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Rating: R?

Pairings: past 2X1

Warnings: Vampires, Sequelness, Blood, language, um I don't know. past Yaoi? It's actually the GW universe but slightly AU.

Status: Unbetaed


Snippets of the present


A fist connected solidly with the soft skin of Duo's cheek shattering the fragile bone beneath. The only sound he made was a gurgling moan as he spat up fresh blood. The light in the cell was too bad for the guards to notice or wonder why the blood was just a shade too bright. Duo had given up screaming about two hours into the prolonged beating. He had a hard enough time trying to breath past the blood that filled his mouth.

"Tell me where the other pilots are pretty boy." The Ozzie sneered and wrapped a length of chain around his fist.

Eyes caressing the broken form of the Gundam pilot he gave a lecherous grin. That boy was too pretty to be a soldier with his long chestnut braid matted in blood. Those incredible eyes now ringed with bruises, one completely swollen shut. He was probably the Gundam pilots fuck toy. Letting his thoughts dwell on tight ass held in those black pants the Oz soldier came to a quick and stupid decision. As soon as the guard watching this cellblock went on his dinner break he would have a little personal party. After all if he was good enough for those terrorist he was good enough for a decorated soldier of Oz.

The outer door slammed shut signaling that the goody-goody Jonathan was taking his break his smile grew wider. Delivering a final kick into the prisoner's stomach hard enough to rupture the organs beneath he reached for the zipper of his uniform pants.

Hearing an odd sound he turned back to the prisoner his pants at his ankles. Damn! The prisoner better not be dieing, his superior would have his ass! Was the boy choking on his blood? No. it sounded like laughter. Pale blue eyes widened in shock as he watched the boy whose legs he had systematically broken in seven places stand and snap the handcuffs off his delicate looking wrists.

Pinned beneath that malevolent gaze the Ozzie began to whimper incoherently. He slammed his hand against the panic button on the wall. And the violet-eyed creature, for there was nothing remotely human about him now, smiled. And a voice that would have haunted his nightmares had he lived long enough hissed,

"You shouldn't have done that."


Surveying the broken bodies that were flung around the cell like unwanted toys Duo smiled in satisfaction. He was indebted to them for causing enough damage to his body that his vampiric healing powers were needed to survive. Which had caused the full awakening of his true self. That is why he had been kind enough to kill them outright instead of playing with them. He was still Duo Maxwell Gundam pilot of Deathscythe but at the moment he was also Duo Maxwell Vampire prince.

Using his rediscovered abilities he changed in to the least substantial of his forms, that of mist. Easily using the complex ventilation systems to escape he calculated how long he had been down. It had only been seven hours since his cover had been blown. He could still successfully complete the mission. He had the passwords he had been sent for memorized all he had to do was destroy the base. and all evidence of his recent capture. No need to leave Oz any clue of what they were up against. Still unsubstantial but gaining enough form to discern where he was Duo headed to the underground cavern where he had hidden Deathscythe. He reformed completely in the cockpit of his Gundam. The light in his eyes was positively hedonistic.

First he would destroy the base then.. a smile twisted his lips. Images of his pet assaulted his mind. A thousand nights spent in passion brought back their memories. His pet screaming, yelling, begging, moaning, pleading, cursing. cumming, Duo could barely hold back a moan, as his pants became a touch too tight. His pet. Duo remembered he called him Hee-Chan now. His pet had been very naughty. Trying to prevent his full awakening.

"My pet." Duo whispered as he finished starting up his Gundam's systems.

"You shall have to be punished."


Millions of miles away Heero looked up from where he had been unpacking his things in the newest safe house. He felt something disturbing for the barest moment before it was abruptly snuffed. Like Master Duo had returned and reached out for him, but that was impossible. He was so in tune with Duo now that he would have felt something much stronger. Lifting his head he looked through the open window to the pounding surf below. It was just the location of this house. The ocean had to many memories for him. Breathing in the fresh, wet slightly salty air he tried to calm his racing heart. Memories didn't have the power to hurt you unless you gave it to them.



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