Rating: G
Pairings: 2X1, 4X3X4, RXDXR, 6X5X6.
Warnings: AU, sap.
Status: Unbetaed


Runaway OMAKE


Outside of Trowa's castle Wufei gazed at the brilliantly clear sky with an evil little smirk. The weather was perfect for travel and he had left a message for the emperor with Quatre. Surely after all these years of steadfast work he deserved a little vacation? He had decided to follow the emperor's example and pursue what he knew was right.

Ignoring the glare he received from his beloved's icy blue eyes, Wufei was glad for the gag protecting his ears from some truly scathing remarks. The time for talking and explaining had passed. He knew he had messed up by doubting his lover. And Wufei had paid for that dreadfully he had many nights to mourn his lost lover and child. Now that he had Zechs back he wasn't letting him go a second time. Their happiness was worth the fight.


Finally! The END!


A/N: Well that was not how I pictured this ending when I started writing this fic back in 2001. ^_^;; First of all I would like to thank everyone who reviewed this fic from its first incarnation as a one shot to this second edition. Your reviews were what kept me posting new parts as slow as I may be.

Next major glomps go out to Ellyr who helped me write the first edition. Without her I never would have expanded this story into a multipart. She has an amazing talent for writing and I hope to read more of her work one day!

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