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Rating: Nc-17

Pairings: past 2X1

Warnings: Vampires, One Shot, um I don't know. past Yaoi? A kind of big lemon but in a different style then I usually write. It's actually the GW universe but slightly AU.

Status: Unbetaed

Snippets of the Past



Heero had known he would meet another pilot, one named Duo eventually. In fact Dr. J had trained him for that very thing. Duo may not have remembered his real childhood. Taking comfort in false memories of L2. But Heero remembered his childhood. He had never been allowed to forget. He remembered everything from the day he had been given as a toy for the beloved only son of the strongest Vampire house on Earth. to the day they were separated and hidden to survive the wars that erupted amongst the brethren. He had no idea how many years had passed as they slept. They would have probably slept forever if the scientists hadn't found them.

What he remembered most was that first night.


~Flash Back~

One moment he had been the son and Heir to the Yuy house one of the oldest Family lines in Japan the next moment an assassin had killed most of his family. The rival family that had sent the killer had been Vampires. Instead of killing him too they had sent him to America along with the rest of their tribute to the Maxwell clan. Now he was little more then a slave. In a world he never would have believed existed. He wasn't sure what day it was most of his time had been spent unconscious.

The first time the drugs had lifted enough for his thoughts to become lucid had been horrible. He had realized he was lying tied in a row with youths on either side. Some beautiful some grotesque there was something to tempt anyone. He was gagged and prone but he could see one of their captors. A woman with long red hair and translucent white skin, she must have felt his gaze because she turned and glared at him coldly before someone pressed a rough cloth against his face. He could taste the metallic fumes of the chemicals briefly before he fell unconscious again.

The next time he awoke he had been lying on a soft bed. His clothes had been replaced with a loose white robe and his shoes were gone. Frowning he looked around for the missing items when he had the eerie feeling someone was watching him. Turning he saw a girl dressed similarly to him watching him with something akin to pity.

"Poor kid I bet you don't even know why we're here."

She was young with short brown hair and big green eyes but she spoke to him in his native tongue.

"What do you mean?"

"Well at least a lot of us have been slaves for a long time. We've seen feedings and stuff. I heard about you from Nanako. Your really a sheep to the wolves."

"I'm no sheep! Where are my things?"

" Don't know. They'll probably be used to falsify a normal death for you. You won't need them again anyway. Were all here to die."

" What?"

" The second you got added to the tribute you were as good as dead. Poor thing if you weren't so pretty you wouldn't be here. But for his birthday every year the heir of the Maxwell clan is sent youth from around the world. He's very spoiled and cruel. As humans we're no more then a rabbit is to a wolf. Prey and food, He never stops feeding to save a life. Duo Maxwell has always drained his meals of their life blood knowing that was the best part."

"You speak as if he were a kyuketsuki."

"He is a Vampire. The sole heir to one of the strongest clans in this world."

That time he didn't need any chemicals to fall unconscious. Later the girl whose name was Raye filled him in on the rest. Like the fact the rival family had set out to destroy their clan because one of them had seen Heero and thought he would be an excellent addition to their tribute. His entire family had died because of his face. Well not just his face to be accurate it was also because of his gorgeous body, natural grace and almost unheard of innocence. It made him wonder how they knew he had never even touched himself? He was in the holding room for twenty-nine days before his time came. By then he had watched most of his friends and acquaintances disappear never to return.


He was bathed and dressed in silk that night. White silk and he wondered if it was to symbolize his coming death. But then he remembered that white stood for purity in the west not death. He was blind folded and dragged down numerous halls and up countless stairs before he was allowed to see again. The man who had been leading him left the huge oak doors clicked as they shut. And the locking sound seemed to echo through out the room. Surveying it he realized that while his family had been well off this was something else.

First of all it was larger then most small apartments. Decorated in aged wood, black satin and gold accents Heero noticed the painting above the fireplace was a Rembrandt. Funny he had never seen a Rembrandt with a man looking like that before. Drawing his eyes away from the still figure, which almost seemed as if it would walk out of the painting and ravish him he turned away. There was a bed there partially hidden in gauzy curtains and shadows and he wondered with a shiver why he hadn't noticed it before.

Someone was sitting in the shadowy drapery and he desperately wished this were some sort of nightmare he could awaken from right now. A beautiful voice floated to his ears.

"So Livinya has sent me yet another cowering human to entice me."

Heero could hear a deep chuckle, as someone seemed to appear directly behind him.

"What makes you so special? Hmm? Why would I want you?"

Two hands encircled Heero's waist and ran lightly over his chest.

"Not even a woman this time she sent me a boy child." The voice whispered wetly against his ear. Heero could feel the coolness of Duo's touch through the thin silk, a soft keening noise slipped from deep in Heero's throat. Duo's touch was having an odd affect on him.

"You want me?" came the sensual whisper as hands moved lower to pull Heero's hips back. Moaning as he felt the others hard erection grinding against the soft flesh of his bottom.

"Your very sensitive my pet. Some how your body knows."

The moan turned to a scream as he felt teeth pierce his neck. Heero's whole body shuddered in pain then pleasure. A low groan escaped his parted lips as the feeling attacked his senses and he reached back to hold his attacker closer. He could actually feel his life draining away; feel his body growing weaker and senses dizzier with each passing second. But he didn't care. Couldn't care not when he was drowning in such perfect bliss. But then he felt the other pull back and Heero was too weak to even protest the loss of those feelings. It took him a moment to recognize the words whispered against his neck for what they were.

"Not so quickly my pet, I shan't let you go so easily."

Then Duo slipped his teeth back into the twin wounds they had created. A low moan escaped Heero's throat as he felt them expand slightly. He could feel Duo's life, literally duo flowing into him through his veins like intoxicating champagne. His body was burning with a sudden aliveness a sudden pleasure as he focused too bright eyes on the man who had suddenly moved before him. He knew then he was dead; he must have died during the feeding. How else would he be seeing a Tenshi? Surely nothing on earth could be that beautiful, that perfect. His blood stained smile drew an instinctive response of lust from Heero.

"Your different." He pointed out unnecessarily. Heero had known he was different his entire life,

"Or else you would have been dead by now, my pet."

Then he kissed Heero on the lips sharing the flavor of both of them with him. The kiss was long, through and deep stealing his breath and his soul in one move. Duo quickly pulled Heero's simple robe apart, pressing their bodies together. There was something so naughty yet hot about being completely naked before a fully dressed man and Heero's cock twitched in response. He was so intent on the hungry fire spread through out his entire body that he never noticed they were moving until he was pushed back and fell against the bed. He could have sworn it was on the other side of the room.

But he was still caught, drowning in the cobalt depths of his captor's eyes.

"Do you like what you see my pet?" Duo asked holding Heero's gaze as he slipped out of his garments, creamy hands caressing his silken skin then he kneeled before Heero. Suckling the hard nubs of his nipples as Heero tangled his fingers in the long chestnut strands of Duo's hair making little sounds of need.

"Mm onegai."

Wanting to share the pleasure running riot through his veins Heero loosened his grip running his hands down Duo's back learning the form of another persons body better then his own. He looked at Hero again with Hunger in his gaze capturing Heero's lips in another searing kiss. Duo's tongue hungrily explored Heero's mouth seeking his tongue and mating with it as his body fit against Heero's. His leg slipping between Heero's thighs and parting them. Another hand gathered the pre-cum on Heero's cock to coat his fingers and after a few mind numbing minutes of stretching his fingers were replaced with something much more substantial. The first thrust was painful. Tears filled Heero's eyes and spilled on to his flushed cheeks as Duo stopped it felt like Duo was ripping him apart. It was too much! Looking at Heero with something akin to tenderness Duo kissed the tears away.

"Don't worry my pet, it only hurts at first."

Then he moved causing fresh pain lanced with pleasure. With each thrust the pleasure grew until the pain was a memory. It was just him and Duo on this wild sea of ecstasy, drawn deeper with each movement of Duo's hips until it exploded in a feeling so intense Heero was sure he would die. It was too much to accept.

He didn't, he came back to himself and his body. Laying on rumpled sheets his thighs wet with a little blood and a lot of. he refused to think of the name of the sticky white substance Duo had spilled in him.

"Your tired my pet." Duo stated and splayed hands possessively on Heero's back.

"So this time you can sleep."


He spent too many years as Duo's 'pet'. Always by his side, watched over 24/7. He saw Duo do things that still caused him to wake up screaming in terror. In a way Heero Yuy did die that night. Only to be reborn as a toy, a plaything. Duo never called him by his name, just 'my pet'. Oh but he wanted Heero to call him by his name. He loved to hear Heero scream it.

~End Flash Back~


In a way he liked this new Duo better he was kinder, softer. It made Heero almost scared to get too close. He knew what to expect if that happened, in fact the memories of ravenous lips and gleaming white teeth haunted him in his dreams. Along with the knowledge he alone could awaken the beast that slumbered in Duo. So every day he treads a narrow line.

He loved Duo too much to get to close.