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<f>Estel- Hope
Both names are derived from the Quenya (a High Elven language, a speech of the Noldor and Vanyar) and more can be found here http://www.elvish.org/elm/names.html
The tidbit at the end is the song `Closer' by 9 Inch Nails
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Runaway 8/8

Duo mounted Deathscythe and was off. He ignored the scrambling of the guards trying to ready their mounts. He and Deathscythe were too fast for all but the best to catch. With the prospect of seeing Heero before him all thoughts of protocol and safety disappeared.


Relena smiled as she cautiously patted the downy hair on one of the babies' heads. She was careful not to reveal how deeply it hurt to see them. She couldn't help but think of their own children, dead before they even drew their first breath.

She had wanted to be a mother so badly, to create and nurture a new life with her beloved. But in that too she had failed. It seemed she could protect everyone but her own family. First she failed Zechs then her unborn children.

The sound of pounding hooves filtered through the wooden walls and Dorothy looked out the window expecting to see Zechs. She didn't expect to see the emperor himself on his legendary black Clydesdale-Deathscythe. Before she had a chance to shout a warning to her lover the Emperor had entered their home. Now that he was this close his instincts were leading him to his mate, he didn't even notice the long haired girl as he brushed past. Dorothy followed in his wake; they could do nothing to protect Heero or the babes now.

But Duo wasn't intent on harming either instead he picked up the child Relena had been petting moments before.

"Sere." He said softly and violet eyes opened slowly the child's soul totally awakening at the sound of its true name. Cuddling the tiny bundle Duo kissed his son before handing the alert child to Relena.

"Estel." He called and received a similar reaction from his daughter. Kissing her gently Duo handed the little one to Dorothy. Answering the unasked questions of all four he nodded.

"I will bring Heero back to us all. Please leave." As they filed out silently he sighed.

Somehow he knew Heero was waiting for him to do something. But what? It hurt more than mere physical pain to see his beloved lying there so close to death. How could it be so? Didn't Heero share in his own immortality? Then suddenly memories came to him of how an heir to the power should be born. Cursing himself for his stupidity, Duo sat on the bed and leaned over Heero. Brushing the silky hair out of that pale face, he whispered softly,

"I love you Heero. I know you can hear me somehow, so listen. There has never been nor will ever be anyone who can complete me as perfectly as you. You have had complete control of me from the beginning. What I said before….was words…fear talking. I would never let anything come between you and me, not even our own children. Love for me has never been pristine or tranquil. I want to possess you; the thought of another touching you drives me insane with rage. At times I want to crawl into your body and tear you to shreds from inside out. But then I also want to be the one to patch you together and dry your tears. It is so confusing and terrifying at once that you can do this to me. But I will give you a choice this once. I may have announced you as my Empress and soul mate, but I'll give you the chance I should have in the beginning. If you truly hate me, if you can't return to what we had, then reject what I am giving you. Reject my flawed and tainted love. For the only one who shall ever have you other then me, is the one who can possess nothing…death."

With those words, Duo kissed the warm but unresponsive lips and began the exchange. Biting the soft skin of Heero's neck he fought off the normal sensations of intoxicated pleasure that filled him at first taste. Only taking a mouthful he released his body and soul.

Feeling the build up of blood straight from his heart fill the hollows in his teeth Duo released it into the body below him, opening a direct line to his power with it. Heero began to tremble, and then jerk, blood trickling from his pale lips, then he stilled and Duo felt the drain. It was like a dry sponge, Heero pulled the power straight from him, draining his soul to the dregs. He collapsed, unconscious on the still boy, teeth withdrawing and lips still closed around the wound on Heero's neck.


Duo's mother had left him moments before, but Heero was not alone for long. He felt Duo's presence before he saw the confused young emperor.

"I heard every word you said." Heero stated, unsure how else to begin. Duo was completely focused as he reached out and caressed Heero's cheek, somehow knowing he was touching his very soul.

"What does all this mean Heero? Have we both died?"

"No we are in a sort of limbo, a half life between living and death." Heero couldn't help but reach out to touch Duo too, his fingertips tracing the lips he knew so well.

"Why are you still here Heero? Why am I here?" The words sent a shiver down Heero's spine as he realized Duo had spoken his name, not once but twice. Like Duo was speaking to an equal.

"I am not sure Duo…I accepted your words. I finally understand just how love will be between the two of us."

"You are both here to receive our blessings." Came a voice and Heero looked at the odd couple approaching as Duo dropped to his knees in reverence.

"Rise my son." One said with a smile but he did not look at all like the paintings of Duo's father Heero had seen. He was tall and beautiful with vivid violet eyes and silky white hair longer then Duo's. The only clothes he wore were some soft diaphanous lilac robes. But the oddest thing about him was he had no pointy ears or teeth. In fact he looked human.

"I am Shinigami," The other said and with his ink black hair and crimson eyes he looked it. "This is Artemis my mate and the first Blood Empress of the Niken. You see the Niken were created from the union of a dieing race and the stranded survivors of an early space ship crash. The Vampry and the Atlantean humans. You see the humans of Atlantis were busy creating ships to escape their earthly home while the rest of the planet was enthralled that they could create fire."

Heero was stunned; Humans were part of the Niken blood line?

"It was foretold that when our race was dieing out again another would be born to bring new life. I am not surprised that the next true Blood Empress was human too." Artemis said with a smirk as he eyed Heero a little too closely for Duo's comfort.

"You are here so we can bless you with our powers. Not just the destructive ones that were passed through the blood line. But also the creative ones that once helped give life to a dieing world." And with that Artemis pulled Heero into a deep through kiss. Duo would have protested ancestor or not had he not been similarly occupied with Shinigami.

As both boys disappeared Helene came back and eyed the two gods. "You didn't have to kiss them to release their powers."

"True, but it was much more enjoyable that way." Both replied with identical smirks.

"Perverts." She said with an affectionate smile.


When Duo and Heero opened their eyes they were kissing each other. Pulling back Duo scowled.

"If that white haired bastard wasn't dead I'd kill him myself."

Heero smiled, "You seemed pretty busy at the time."

Duo blushed and averted his eyes. "That doesn't mater no one touches my Hee-baby but me."

Heero's eyes widened "You're different…your voice…"

Duo shared his surprise. "Your right I feel different. Shinigami's power is just as strong but it feels dimmer. Instead of smothering me it's in my blood waiting for me to command it. Are you okay Heero?"

"Yes but you're right. I can feel power flowing through me. It's soft but insistent like the beating of my heart. I…I know things now."

"Like what?"

"Since I awoke it's been spreading outward changing the world around me and the people in it. I…I think Relena and Dorothy will be getting a surprise in several months."


"Where are our children?"

"Those two girls are watching Sere and Estel. Twins have never been born to my people before."

"Peace and Hope…they are fitting names. I have a feeling while they are the first twins born to the Niken, they will not be the last."

"But I saw them they aren't just Niken, Heero." Duo said kissing Heero's cheek softly.

"They are Human like me…"

"More then laws will have to be changed before this world will be ready to be given to them."'

"I know…"

"I cannot change so quickly Heero…nor will I change completely."

"I know … I guess we'll just have to work out your violent tendencies in private." Heero whispered and Duo shuddered at the heated note in his lover's voice.

"Some will resist the change. There will be uprisings and possibly revolts from those who don't want to acknowledge humans."

"Then we will just have to show them the power of Shinigami and his Blood Empress, my love." The prospect of resistance and war excited the soldier in Heero and he didn't notice his slip. Duo did and his violet eyes widened at the endearment.

"My love?" he questioned and Heero blushed then nodded. The truth and depth of his emotions in his eyes for all to see.

"I'm not sure when or how but I do love you. I know that I always will."

"Heero…" Duo groaned voice heavy with emotion and captured the lips of the boy sprawled beneath him. The soft parted lips welcomed his kiss inviting him to deepen it. As he tasted Heero again his tongue caressing Heero's own, licking his soft palate and teeth Duo was aware of a change.

The simple kiss had awoken the magic in his veins with an intoxicating rush of dizzying pleasure. Heero's hard shaft pressed against his own told him he wasn't the only one suffering. Long nails easily tore through the simple nightshirt Heero wore. Licking one pert rosy nipple he bit down causing Heero to cry out and blood to spill from the damaged skin. Licking the abused flesh in a sensuous manner Duo purred aloud at the rich, salty taste.

Heero had been busy to, unraveling Duo's chestnut hair with an ease that bespoke years of practice. He couldn't help but moan as his all too sensitive body responded to its master's touch.

Even if he ruled Niken Empire as Shinigami's Blood Empress one day, here in the bedroom he would always remain Duo's leman. His masters willing slave.




You let me violate you
You let me desecrate you
You let me penetrate you
You let me complicate you
Help me
I broke apart my insides
Help me
I've got no soul to sell
Help me
The only thing that works for me
Help me get away from myself

I wanna fuck you like an animal
I wanna feel you from the inside
I wanna fuck you like an animal
My whole existence is flawed
You get me closer to god

You can have my isolation
You can have the hate that it brings
You can have my absence of faith
You can have my everything
Help me
Tear down my reason
Help me
It's your sex I can smell
Help me
You make me perfect
Help me become somebody else

I wanna fuck you like an animal
I wanna feel you from the inside
I wanna fuck you like an animal
My whole existence is flawed
You get me closer to god

All through every forest
Above the trees
Within my stomach
Scraped off my knees
I drink the honey
Inside your hive
You are the reason
I stay alive