the newly released locks. Duo barely had a chance to wrap his lips around it. Tongue exploring the sensitive opening at the top before Heero came with a sharp cry, releasing spurt after spurt of salty cum into his mouth. Holding on to Heero's bucking hips with almost bruising pressure Duo swallowed every drop and smiled.

"Now your mine Hee-Chan."



"Yah Hilde?"

"Did you hear anything?"

"Like what?"

"A scream?"

"Come on Hilde! This place isn't really haunted. That was probably

the wind blowing the trees outside."

"Oh just some blowing?"



Not waiting for the boy to descend from the heights of his first orgasm Duo flipped him over. Lifting Heero's hips slightly Duo pushed the kimono the rest of the way off his Heero. Using the fingers of one hand he parted the ivory globes of Heero's buttocks, bending he licked the tightly clenched rosette. Wetting the delicate skin smoothly he started to thrust his tongue through the tight muscles. Realizing Heero was clenched to tightly for Duo to start preparing him, Duo distracted Heero by wrapping his hand around the flesh of Heero's cock. As he began fondling the already too sensitive tip, Heero gave a moan and thrust his hips. Too caught up in the delicious feeling to notice Duo had slipped one slick digit in.

Not wanting to hurt his beloved in any way Duo took his time working up to three fingers in at a time as his other hand caressed Heero's firm erection. But he only had so much patience, pushing Heero back into his original position Duo pressed into the boy withering beneath him. Slowly the tight sphincter gave way to the pressure of Duo's cock. And while it wasn't as painful as it could have been it still hurt enough to distract Heero momentarily from the pleasure. Feeling Heero tense beneath him Duo sat back pulling Heero with him. The force of gravity caused Heero to sheath him fully but also caused Duo to rub against a spot that made Heero arch is whole body closer to Duo in pleasure.

As soon as he was buried in that incredibly tight warmth Duo held Heero still. Letting their bodies adjust to each other, as the only sound that remained in the room was the harsh pants and moans of the new lovers. Soon it wasn't enough to just sit there. Heero wiggled his hips slightly, loving the feeling of Duo stretching him in places he never imagined but also wanting, no needing something more. Hands on Heero's delicate ivory thighs Duo began to move him up and down. Hissing in pleasure as his cock was gripped again and again by Heero's inner walls.

"So… hot… burning… need… please." Heero panted in Duo's ear as he used the long golden chestnut strands to tug Duo's face closer to his. Meeting half way opened mouth as tongues sought dominance. The exploring thrusts matching the rhythm of their lower bodies perfectly. The feel of it was too much for Heero; being filled by Duo everywhere as his cock was caught between their bellies. Caressed by the smooth muscles of Duo's stomach with each movement. He came hard as the power returned, gifting Duo with the sight of that exquisite face clenched in ecstasy. The beautiful sight that was his alone along with the feel of Heero's whole body orgasming around him was enough to send Duo over the edge. Shooting spurt after spurt of hot cum into his Heero. Marking him his before both drifted off from pure exhaustion, still buried in Heero.


The next morning was beautiful, birds chirping in the trees. Small animals wandering through the forest. Weird noises had kept the girls up late last night. So they still were curled up under their comforters, oblivious to the world.

Heero woke up sore but hard. Never having morning erections he tried to move when he realized he was horny cause he had a hard cock up his ass. Biting his lip he tried to slip Duo out slowly but was stopped by a firm grip on his hips.

"Just where do you think your going?"

"Yadda! Baka! Don…t… ohh…mmmmm…"


The afternoon was beautiful, birds still chirping in the trees. Small animals wandering through the forest. The girls were up and taking care of the inn. Noticing Heero was nowhere to be found they figured he was mad at them about the kiss and had gone off to sulk. Imagine their surprise when their esteemed guest entered the staff room. A tired looking Heero in tow. Just wearing a long black silk yukatta. Approaching the assembled girls, Duo kneeled and bowed low. A quick tug on the Yukatta caused Heero to follow suit, but not without a faint grimace as some muscles protested the movement.

"Sumimasen, honorable innkeepers. You have opened your home to me, given me an excellent meal and tried to provide me with entertainment in the form of a fake ghost. And I have repaid you by deflowering your little brother."

"Nani?!" came five outraged replies. Hilde who had been bringing the afternoon tea in dropped the platter. Everyone ducked to avoid the flying shards of china. All the girls gave Duo looks of death promising varying degrees of pain.

"You were only suppose to KISS him!" Sally shouted and Heero managed to turn a shade of red never seen before.

"Please don't blame Heero," Duo stated calmly "He didn't have much of a choice in the matter."

If you think Heero's death glare is scary imagine it on the faces of five over protective sisters. Even Relena the pacifist was considering the possibility if they killed Duo it was possible to hide the body in such a way that no one would ever find it again.

"Wait! That came out wrong. I love your brother and would like to ask your permission to marry him. Without him by my side my life would be utterly worthless. Heero told me about the situation and of course I'm prepared to offer a sizeable dowry."

Ignoring Heero's outraged glare at the announcement that he was getting married without even a proposal Noin exchanged looks with her sisters.



Same sex marriages were pretty common by then but because of Heero's age they had to go to another country to have it legalized. As soon as the I do's were said the groom picked up the prettily protesting bride and high tailed it to the limo. They weren't planning to go to the reception. The forty-five minute drive to the hotel was interesting. Lets just say that the bouncing in the car had nothing to do with suspension. Still when the doorman opened the door to reveal the couple still making out with Heero half way out of his wedding dress and decidedly male. I was in the news for several days. After all it was `thee' Duo Maxwell's wedding.


Noin went to college but dropped out in third year to marry a visiting geology professor from England. The ended up moving to Australia to study the ancient rock formations in the desert.

Cathrine used her money to open a circus. Her knife throwing act became world famous and she spent days traveling to the corners of the earth trying to make people smile.

Sally became the head heart surgeon in Tokyo general hospital. She married the son of one of her patients from China. They had very different views on everything but seemed to thrive on the fighting.

Relena went to Harvard. She used her brother-in-laws money and political connections to become the youngest woman with a permanent position in the United Nations. She eventually became the president of France.

Hilde went on a trip around the world learning the techniques of the best chefs alive. She ended up returning to the inn and refurbishing it. Now people would come from around the world to stay. But no matter what the room on the third floor was reserved every December. That's when Heero and Duo would return to celebrate their anniversary.