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Snippets of the Future


Wufei was the next to arrive in the safe house. He growled something about O's perverted missions and stalked up stairs to claim a bedroom. Then he would probly meditate on the injustice of his life. Heero smirked to himself. O was just using Wufei to the best of his abilities. During his training Dr.J had given him profiles on the other pilots. Even if Wufei was unaware of his heritage Heero and the doctors were. He was unique and perfect for the role he was forced to play in this struggle for peace.

You see Wufei was a walking contradiction. His mother had been a dragon one of the prudest species to ever exist. His father had been a nymph, and not the kind that cavorted with nature. No he preferred cavorting with anything he could lay. Both had died before Wufei had hatched. Murdered by other members of their species enraged by their joining. A kind soul had hidden the egg and taken it to the dragon clan of L5 knowing they would adopt him. It made sense that O used Wufei like that, after all most people would sell their soul for a kiss from a nymph. But getting more then that would be lethal for a regular human. Their body couldn't stand the overexcitement and they usually had a coronary.

Next to come were Trowa and Quatre together. They had obviously become best friends over the months. Heero didn't know if they were more then that, he really didn't care. As long as they stayed ignorant of themselves or at least stayed out of his life. Then he would be happy, but unfortunately Heero had this knowing feeling in the pit of his stomach that they wouldn't. For one thing Quatre was a fairy. No Heero didn't mean his sexual orientation he meant that sometime in the distant past Quatre's ancestors had dragonfly wings and used pixie dust. You know the kind that go all seductive come summers solstice if the moon was full resulting in a body and soul bond. FYI Quatre and his sisters weren't test tube babies. One or two of then even shared the same mom. You see Quatre's dad sure got around.. So did his mom, or should I say his other dad?

Trowa seemed as quiet and docile as a lamb. Appearances could be deceiving. He was perfect for war. He was born for killing; in fact he had been created for that purpose. There was an empty spot in his soul that gave him an advantage over almost anyone else. While Duo could kill because it didn't affect him, the screams and pleading of an innocent person for their life left him cold. Trowa killed because he needed it, like a junkie needing a fix he desperately needed to destroy any and all who threatened those whom he was sworn to protect.

He may not have remembered Heero but Heero remembered him. No one else could ever look that coldly dispassionate. How could he forget Nanashi the Berserker? He had been Duo's cousin a trained assassin. A berserker was a very special type of vampire instead of feeding to stay alive he needed to kill. Stealing his prey's life force in that special instant before death. He was special indeed because Berserkers weren't born normally. For a child to become a berserker it had to be the firstborn of vampire maiden and its mother had to be killed the second it was released from her body before the cord was cut. Usually the vampire baby died but occasionally a berserker was born. Its mother was a Berserkers first meal.

Nanashi had been put to sleep with Duo and Heero; it was his duty to protect them. Heero was glad that Trowa believed the lies or maybe he didn't. There was always the possibility that Trowa had voluntarily put that part of him that made him Nanashi asleep. After all they didn't need Nanashi's protection anymore.

Duo should have come next but he didn't. Refusing to seem worried Heero went for a walk on the beach. He used to do that often in the old days when he was occasionally able to escape from his master's side. The ocean soothed and tormented him. He had grown up near the ocean. Locked away by his parents in that huge house full of servants. The only time he had seen them had been the reunions that were called once a year. It was one of the few things he had kept from Duo. his memories of his family. They hadn't hated him; they had just let their fear control their lives. Duo's home had been on a cliff near the ocean.. A shudder passed through his body that had nothing to do with the sea breeze. Heero could feel danger in the air surrounding him and his instincts to survive that had been cultivated for years screamed at him to run. But he didn't run, he could only stare at the moon and hope Duo was safe. Some part of him noticed the moon was stained red.


Duo was stalked through the doors at that very moment. Glancing at the two boys cuddling on the beaten up old living room sofa he smirked. His sharp-eyed gaze noticed how Trowa's visible eye widened and his head bowed slightly in acknowledgement. His younger cousin was always so proper. Duo waved his right hand languidly to show the formalities weren't needed. His head cocked slightly he listened for a moment then turned back to the boys the beginning of a scowl.

"Where's my pe.Hee-Chan?"

Quatre's eyes almost grew twice their natural size at Duo calling Heero such a tender name and looked around to see if Heero would come charging in to beat the pulp out of Duo. Trowa smiled at his cousins failed attempt to be circumspect and answered.

"He is out for one of his walks, He seemed disturbed by your absence."

Quatre frowned slightly he never remembered Heero going on walks and Heero had looked fine to him. Duo grimaced slightly,

"I was in such a rush to see my pet that went home after I decimated the base then I remembered it didn't exist anymore so I headed here and to top it off I started getting weak since it's been god knows how long since I've had a proper meal and I had to use my other energy today." With an irritated grumble Duo headed out the door to the beach. Trowa had been nodding sympathetically he knew that because of his unique heritage while Duo didn't need to feed to survive he needed to feed to use his vamprific powers to a larger extent.

"Poor Heero," he thought quietly and decided against going anywhere near the beach that night."

"Why would go home? L2 is hours away.. and he never mentioned having a pet. Do you think he got brain damaged during his mission?"

"No little one, he just woke up."


Heero had removed his shoes sometime ago. His feet were at the edge of the water. Toes curling everytime the tides rushed forward to give them cold kisses. The lulling sound was almost calming as the tiny grains of sand contoured against his reclining body. The distant sound of the waves crashing seemed to whisper,

'Just breathe.'

"You were very naughty my pet."

Six words shattered his simple peace and his heart began to race in fear. or desire. He remembered this scene all to well. He had lived it too many times to remember. He leaned back sprawling against the sand luxuriously and stared up through half closed sapphire eyes. Mouth parting slightly to allow the pink tip of his tongue to taste the slightly salty flavor the ocean air had left on his lips.

"Eeto." Heero whispered.

It was far too easy of him to become that other person. It was a simple reaction to his master's return. He knew the person standing before him wasn't Duo Maxwell but his master. Long chestnut locks had been freed letting the evening breeze play havoc with the curling strands. He was staring at Heero in open hunger the gleaming white of his canines indented against the pale red of his full bottom lip.

"And naughty pets must be punished."

Heero shuddered in response to how Duo whispered the last word. He had drawn it out like a verbal caress as he kneeled over Heero's supine form. Heero could swear he almost felt the individual letters brush against his all too heated skin. With a gasp he collapsed back as familiar curves coved his own. Duo lifted his head back slightly and licked the curve of Heero's lips following the slightly wet path the other's tongue had left.

"Silly, silly pet. Did you think I would sleep forever?"

Duo leaned over to lick the strong curve of Heero's jaw then tilted his head to access more tender spots.

"I doesn't matter, I'm not your pet anymore mas. Duo. We've been reborn to new lives as new people. I'm stronger now."

"You've always been strong my pet, our lives, the time and space between us has never meant anything. You'll always be my pet because you want, no you need to be." Heero frowned at Duo's words,


"The darkness and the light are eternal lovers. One cannot exist without the other. They are endlessly entwined so thoroughly even they could not tell where one begins and the other ends. So the darkness pursues the light, or maybe the light pursues the darkness. Who knows? For without one the other cannot breathe."


"Don't worry about that now my pet. I'm so very hungry for all of you. And it's been so very long." Before Heero could ask another question Duo silenced him by capturing his lips. Both sighed into the kiss. This is what they had been longing for, this physical connection that united their separate bodies even in a small way. Unable to bear the slightest barrier between their bodies hands moved feverishly. Finally flesh met naked flesh and there was twin sighs of contentment.

Movements slowed as they rediscovered the secret places that cause their partner pleasure. Secret places they had never forgotten. It was Heero that tangled his fingers in Duo's hair and dragged his lips down to the throbbing pulse of his neck. Smelling the sweet scent of Heero's blood so near the surface Duo barley restrained his instinct tightly. He didn't want to hurt the boy he silently acknowledged was more then a lover. He slowly sunk his teeth into the warm flesh of his beloved and the first sip was like breathing. So essentially good even better if you had been denied for almost to long.

Heero's whole body arched as the first of Duo's blood stealed into his veins bringing that promise of bliss with it. He slowly slid his fingers from their tangled place in silken locks and allowed them to roam, over smooth ivory skin and muscle. Duo was the same yet different.

The burdens of a Gundam pilot was written across once unscarred skin. He wondered why Duo hadn't erased their presence with his abilities but dismissed it as unimportant as Duo's hands sharply tugged at a sensitive nipple and Heero cried aloud. Duo lifted his head fire surging in his eyes as he looked down to the wantonly sprawled boy. The chilling water was washing against their ankles and Duo's hands slipped between Heero's legs fingers warm and anointed with blood to ease their passage.

One then two then three, it took longer then usual because of the long time since their last joining. But finally Duo was satisfied Heero was ready and slowly slid into him with a satisfied gasp. Soon they began to move in almost a memory needing to fill and be filled thrusts growing stronger and rhythm more wild until.

Heero closed his eyes unable to bear the look in those cobalt eyes as ecstasy crashed over him. In that instance he felt like he had fallen apart the intenseness of his emotions shattered his consciousness. As he drifted to unconsciousness and behind his closed lids he saw shadows of the world drift by. Heero thought he heard the whisper,

"Love ya Hee-Chan."



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