I promised my self I wouldn't; I know I have too many stories at the moment but. argh! Your all right this story does need more. So this time it's Duo's POV.
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Pairings: past 2X1
Warnings: Vampires, Sequel, um I don't know. past Yaoi? It's actually the GW universe but slightly AU.
Status: Unbetaed


Snippets of Memories


Duo's face was contorted in a silent scream, his body arched and muscles tensed in his sleep. The sweat-stained sheets were tangled around him in cloth bondage from his late night thrashings. But you can't escape from a dream or a memory. The blood and screams of pain didn't bother him that much. Long nights spent watching scenes similar to this had deadened his senses somewhat. What bothered him, what he fought was the fact that some part of him was watching and enjoying this. He could hear someone's jaded laughter as a voice begged desperately for their life and with a fear that struck him to the very core Duo realized her recognized that laugh. It was his own. Lately it was always like that when he or Heero had to go on a separate mission. Somehow being by himself triggered these dreams.

Waking the next morning Duo groaned and headed for the shower noticing Heero had returned sometime during the night. No wonder his dreams had disappeared. Noticing Heero had twisted in his sleep he gulped hard. Something about the sight of the pale curve of Heero's neck made him hungry for. something. Fighting against the sudden urge to pin his best friend to the bed and ravish him Duo decided to take a shower. It was just another morning.


Heero heard Duo leave the room and silently let go of the breath he had been holding. He was in trouble; he had felt the almost feral hunger in Duo's gaze that time. Something was causing Duo to awaken. The second he left. through their bond he could feel Duo's sub-conscious awakening. Damn that girl! He should have realized this would happen. If nothing else Duo had always been possessive of him. Now some drastic kind of action was called for. He really hated drastic actions.


By the time Duo was done with his cold shower and dressed Heero had left the room. Not that it was strange for Heero to up and leave without telling him but because today it made him angry. There was an unusually fierce look in his eye as he went down to breakfast. By passing his usual bowl of cereal Duo grabbed some of the pizza left over from last night.

'There was never any decent food around in the morning! No fillet minion or Beef Wellington, just cereal.' He thought to himself as he warmed up the pizza with a scowl. Totally forgetting he was the one who had insisted on Trowa getting frosted lucky charms for his breakfast. The other pilots glanced at him in surprise.

Not only was Duo eating something for breakfast not made entirely of sugar, Always smiling, happy go lucky, talkative Duo was scowling and quiet. Weirder still was the fact that Heero was fidgeting in his chair. He may have seemed impassive as usual but Quatre could sense nervousness wafting off him like a perfume. As Duo sat down, Heero spoke up,

"I really don't like Relena Peacecraft."

The table went silent as they contemplated the surprising notion of Heero liking or disliking anything. All except Duo whose cobalt eyes narrowed slightly and studied the nervous boy with the same statement of a cat surveying a mouse.

"Really?" He purred and watched Heero's reaction closely.

"Hai, if not for the fact that we need the peace that she represents I wouldn't care if she was dead or alive."

"Really?" Came Duo's answer. This time it was in his normal tone of voice with a half frown he stared down at the pizza he was eating and leapt up to grab a bowl of his favorite cereal and some coffee.

Heero watched as Duo returned to the Baka attitude he loved with a sigh of relief. Disaster avoided.




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